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UST books F4 slot, but technical commttee junks protest

Thursday, 20 September 2012 75 Comments

UAAP Season 75: De La Salle Green Archers vs. UST Growling Tigers, Aug 4There’s good news and bad news for the Growling Tigers.

UST has earned a seat in the final four on September 20, 2012 in UAAP Season 75 but lost in the board room after its protest was turned down by the technical board committee.

The UST Growling Tigers, playing with sense of urgency, defeated the UE Red Warriors, 87-75,  in an important game to finally secure a spot in the final four in a game held at the Mall of Asia Arena.

“While we have all the opportunities, we will do everything just to win. I’m thankful we got this best finish,” said UST head coach Pido Jarencio. “If ever we get the final four, thank you.”

With the victory, the Growling Tigers, now pegged at 10-4, are now assured of at least a playoff for 2nd place, and a shot at the 2nd twice-to-beat advantage in the semifinals.

FEU currently with a 9-4 win-loss record, could still forge a tie for 2nd place with a win over National University on September 23. Reigning champion Ateneo De Manila University finished the season with a 12-2 win-loss card.

UE grabbed the lead at the end of first quarter, 12-10, but UST unleashed a strong 12-3 run to transform a 2-point 1st quarter deficit to a huge 32-22 advantage at halftime.

Forward Adrian Santos helped the Red Warriors slice the gap to 49-55 after hitting four baskets in the 3rd quarter. They also had a chance to steal the lead after closing in at 57-60 during the 4th period.

UST finished UE with a 13-0 assault midway thru the final period, creating a 17-point lead and never looked back.

Forward Jeric Teng pumped in 15 of his 26 points in the 4th quarter, while Karim Abdul piled up 22 point and 9 rebounds. Clark Bautista and Aljon

Mariano tallied 15 points apiece for UST.  Sumang paced UE with 22 points.

UAAP Technical Committee junks UST protest

Technical Committee head Junel Baculi of National University confirmed to reporters that the protest filed by UST was denied because of mere ‘judgment calls’ by the referees.

In a letter signed by Mr. Junel Baculi addressed to UST, it said that:

After careful review and deliberation, the technical committee has decided to uphold the decision of the commissioner, therefore your protest in denied.

The technical committee agrees with the commissioner that the points that you have raised are both judgement calls and not subject to protest.  It was pointed out during the course of the discussion that although the calls and non-calls were technical in nature, implementing requires judgement.

The Technical committee upheld  the early decision of UAAP commissioner Ato Badolato, who earlier rejected UST’s protest.

UST protested the goaltending call that gave Ateneo a 68-66 win last week. UST also questioned the act of Ateneo head coach Norman Black who went inside the court to confront the referees after a non-call.

Individual Scores:

UST 87 – Teng 26, Abdul 22, Bautista 15, Mariano 15, Ferrer 4, Lo 2, Fortuna 2, Vigil 1, Afuang 0, Daquioag 0, Pe 0.

UE 75 – Sumang 22, Sumido 19, Santos 16, Villarias 8, Hernandez 5, Flores 3, Javier 2, Belleza 0, Duran 0, Olayon 0.

Quarter Scores: 10-12; 32-22; 55-49; 87-75

By Josef Ramos

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  • Congratulations UST!

    See you in the Finals!

    You are a great school and a great team…

  • Spinning Back Fist says:


  • Anti-heat says:

    22 and 9… Did Karim Abdul do enough to unseat Bobby Ray Parks as the league’s MVP.

    • Spinning Back Fist says:

      May chance pa pala na magharap sila sa Final Four. Perfect setting na yun to decide who the real deserving MVP is.

    • humbleman says:

      congratulations green archers, great game AH…you won..goodluck to your team they deserve it…i thought we will end the UAAP season on a high note.

      Congrats to the Growling tigers too…

      Goodluck ADMU, UST, DLSU…..lets wait for FEU vs NU game…sana lang malimit nila ang bad calls, para maiwasan na ang protesta…

    • España Trulalla says:

      sad to say but that was not enough! Parks is still leading in MVP race! & for sure, mas madadagdagan pa yun sa game nila sa Sunday!

  • Navigator says:

    Mawala man si Jeric Fortuna after this season, mas lalakas pa UST next year…..

    Dahil sa pagbabalik ni…..



  • Incognito says:

    Now that the technical committee has affirmed the commissioner’s decision we all hope that no one will escalate the protest even further. Ust played a good game today assuring themselves of a final four spot. I do believe they have secured the 2nd spot already. Dlsu’s game earlier is a statement game that says they are back. I hope NU wins their game on Sunday against the tams.

    • bigf9779 says:

      we are hoping and Pray, the bulldogs will play smart, with energy and intensity, and the most important “MAY PUSO”.

      Wishing the best for NU, ADMU, UST and DLSU.

  • Cho says:

    Now seeding and matchups will depend on sunday. Let me see those hands who believe that NU will upset…(crickets)….anyone?

  • mascot ako says:

    May unsportmanlike foul raw si Karim? So wala na siya sa MVP race?

  • roque ruano says:

    My final four:

    My finals dream matchup
    1-ADMU vs 2-UST

  • Don Pepot says:

    FEU will pull another upset on the 2nd seeded team this season just like last year.

    • predictor says:

      Wag ka ganyan. Yong nga kinakatakot ng Ust eh. Na maging Adu sila lol kaya na lang pursigido sila maging first lol para iwas sa Feu sa semis.

    • humbleman says:

      too far….may game pa muna kayo vs NU…if ever masilat kayo ng mga aso, play-off kayo ng mga namamana, pag nagkataon tanggal pa kayo sa Final 4….haaaaayyyyy…..finals na agad ang nasa isip…pull o push? lets se whats next…

      • Don Pepot says:

        Hindi naman finals agad ang nasa isip namin. Hindi kami katulad nyo last year na masyadong futuristic. Final 4 muna kami then we will take it from there. Tsk!

        • humbleman says:

          pls read your comment again, sarili mong comment hindi mo naintindihan, lol

          ipanalo nyo muna game sa sunday before thinking Final 4, baka masakmal kayo ng mg aso, tapos maasinta kayo ng pana ng archers = laglag sa final 4

          • humbleman says:

            for the meantime NU emblem muna ako, may adamson team is in vacatiom mode, tutal HS grad naman ako sa NU.

  • bigf9779 says:

    congratulations tigers!

    DLSu won the game too, great game for the archers, it only shows they belong to the final 4…

    we hope and Pray, the bulldogs will play the game with intensity and energy against the stronger FEU squad.

    Sulong National-U! Bulldogs Bites!

  • Don Pepot says:

    Our boys will take this game very personal. We’ll pull a convincing win this time. No mercy for the dogs!!!

  • Don Pepot says:

    This time we will not allow your team to use another magic paper to win! We are a usual resident of the F4! You’ll face a different TAMS on sunday!

    • España Trulalla says:

      Dapat talaga talunin niyo ang NU! haha

      SK? talo talo langs!NU?

    • Z says:

      Different? How? No thuggery is that what you mean?

      That deserves a BURN.

      • Scalabrin-e says:

        Trying to be “funny” again Z?

        • Z says:

          Oh is the baby hurt?

          • Chocnut says:

            Oh it’s Z boy again nag mamagaling. You don’t have credibility here at all. Get lost!

          • say what?!? says:

            If you don’t want to be branded as thugs then you should not allow your school to be represented by such people. the way i see it. the school doesn’t mind these dirty plays because they are not punishing their players and coaching staff for their bad behavior. i cannot remember a uaap team that has done so much “thuggery” in one season.

          • Z says:

            Oh sorry, I cover UAAP and NCAA games for a living chocnut. Go be the bandwagoner and blind fan that you are.

            Baguhan ka pa dito boy, marami-rami ka pang tatalunin. ;)

          • Chocnut says:

            Don’t make fun of yourself Z boy. Kung talagang you cover for uaap and ncaa ayusin mo ang facts and info mo. And be responsible with your comments. Pang tabloid at blind item ka totoy.

          • Chocnut says:

            The real thug here is no other than Montinola. Since he’s the owner of the TAMS he calls the shot who will be the staff of the team. He has the say if he wants to punish, suspend, or ban any player or staff in his team. Oh let me see, isn’t Montinola an Ateneo alumnus? Ateneo made a real good thug here! Satisfied say what?

          • say what?!? says:

            so the whole feu community bows to montinola eh? what you are trying to say is that the whole school is helpless against montinola. and maybe montinola is the one who did all those dirty antics? and what about the feu cheerdance team caught cursing in front of the camera after they got runner up honors before? let’s all blame it on montinola and no one else.

          • Z says:

            Chocnut, I don’t know what your problem is, but passing off Montinola as an Atenean to show that Ateneo was the proponent to FEU being a bunch hooligans is…desperation to win the argument. Sad to say, you won’t garner any support here. And even telling off on bigf9779, who by far is the most sensible NU supporter who posts here, really shows who is on the shorter stick between us two.

  • Don Pepot says:

    In a letter signed by Mr. Junel Baculi addressed to UST, it said that:

    After careful review and deliberation, the technical committee has decided to uphold the decision of the commissioner, therefore your protest in denied.

    The technical committee agrees with the commissioner that the points that you have raised are both judgement calls and not subject to protest. It was pointed out during the course of the discussion that although the calls and non-calls were technical in nature, implementing requires judgement.

    Nakakatawa to si Baculi! Judgement call daw ng ref. Then what about FEUs winning basket by RR. It’s also a judgement call by the refs to count the basket. Palibhasa aso!

    • Z says:

      Talo-talo lang yan. Palibhasa kayo naman, asal kanto. Quits lang. Oh game? Fight!

      Ooops, FEU players might take my last word seriously. Lalo na si Anton Bringas (suspended si Arvie) at Belo. I-sama mo na si Patrick Guerrero na nangbabato ng bola. Yes, that’s FEU basketball folks!

      • Chocnut says:

        Ows? Speak for yourself. Eh mas asal kanto ka pa sa amin! You use foul words every now and then. Turo ng nanay mo? Galing!

    • bigf9779 says:

      lets wait na lang sino uuwing malungkot sa Sunday…
      if ever we loss, for sure its gonna be a good game…
      sana lang basketball ang laruin nyo, hindi URC.

      Sulong National-U! Bulldogs Bites!

      • Chocnut says:

        Natalo na kayo nung 2nd round. Uulitin lang ulit namin yung pagkatalo nyo. Anyway sanay naman kayong talo di ba?

        • bigf9779 says:

          lets wait na lang, 2 days to go, pero tama ka, sanay kaming talo, tapos mananalo kami sa sunday, ang sarap ng feeling pag nagkataon…i hope manalo kami at walang ma-injury sa players namin. how i wish “ASO NILAPA ANG TAMARAW” gandang title sa tabloid. imagine ang liit na bulldog nanlapa ng tamaraw. Peace!

          • Chocnut says:

            Sanay pala eh, bakit nag protesta pa? Hindi kita masisi kasi pag nanalo kayo para kayong nanalo sa lotto. Yung aso na kumakain ng buto nabigyan na ng alpo. Sosyal na!

          • bigf9779 says:

            CHOCNUT…mahirap ka kausap…para ka ring monicker mo, pagbukas mo ng chocnut durog agad. il just Pray na lang manalo kami, if not, move on. tignan na lang natin sino ang papalarin.

          • Z says:

            Well said bigf9779. This guy always has a chip on his shoulder that he needlessly flashes. No one cares. Point is, accept that your team is trash right now with how they are acting.

  • boy_USTe says:

    The technical committee confirms with the commish coach Ato.
    Lets all move on and wait for the result of Tams vs. Dogs game.

    Congrats to the Growling Tigers and Green Archers!
    Another exciting final four!

    Go USTe!!!


    • say what?!? says:

      i agree. some calls didn’t go our way and some calls also didn’t go their way. lets just hope we get to the finals so that we can give them some payback.

      • blue belle says:

        losing to ust in the finals 6 years ago will be the motivation of the blue eagles…especially norman black… so maybe it’s time to return the favor… go ateneo! one big fight!

  • FEU is apparently regressing.

    Is NU peaking?

  • If NU wins, they end up in 3rd, right???

    • bigf9779 says:

      yup your right sir…we are really praying and hoping na manalo sa tamaraws…

      parang laging intimidated ang bulldogs pag nakakalaban ang ADMU. much better for us na makaharap ang UST, if ever we win the game vs FEU.

      • Chocnut says:

        Don’t rely on prayer at hindi kayo ipapanalo nun. My unsolicited advise is after the game at matalo kayo go directly to the board and you can have your replay. Don’t stop until you get your W.

        • bigf9779 says:

          pano yan kami na nanalo….sabi ko na eh, wag masyadong hambog at matinding mang-insulto sa kapwa…

          We nationalians wants to thank the Lord for the win…
          see you sa final 4…

          • wye says:

            Thank you bulldogs!

          • Madz says:

            posible pa ang Ateneo-NU Finals na inaasam-asam ng media bago magsimula ang season. pero may Final Four muna, 1 game at a time.

          • Z says:

            Dat triple by Rayray. Good game, though namuntikan ang inexperience ng NU when they erected that 9 point lead only to lose it during the last two minutes of regulation.

            Best thing is, learn from it and go forward from there.

          • bigf9779 says:


            thanks too, i had lot of friends from UST Praying for that WIN, lalo na yung boss ko, grabe suporta…

            NU VS UST, im expecting a great game for us…

            Ang mahalaga maayos at malinis na laro para sa atin, pag yung ___ ang kalaro natin delikado players sa injury..

            GO USTE! GO NU!

  • gaucho says:

    makinig na lang kayo kay jeff lorber:

    o, kul d ba? :)

  • Z says:

    So karma bites FEU’s behind really hard eh. Thugaraws won’t make it. Oh the joy.

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