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PCCL 2012: Growling Tigers bag 1st ever PCCL title

Friday, 7 December 2012 49 Comments

The UST Growling Tigers won its first ever Philippine Collegiate Championship League (PCCL) title by pulling-off a pulsating 81-76 win over the Ateneo Blue Eagles in Game 3 of their best-of-three championship series December 7 at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

After a 19-all deadlock in the first quarter, the Growling Tigers caught the Blue Eagles flat-footed in the 2nd period with sophomore Kevin Ferrer hitting 9 of his 21 points to push them to a 45-39 advantage at halftime.

“After all our sacrifices, we finally won a title against one of the nation’s best collegiate teams,” said Ferrer, who hit three triples and made 6-of-10 shots from the field including 9 rebounds and 4 assists. “This victory is very sweet.”

The Blue Eagles, winner of five consecutive titles in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines men’s basketball, threatened the Growling Tigers at the end of third frame with only a 57-60 margin in the final minute of 4th period.

Jeric Teng, who copped the league’s Most Valuable Player trophy, finished with 22 points on 5-of-8 shooting from beyond the arc along plus 6 rebounds, while Jeric Fortuna had 11 points while Karim Abdul contributed for 8 points and 9 rebounds.

“At last, we got even with Ateneo,” said Teng, nailed 13 points in the fourth quarter including three booming triples that fueled UST’s 17-5 blitz to erect a 79-67 lead early in the fourth period.

“This victory has inspired us. We worked hard for it.”

But Ateneo’s Kiefer Ravena and Ryan Buenafe, combined for 40 points, jolted UST’s defense in the final two-minutes with clutch baskets and converted their important free throw attempts to cut the Growling Tigers’ 12-point lead to only 76-79 with only 39 seconds remaining.

Ferrer though scored on a put back after a Karim Abdul miss to provide UST an 81-76 lead with 10.5 seconds left.  Buenafe muffed a three-pointer while Jeric Teng secured the rebound at the final buzzer.

“We really worked hard tow in the championship and we’re happy that we got it,” said UST mentor Pido Jarencio, who also won the league’s best coach award. “This win goes to the UST community for its all-out support.”

UST won Game 1 of the series (82-76) but Ateneo managed to force a do-or-die game after winning Game 2 (70-69).

Besides the championship trophy, the Growling Tigers will also take home a cool PhP 700, 000.00.

Individual Scores:

UST 81- Teng 22, Ferrer 21, Fortuna 11, Abdul 8, Bautista 7, Dacquioag 6, Afuang 4, Mariano 2, Hainga 0, Pe 0, Lo 0

Ateneo 76- Ravena 20, Buenafe 20, Slaughter 11, Salva 9, Elorde 7, Tiongson 5, Sumalinog 3, Chua 1, Golla 0, Gonzaga 0

Quarter Scores: 19-19; 45-39; 60-57; 81-76

By Josef Ramos

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  • TAS says:

    Go USTe! Ang sarap ng consolation…

  • grrr says:

    Ano nanaman kaya sasabihin ng mga atenista? I’m sure hindi nanaman daw seryoso at hindi kailangan yung title sa pccl.

    • Mysterious Blue Eagle Man 97 says:

      Uh, hindi po kami ganun. Maybe a few of us, but not the real fans. So please don’t generalize.

      And I am actually among the few who feel disappointed that the PCCL is getting less attention than the NCAA and UAAP.

      The PCCL is definitely the bigger tournament. In this format, the NCAA, UAAP, CESAFI and such are mere qualifying rounds.

      The problem is marketing. PCCL is horrible at marketing itself. And they should already the up with the NCAA and the UAAP to make it more relevant in the minds of the casual fans.

      In an ideal world, after wining the UAAP or NCAA title, the players should be saying “Up next, PCCL!!!” Sayang eh.

      PCCL SHOULD be the main event. But there isn’t enough being done to properly promote it.

      But, I’m digressing. This was a great win for the Tigers. Whom even Norman Black said was one of the toughest college teams in the country when he was still coaching the Eagles. This is just further proof. This was a VERY well deserved win for UST.

      Awesome gesture by Slaughter and Abdul when they exchanged jerseys. Reminds me of the twitter exchange by the guards after the UAAP championship when the Eagles were all praises for Fortuna.

      That’s the kind of sportsmanship we should all learn from.

      • Igorotak sana says:

        kulang na kulang nga sa marketing. 3 points ka naman jan!

      • yah right says:

        I agree. Supposed to be ung PCCL ung parang NCAA sa US, maraming conference sa NCAA US like Big Ten, ACC and ung mga champion sa bawat conference un ung nglalaban laban sa Sweet 16. Parang dapat nga mas focus ng mga teams ang PCCL kasi National Championship yun pero let’s admit na mas priority pa rin ng mga teams mgchampion sa kani-kanilang mother league. And maybe you’re right kulang sila sa marketing.

  • WES says:

    For Beunafe, Tiongson, Elorde, & Ravena, Basketball never stops. Respect to the 4 who played their hearts out! Congrats to the Growling Tigers! Finally a deserved championship for our vets Melo Afuang and Jeric Fortuna!

    • Anti-heat says:

      Congrats WES this should catapult the tigers as the favorite to win the UAAP crown next year. I wish the PCCL somehow becomes more than a simple post season tourney. A lot of pundits are probably gonna downsize UST’s victory saying its not a major event etc… You are fighting for the right to be called best in the country so it should matter.

      • WES says:

        Thanks, A-H! I hope so! Although Kevin Ferrer’s showing signs of game domination, which would be fitting for any 3rd year player in the UAAP. I do hope so too. So that the fun and thrills of the UAAP, NCAA, and other leagues would extend to November. It should start with the players and teams. If competition between the two is intense, the crowd follows. Props to UST, ADMU, DLSU, Adamson, San Beda, SWU, etc for playing their hearts out. Looking forward to next year’s season! The last season of the Teng brothers to go at it! HAHA! Animo to your DLSU!

  • wye says:

    I’ve been saying this all along…kevin ferrer actually has a higher upside than kiefer…and it looks like he’s turned the corner. If ateneo shrugs the loss and says it’s just the pccl then fine..but to us, it’s a sweet victory. Go uste!

    • WES says:

      On what extent do you mean by higher upside than Kiefer, sir? Athleticism? Complete game?

      • wye says:

        Everything man…everything. Ferrer’s potential is head and shoulders above kiefer…ravena might already be reaching his peak while ferrer is only starting to claw at the surface. Height, built(he’s put on a lot of muscle), athleticism, shooting are already owned by the taller ferrer…ravena’s advantage is his basketball iq but that can only take him so far…coz hey surely everyone will take a 6’4 stud over a 5’11 equal. Think about this…if they apply in the pba draft at the same time, who’ll get picked higher?

        • bubuchacha says:

          but they play different positions, so it’s a bit meh to compare ferrer and ravena. who would not pick a 6’4 over a 5’11? kahit si ravena pa yan. it’s good though that ravena is starting to develop a 3-pt shot. hopefully perasol won’t turn him into a one-dimensional gary david.

        • WES says:

          Right now, it’s still Ravena I think. Ferrer’s basketball IQ is showing and shaping up, but he’s still more of a secondary guy than a leader go-to-guy in a full 40 or 48 minute game. I’m a fan of both, but, right now, Ravena still has edge. I think the better question would be right now is, has the skills of Ravena in peak form already, clearly Ferrer isn’t and is still blossoming. If the question is, who’s better between the two RIGHT NOW, it’s still Ravena. For the future? That I can’t say, bec Ravena has increased game dominance but as to dimensions Ferrer has shown more potential. It would help if Ravena would grow until 6’3″ or 6’4″ to boost PH basketball in international competition. SG – Ravena, SF – Jeron Teng, PF – Kevin Ferrer. That is our future.

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    I hope this loss is bitter enough that this convinces Ryan Buenafe to stay and fulfill his last year of eligibility.
    I didn’t got the chance to watch the game, but based on the score list and WES’s compliment, I believe that the former finals MVP put up an effort.

    • WES says:

      He did. He initiated that 9-0 run that cut the 11-pt lead down to just 3. Amazing showing by Beunafe. As a matter of fact, every time he scores, he shouts at the other Blue Eagles to not give up! Sad to say, it was only Kiefer who positively responded to the future captain’s call. Congrats to your Blue Eagles! Amazing sportsmanship between the 2 teams there! No hate, just game rivalry! OBF!

      • SBF says:

        Congratulations to your Growling Tigers more, WES. After the UAAp championship, I tagged your team as the most exciting team of the Year. Now they are more than that. the UST Growling Tigers are the rightful 2012 PCCL Champions.

        I really wish that Kirk Long finally gets accepted in the PBA, so that Karim Abdul may also have a shot at getting in the Pros. When I saw the picture that Abdul and Greg Slaughter exchanged jerseys after the game, my tiny dissapointment immediately evaporated. I would personally love it if the two amazing centers renew their rivalry in the much challenging next level.

        • Spinning Back Fist says:

          Congratulations to your Growling Tigers more, WES. After the UAAp championship, I tagged your team as the most exciting team of the Year. Now they are more than that. the UST Growling Tigers are the rightful 2012 PCCL Champions.

          I really wish that Kirk Long finally gets accepted in the PBA, so that Karim Abdul may also have a shot at getting in the Pros. When I saw the picture that Abdul and Greg Slaughter exchanged jerseys after the game, my tiny dissapointment immediately evaporated. I would personally love it if the two amazing centers renew their rivalry in the much challenging next level.

          wrong email add, hehe.

          • WES says:

            Thanks, SBF! Congrats to your Blue Eagles for all the championships they’ve bagged in the last 5 years or so! It would be nice to see this rivalry to grow more! After all, all games between the 2 have been classics! I’m a fan Kirk, especially his speed, lockdown defense, and clutch threeeees (yeah, even the ones that killed us in 2007). While it will be a long shot for Karim Abdul to enter the PBA, for he plans to finish his college degree and go back to Cameroon to give back to his community, it’s one of my well wishes as well. The Slaughter-Abdul can surely treat us to a good rivalry unlike the Al Hussaini-Cruz, Espinas-Santos, that failed to meet our expectations in the pros. If ever the rivalry happen, baka ABL na. Hopefully ABL steps up, so more of our locals would be pro players. There, Abdul-Slaugher can be relived. Cheers to UAAP S75 and PCCL2012! And here’s to next year!

  • boy_USTe says:

    Congrats to the UST Growling Tigers!!!
    Congrats to the MVP, Jeric Teng and to the best coach,Coach Pido!

    Just the same,in victory or in defeat,

    Go USTe!!!

  • easterntiger says:

    Congratulations tigers.

    Class act by Karim and Greg. At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about. Sportsmanship.

  • leolite says:

    Agree with all the above. Was disappointed at the way the Blue eagles played, except for Ravena, Tiongson, Buenafe, and Elorde. Some played so-so, others played bad, real bad. You need a whole team to win. And that is what the Tigers did. They really wanted the game. Kudos to the UST fans. They really showed unity. Hardly and Ateneo students in the crowd, mostly old alumni. The real and true Blue Eagles. Kusos to you too. A thought in my mind, on the UST side were the young, and on the Ateneo side, the young once. Hope the PCCL Next year is not simultaneous with the D-League. Its one reason of the out of par performance of some players and teams.

    • WES says:

      Thomasian community support never stops. For Ateneo, the True Blue never stops also. I have Atenean and Thomsian blood in me and my family. My true blue relatives AGS or AHS to college, are always consistent in supporting the Blue Eagles. They even support the volleyball (waaay, waay before the golden era of beauties) and football. They told me that, most Ateneans that support the Blue Eagles are the True Blue, from the Dark Age to the Golden Age. They hope that support extends from UAAP basketball to 2nd semester sports. They reason that sometimes, some only support when it’s cool. Sayang. If both communities were there, it would’ve surely fired up more the players to make the competition more intense.

    • wye says:

      True, true..the dleague coinciding with the pccl is awful…they should fix this. Saglit lang naman ang pccl e.

  • Spectator says:

    The addition of more players in the rotation worked well for UST unlike in the UAAP finals, coach Pido used a very short rotation.

  • Mr. JJ says:

    The also problem with this league is that the participating UAAP and NCAA teams do not really show that kind of passion that they give in their respective leagues. Unlike the participating teams in other leagues. Look at San Beda, I bet coach Magsanoc wanted the title, too bad he couldn’t because of the damage brought by the D-League in his team. You can really see in his players (Ola even got injured in the D-Leage) during the PCCL tournament that they were exhausted even in the early parts of their games.

  • calvin says:

    Congratulations to the UST Growling Tigers!…Panalo that’s it…But i still don’t bite to the notion that about all the positives that you said about your Ferrer…But i’ll give way if he wins one championship without getting a technical (or an unsportsmanship foul) all season long…I’ll wait until he graduates.

    • Wye says:

      Lol even teng gets called for uf’s and techs a lot..if bring magulang is part of his game then i just liked him more.hehe

    • WES says:

      While most of the elite players in the UAAP train in the US, the Growling Tigers train in the streets of local Manila. It’s Manila brand of basketball. Notice how Ryan Buenafe is so familiar and even game every time he faces that kind of D. I don’t know where you’ve been living the last 4 decades or so, but that is Filipino brand of basketball. And, btw, there is no saint in every team.

  • leolite says:

    I’d like to hear comments on the referees’ calls of “Resenting the Call”. The technical foul slapped is a game changer. Most of the time the player does not “really” resent the call. Most of the time they are surprised by the called foul. I think these calls in the PCCL were abused to the hilt by the referees.

  • Butch Domingo says:

    “Gusto ko happy kayo sa Pasko” kaya pinanalo namin kayo.

  • Tax says:

    Congrats UST

    • easterntiger says:

      i welcome this change. its time for him to move on.

      • SBF says:

        You do? Wow.
        Coach Pido leaving is a huge stepback. Pride, Puso, Palaban ni Pido, hindi basta madaling mapapalitan yun.

        • easterntiger says:

          Yes pride puso palaban, but we also need tactics. ust has produced 2 mvps, 1 ROY since 2007 and since then we only landed in the finals this year. estong ballesteros is a good choice.

  • badboy says:

    good for him, he resigned.

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