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Boost your metabolism, vigor and health with OxRyd

Thursday, 17 January 2013 10 Comments

Water is an essential element of human life. Without enough water, the human body cannot function properly. Water helps maintain our body temperature, flushes out toxins, metabolize body fats, transports nutrients, and guard joints and organs. So why is it so important to know how safe is our drinking water?

CY Water Solutions Inc—the manufacturer of first oxygen-rich bottled water in the Philippines—known as OxRyd—had undergone an oxygenation process called Electrolytic Hydrolysis. This process splits water into smaller components thus increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen content. The result, water becomes softer at the same time, water molecule clusters becomes smaller for faster cell absorption.

Unlike other water products, OxRyd gives better hydration and extra oxygen your system needs. Among its advantages is that OxRyd’s can enhance the body’s energy production at the cellular level.  It increases the breaking down of food molecules for higher energy levels and stamina.

OxRyd also has a neutral PH level of 7 to 7.5 that matches the PH level of your blood. Since majority of the pet bottles are transparent, UV rays can contaminate the water and can become hazardous. To counter this effect, OxRyd is packaged in unique blue UV protected bottles that can blocks those harmful UV rays, preserving the essential oxygen elements and PH levels.

By drinking at least 2-liters of OxRyd every day, you will immediately feel the difference. Its benefits include: hydration (prevents constipation and helps regulate your daily bowel movement); detoxification (flushes out toxins and unwanted radicals, strengthening your immune system); regeneration (rejuvenates skin cells resulting to a younger and healthier skin); absorption (enhances the body’s absorption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients); and boosts your energy (regulates metabolism for better stamina and endurance).

“Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyle by providing high-grade drinking water to the public. We wanted to address the buying public that it is indeed essential to choose the water we drink everyday,” said Victor Uy Cu, general manager of CY Water Solutions Inc.

Cu adds, “Our Company is committed to improve the wellbeing of Filipinos by providing affordable, high quality, and all natural health and wellness products created through our innovative technological processes and standards.”

OxRyd retail priced starts at P22 per 500 ml bottled and P35 per 1000 ml bottled. OxRyd is available in all leading supermarket and drugstore nationwide.

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