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PCCL 2012 Finals: Ravena has done it again, forces rubber match

Thursday, 29 November 2012 3,926 Views / 61 Comments

With 18.6 seconds left and with a second to spare on the shot clock, the UST Growling Tigers called a timeout to mount their final play, hopefully to extend their lead.

While the Growling Tigers were focused on winning, Kiefer Ravena had other ideas – a game winner to extend the series.  UST executed. Kevin Ferrer got the leather, fumbled then attempted a desperate trey that went off the mark.

The Growling Tigers forgot to make the necessary stop and were expecting a shot clock violation, leaving Ravena to do his bidding.

All alone for the kill, Ravena knocked down the breakaway layup off a baseball pass from Tonino Gonzaga to help the Blue Eagles escape the menacing Growling Tigers, 70-69, in their 2nd game of their best of three finals series of the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) 2012 finals.

“We wanted to win,” said Ravena who finished with 21 points and 4 rebounds at the Arena in San Juan City.

It was almost a win by UST, who opened the final period with a 10-0 blast highlighted by a rare four-point play from Jeric Teng to snatch the lead for the first time, 59-57, until that great escape by Ravena.

It was a dogfight in the final five minutes  as Ravena drained a trey to extend their lead to four, 68-64, but moments later, Jeric Fortuna answered back with his own conversion to close the gap, 68-67, with 3:02 left.

The Growling Tigers were in front with 1:53 remaining after a crucial steal from Aljon Mariano for that lead pass to Kevin Ferrer, 69-68.

“We were in the same scenario, we relaxed in the fourth quarter,” he added referring to their game one meltdown when the Growling Tigers outscored them 3-12 in the payoff period.

UST, a squad known for their ability to comeback, actually outscored the Eagles in the second half, 39-27, with 20 points in the final period.

The Katipunan-based squad had an explosive opening quarter with Gonzaga and Ravena sizzling hot from beyond the arc nailing back-to-back treys apiece to post the biggest margin of the game with 19 points, 28-9.

Ateneo continued the onslaught in the second frame with Greg Slaughter scoring 6 of his 14 points, including a slam, posting a 13 point lead at the half, 43-30.

The Growing Tigers were stunned, but had decent 11.4 seconds to steal the game. Frustrated, the España-based squad failed to capitalize on their final possession.

“Fumbled the ball, then it was air ball. Then got the rebound. All in just one second? Hmmm. Maybe they should try that in sports science,” Teng posted on his twitter account.

The winner-take-all match is set on December 7 at the Ynares Sports Center in Pasig City.

The scores:
ADMU 70 – Ravena 21, Slaughter 14, Gonzaga 13, Salva 9, Tiongson 7, Buenafe 4, Sumalinog 2, Pessumal 0, Golla 0, Chua 0, Elorde 0
UST 69 – Fortuna 18, Abdul 13, Teng 12, Mariano 12, Ferrer 8, Bautista 4, Afuan 2, Pe 0, Daquioag 0
QUARTER SCORES: 28-14, 43-30, 57-49, 70-69
By AJ Bolando

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  • Dude says:

    Na Ravena mga dre?

  • timer says:

    Maybe Jeric should ask the timer why time started NOT when Ferrer touched the ball but when he released it. Siguro may umaasa sa milagro shot para i-count yong bitaw. At dahil airball, ayun parang naging intercepted pass all within the second, ergo, non-call. Still, a little more than 11 seconds to make a shot…how long does UST need to score? Ryan did it before in 3 secs, and blocked the attempt this time. See you at the rubber match. At pag di pa nasungkit ng UST yan, ewan ko na lang. Walang katorya torya na nga ang intensity at depensa ng Ateneo, sus.

    • easterntiger says:

      Another poorly written article.

      The writer seems to be intentionally leaving relevant information like the fouling out of Abdul midway through the final period. As well as the fact that ateneo won because of the ineptness of the referees by failing to call a shot clock violation that lead to ravena’s go ahead bucket with 11 ticks to go.

      Oh well. Here come the trolls again.

  • Batang Espana says:

    Baka mas ok pag si Estong nalang mag coach next game.

  • Chuck says:

    “We were in the same scenario, we relaxed in the fourth quarter,” — 2011 Final 4, 2012 Round 1, 2012 Round 2, Finals Game 1,Finals Game 2, & PCCL Finals Game 1. UST made 4th quarter comebacks because the Blue Eagles relaxed and not because the Growling Tigers were streaking? So swerte ang UST na in all those games the Blue Eagles relaxed in the 4th quarter? I thought in the Norman Black system everyone plays strong in all of the 40mins. I believe Kiefer deserves the phenom title, but I disagree with this comment. If Ateneo wins because they’re good, if they lose because they were caught napping.

  • WES says:

    An open question to all. I would appreciate it if the IBP writers would reply here. There have been rumors circulating in different threads on the internet regarding yesterday’s game. I do not completely know the structure of the PCCL and how is the referee selection is made for every tournament, but the rumors circulating is that the refs yesterday were from the UAAP and not that of the PCCL. Game 1 had PCCL, but Game 2 UAAP. I, however, understand that if the refs are unavailable, a league can take other refs as long as they are licensed by the SBP. What we people do not get is that why the sudden change? Of all possible timing, Game 2 of a best-of-3 Finals? There are no other games being played, so there should be a supply of refs. Were the other games officiated by the PCCL or UAAP? Popular public opinion is that, all-tournament long, the PCCL refs were strict and good as compared to their controversial counterparts UAAP refs. Thank you to anyone who will clarify this matter!

  • The Fearless Analyst says:

    Ask around about the good old days when we were No. 1 in Asia.
    Some of the greatest captain balls, guards and shooters of all time
    For Korea we had No. 7 Shin Dong Pa the greatest shooter Asia
    ever produced.
    For RP we had:
    3 time Olympian;our best Capt. Ball and Guard par excellence—Ed Ocampo(Ateneo-YCO).
    Adriano Papa,Jr.(NU-Ysmael-YCO-Mariwasa-Filmanbank) who scored w/ accuracy even from “way way out”.
    Danilo Florencio(UST-YCO-Crispa-UTEX-Toyota) who scored from all angles.
    What and where is the connection?
    KIEFER RAVENA is another Papa-Florencio-Ocampo in the making!!!
    Hail Ateneo Hail!

  • westphilsea says:

    LOL This league is ajoke. All these games are a farce. ADMU should have won game 1, and UST should have won game 2. LOL Regardless, a non-call is more just than a call in the last moments of the game. Let the players decide the game.

    • K-Fer says:

      K-Fer: “Hoy, ako yong um-attempt ng trey at di si Jeric!
      Gusto ko sana maging ero, ayun, mental HEROr. Di ko naman sinabing mas mataas basketbol IQ ko kay Ravena, eh. Mas matangkad lang ako.”

      Kiefer: “Presence of mind lang yan”

    • westphilsea says:

      in that case tapos na dapat ang series….

    • WES says:

      SBF, per FIBA ruling, if a ball is released before shot clock has expired and then results to a missed shot, ball is alive when rim is hit but is dead if not. Joe Lipa did not cite any ruling of the PCCL regarding this matter. I accept the loss, but for future reference sake.

    • keep2mys3lf says:

      FIBA 29.1.2 Oct.2012 When a shot for a field goal is attempted near the end of the twenty-four (24)
      second period and the twenty-four (24) second clock signal sounds while the ball is
      in the air:
      • If the ball enters the basket, no violation has occurred, the signal shall be
      disregarded and the goal shall count.
      • If the ball touches the ring but does not enter the basket, no violation has
      occurred, the signal shall be disregarded and the game shall continue.
      • If the ball misses the ring, a violation has occurred. However, if the opponents
      have gained immediate and clear control of the ball, the signal shall be
      disregarded and the game shall continue.

      So since ADMU got clear possession of the ball, the ball was deemed live. Had UST kept on playing until the ref stopped play (as all players are taught unless absent sila) then maybe…just maybe…di ba?

      • timer says:

        Yon nga sabe ko sa una post ko. kung sinimulan ng timer yong countdown the moment Ferrer held (and fumbled it a bit), by the time Ateneo tapped and held possession, wala na dapat oras. Kaso delayed yong start ng timing (para counted nga eh kung pumasok, lol) kaya ayun, may oras pa (spli second) nong matapik at makuha ng Ateneo ang bola. Kaya ang consideration noon ay steal or interception. Legit non-call.

      • Freakadoodle says:

        a 24-second violation should have been called before the ball even touched the hands of any ateneo player. ferrer receiving the ball and fumbling his shot already took 2 seconds.

        why are all non-calls (the UAAP and now the PCCL) always favor ateneo. i smell somthing fishy here.

      • Freakadoodle says:

        sana naman manalo ang ateneo na walang kontrobersya! nakakaumay na eh. parang pilit na pilit.

  • Knightstrike says:

    Sa mga nagsasabing hindi daw sineseryoso ng Blue Eagles ang mga laro sa PCCL, here’s a quote from Ravena for you,

    ‘We wanted to win.’

  • OBF says:

    I think the PBA and AKTV should develop a National College League….. This league is a joke and inconsistent. The games are getting dirtier and its no longer about skill…

  • Blue Eagles says:

    The Blue Eagles executed the fastbreak because the ref’s did not make the 24-shot clock violation call. If the blue eagles had waited for the refs to blow their whistles, masasayang oras nila. STOP BLAMING THE EAGLES. I am a supporter of the blue eagles but i believe the ref’s did not make the right call. Hindi kasalanan ng eagles na di nablow yung horn. Sa mga nagsasabi na binayaran nanaman yung ref, sige, asaan ang proof?

    • rrrr says:

      dont worry about it. ok na. lipa said its the right call. i also witness these same scenarios in the nba.

      • easterntiger says:

        easy for you to say. kayo panalo e. pero kapag talo, dami dahilan..

        • Blue Eagles says:

          diba ganyan rin naman kayo? pag natalo, dinaya? =))))

          • easterntiger says:

            here is why.

            mariano made a turn around play against buenafe – offensive foul. after a few mins, slaughter made the same play against abdul – blocking foul… abdul was so upset, they slapped him again with his 5th foul. the last and fatal call was the non call of the 24 shot clock violation.

            what you think? :)

          • Spinning Back Fist says:

            he banged and floored Tonino Gonzaga. Dapt Technical na yun.

          • here's what I think says:

            Mariano used his hands to ward off Buenafe. Wanna look at it again?

            Abdul, tho he held his ground, flopped and fell even if Slaughter wasn’t really pushing (was just backing) and so both fell. If you didn’t call the flop, then you have to call the traveling. Kung aarte ka lang, galingan mo na para bumenta.

            yong technical foul ni Abdul (na personal foul din), nakatatlong tawag sa Ateneo non noong first game. Consistent lang mga refs. Kaya nga kayo nanalo ng 6 points lol (6 free throws made plus ball possession).

            Quit crying. Talo kung talo.

  • vince says:

    kapag nanalo sila sa game 3 dapat puro pauri ha pero kapag natalo expect mo ng reason ay walang gana or busog na sila sa pagkapanalo.haha

    • vincent says:

      kapag nanalo sila (UST) sa game 3 dapat puro papuri ha pero kapag natalo expect mo ng reason ay referees. dinaya na na naman. haha

      at kapag sbc ang natmabakan sa isang game, reason: walang import.

      at kapag all-UAAP na naman sa finals, itong liga ay joke! \

      sala sa init sala sa lamig. sus

      • vince says:

        haha! atleast kami we congratulate the winner kahit anong controversy pa yan eh yung iba..nasobrahan sa hangin! haha.

  • vince says:


  • vince says:

    *purihin haha

  • blue shark says:

    Ferrer’s foul on jump shooting Tiongson should have been a foul meriting being thrown out of the game because it was meant to hurt. Such actuations by players show no respect for their co athletes. Dirty fouls meant to harm, possibly even a career ending foul should merit more harsher penalties. I vote to nominate Ferrer as Dirtiest player in the student league. Take a look when he take a jump shot.. kicking out intending to hurt..

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    Kaya laging nalalamangan ni Karim Abdul si Greg Slaughter eh.

  • calvin says:

    A knockout game this Thursday…What a way to end all of these c**p discussions!…let us just sit back and enjoy the game however it was played and not try to be lawyers from both sides validating that the other won or lost because of this and that…alright?…God bless to the two teams

  • calvin says:

    A knockout game this Thursday…What a way to end all of these c**p discussions!…let us just sit back and enjoy the game however it was played and not try to be lawyers from both sides validating that the other won or lost because of this and that…alright?…God bless to the two teams who will slug it out again tomorrow!

  • Butch Domingo says:

    Its not Thursday. The game will be on Friday 3:30 pm at Ynares Gym in Pasig.

  • Amity Young says:

    Where will the PCCL finals be?

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    Congrats Uste.

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