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NCAA Season 88 Finals: Chasing 17

Monday, 22 October 2012 168 Comments

NCAA Season 88 Finals Game 1: San Beda Red Lions vs. Letran Knights, Oct 18The Letran Knights played like a team on a mission in Game 2 of NCAA Season 88 Finals at the Araneta Coliseum.

The unpredictable Knights mesmerized the San Beda Red Lions, 62-55, arguably the best defensive team in the league, with 5 players scoring in double-digits, to force a winner-take-all match on Friday October 26, 1:00PM at the Araneta Coliseum.

Letran Forward/Center Jonathan Belorio, in his penultimate year of his collegiate basketball career, finished with a double-double performance, contributing 15 points and 10 boards, including game changing triples to complete a 15-5 run with 2:58 left in the payoff period, posting an 8 point lead, 60-52 in the probably the biggest game of their lives.

Carlo Lituania chipped in for 11 points, with 9 points in the 2nd quarter, erecting a 37-28 lead at the half, while diminutive sophomore guard Mark Cruz along with skipper Kevin Alas and Jam Cortes added 12, 10, and 10 points respectively.

“It’s all about team work, hindi ka mananalo sa San Beda kung isa lang yung gagawa, kailangan lima yung maglalaro.” said Knights multi-titled Head Coach Louie Alas who is no stranger to Game three situations, since 2003 and 2005 against San Sebastian College- Recoletos and PCU.

Even Red Lions rookie coach Head Coach Ronnie Magsanoc admitted that they had a hard time containing Letran’s scorers.

“When you allow five players to score in double digits, hindi mo na alam kung sinong babantayan mo,” Magsanoc said during the post game interview.

“Anytime you play offense versus offense sa Letran, mahihirapan ka,” the defensive minded head coach added.

Breather for the meantime

The Knights finally ended their 15-game slump against the Red Lions since the 1st Round of Season 83 (2007).

“Monkey off our backs,” the elder Alas said. “Pero balewala ito kung hindi namin masusundan ng isa pang panalo.”

Alas is also expecting the Red Lions to bounce back, adding that they have to make the necessary adjustments for their final showdown on Fraiday.

“Knowing coach Ronnie, kailangan naming ma-counter yung gagawin nila samin. Kung ano yung ginawa namin today mas aayusin pa namin sa susunod,” Alas added who outrebounded their opponents 50-39.


On the other hand, Magsanoc was somehow surprised about the sudden explosion of Belorio and Lituania.

“I think Lituania gave them a very huge lift and Belorio played exceptional throughout,” he said.

After the Red Lions exploded in the third to outscore the Knights, 15-4, the Mendiola-based players were nowhere to be found, suddenly folded, puzzled as their opponents were making their shots.

“We played our best defensive quarter in the third. But in the fourth, we allowed the most points, thus negating what we did,” Magsanoc said.

“We could not make the stops in the fourth, it boils down to the simplest things,” the former San Beda player added who received the team’s first loss in the Finals since 2009. “They just have more desire that we didn’t match.”

Magsanoc said that he’ll review the tape and study and will likewise make the adjustments.

“We have come this far. All we have to do is look at where our defensive breakdowns were and likewise bakit hindi kami naka-execute down the stretch.

Onward to 17

Both schools are tied with 16 titles, and only one of them will come out as the winningest basketball team in NCAA history with 17 titles.

Expect both teams to go all out on October 26.

AJ Bolando

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  • SK says:

    pers ako hihihi huhuhu. R8

  • jaypee says:

    I’ll go for LETRAN…..

  • Roaring Red says:

    san beda all the way, sana sa game 3 pumasok na yung championship exp. ng RLs, kaya naman nila kaso dapat running game talaga, bakit mo ipipilit yung outside shot kung konti shooters, buti kung nandun yung nazareno bros. , yung plays ng cubs parang mas ok pa sa play ni CRM.. caracut can shoot outside, mocon inside, tolentino inside and out. kung red cubs kalaban ng letran mas ok pa yata

  • Spectator says:

    All CRM has to do is do the opposite of what he thinks and the RL will have a bigger chance to win the championship. How can you move forward if your gear is set on reverse? How can you defend if you are already tired? How can you help if all season you are on the bench? What’s the use of a deep bench if you don’t use your bench? Why changed a system that was successful because of hard work and years of training if you can’t spend a lot of time with the team because of your busy schedule?

    • Shotokan says:

      So true! AKTV, V League, Meralco and one more program are more of his interest than SBC. Wala nga yan sa practice the night before the R2 game vs Baste. Mas importante pa yun iba…we need a full time Coach! We need CFL anyway there is an interesting development in that subject.

  • Red Rampant says:

    Some people need to do a lot of homework! The entourage of coaches should do what was done based on championship experience. Consult, scout and adjust. Bakit hindi magawa. The boys do not need viewing. They need practical coaching. In 5 years with CFL, they only did viewing once! I remember drink CFL time, he would dedicate all his time for the championships. While having dinner, he would even ask a paper because he just pulled off a new play based on scouting reports. He would even consult for numbers and figures based n historical facts, ex. at what number of points does the RL need to reach in halftime for pull away wins. At what number of boards does the RL need at the end of the third quarter to come up with a win. At what number of turn overs points that marks a success in wins. I don’t know if these are still done.

  • greenlion says:

    it’s not all about heart anymore, it’s the brain that should be counted on ronnie could use some if he knows what’s good for the team..c’mon coach, you and i know so well it ain’t working..why force it?

  • greenlion says:

    it’s not all about heart anymore, it’s the brain that should be counted on ronnie could use some if he knows what’s good for the team.
    ..c’mon coach, you and i know so well it ain’t working..why force it?

  • greenlion says:

    ronnie magsanoc = soft

  • Justin says:

    come on man don’t put the blame on coach ronnie! for a rookie coach with a depleted line up compared to the past years, it’s already an achievement to bring the Lions where they are right now! give the man some credit!

    • greenlion says:

      credit is given when it’s due, now? ronnie magsanoc doesn’t deserve any..i honestly have conceded this year to ssc, the only team which really overtook our talents, but with what letran offers at the court right now? let’s be real, we are beating ourselves, not them beating us..

    • Knightstrike says:

      Having talent doesn’t always mean that one will automatically succeed. You also need to do the work. Our Knights might not have great talent as your guys do (except for Kevin), but they work harder than your RLs. Also last time I checked, the NCAA Seniors basketball is played between two teams. So how can one beat oneself?

      Whatever your excuses are, we are still BEATING YOU guys.

      • Bluebeard says:

        Someone here just couldn’t accept defeat. matter of fact is they’re the real underdogs here, couldn’t blow us out, always trailing behind us. just couldn’t wait for the day his rants would stop .

        • greenlion says:

          you are way above yourselves here, if you have complete mastery over san beda with that one won last game, i see that, if my opinion on how we lost hard to swallow for you guys, probably there must be some truth to what i am saying..don’t brag yet, as i can see your last win is still hollow, you won the 2nd game of a best of three, not the championship..

        • Default says:

          look how 1 win clog memories of letranites. that was your 1st win in half a decade! the next 1 could come in another half decade. see you 2017

      • greenlion says:

        your comment only shows how little grasp of reality you have, you sound like you have been beating san beda with absolute familiarity and frequency, i can’t blame you for your enthusiasm but isn’t that a first in the season, and say, in at least 5 years? isn’t it funny you are shooting your own foot by your admission of sbc’s superior talents and not living up to par with it? further validates my claim that they indeed beat themselves..thanks for the input though, assuming and brave, but sounds more like caffeine induced IMO..

      • Red Rampant says:

        That was only one game in half a decade. Red Lions hammered you in shameful defeats. Your representative in Mancom couldn’t just think of what and how will your team win. You know that, everyone does. How can you respect yourselves if your leader can’t earn the respect. Now tell me, look at your fb pages. Read them and see how your community comments. Is your institution a catholic school or a penitential school? Where is your respect for yourselves. Your admin shut down 2 pages already. This is how you represent sports. Yes you beat us in one game and you will be beating all your nuts in the head once you realize thats just 1 game, 15 to go!

      • Baserbeater says:

        you beat us just once in 16 games…hold your horses.

    • Shotokan says:

      @ justin, think 4 times before you say “depleted line up”….dont tell me you NEVER heard of the the Super Six? I surely believe you are a bandwagon fan! You along w CRM dont know the players!

      The Red Lions are in the Finals because the boys are good, not because of the rookie coach. The team regressed!

      Facts speak volumes, elims Game 1 we beat Letran by 20, Game 2 by 6, Finals Game 1 by 2, Finals game 2 lost by 9…is that progressing or regressing?

    • palanggana says:

      spoiled itong mga katotot mo. siguro pinanganak lang iyang mga iyan noong 2005

    • palanggana says:

      spoiled itong mga katoto
      mo. siguro pinanganak lang iyang mga iyan noong 2005

  • greenlion says:

    inferior?against a san sebastian team we are, but with letran? and being rookie coach with practically a team overflowing with potential? that is the lamest excuse i’ve heard for ronnie magsanoc apologists..i have always adhered to great competition and fair play, and if you have been a part of any sbc sports program, believe me, there’s no pride in losing, none especially when you know you are better..

  • I am for the Red Lions and I know they will make 17!!!

    • After your 17th, leave the NCAA and join us in the UAAP. We need more schools who believe in the student-athlete program; this is now possible; no conflict with MVP.

      FEU can transfer to the NCAA!

      • Miggy says:

        Uaaap – universities no room for colleges plus feu is a good team not just in basketball….
        They place third in general championships

        • Default says:

          K. Sabihin mo yan k montinola dahil sya mismo nagiimbita.

        • Baser "the Hammer" Barocca says:

          Pinaka beneficial if ever matrade ang beda sa feu ang mga red cubs. graduating red cubs no longer need to search for that greener pastures / bluer horizons since they will meet them on a regular basis with much, much important games and a hell lot bigger audience.

          • gaucho says:

            where have you been? greener pastures? blue horizons? blue/green fan? figures!

            in case you haven’t heard elorde, before they think about going green or blue, they would most definitely think RED first.

            you new generation blues and greens don’t know who you’re dealing with huh?

          • Baser "the Hammer" Barocca says:

            “in case you haven’t heard elorde, before they think about going green or blue, they would most definitely think RED first.”

            What?? Man, taas nang tingin mo sa level nang school mo ah. Tulog ka na lang “bok”.

          • Baser "the Hammer" Barocca says:

            “in case you haven’t heard elorde, before they think about going green or blue, they would most definitely think RED first”.

            Laughtrip grabeh, haha. Naisip siguro ni Elorde yun kasi inoffer ni MVP sa kanya.

          • LOL ka rin says:

            ay, napikon. hihihihih. sorry.

      • palanggana says:

        and don’t let the door hit you on your way out…social climbers!

  • Levis67 says:

    Nice to read all your comments,it makes the ncaa more exciting,yesterday, i heard two security guards of a popular pharmacy talking about the game on friday,suddenly i realized that the ncaa is regaining its popularity again just like during my time,the ’70′s. Arriba Letran!Animo SanBeda!

  • RED_BARON says:


    2. ? ?
    3. ? ? ?

  • Red Rampant says:

    Bo Perasol

  • kram says:

    “Anytime you play offense versus offense sa Letran, mahihirapan ka,”

    nakakapanibago.. during CFL time, yung kalaban hirap na hirap maka score

  • Bedan from California says:

    My prediction, If the game is close all the way, Letran has the edge for the fact that they have been together, they are hungry and they’re on a mission. The RL team seems to be still adjusting as a team, and they have yet to buy into the new philosophy of the rookie coach… BUT if we can establish a leverage of at least 7 to 10 pt advantage, and make the Knights commit mistakes, and make them pay heavily.. and demoralize them throughout… Simply put, MAKE THE KNIGHTS QUIT, PERIOD!!! then we can take the 17th.

    Defense, Experience and executing three pointers will play a BIG, BIG, ROLE.

    • gaucho says:

      use of the bench would be key if our boys will play game-long D. and the half-court, wasting the clock, please use as needed, not as a rule…PLEASE!

      • Spectator says:

        Use Anjo as a point guard not as a forward, CRM trust your bench, we have shooters and bigger guys in the SG and SF position who could match better with Letran, keep fresh legs in the game.

    • banned says:

      exactly the bedan community’s sentiments, z. thanks for putting it out there. crm has been a disappointment, to say the least.

    • Default says:

      it’s funny and frustrating how stubborn coach ronnie is.

    • Bedan Jalapeño says:

      We share the same sentiments. Cheers Z!

    • Agent Orange says:

      Bedan Atenean Hybrid. Figures.

      • Shotokan says:

        Oh you poor young turk, he went to Admu and Letran. Too much Agent Orange in your lowly brains!

      • Z says:

        Not at all. Shotokan has already told you where I’m from. I don’t support any team in the NCAA. Only San Beda’s old system and Gabo really caught my eye as a fan. otherwise, I lament ugly basketball, professionally, collegiate and international. I know when a team can do better and performing to its abilities and that’s where my sentiments take root.

  • markregi says:

    Brothers, I’m no expert in basketball but at this point in time I don’t think changing the coach’s system would do us any better. They’ve been playing like this all season long except perhaps during their first two games. Let’s just have faith that the coach know what he’s doing and what he’s doing will work on Friday. I understand your frustrations but what’s best for us now is to be united. The more we rant, the more we boost the other side’s morale! The more we attack the coach’s system the more we erode the Lions’ faith in the coach and in winning the crown this year with him. Know what I fear more? It is not losing the championship crown… but it is losing the Bond of Bedan Brotherhood.

    • Spectator says:

      Would you allow your brother to be lost…do the wrong thing? A true brother is one who would guide you to do what is right.

  • Knightmare says:

    True Markregi… taking pot shots at your coach is eroding your brotherhood, and your team’s confidence… while Knights are gelling and peaking at the right time, hungrier than ever… our school’s deep pride and spirit beckons for the prized 17th.

    • Z says:

      You can’t help it especially with regards to the reports of CRM’s ‘activities’ outside the team. Alumni eh, di mo maiiwasan yun kahit mag-preach pa tayo ng sabay na wawasakin lang nito yung brotherhood. That’s how it goes dude. Just a friendly reminder.

      • Bedan Jalapeño says:

        In addition, there were large shoes to fill in. So, having better performed in the PBA than (as duly recognized by the PBA, and no disrespect to our beloved CFL) CFL, we believed in the beginning that he would add onto the program rather than bring it backwards.

        Call it what you want guys, its the sad truth.

        Shout out to the Letranites, we can beat your Knights any day everyday and twice on Sunday even with Assistant Coach Mark Jomalesa!

      • Bedan Jalapeño says:

        Lastly, if you Letranites want, we can have a “Dream Game” one week after this Finals and choose whom you want to face as our coach, Jomalesa or Sison, and we will wring your necks to the ground till your Knights pant with their last breath!

        Ano katuwaan lang walang pikunan for the benefit of Bantay Bata.

  • Spectator says:

    I was glad the Meralco game was over last Sunday. That gets rid of one conflict in CRM’s busy schedule. That gives him 4 days to focus on the team before the big game. I was hoping he would take a few days off from the PBA panel but to my dismay he even added the PBA D League to his chores. I chance upon a D-league game on tv yesterday and had a bad feeling i will hear the voice of CRM, and yes it was CRM covering the game. The busy schedule was probably why he missed a practice prior to an importatnt game against Baste. Only a few days before the last game of the season and yet he is not not familiar with his team and players. I was hoping he would take advantage of the 5 day gap to focus and devise a proper game plan suited for the team. I think it was a big mistake to let go of assistant coaches BoniG. and Ed C., at least with them around we would not be worried of CRM’s divided attention. But still hoping for the best and still hoping CRM makes the right decisions in the game.

    • Bedan Jalapeño says:

      He has a slew of assistant coaches who are also the best but hardly listens to them anyway! What a waste! That is the problem of not having a full time coach. Too many in his plate!

      We only have a part time head caoch. Sadly.

  • Spectator says:

    Go Moralde Go Villaruz GO ludovice Go Abarcar Go Bonsubre…Go San Beda Fight

  • sir leon says:

    I hope game 3 is over already so we can spare ourselves from association with the other school.

    This Friday, let’s support the team and put our trust with CRM. He has the experience, good basketball IQ and will make the necessary adjustments.

  • greenlion says:

    no choice..go san beda fight!!!

  • sketch says:

    Tomorrow’s game day!!! Play to win, not play to maim!

  • DP/Fedex says:

    To all the bedans out there this coming Friday let us all troop to the big dome and give our all support for our beloved SAN BEDA RED LIONS. Let us ROAR as loud as we can shout and cheer the Indian yell and band and stay together whatever the outcome maybe win or lose.Some of us here in north america maybe thousands of miles away but one thing for sure our hearts and prayers are with the RED LIONS. The other team will be hungry and for sure have prepared for this game but one thing that they do not know is that they are going head to head to a wounded and angry LION. I have faith and trust to our coach Ronnie Magsanoc and for the whole team. Let us just hope that they show the brand of Basketball that SAN BEDA is known for that we do not crack under pressure. Good luck God Speed. FOR SAN BEDA OUR COUNTRY AND GOD. WE SUPPORT THE RED LIONS ALL THE WAY GO SAN BEDA FIGHT. After this I rest my case.

    • markregi says:

      Same here brother!

      I have faith in the players…
      I have faith in the coaching staff…

      Go San Beda Fight!

      • Spectator says:

        I like your optimism guys. I just hope CRM makes the right decisions and adjustments in the game. It is important that CRM gives his full trust in his players and not rely only on a few. If the strengths of the team are properly utilized we have a better chance of winning. ..I missed the little indians in the srs games …saw them in game 1 of the jrs…but not in the srs…bitin pag wala sila…wish to see them cheer today…Go San Beda Fight!!!


    Congratulations Red Lions!

    You owe CRM and his staff a case of Cognac!!!LOL

    Peace Knights!

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    Congrats Red Lions. Amazing Defense.

  • bystander says:

    Kudos to the Knights and Coach Louie for once again stretching the limits of what his team can achieve! This year, under-rated Letran demonstrated complete mastery of the powerhouse Stags and gave the Red Lions a scare in Game 2 of the Finals.

    Arriba Letran!

  • ncaa titles says:

    beda 17

    letran 16

    baste 14

  • ncaa titles says:

    galing ni baser amer, parang yung kababayan nya na si vosotros

  • iceman says:

    Congratulations Red Lions! Cheers! To banned and Red Rampant cheers sirs! Right from the tip-off, your Lions roared! =] kudos to our Knights nothing to be ashamed off. You guys made this far you made us proud! and please! I want fr. Damaso out !

  • YHplayed4SanBedaFC says:

    Animo San Beda! thanks jake, anjo and melo.

  • YHplayed4SanBedaFC says:

    Coach Louie will not be coaching again next year? is it because of the public apology?

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