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The Games That Play Us: A Step Closer and an Aside

Sunday, 7 October 2012 3,540 Views / 154 Comments

Kiefer Ravena and the Blue Eagles are just one win away from achieving an unprecedented 5-peat in the Final Four era. (image by Juan Benjamin Janeo)

The Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles are a step closer to achieving something historic, something unparalleled, in the Final Four era.

If they play their cards right, this will be the perfect send-off to the coach who helped right the basketball program in Loyola Heights, the coach who has, as of this writing, amassed 109 wins in 135 UAAP games for Ateneo.

One step closer. One step away.

From making history.

Or repeating it.

This is, after all, also how the 2006 UAAP Finals opposite UST started, with the Eagles escaping with a close win in Game 1. Thank you, Doug Kramer.

And then came the Game 2 blowout, and the Game 3 collapse.

The set-up is all too eerie to discount, but, for the Ateneans, the payoff might be all the sweeter.

Especially if Nico Salva’s Game 2 offense continues to be even just nearly as good as what he showed in Game 1.

How good was Nico? Let’s see.

The former LSGH and San Beda standout registered 30 big points on 14-of-23 FG shooting, while also grabbing 5 rebounds, dishing out 2 assists, and getting 1 steal. The kid was just all over, matching the intensity and skill put forth by another former Bedan, Aljon Mariano. What Salva was for the Eagles, Mariano was for the Tigers. The come-backing combo forward put up an impressive double-double line, scoring 22 points, collaring 12 caroms, and dishing out 5 dimes while shooting 9-of-15 from the floor.

Another insane match-up was the one played on the wings between the troika of Kiefer Ravena, Juami Tiongson, and Ryan Buenafe for Ateneo, and the duo of Jeric Teng and Kevin Ferrer for UST.

Ravena, Tiongson, and Buenafe combined for 35 points, while Teng and Ferrer paired up for 38 markers. All of those guys hit big shots and made big plays throughout the game, but the Blue Eagle trio stood out as their makes in the endgame proved to be the most critical. Buenafe’s 6-point binge in the space of 30 seconds gave Ateneo a 7-point lead, while Juami Tiongson’s two drives provided added cushion. Of course, no shot was bigger that Kiefer’s 20-footer over Mariano with 9 seconds to go. That shot pegged the final score and officially sent Ateneo to Game 2 with a 1-0 series advantage.

This is not to say Teng and Ferrer clammed up in crunch time. Teng, in particular, was superb, hitting two treys in the final minute that undoubtedly sent not a few people’s blood pressures rising. I even think he had a good case to shoot three more free throws in the endgame. Not that it would have made any difference in terms of the game result, of course, unless someone was engaged in a shady numbers game.

Beyond the spectacular feats of the aforementioned players, however, I believe the biggest difference in this game was the performance of one of Ateneo’s most unheralded assets – Justin Chua.

Justin Chua stepped up to help Ateneo gain a 1-0 series advantage against UST. (image by Juan Benjamin Janeo)

Chua posted 9 points on 4-of-8 FG shooting. That’s not exactly out-of-this-world awesome, but when one considers that both teams’ starting centers, Greg Slaughter and Karim Abdul, were having below-par games, Chua’s contribution should come up as extremely pivotal. Consider, too, that prior to this game, Chua normed just 3 points in Ateneo’s last 4 outings, and scored a total of just 3 points this season in the Katipunan quintet’s two previous encounters versus the España five.

And then he drops 9 markers, which is four more than Greg’s total and exactly the same as Abdul’s. Needless to say, the former Chiang Kai Shek standout and Tiong Lian MVP stepped up big time.

And he’ll probably need to step up again in Game 2, especially since the Tigers really seem to have Greg all figured out. Without Erram out there, and with UST probably shifting its interior defense to clamp down on Nico, Chua’s performance could be the barometer of both teams’ championship fortunes.

So on to the next (perhaps the last?) game of the season.

Ateneo is just one away from a fifth straight title, but, more importantly, just one away from exorcising the demons of six years ago. Again, the situation seems eerily appropriate – Ateneo will try to wrap things up in the exact place where they lost the Season 69 title, in the same place where UST rallied from a 19-point deficit to beat them in the first round.

Can UST repeat the feat and force a third game, or will Ateneo finally dispel its demons and give Norman Black the perfect parting present?

All bets are off. We’re all a step closer to finding out on Thursday.


An aside:

As if this series needed any more dramatic overtures, we have Coach Pido Jarencio of UST unleashing his ad hominem regarding the officiating.

It’s all fitting, of course, since this is the UAAP, where everyone remembers to blame game officials, and elevate protests to the board. This is the UAAP, where everyone forgets to just play through the breaks of the game (both on and off the court).

This is the UAAP – unbreakable.

More like unbelievable.

I think Coach Pido’s comments are off-kilter for two reasons.

First, all season long, his Tigers have risen above adversity on their own merit. He himself labeled a good number of their wins as tsamba. They’re the Comeback Cats. They have proven, repeatedly, that they could overturn any deficit and rally for a big win. This is due to their depth. This is due to their firepower. This is due to their persistence. This is why, for several weeks, UST was atop my own Power Rankings. Complaining about the officiating in such a brazen manner dilutes the efforts of his wards, whether that effect is intended or not. It also skews the focus from the real, tangible, factors of Ateneo’s comeback win – Nico dropping 30 and the big shots of Juami, Ryan, and Kiefer down the stretch.

Second, a glance at the stat-sheet reveals that, if anything, Coach Pido may have a point – maninipis nga yung tawag. The strange thing, however, is that the numbers imply that UST benefitted from most of the calls. Let’s look at the fourth quarter. Ateneo was tagged with 7 fouls, while UST was tagged with just 3. The Tigers, in fact, only committed two fouls until Abdul’s reach-in (his fifth foul) in the dying seconds. What’s more, UST was awarded 10 free throws in the fourth quarter, while Ateneo was given just 1. Overall, UST shot 26 freebies, while Ateneo attempted only 12. Foul calls and free throws, of course, aren’t the be-all and end-all of officiating, but the disparity in the numbers is pretty compelling especially when one considers that the self-proclaimed aggrieved party is the one with LESS fouls and MORE free throws.

I’m quite certain, though, that Coach Pido was just caught up in the moment, overwhelmed by his passion, and swamped by the bitter taste of yet another close loss to Ateneo. I’m also certain he knows that any more commentary about the refereeing from either end of the championship spectrum would just fuel speculation and provide fertile ground for distraction. Because of this, I am 110% sure he’ll spend the next few days just prepping his boys for one hell of a Game 2 instead of harping about the officiating.

This is what having high stakes can do to any man. This underscores the importance, the significance, of this series and of this championship.

Unbreakable and unbelievable. Only in the UAAP.

Ryan Buenafe's swagger is unmistakable after hitting a big three in crunch time. (image by Juan Benjamin Janeo)

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  • Faclonites says:

    “It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

    May the best team win!

    Long Live UAAP =)

  • Tim Donaghy says:

    You’re just proving Pido’s point. You should take the whole context of the game. Not just Q4. What about putting UST in the penalty in the 3rd within 2-3 minutes of the quarter. What about putting Ferrer and Abdul in foul trouble so that they can’t defend as aggressively as they should’ve or can’t get to the basket as they would’ve because they’re scared to get the next foul that will send them to the bench. If you play the game of basketball, these things matter especially to the players and coaches playing the game. But oh not to some casual fan, and not to “analysts” like you.

    • meamore says:

      Oh oh oh. Didn’t you get the notice? Ravena and Slaughter were in foul trouble too. 4 fouls for each actually. Get your facts straight.

    • Enzo Flojo says:

      This is nice. A nice fallacy.

      I suppose it doesn’t even matter that Abdul and Ferrer are the two most foul-prone Tigers. Abdul averages 3.3 per game, while Ferrer norms 2.9. Abdul is the second-most foul prone player in the whole league, while Ferrer is the fourth-most. Abdul and Ferrer have a combined 11 games where they committed AT LEAST four fouls individually (Abdul fouled out once, while Ferrer twice). I suppose that fact doesn’t factor into their propensity to get into foul trouble. Wow. Abdul and Ferrer in foul trouble. What a big surprise. Benta na ‘to.

      What makes this even better is that your comment implies that this “analyst” cannot be included among those who “play the game.” The thought process is so compelling and so rational. Reading this is also very timely. I’ll use it tomorrow when I teach fallacies in my English class. I guess I have to thank you for giving me authentic material. At least when my students ask me if people really do commit fallacies and have lapses in logic, then I can say, “Why yes. It really does happen. Here’s an awesome example.”

      Thank you for reading. Thank you expressing yourself in such a level-headed manner. Thank you for the non-confrontational tone.

      • rrrr says:

        Oooooh Burn.

        Aaaaaand Ateneo wins again!

      • wye says:

        I have been trying to say this all over the forum. Pido is simply doing a “yeng guiao” if you may. Bmeg vs ros game 2 press con iirc. Let the players play was his mantra..same with pido’s. This is a ploy…motivational, psychological, mental and social. I don’t want and woulnd’t need to site any instance of false officiating..breaks of the game is correct but that is not the point of the fiery ust coach…it’s mind games at it’s best. We all know ros eventually won the series with tim cone throwing a freakin monobloc on the court…i hope this ploy works again, maybe we’ll se norman throw a couple monoblocs too. Surely the eyes will be on the officiating now…and that would make the zebras gun shy on calling fouls especially.

        • Juiced says:

          We all understand there’s some gamesmanship involved. Sure, it’s about igniting the fire in his wards bellies and whipping up the UST faithful into a frenzy to maybe influence the zebras and all, but after 2 hard-fought contests, Jarencio’s continued “persecutory delusions” and OTT histrionics have gotten a bit long in the tooth and have left a bad taste in the mouth. [believe me, i've tried repeatedly brushing my teeth and a pack of clorets to no avail]

          I’ve got a lot of respect for the UST community, but Jarencio’s “dahil UST lang kami” line really takes the cake. You guys deserve better!

          And speaking of deserving, whichever way this Championship ends, coach Norman deserved a better counterpart in his last campaign as the Blue Eagles’ head coach than Jarencio.

          Forget the stats. Forget the scores. Rather than gamesmanship, try sportsmanship for a change.

      • Aaron says:

        Ateneo committed more fouls because UST was the more aggressive team. Ateneo settled for jumpers while UST attacked the basket. Plus, when a team reaches the foul limit, it is only logical for a team to do the rational which is what UST did. This article is biased. I know, this is a commentary, but at the very least, make it as fair as possible. I also find it disgusting that you engage in those kinds of act considering that you are a professor. Going as far as embarrassing the person above in your class is not cool. You also unleashed your ad hominem, in fact, although implicitly through the usage of sarcasms. That (ad hominem), as far as my knowledge goes, is also a fallacy. I don’t know if I committed a fallacy, but if I did, how would I know? I’m not an English professor. And if I did, I hope you won’t embarrass me in your class.

        • Enzo Flojo says:

          I think this commentary is only as fair as Coach Pido’s heavily-skewed comments about the officiating.

          If I will use your own logic and base aggressiveness on “attacking the basket,” then Ateneo was, IN FACT, the more aggressive team. They had 39 attempts in the paint, while UST had just 32. Ateneo had 46 points-in-the-paint and just 27 from the perimeter. Ateneo attempted 5 more shots in the paint compared to their perimeter attempts. UST had 32 inside shots and 31 outside shots. You’re absolutely spot on. UST was, OBVIOUSLY, more aggressive.

          Okay, let’s talk about another stat often connected with aggressiveness — rebounding. The Eagles outrebounded the Tigers on BOTH ends of the floor. The Blues were +6 in defensive boards and +4 in offensive boards. Yeah, sure, UST was more aggressive.

          As for embarrassing “Tim Donaghy,” why, I never really thought that simply pointing out that a fallacy is a fallacy is already tantamount to embarrassment. Even if I do say that this particular comment or line of thought was from a guy called “Tim Donaghy,” I honestly cannot imagine him/her getting embarrassed. He/she, after all, is “hiding” behind the name of a “disgraced” ex-NBA referee, which, in itself, is another layer of what you deem as sarcasm.

          Having said ALL that, I do appreciate your reasonable arguments and the time it took for you to craft your comment. And, don’t worry, “Aaron,” I won’t even attempt to mention you in my class.

          Haaay. I think this Finals series is really causing everyone’s emotions (myself included) to be utterly overwhelming.

          Let’s all drink some milk tea or something for relaxation.

          Keep calm na tayong lahat. May Game 2 pa sa Thursday.

          • Ahlen says:

            Enzo, I have a question. Quoting your statement above:

            If I will use your own logic and base aggressiveness on “attacking the basket,” then Ateneo was, IN FACT, the more aggressive team. They had 39 attempts in the paint, while UST had just 32. Ateneo had 46 points-in-the-paint and just 27 from the perimeter. Ateneo attempted 5 more shots in the paint compared to their perimeter attempts. UST had 32 inside shots and 31 outside shots. You’re absolutely spot on. UST was, OBVIOUSLY, more aggressive.

            Were the missed shots by UST during shooting fouls committed by Ateneo counted on this tally?

            As far as I know, they only add up to FG attempts when they are made. If the shot is missed, then it’s not.

            Do clear me on this one.

        • Alvin says:

          What is fair for you? To say that Pido’s actions were acceptable? That the refs decided the game and not the players? YOU are biased, you yourself!

          Kapag sobrang aggressive mo sa defense at sundot ka ng sundot imbis na paa ang paganahin mo, e more often than not, foul ka, tandaan mo yan bata! Kung manipis man at sobrang tight ng tawag ng refs sa ganung klase ng situations, e both Ateneo and UST received those kinds of calls. Si Ateneo e nagadjust, habang si Ferrer at Abdul sundot pa rin ng sundot, tapos pag tinawagan ng foul, magtatatalon sa court, e loko ka sunodt ka ng sundot e!
          Ung sundot ni Abdul kay kiefer e maaaring hindi ganun ka lakas, pero he sold it well to the refs ala derek fisher style..

          I think it’s you’re the one who’s disgusting here

    • Alvin says:

      Manipis ang tawagan but bjoth teams were receipients of it.. Wag kang one sided just because talo kayo.. Ateneo outplayed Ust sa last 2 quarters, and they didnt see juami and justin coming. If you really play the game bad calls, good calls, both are part of the game. Wag nyo ikundisyon ang isip ng iba na dinaya kayo, nakakabawas ng class.. Kumukuha pa kayo ng simpatya sa masa, ano kayo Ginebra?

      Pido – walang kinalaman ang pagka Pinoy mo, ng refs o pagiging banyaga ni Black sa basketball kaya tumigil ka na! Nakakhiya ka!

    • bleh says:

      Of all the “what about’s” the dude just spewed he forgot one crucial thing: What about telling your players to play clean and honest defense using not their hands but their feet?

    • Lets evaluate each call and non-call from the first quarter, and let’s start in the first game in the first round. LOL

      Maybe, lets audit the numbers too of all shots, fouls, time-outs etc…

      Hey, maybe Coach Norman has some fouls too.

  • bal says:

    nice piece…agree Justine Chua was the x-factor in that game! His 9 pts was in excess of his season average; thus, probably providing the difference to get the first game!

  • Why do we look back to 2006? We have moved on since!

    “Can UST repeat the feat and force a third game, or will Ateneo finally dispel its demons and give Norman Black the perfect parting present?”

    This is very negative! It is superstitious and even pagan thinking!!!

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    Lupit nung pic ni Ryan Buenafe.

  • koffee kup says:

    justin chua the big difference for ateneo in game 1? i beg to diaagree, it was his point blank misses and egregious turnovers that were the reasons why ust was able to lead by 11. chua was the recipient of assists from ravena and others since no one in ust was interested in guarding him well maybe bec ust doesn’t highly respect his shooting skills . it was ravena, tiongson, slaughter, buenafe and esp salva who were the big differences for ateneo’s victory. chua was just an incidental reliever for slaughter.

    • paulrenzo says:

      His point blank shots and more stable game in the second half were some of the reasons why Ateneo has able to fend off the UST rally.

  • predictor says:

    I applaud your depth and seeming objectivity. But you’re writing this piece in a pseudo UAAP forum where most people would only like to read what they want to read and say. Unless you fancy writing about the less interesting league, then be my guest. Ateneo is bound to go by 2006, for these tards, so that’s that. I can’t even fathom why you bother giving these people your commendable articles (by Rick’s standards). Btw I enjoy reading them as well back in the site where it truly belongs^^

    For them, UST and their coach is still a class act, said a Bedan lol

    • Ahlen says:

      You call us ‘tards’?

      Nice breeding you have there, makes you no different from the people you seem to hate.

      No need to be an arrogant ass, if you think you’re better than the rest of us then start acting like one.

      Good Day

    • Anilov says:

      naku predictor bilangin mo na lahat ng singko sa comments mo! haha! wala ng tatanggap sayo! LOL

    • Mysterious Blue Eagle Man 97 says:

      Hey, I’m from Ateneo, but my brother and some of my good friends are from UST. Don’t call them `tards. This should be about the game, not the people.

      By the way, can people PLEASE look at Jeric Teng as an example? While his coach was whining about officiating, Teng literally LIFTS UST on his shoulders and keeps them in the game! Ateneo just hit some big, well defended shots to counter him but they couldn’t stop him.

      And while his coach continues to act like a douche,And Just today, he said “Can we just move on and focus on Game 2?” referring to all the controversy. THAT is why I respect the guy.

      Norman Black may deserve a better counterpart than Jarencio but Teng is a VERY worthy opponent. As are Ferrer and Mariano. (Fortuna…well, he USED to be. He’s been awful this year. Tiongson owned him)

    • gaucho says:

      predictor, leave us out of this! reserve your cheap shots to your bedfellows, ok? egotistic turd!

  • tony says:

    this is not a fair article..very disappointing..:(

    • OneKnight says:

      I agree that this was a very unfair article. Let’s admit that what coach Pido said was “somewhat” right. they (the referees) calls handchecks for Ferrer and Fortuna while they did not even bother looking at Buenafe when he was shoudlerbumping and slapping his defenders when in the post. how do they explain the 3 free throws of Teng in the endgame? I do agree that UST should have made adjustments during the game but you can’t blame Pido for his comments. just my two cents. :)

      • Thomas Plurk says:

        maybe you mean “How do you explain the 3 three freethrows not awarded to teng in the endgame?” Simple One Knight, review the tape and you will see that
        when the buzzer sounded and the red light lit simultaneously, Teng still had the ball in his hand. Amen!

        • Ahlen says:

          The foul was called.
          You cannot undo a called foul.

          Nagkamali rin sila, pero dapat pinanagutan ng ref yung huling tawag nya.

        • OneKnight says:

          Ahlen was right. i cannot find any basketball rulebook that states that you can undo a called foul just because there is no more time. for sure you have seen many basketball games that players are shooting free throws even after time expired because a foul was called after the clock hits zero. what is weird is that the referees are denying the free throws of Teng, but are threatening to give coach Pido a technical foul. very inconsistent IMHO.

          • Alvin says:

            so are you saying then that the refs can call a foul even if there’s no more time left?

            where’s that in the rulebook you are reading? can you please post here?

          • Ahlen says:

            medyo magulo yung tawag na yun.

            Kasi the foul happened when Teng shot the ball, clock was nearing 0.00 at that time.

            So medyo technical talaga, the contact happened before the buzzer but Teng released the ball almost before (if not then it was after) the buzzer.

            They’re the refs however, they know better than us.

          • OneKnight says:

            Teng shot the ball when there is still time on the clock. then a foul was called. so he have to shoot the free throws right? the refs should know it better than us but they are inconsistent. they don’t want to award the free throws because there is no more time on the clock but they want to give Pido a technical foul.

        • HAY NAKU says:

          Actually, the shot was released AT the 0.0 mark but the contact happened AFTER.

  • cardenal marquez says:

    what if yeng guiao is ust’s head coach? lol

  • Curiously, the numbers from the game do not seem to back up Jarencio’s assertion. The Tigers were called for 17 fouls in the contest, while the Eagles were called for 21. Moreover, UST shot 26 free throws to only 12 for the Ateneo.

    In the pivotal fourth quarter, the Eagles were whistled for seven fouls, giving the Tigers 10 free-throw attempts. Ateneo only shot one free throw in the fourth quarter.

    But UST did not help their cause: they made only six of their 10 attempts from the line in the final period and 17-of-26 overall.

  • paulrenzo says:

    About Chua:

    I for one wasn’t too disturbed when Chua was firing bricks in the first half. I figured this was a good time to build his confidence, and it will pay off eventually during crunch time.

    That happened, true enough.

  • usterrific says:

    syempre pwede ba naman halatang halata na ust lang ang tinatawagan ng foul? cmon! 4 years na nga nanjan sa championship ang ateneo. they know what to do.

  • wasdasd says:

    I would say a very unfair article. You don’t count “how many” but rather “how bad” and “when.”

    Ateneo got more calls, but UST got the worst of it and at the very crucial moment.

    On to Game 2.

    • Alvin says:

      tumigil ka na, talo kayo tapos

      • wasdasd says:

        Keep your retardism on the lid.

        • Alvin says:

          you’re the retard! tapang mo mgcomment tago naman identity mo! bakal amp

        • Alvin says:

          ah papi, ikaw ata ang talo, ikaw at ang team mo.. baka ikaw umiyak

          • Ahlen says:

            We will see Alvin, only time will tell.

            A tiger is more dangerous when it is wounded.

            Good luck to both schools.

          • Alvin says:

            yep, we’ll see. you guys confuse me.. you want to repeat 2006 but you cant get over your game 1 defeat..

            your team is good, it’s Pido and some of your fans that are not.

          • Ahlen says:

            UST cannot repeat 2006 if they won game 1. :P

            lol, emotions are getting the best of us. Iba talaga pag college basketball.

            You don’t get this feeling in the Pro leagues.

          • Ahlen says:

            Same case goes to the Ateneo side, some of your fans are not good as well.

            No fanbase is perfect, I guess.

          • Alvin says:

            i’ll agree with you on that. kaya mas masarap manuod ng college basketball..

            though i can’t blame some of the UST fans cguro kasi Pido conditions and projects that they are being cheated or Ateneo is being favored by the refs over them.. “Peole Power” daw e..

          • Ahlen says:

            Dun ako di agree kay Pido, nag beast-mode sya eh.

    • Anilov says:

      definitely! kahit double pa lamang ng ust sa calls..kung maapektuhan nmn eh yung crucial shots nila..

  • Ahlen says:

    On to Game 2.

    Thomasians stop complaining, start supporting.
    Pido stop complaining, start preparing.

  • Its time to ignore Pido and his cohorts, support the Blue Eagles in the next and last game and consummate this series once and for all.

  • Anilov says:

    WOW! nagpaemergency meetng tlga uaap board para kng magkakaroon ng sanction si coach pido..kung kelan crucial game2 nanaman! samantalang yung sa kabila hindi man lang naparusahan!~ pati sa ticket distribution biased pa! grabe!

    • Alvin says:

      I hope Pido doesnt get suspended, nakakrindi na lahat ng mga pagsisi at pagrereklamo..

      Badolato is inclined to just give him a warnign ata e, kaso kita sa tv, kinanti nya un isang ref.. kung mawawala sya sa game 2, kasalanan nya un..

      Players win games, Coaches lose them..

      • Anilov says: kabilang kampo nagcross ng court at kung makasigaw sa ref todo.pero hindi nasuspend LOL.

        • Alvin says:

          LOL iba ata un sumigaw sa ref at ung kinanti un ref.. sabi ni Pido pag lumagpas sa linya, technical rules are rules, e lagi din syang naklagpas sa linya e..

          ok, dinaya kayo, UST dapat panalo, UST na ang champion..

      • Thomas Plurk says:

        I Agree with you. It just give them another excuse if the lose.

      • koffee kup says:

        in all the games of ust, jarencio like many uaap coaches (except black), crosses the playing line even when play is ongoing on multiple occassions. you cite that one of black during the 2nd game of admu and ust without acknowledging the fact that jarencio commits the same violation each time ust plays. your double standard is breathtaking.

    • Thomas Plurk says:

      ticket distribution biased? bakit parang mas maraming nakadilaw last Saturday?

    • A Time To Fly says:

      Hi Anilov , this is how tickets are distributed during games. The venue will keep about 2-5% of the tickets and usually sell them to the general public. The rest are equally distributed to the schools that are playing. Down the middle, the playing schools will get the exact same amount of tickets. This is a FACT. You could go to MOA or Areneta and ask for their transmittal report. This is a FACT!

      It is then up to the school how to distribute these tickets. So, if you are asking why is it difficult to get lower-upper box tickets in UST compared to Ateneo, then the problem is with UST and how they distribute tickets.

      • Anilov says:

        oh! is that so? did u saw the post oh uaap s75 yesterday ? LOL

        • A Time To Fly says:

          yup, that’s according to the statements of UST and ATENEO. again, that’s my whole point.

          i saw that… did you SEE it? LMFAO

        • Roy de Vesa says:

          Actually that tweet you’re referring to was incorrect. Distribution of the tickets allotted for Ateneo is still scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday). But the point is: how the schools distribute the tickets given to them by the UAAP (not by the game venues) is their call. So if UST students/alumni/staff don’t know how to get access to the tickets given to the school, the problem is with the UST athletics office or whoever is in charge.

        • A Time To Fly says:

          I’ll send you a photo of the arena on Thursday, para makita kung paano ang hatian. :)

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    Mind games, according to wye, hehehe.

    • Z says:

      Di ko na makita kung saan yung mind games sa racially charged snide hit ni Pido.


      • wye says:

        What if it works ;)

        • wye, you keep justifying the behavior of Pido. You are participating in his manipulative acts and in his sin of scandal.

          It might surprise you to know that his players will no longer obey his gulangan nefarious instructions. Acc. to reliable sources, they have already raised this issue with him.

          Lastly, to answer your question, it wont work because we will finish the series in the 2nd game. This display of MANIPULATIVE whining and wailing, howling and whimpering, begging and begging must stop asap.

          It is a shame to your good school and the Dominicans.

          • rrrr says:

            don’t worry man. they won’t be experiencing a good loss on Thursday.

            As Norman Black said it,

            “I think they’ll be fired up especially in supporting their coach,” said Black. “But we will be ready and also be fired up to play. I don’t think I have to motivate my players more since their (UST) coach claims we can’t beat them (fair and square)

            Congratulations in advance to the Atenean community here.

          • Ahlen says:

            It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

            No one is justifying Pido’s actions, he really imploded.
            Since when was the act of cutting one’s neck a good gesture?

  • sowch says:

    a “biased article” hehe.. I don’t know how it works but I think it’s better if inboundpass let someone outside the competing schools write the article. It’s a bit unfair to the other side (ust) as the author put in too much emotion in favor of one side..

    • bubuchacha says:

      did jarencio not put in too much emotion after the basketball game?

      • sowch says:

        yes he did and pido opt to be as this is important to his team.. I’m not commenting whether pido’s action is right or wrong or whether ateneo or ust should win, what I’m saying is that writers should be impartial and not side too much to his/her school.. for me, partiality should be reserved to us readers and not writers (just to be fair to the UST community).. i like enzo’s other articles but this one, i sense a bit of one sidedness as there was too much emphasis on ateneo’s great game and on pido’s emotions.. Anyway, I’m always a fan of UAAP and that was a great game.. officiating was again below standard especially at end game but we can’t do.. breaks of the game. Ateneo players, particularly ravena, were just better in taking advantage of the bad calls.. thus they won..

    • batchoy says:

      Of course this is a “biased article”! What did you expect? Enzo writes COMMENTARIES or OPINIONS, not news. If you want unbiased articles, click on “Ateneo draws first blood…” or “Knights boost semis bid…” written by Inboundpass. Doon dapat walang bias kasi nga NEWS. Kayo naman, oo…

      • batchoy says:

        …wala namang nagbabawal sa sinomang from the “other side” to write his/her own column.

      • sowch says:

        we’ll, that’s your opinion.. that’s how you like it.. you prefer biased articles in favor of your team then so be it.. let’s all have biased writings in inboundpass then.. as I’ve mentioned, I don’t know how this works but schools have their own sites where you find your writers write biased commentaries and people appreciate that but here, we have other schools too, thought this site is supposed to be unbiased to all schools.. btw, I bet you wouldn’t say that if the writer is biased against your team.. fyi (im only pertaining to this article and not the writer’s other articles)

        • batchoy says:

          My good man, “my team” does not even play in the UAAP… I appreciate opinions (what you term “biased articles”)for what they are, opinions. Favorable or otherwise (to “my team”? NOT!) opinions give me an insight to the bigger story that is, in this case, the UAAP Finals. Aren’t we all free to give ours? You just did, and so did I. So why take it against Enzo for writing his? He is an OPINION WRITER for Inboundpass for godsakes, much like Randy David is for the Inquirer, or Jarius Bondoc for the Phil. Star. I certainly hope you don’t take it against Inboundpass too that it allows Enzo to write his opinion. I can hardly believe that Inboundpass engaged Enzo for the sole reason that it favors a particular school that you’re not a fan of. I just wish that we all be more circumspect and take what we read here in the bigger, more fun, context that is college hoops. Thanks and enjoy your life!

          • sowch says:

            We’ll again we have our own opinions on the matter.. I’m not an expert on articles or opinions but there you said it yourself.. this is a partial piece, but do not mistake my opinion as saying that the writer made a mistake or said anything wrong or not factual in the article, I just stated what I saw in the article to be, in my opinion, partial or biased and commented that “it would have been better if an independent person write the opinion” as it’s hard to be impartial when your team is involved. I even stated I didn’t know how it works didn’t I? Btw, I like the objectivity of his previous articles in using weights to rank teams but this article for me is off considering that this is the “only” finals opinion piece I can see on this site.. point is, the finals have two protagonists and putting too much emphasis on the good side of one team and almost half the article to prove the bad side of the other (which most of us already agree to the mistake of the head coach) is partial in my book. i have seen good reads here in the site and this is the first one I said to be partial. An enthusiastic article on the blue side and not quite so good to the other side. Just a note, there is none in my previous comment taking it against the writer or the site and in no way I said your school is part of this article which I said “if the bias is against your team”, which means if it is not in favor of your team, you would feel different. Anyway, your point taken but this is how I see it and it is how it is and I rest it at that and I’d accept to be proven wrong in the next articles.

  • correspondent says:

    Coach Black:

    “We lost to them (in the 2006 Finals) and you never heard me say anything bad about the referees. As a coach, you demean the game and the league when you say that you lost because of the referees. I think he’s just making excuses,” said Black, who coached Jarencio during his time with pro club San Miguel.

  • correspondent says:

    Coach Black:

    “I think he crossed the line on that one. He made it personal,” Black told “I can understand the frustration after the loss, but don’t make it like it’s a ‘He’s American and I’m Filipino’ thing. I think it’s unprofessional and I think it’s below the belt. I found it mean.”

  • correspondent says:

    Coach Black:

    The soft-spoken coach continued: “Look, I’m a black American coach who was born in Baltimore on the south side of the United States in 1957, so I know what discrimination is all about. I grew up knowing how it is to be refused service in a restaurant.

    • blue shark says:

      Si Pido ba yun.. akala ko si Allan K .. nagpapatawa asal komedyante kasi di tulad ng ibang coach ng UAAP may astang dapat irespeto.. maliban doon sa Sharp ng FEU

  • correspondent says:

    “I grew up in discrimination, so I know how it’s like. That’s why I treat people the way I do.”

  • jayson says:

    Ths is what kiefer always do in the court especially in the 5th call of abdul…i think uaap Should also adapt this new rule…..

    • sowch says:

      if i may, hehe, i kind of disagree. I think flopping is part of the game and we should not penalize players for doing that. Good players adopt to how referees call it and opposing side obviously wouldn’t agree if a player flops to win.. i think instead improvement should be focused on officiating and on certain rules where a call can no longer be reversed even if it was an obvious flop over replay.. well that’s just me..

      • jayson says:

        Well it’s also my opinion……i mean for all teams….flopping must be penalized because fouls are meant to be called because of a true and valid tight physical contact and not “acting” per se… That’s why the foul called becomes not so convicing to all

  • Lets have an article entitled: Mind Games or Begging

  • Spectator says:

    lets just hope that the referees will not decide the outcome of this wonderful series.

  • Mysterious Blue Eagle Man 97 says:

    Pido will NEVER accept a loss. He will always find a way to say he was cheated.

    Maybe he should run for politics? In his mind, spotless record sila.

    Ateneo lost to UST in 2006 and did NOT complain or cry about officiating.

    And the opinion piece here actually makes VERY good points about the numbers actually FAVORING UST.

    Here’s a question. During the tight last few minutes, both Fortuna and Bautista had WIDE OPEN looks from 3 point country which they missed. These shots could have easily given UST the advantage. They also missed several Free Throw shots they were given.

    In other words, they WERE GIVEN MANY CHANCES to win but they choked. Ateneo took and made THREE difficult shots (Tiongson, Buenafe and Ravena) to bring home the win.

    The Foul on Abdul actually STOPPED an Ateneo fast break. Slaughter had only ONE foul midway into the third and had FOUR by the time crunch time came.

    UST had many CALLS that went their way but they JUST DIDN’T CASH ON IT.

    Ateneo had ONE call go their way, admittedly a bad one, and they think they WERE CHEATED!? They got a BAD BREAK.

  • bakeeet says:

    Bakit natalo San beda sa Baste? Meron naman import ang Beda ha? ay di pala MVP yong si Adeogun. Di kamukha ni Karim, muntik pa maging mvp.

    Mahiya kayo ust at sbc! governor’s cup vs all filipino conferences ang labanan e natatalo pa kayo!

  • greenlion says:

    breaks of the game indeed..emotions ran high, pido was on the losing end of the adds to the drama, but you can’t fault him for doing what he did, saying what he said.. you won’t understand because you are on the other was definitely a flop, ravena sold it well to the refs, bad break for pido and his boys, and that decided the game..the perfect complement to his mind games is if he can bring on a W on thursday, i even think he was wise on bringing up this “race” thing however irrelevant it may seem, he is trying to spark something among his wards, he’s trying to hold onto something here, i dunno what it is, but i guess it’s relevant enough for you haters that its taking some of your time off from RA10175 or SB2378..

  • Mav says:

    tapusin na natin ito sa Thursday para tumahimik na yang si Pido-Dido


    • Z says:

      Agree sir Mav. I wonder what excuses Pido can cook up this time. Enough with the Yeng Guiao alliterations. Hindi naman namalimos si Guiao ng singsing.

  • jayson says:

    kiefer is definitely one of the best in the league in terms of flopping…..

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    Nagiisip din naman kasi ang mga referees. Ateneo ahead by two possessions, milking the time away, UST far from penalty and needs to foul immediately, very BAD timing lang talaga si Karim Abdul ang nag reach in.

    That’s all.

  • Growling Tiger says:

    Guys, it is amazing how everyone is so glued to everything happening in the UAAP. Truly, it is where unbelievable and amazing happen at the same time. The author did well in igniting the fire from both camps. In fact, I feel that no matter what the author wrote, it is bound to get positive and negative feedback regardless whether it is one-sided or not. My point is, whatever Pido is doing, is something coaches are expected to do. In the same manner that Norman will do what he feels he must do. Sure, many will not agree to what Pido does, but that would be the same for Norman. My point is, the game is won and lost inside the court. Whether protests are made or not, every lover of basketball will know who the true winner is, and for all that matters, whether you are an Atenean or a Thomasian, you are simply wasting your time coming out with comments that may not even have anything to do with the game. I played in the MCBL before. It is a corporate basketball league where some of the PBA players and colelgiate players land if they don’t get to last long enough in the PROs or if they are not drafted in the PBA. The competition is as serious as how you see it in the PBA or even in the collegiate leagues. My point is, it is the job of the coaches to deal with the referees and the league officials no matter how ridiculous the actions or statements are so that the players will escape sanctions. Coaches are important during games but none is more important than the players themselves since they are the ones who directly decide the outcome of the games. So, in all fairness to every who makes a comment, this is a positive sign no matter what you say against UST or Ateneo. It only means that the UAAP is generating this much interest. Consider also that for the first time, five teams are actually capable of contending for the title. It would be wonderful to see that day when the best record would be 10-4 once again with ties to be broken by playoffs similar to the UST four-peat title year back in 1996. Can you imagine DLSU being on top for the whole year while UST had to struggle to get over a 4-3 record in the first round to beat DLSU in two games in the finals. Even UP is strong enough that year to pull so many surprises. Perhaps, it would be best that the UAAP centralize the drafting of players to somehow balance the schools. Recruitment is good only if your school is rich, but overall, it may not strike a balance among the teams, especially from the less funded teams.

  • Mysterious Blue Eagle Man says:

    Sadly, drafting cannot be a reason because students should be allowed which school they choose to attend. It’s not just

    I don’t think it’s fair that people are singling out Ateneo because of the four straight championships. UST did the same in the 90s while I was in college, while Ateneo was barely keeping away from the cellar. UST had most of the stars back then and they had an amazing recruitment program.

    La Salle had the next best program, and for a while, they were getting the big names. They even got BJ Manalo out of Ateneo when he was a highly sought after recruit. (Until his injury)
    They were finishing with 12-2, 13-1 etc…

    Now Ateneo has the best recruitment plan but let’s face it, it won’t last.

    The only one who has had a consistently good recruitment program is FEU. They ALWAYS have good players.

    You mentioned 1996, a year when Ateneo wasn’t even close to contending then!
    And from 2003 to 2006, Ateneo wasn’t the champion. La Salle, FEU and UST were.

    I thought this year was balanced. Ateneo wasn’t as dominant while La Salle, UST, NU and FEU all had a chance at a twice to beat advantage. Even Adamson, UP and UE pulled off some major upsets.

    Why is it when OTHER schools are dominating, ok lang pero nung naging dominant ang Ateneo, “Something is wrong with the system” na ang iyak ng mga tao?

  • Why is it when OTHER schools are dominating, ok lang pero nung naging dominant ang Ateneo, “Something is wrong with the system” na ang iyak ng mga tao?

    Wrong premise! Same thing happened with UST and DLSU! Its a pinoy mentality, crabby!

    But, in this particular case, it is only Pido who believes Pido!!!

    • Spinning Back Fist says:

      Easy targets ang Ateneo because:
      1. Alumnis Corona and Carabuena.
      2. The TV station is owned by Ateneans.
      3. Considered the best program in Philippine Collegiate Basketball.
      4. Mataas na tuition fee.
      and the best of all: We’re winning.

      College years ko is from 2003-06, the age of Arwind Santos, with Cardona, Yeo and Tenorio. And during those years, bato rin naman ako nang bato, because FEU and La Salle are lording it over us.
      Now that we are the ones who are winning, everyone wants us to go down, thru cheap words and accusations.

        • Spinning Back Fist says:

          I can still remember the interview of Cito Beltran with the DLSU Green Archers. Beltran asked King Archers Joseph Yeo and Mac Mac Cardona;
          Cito Beltran: Anung course nyo sa college?
          Yeo: Mac, sagutin mo nga.
          Cardona: Basta mahirap.

          Imagine na lang the words, conversations and insults from us Ateneans that sparked from that interview. I had my share, na hindi ko na ishishare, har har har.

    • rrrr says:

      Daming insecure eh. Ateneo can be compared to the United States. Kahit anong gawin ng iba, superior lang talaga compared sa iba.

      • Ahlen says:

        Calling yourselves superior to other people just because of a SCHOOL?

        You gotta be better than that.

        And for you to talk like that, it’s like Ateneo paid you to come to study in their institution.

        If anyone has the right to brag here, it’s the one WHO PAID for your education.

  • I-Soar says:

    Shut ‘em up once and for all. Let’s finish them off on Thursday! OBF!

  • Xavier Cortez says:


  • Xavier Cortez says:

    Tambakan na lang kasi natin. Para kahit yung mga referee wala ng magawa. haha. Go USTE!!!

  • HowSnorsrar says:

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