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UAAP Season 75 Finals Game 1 Stats line Infographic

Tuesday, 9 October 2012 35 Comments

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Mike is a former NCAA Game analyst under Studio 23. He was also a former Game Analyst for the 2005 Collegiate Champions League (CCL), 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championships (PCC), 2005 and 2006 National Basketball Conference (NBC) and 2005 Global Destiny Basketball League (GBDL). Started writing about College Basketball with Follow me on Twitter: michaelabasolo


  • paulrenzo says:

    Wow, didn’t realize UST didn’t have any 2nd chance points.

    And the bench scores…this is normally the other way around.

  • We gave up 78 points and thats huge; if you look at the video we could have kept them below 65 pts.

    Our defense needs tweaking, substantial tweaking…

  • Butch Domingo says:

    Baka may aangal na naman dyan sa article na yan. Mga bitter na naman as usual.

  • Mike, kulang daw ito. Wala yon fouls by minute, miss calls, wrong calls, protests, bad words uttered etc…

    • wye says:

      imo this is a bad explanation by the comish…fact is the foul was called before time expired. the coliseum barker should have announced that teng would still be awarded 3 free throws regardless if the outcome has already been decided. formality na lang just to abide by the rules of the game.

  • Butch Domingo says:

    AT saka sabi ni Pido Dida: Yong pagpasok-pasok ni Black sa court hindi ba daw kasama

  • Navigator says:

    One very important stat was omitted: FREE THROWS

    Ateneo: 10 of 12= 83.3%
    UST: 17 of 26= 65.4%

  • Butch Domingo says:

    Kulang pa daw sabi ni Pido Dida, yong pagpasok-pasok ni black sa court.

  • Butch Domingo says:

    “It was a fairly officiated game. I have no complaints about it,” said Badolato in Tuesday’s Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum at Shakey’s Malate.

    “I really don’t know what complaints coach Pido has been making, but as far as we are concerned the referees performed a creditable job during that game,” said Badolato

    • wye says:

      coz it’s all just a ploy by pido…he did this to fire up the whole ust community. and by the looks of it, it worked. personally, and this is the first time i’m commenting about it, the officiating was ok..not great but that happens. not the point though…not the point…

  • Ahlen says:

    Akala ko ba UST ang bitter, bakit kung makatira kayo eh sobra sobra pa rin ata?

  • UAAP-Anonymous says:

    Last year na nila yan! Dont worry! IF Ateneo will grab their 5th straight title. It will be a looooong wait to get their 9th championship title.

    Congrats Ateneo!. :))

  • strong wild guys says:

    haha! Two thumbs up!

  • Mysterious Blue Eagle Man says:

    Hey UST, everything you’re saying about Ateneo being superior and over-dominant, as well as being favored by Refs? (UST had strong connections to governing basketball association BAP, and more than HALF the national teams at the time were composed of UST players)

    That’s what La Salle and FEU were saying about you during your streak of four straight championships in the 90s. (Wala kaming masabi nun kasi di man lang kami make final-four back then.)

    So tama si Norman Black, any dominant team in the Philippines will always be hated. You were hated then, now you guys take on the roles as haters.

  • correspondent says:

    Ateneo has the longest streak being in the final 4. since 1998 ADMU has been in the final four.

    Huwag niyo kaming sisihin kung diyan lang kayo napa aral ng magulang niyo, di namin kasalanan yun. Huwag niyo kaming sisihin pag nag aapply kayo sa trabaho at hinihiwalay ang CV ng admu, up, at dlsu taft sa mga CV niyo. huwag niyo kaming sisihin kung bali-baliku kayo mag ingles.

    Sa inyo na ang basketball championship.. dahil sa totoong buhay.. talunan naman karamihan sa inyo. Sa sobrang dami niyo di na binabalita sa TV at Radyo ang mga ginawang kamalian ng nagtapos sa unibersidad ng mga Prayle.

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