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Official Statement from DLSU re: Gee Abanilla’s Release

Sunday, 9 June 2013 41 Comments

DLSU Statement:

DLSU names Sauler as new Green Archers head coach

De La Salle University has named Juno Sauler as the new head coach of the men’s basketball team. His appointment was announced earlier today by DLSU President and Chancellor Br. Ricky Laguda FSC in a meeting with the basketball team.

Sauler replaced Gee Abanilla, after Petron management talked to DLSU officials and requested Abanilla to return to Petron Blaze as they undergo their own team re-organization. Abanilla used to hold an assistant coaching position with the said team prior to his appointment to the Taft-based squad in 2011.

Sauler has served as assistant coach of the Green Archers and Ginebra San Miguel. He also played for the Green Archers during his collegiate years.

DLSU would like to thank Gee Abanilla for his years of service to the men’s basketball team. Likewise, theLasallian community welcomes Juno Sauler with renewed spirit and optimism as he leads the Green Archers this coming UAAP Season 76.

Marge Liggayu-Chang, MMC
PR & Marketing Coordinator
Office for Strategic Communications
De La Salle University
5244611 loc. 374

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Started playing basketball the same way many other Pinoys do -- on the street with his relatives, friends, and neighbors. After accepting the fact I will never be Philippine Basketball's savior against the might of China and Korea on the court, I turned to writing off the court. I'm not exactly the most objective armchair analyst on this side of the basketball universe, but it's not for want of trying. I write about other basketball leagues on If you also have any queries about the English language, blame it on the day job. Follow me on Twitter: hoopnut


    • grass-is-green says:

      Not hypocrisy. That’s the gracious and civilized manner of making an announcement. How do you want to say it: the coach was kicked out because he could not perform!? Animo La Salle!

      • zestyzeta says:

        How do you want to say it: the coach was kicked out because he could not perform!? Animo La Salle!


        • zestyzeta says:

          Abanilla was replaced earlier today by assistant coach Juno Sauler. According to the Archer Pride Facebook and Twitter accounts, the news was officially announced by DLSU President Br. Ricky Laguda:

          “It was officially announced today by DLSU President Br. Ricky Laguda that coach Juno Sauler has been appointed to replace coach Gee Abanilla as head coach of the DLSU Green Archersin the upcoming UAAP Season 76.

          “Coach Juno is a long time apprentice of both Coach Jong Uichico and Ron Jacobs. Coach Gee will return to the Petron Coaching Staff which itself is undergoing some ‘re-evaluation.’

          “In behalf of the whole APcom community, we would like to thank Coach Gee Abanilla for his loyal service to DLSU and assure him of our continued support for all his endeavors.

          To Coach Juno, good luck and “JUST WIN!!!”

          Back in October of 2011, Abanilla was named as the new head coach of the Green Archers, ending the Pumaren era of DLSU basketball. After two dismal UAAP seasons, Abanilla led the Green Archers back into the UAAP Final Four with a 10-6 win-loss record. However, they fell to arch-rivals Ateneo De Manila University Blue Eagles, who eventually won a fifth straight UAAP title.

          The Green Archers had a stellar offseason as they snagged some of the best prospects. However, they ended the preseason on a sour note, losing three of their last four games in the 2013 FilOil Flying V Hanes Premier Cup. – RAF, GMA News

        • grass-is-green says:

          I rest my case. Submitted without further arguments. Was just trained to be a Christian Gentleman. Peace!

      • Navigator says:

        Bottomline, there is more to this than meets the eye.

  • alon says:

    wow. dahil sa mga talo sa filoil (na masyadong maaga pa naman para humusga)? mga nagsisalisan sa team (na dati n namang problema dala ng over-recruiting)? o sya magiging head coach ng petron (pero bakit di muna interim until after uaap)?

  • 123456 says:

    Petron Head Coach, that would be nice!!!

  • Idol ko si Frank Golla says:

    The Blue Eagles were depleted, the Green Archers in powerful form, in front of the La Salle godfathers Danding Cojuanco, Mike Enriquez, Gary Valenciano etc. napahiya ang Green Archers.

    Too much to take lang talaga siguro.

  • Gaucho says:

    the loss to ADM was bad enough. the loss to SBC was the kicker. getting blanked for 3:50, leading by double digits…the last straw!

    can’t say i blame them.

    • blue shark says:

      The Green Archers management must really desperate. After sticking with the Pumarens even after all the shenanigans, they fire a coach that seems to be improving the team’s performance. Poor La Salle..I guess that decision came from the guy who foots the bill…. I also question another decision..using a player with questionable physical condition..Revilla is good but why risk the boys health ? are you guys that desperate..

      • Navigator says:

        100% healthy or not, La Salle still needs the savvy and leadership skills of LA Revilla at this time as Jeron Teng is still experiencing growing pains in those aspects.

      • Gaucho says:

        true. rome wasn’t built in a day. they seem to be forcing it. haste makes waste. but of course, they know that. which makes their attitude all the more nakakapag taka.

  • Jun says:

    do not change horses in the middle of the stream. do it before crossing.

  • Vash says:

    If ever La Salle reaches the Final Four, it will be because of talent and not coaching.

    • Green Arrow says:

      The talent we have this year is comparable to NU. As shown in Filoil, with Gee as coach, we did not reach final 4 sa Filoil, so a final 4 showing for the archers with the same players can be attributed to the new coach. Unless there is an new player. Bawas nga with Paredes gone.

      A new coach is probably better than a bad one. Let us just hope that we have a decent one this time

  • Spectator says:

    DLSU should have patience. Young HS recruits usually blossom in their second or third year. What happens is that they grab all the HS blue chips they can lay their hands on and expect them to perform right away. After they fail to perform in their first year they get cut or simply relegated to the bench and never get to show their full potentials. Then the cycle continues new recruits come in and suffer the same fate. In HS these blue chips were stars and handled the ball most of the time and the play was centered on them, at DLSU they have to fight for playing time. On the contrary other teams use the older players as first stringers and the rookies serve as back -ups, then the rookies get their turn after the older players graduate. At DLSU if you don’t perform right away your career is over after a year or two.

  • 123456 says:

    Deep in the culture of the basketball system that Franz Pumaren left, maybe even inadvertently, is darkness. I sense it is ugly politicking, winning at all cost and immediately devoid of values and virtues, pride way beyond competence and intelligence and glory emanating from a deep, very deep insecurity.

    DLSU must also consider the fact that unlike the time of Franz other schools except for UP have become competitive. The fact that ADMU won 5 consecutive Championships is simply incidental. It could have been UE, FEU, ADU, UST, NU.. You cannot dip your feet in the same river twice. Be realistic or be a realist! Times change!

    • Green Arrow says:

      What are you talking about? Franz era was ADMU’s dark ages. Not even Black succeeded against Franz. You were only lucky that Franz left otherwise you would have been celebrating your 5 runner up trophies.

      Realistically, with the current line up, NU and DLSU are the top teams but with the current coaches, it’s anybodies ballgame.

      • 123456 says:

        Your comment aside from being deceiving stresses my point even more; you are living in the past; those days are gone! Your team has always been strong enough to at least enter the final4; your coaches, the best one can have, but you never made it; your pride and arrogance is way beyond your intelligence. And just when Gee is about to reach the goal, you and your patron unveil the darkness of how DLSU operates.


        What are you teaching your students!

  • meeeee says:

    yan kasi lagi dinadaan sa pera. it’s not always about money. axe conjuanco!

  • Hitman Hearns says:

    A team like the Green Archers with that much talent and depth (on paper, at least), and a rabid alumni following needs a coach who can deliver. Someone who is of top high-caliber, and employs a fluid and solid system.

    Unfortunately for Gee Abanilla, does not exactly fit the bill. For one thing, he does not know how to handle a deep talent pool, forcing him to forget about some of his players. Case in point, Ponso Gotladera, and now Papot Paredes, who left the team because of some dissatisfaction. It won’t be a surprise if the same thing happened to Kib Montalbo, who after being heavily recruited, has ended up seeing very few minutes of playing time, so far.

    It’s either Danding is indeed on panic and desperation mode, or he has some plans of his own. But bottom line is as much as I personally want a green championship celebration this year, I don’t see it happening just yet.

  • zestyzeta says:

    DLSU did best in terms of recruitment!

  • green_snot says:

    2 to 3 years in the team and we have not developed anyone near the caliber of Ritualo, Cardona, Cortez, Yeo or Casio?; or a Maierhofer, Telan, Limpot, Sharma or Allado?; or have we forgotten that basketball is still a scoring game that even from the consistency of earning basic single points from the stripe, we expect of them?

  • Danny Boy says:

    it took Norman Black 5 seasons before he delivered a championship. He could have done it on his third season but the UST Tigers miraculously scuttled the favored Eagles. He nonetheless was retained as head coach. A year later, the La Salle Green Archers whom they have beaten thrice that season, manhandled them in the games that mattered. The Greenies advanced to the Finals and won the title but still Black stayed on. In 2008, Black reciprocated the trust and patience of the Ateneo patron with the first of 5 consecutive titles.


    • Green Arrow says:

      That was different. ADMU was not really that overwhelming in talent compared with DLSU or UST at that time. Black’s lose was not as unexpected compared to DLSU’s recent loses.

      • Idol ko si Frank Golla says:

        Ateneo, during coach Norman Black’s first season, his first ever game, had probably the TALLEST AND STRONGEST TEAM EVER assembled. He had Japeth Aguilar, Ford Arao, Doug Kramer, JC Intal, Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Martin Quimson and the legendary Downtown LA Tenorio.

        Hehe, I can still remember the Green Archers scored 6 straight uncontested lay ups in the 2nd quarter of that game. La Salle led as much as 20 I think and finished with a difference of 17 points.

        Ateneo still kept coach Norman Black and the rest is history.

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