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On Smart Gilas and broken dreams

Chris Tiu has decided to continue playing for Smart Gilas.

We have reached the end of the road. After three years of preparation, …

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An Open Letter to MVP

One week after the Ultimate NBA All-Star Weekend, here is a letter written to MVP himself that tries to understand what his motivations for staging the event really are.

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The Black Mamba in his Zoom Kobe VI during Manila Tour

The Black Mamba wearing his Zoom VI

Athletes, basketball enthusiasts and die-hard Kobe Bryant fans dropped their regular routine for the day to catch a rare glimpse of the …

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First Issue of the Season by July 15

Rebound Issue #7

We are delighted to report that the season’s very first issue of Rebound will be out in stores by July 15! Truth be told, the issue was supposed …

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Bully for you

WATCHING college or university basketball is exhilarating, exciting and entertaining. The energy that the young men in the UAAP and NCAA bring to the court is unique. The desire to win is spurred on, ideally, not by money, fame or personal glory, but mostly by …

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Toroman, Black, Compton share knowledge in Coach Now 2011

Local basketball coaches from all over the country gathered at the Blue Eagle Gym in Quezon City for three days to listen to some of the best basketball minds share their …

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The (under)development of Philippine basketball

DEVELOPMENT is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as 1) “the act, process, or result of developing”; 2) the state of being developed”; and 3) “a developed tract of land”. To serve the purpose of talking about the state of Philippine basketball, the first two …

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Yearend thoughts on college ball

LIFE mirrors basketball in a multitude of ways. Although the philosophical type can argue that hoops is but a miniscule part of real life, both run on parallel lines. These lines, this season, in this basketball-mad country, diverged with a roaring vengeance.


Ateneo de Manila …

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Mo money, mo problems: The curious case of Smart Gilas

“What’s goin’ on?
I don’t know what, they want from me
It’s like the more money we come across
The more problems we see.” – Notorious B.I.G.

TELL THAT to whoever came up with the lame idea of splurging huge amounts of dough on a bunch of students.

A …

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San Beda keeps mum as Menor’s future remains uncertain

A SPECTRE of uncertainty haunts what was, just a few months ago, the hotbed for cage prowess in the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The playing status of San Beda College’s Ogie Menor is now in doubt after the chief gunner decided to waive his final year …

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Blue Eagles draw first blood against rivals De La Salle

ATENEO de Manila exacted some measure of revenge against its conquerors from last year, albeit under the strangest of circumstances.

Captain Chris Tiu scored 26 points, including 17-of-19 shooting from the foul line, to pilot the Blue Eagles to a thrilling 79-73 win over archrival De …

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