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Lets Protest!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 5,143 Views / 133 Comments

UAAP Season 75: UST Growling Tigers vs. Ateneo Blue Eagles, July 19In the past weeks, a couple of protests have been raised in the realm of university and college basketball and, being a basketball fan like the rest of you, I was curious as to how the powers-that-be would treat the said protests.

Let’s go back to a couple of weeks.  FEU played NU in a close, down-the-wire match.  The game is tied with seconds to go, and FEU has the ball.  They lose it!  NU brings it up, but they lose it right back.  RR Garcia sees a line to the basket, not his teammate Hargrove under it, and decides to go all the way in for the lay-up.  He scores!  FEU wins by two!!  No…wait…was the basket in time?  The referees review the tape.  They review again…and again…and again…  Replays of varying speeds are shown on TV about twenty times, from different angles, but nothing is conclusive.  After what seemed like ages, the referees say the shot is counted.  FEU wins it.

NU places the result under protest, saying the shot should not have counted.  Our friend Boyet Sison asked me about what I thought of the game, and I said that I don’t know if the referees were right to say the shot was counted, but I stated that if the tape couldn’t conclusively show if it was, and the referees’ judgment said to count the basket, then their call should stand -  I also said that if the shot would not be counted, then there should only be a five minute overtime played, and not the whole game.  Clearly, the score would be tied at the end of regulation if the shot was not counted.

UAAP Commissioner Ato Badolato had the task of deciding whether the referees made the right call.  He said they did and threw out the protest.  But, NU, the host school for this season’s UAAP, could not accept the decision.  They elevated the matter to the UAAP Board, which overturned Badolato and ordered a rematch of the whole game.  Yes, people, the whole game.  FEU and NU will go at it again this coming Sunday, the 23rd of September.

I and many others felt that the decision of the Board to overturn Commissioner Ato was the wrong one.  The video review was instituted to aid the referees in making a call.  If there is a lack of conclusive video to so aid the referees, then they should make a judgment call, the old-fashioned way, the way it’s always been.  In the game in question, the referees ruled that the shot counted.  That should have been it.  What went on in the UAAP Boardroom, we will never really know for sure.  Badolato was disregarded and his judgment on the referees’ judgment was discarded.  I felt he should have resigned right then and there, being practically reduced to a figurehead commissioner who was greatly disrespected.  What I and many others thought did not matter though, as the “replay” (it’s not a replay as we know it since it’s a new game altogether) will push through whether we like it or not.

Badolato, of course, did not resign and, just a couple of days ago, was again tasked with deciding another protest.  This time, UST protested their close loss to ADMU, particularly questioning a goaltending call on their big man Abdul, which would have taken away a basket from ADMU (UST lost by only two points) and the lack of a technical foul called on Coach Norman Black for stepping into the court, which is supposed to merit an automatic technical.  A technical foul in the UAAP can be game-changing, especially in a close game, since two shots are awarded together with ball possession.

I think the goaltending call was fair.  There is not much argument on that.  Now, with regard to the technical foul for a coach stepping onto the court, going past the sideline, I am not so sure.  Badolato decided yesterday to deny the protest of UST, saying that both calls were judgment calls, much the same way he branded the referees’ counting of Garcia’s shot against NU mentioned above.  UST, particularly Coach Pido Jarencio, does not agree that the failure to call a technical foul on Black was a judgment call.  I tend to agree with that.  If the rule says that if a coach walks onto the court past the sideline, a technical foul is merited, then the referees do not have any judgment in that instance.  If Black indeed entered the court (the first question to ask), then they should have called it.  But they didn’t.  Would it have changed the result of the game if they did?  That is another question altogether.  UST would still have had to hit the free throws, hold on to their lead, etc.

UST has the option of elevate the matter to the UAAP Board the way NU did two weeks ago.  I wonder how the Board will treat this protest and the denial thereof by Badolato.  The issue is quite different, especially with regard to the technical foul non-call.  Coach Pido already said that it was not his decision but if it was, he would surely elevate.  He believes that a call based on technicality is very different from a judgment call.

At this point, we fans have to just wait and see how this turns out.  Hopefully though, the Board can clear everything up for the teams involved, as well as the other teams in the league, and most especially for the fans of the league who hate getting caught up in games outside the hardcourt.

NCAA Season 88: San Sebastian Golden Stags vs. Perpetual Help Altas, July 2
The NCAA is also no stranger to protests.  Just yesterday, Mapua beat Perpetual in a tightly-contested game.  Perpetual Coach Aric del Rosario was seen clapping his hands after the final buzzer sounded, but he seemed to do it more to mock the outcome than to genuinely applaud it.  We learned shortly thereafter that Perpetual was mulling to place the game under protest due to what it felt was poor and faulty officiating, especially in the endgame.  Should this push through, fans will once again need to await results of basketball games away from the arena.  I watched the game and feel that any protest Perpetual files will not prosper.  Again, though, we all must wait and see how things turn out.

Protests are not all bad.  In fact, many times, they are necessary, especially when the very integrity of the league concerned is at stake.  However, leagues must have set rules, guidelines to follow in certain situations, which must be followed to the letter.  Judgment calls in basketball are called such because a certain level of discretion has to be given to the referees, who see things from different angles in real time, while running up and down the court, with players in constant motion.  What are judgment calls and what aren’t are clear cut.  On the other hand, referees should not hide behind the “judgment call curtain” to defend lousy calls.  They need to shape up and be more decisive and consistent (in making the right call!).  As for league commissioners, they must have a high level of independence in decision-making and be respected in their verdicts.  Time and again it has been said, “Let the games be decided by the players on the hardcourt, not by the referees, or by league officials in the boardroom.”

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Charlie is a rare breed. As a 4 year PBA broadcasting veteran, take your pick, he can be a color commentator or your regular anchorman at any time and place. And best of all, he is a lawyer by profession. Charlie is an avid sports fan from baseball, football, soccer and American football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and boxing. With his tough exterior, this guy also has his soft spot. Charlie loves going to the zoo and has a passion for dogs. You can also rely on Charlie on some rare finds from the 70's and 80's such as magazines and all you need to know about basketball in that decade. And every time you need beer company, Charlie's the man. You can follow Charlie Cuna on Twitter @CharlieC


  • johann says:

    we all know that Pido always enters the court while the game is ongoing on the other side. will those be reviewed too? i watched live and he was on the playing court a LOT.

  • wye says:

    whatever…the rules should be changed to stop these protests…hike the protest fee to 100k or more. right now it’s only 5k i think, baryang barya kaya kaliwa’t kanan protesta. i’m not siding on these protests but i know the leagues have to do something to prevent these.

    • ust400yrs says:

      The bond to file a protest is worth P100,000

      • blue24 says:

        considering na halos lahat ng teams may mga sponsors/financiers na, parang barya na lang din ang 100k. I say make it half a million. hehe.

        seriously though, on the topic of officiating, year in year out, lagi namang kino-complain ang officiating. pero year in, year out parang wala din namang ginagawa to improve it. I’m sure malaki naman ang kinikita ng UAAP sa basketball games nila, eh why not invest on the training and development of referees. pag-seminar abroad o kung saan. para naman umangat naman ang status nila. just saying.

      • De Ocampo Cobra says:

        P100K! Whow. That could really help the habagat victims… Or help our country’s flood problems.

  • REDs says:

    palakasan nalang sa board itong league na to. you have to win 10pts or more. parang wala ng protest.

    baka pag dikit game sa finals my protest din in the end..

  • Anilov says:

    wow pati ncaa nakisama na din sa protest! sa next games kaya my hahabol pa? hehe

  • whamos says:

    You’re right Charlie. If there are clear-cut rules that does not need a judgment call, then the referees should apply said rule outright. Goaltending and ‘counted’ calls are judgment calls, but a coach storming a referee a center court is a different story. What if he punches the ref or calls a fistfight?

  • Mysterious Blue Eagle Man says:

    The minute they ordered the replay of the FEU-NU game, they sealed their fate.
    Now protests will be coming in left and right asking for game outcomes to be reversed.

    The bleacher’s brew blog article posted above is right. UAAP is screwing itself.

  • mighty_bangaw says:

    thank you, charlie for a very objective approach on this matter. even the slightest partiality on any school involved would surely enrage the sensitive bones of the fans.

  • Anilov says:

    this particular UAAP/ncaa season is so full of PROTESTS,
    started the “trend”(expect more to come: )))

  • dead prezz says:

    If I were Comm Badolato, I should be resigning now. There’s no point being a UAAP Commissioner if you are disregarded by the Board.

    UAAP Board is a big joke!

    • blue24 says:

      I doubt na magre-resign yun. He’s too much of a professional to do that. Tatapusin siguro niya yung season, then baka mag-dalawang isip na yang tanggapin pag inoffer sa kanya ulit yung post ng commissioner.

      • Butch Domingo says:

        I doubt kung tanggapin pa ulit ni Comm. Badolato yong kanyang job being Comm. of he UAAP. Binabastos na siya ng UAAP Board, para ano pa siya sa league.

  • Best and most relevant article with long term impact for the Season. Congratulations Charlie Cuna! You should receive an award for this. You are confronting the issue head on.

    We opened a can of worms. Everything must be reviewed. Processes, rules, authority, systems etc…

    There is a group that will take this up with the UAAP.

  • Time and again it has been said, “Let the games be decided by the players on the hardcourt, not by the referees, or by league officials in the boardroom.”

    Quote of the Season!!!

  • Anilov says:

    replay? hehe

  • tweetams says:

    well it only means one thing may dayaan d2

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    Coach Pido … purong puso, kulang sa utak.

    • humbleman says:

      Wow ang talino naman ng nagsabi, ok na yun at least may PUSO, kesa naman puro utak wala naman PUSO, parang computer lang…

    • himeneko says:

      Sobrang talino mo ha. Mukhang sa sobrang talino mo, bibig mo na nag-iisip para sayo.

      • Growling Tiger says:

        Coach Norman was given a warning. The rules were clear enough. hence, if given at least another warning for the obvious violation of a rule, that will constitute a technical foul already and things will be different. Ateneo has been the recipient of both calls and noncalls of referees. It does not mean that just because you are being called for more fouls because you players would not use lateral movement to be in front of their opponent thus resulting into a foul means that the referees are in favor of the opponent. The problem is, these fouls are being called or not called at the most crucial periods of the game, and usually benefits Ateneo. I am not saying that Ateneo paid someone. It could be that these referees are intimidated knowing that the one complaining is Norman Black or that it is Ateneo. How these players impressed the referees will definitely have an impact on inconclusive situations. The solution is not to blame the schools. The better solution is get referees who are really professionals. But hey, even in the PBA, referees err.

  • Anilov says:

    meron nmn purong utak wala nmang puso : )

  • boy_USTe says:

    Just go by the rules….
    If member schools are not satisfied or felt that certain rules should be change, revise the rules.
    Still, the replay of the FEU vs. NU,will eventually be decided by the players in the hardcourt, not by referees or league officials. If a replay is ordered by the league, so be it, play and play hard.
    Rules are to be followed.

  • Cho says:

    What if DLSU loses to ADU by a point on a drive that was counted that “should” have been a charge? Would DLSU protest? (Hell YES)…Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the F4 seeding would depend on protests concerning the top teams? Would the board simultaneously self combust?

  • Dennis says:

    Just let it go and take that loss like a man.

  • Madz says:

    “Kung talo, talo…….ay wait, I changed my mind. I-replay ang last 7.7 secs ng game.” – Pido Jarencio

  • Pizza Guy says:

    Coaches have been crossing the line, literally, all season long. UP’s Dandan, UST’s Jarencio, and recently, Ateneo’s Black. NO T’s have been called for those cases. So why protest for a technical foul on Black now? Ika nga sa bibliya, “He who has not sin may cast the first stone…”

    And BTW, there was a timeout when CNB went inside the court. Unlike when UP’s Dandan and UST’s Jarencio did the same, wala naman timeout.

    During Ateneo’s game against UP in the second round, Dandan actually hit Greg Slaughter during LIVE PLAY near the baseline! No T’s were called. No protests made.

    It just shows how desperate UST has become. It’s really a shame.

    • QSY says:

      no time-outs during particular “walk-in”, Adbul went on to score (with 7.7 seconds left).

      also, from what I saw, black went to the referee to complain a “non-foul”, not just inside the court…

      just curious, has anyone asked the referee why no T’s were called?? unless he really “sold” the match, maybe he can explain…

      i agree that a technical should have been called, but since it wasn’t called, i don’t agree to a replay.

      oh, and i root for the blue eagles.

      • Pizza Guy says:

        There was a timeout.

        CNB stormed into the court after Karim made the shot, UST up by 1, 66-65. CNB was frustrated because there was no foul called on UST after Buenafe lost the ball, plus the fact that Ferrer traveled after getting the ball.

        CNB immediately went back to the bench to make up the last offensive play (which eventually became the Buenafe 3 point play).

        That’s the reason why most of the people watching sa TV didn’t see it — because there was a commercial break.

      • Growling Tiger says:

        Pizza guy, just do what you do best. Deliver pizzas. Before you comment, make sure you watched a Season 75 game and not a Season 71 game. Get your facts straight. By the way, for the sake of giving you an argument, even if their is a timeout, you are not supposed to cross the line. That is the reason why you have those markers on the bench area right outside the playing court. Unless you are only used to playing in the streets and not on a real basketball gym, you wouldn’t understand what those lines are for.

  • samesame says:

    bakit si norman hindi na technical?

    • Pizza Guy says:

      Because the referees have been consistent with calls like those eversince. It’s all judgment-based for calling T’s. If CNB was slapped with a T, then Pido should have also been called for a T as well for going inside the court as well.

      Besides, there was a timeout when CNB stormed inside the court.

      • whamos says:

        What, timeout naman kasi kaya pwedeng sugurin ng coach ang referee sa kabilang side ng court?!?!? Wow. You must be joking kid.

      • Growling Tiger says:

        Judgment calls will only pertain to those that are inconclusive. But if you cross the line, that is a different story. That is more than conclusive.

        • Alvin says:

          do you watch the games live? i do and i always see Pido go beyond the side line.. so what does that say about your statement?

          STFU nlng :)

    • Because he complained at the right time….

  • samesame says:


    • Run4five says:

      Bakit tumira si Mariano ng 3 pointer na may bantay kesa mag drive o maghanap ng mas madaling tira? Wag ng pagtakpan yung pagkakamali ng player.

      • whamos says:

        Bakit nag 3 pointer si Mariano? E kung yun ang instruction ni Coach Pido e, edi susunod lang ang bata. Ganun lang ka-simple yun.

        • Pizza Guy says:

          I had a feeling that time that UST will be going for the win with a three pointer.

          But if you watched the replay on Balls TV, there was no instruction by Pido to take the 3.

          • whamos says:

            I watched it live at MOA Arena last Saturday. The TV coverage may not be able to capture everything that had transpired in the huddle, especially when they had stood up and Coach Pido was giving last-second instructions.

        • Run4five says:

          Malakas naman ang UST, ok din naman ang coach nila, marami pang oras pero yun lang ang play na pwede maisip ni Coach Pido? No offense pero yan yung mga dahilan kung bakit maraming nag tatawag na tsamba lang ang mga panalo ng UST sa ibang team.

          • Growling Tiger says:

            I agree. Pido is not a bad coach altogether. But there are instances that he is outsmarted by the opposing coaches. He is just very lucky that aside from luck, he also has talented players. What he lacks in coaching, he makes up in motivating his players, in recruiting players, and in really pushing his boys as a great motivator. You just can’t have it all. Nevertheless, Pido is cut for the job, and if he wins another title, it may be pure luck that he made on his own.

  • Run4five says:

    There is a saying, if you learn from defeat you haven’t really lost. How many defeats and heartaches did Norman Black and the Blue Eagles endure before all those championships started to pile up? Learn from losses by accepting them not by blaming the officials.

    • Anilov says:

      its very obvious..if mariano hit that 3 pt shot & tigers won the game for sure there will be a protest of the other team regarding the foul & travelling infraction of ferrer(as what theyve said)

      • Tax says:

        Oh I’m very sure that won’t happen at all. The Ateneo community won’t go THAT low.

        • QSY says:

          i’d like to believe so too, but other people from UST are against the protest and yet the school representatives still filed one.

          this is something we’ll never really know (unless something similar happens in the future – hopefully wala na).

      • Run4five says:

        You may be right but I can’t recall any protest filed by Ateneo during Norman Black’s tenure. We’ve accepted losses before and we will accept losses as they come in the future because it’s part of the game. Kiefer was limping in the end while Jeric Teng was emotional. This protest is a mockery to the effort of not only those 2 but the rest of their teammates as well. All because one team was willing to do whatever it takes to win. Yes the referees might have missed a call or two but they are not perfect and are bound to miss a call again, what happens then? Another protest?

        • Growling Tiger says:

          There was never a reason for Ateneo to file a protest. It is because if Ateneo wins or loses, it is always very clear.

      • Pizza Guy says:

        Ateneo will never go that far. Same thing with the loss against UE. No protests made.

        Fact is, Mariano failed to sink the three pointer.

        Nakakawala ng respeto yung ginagawa ng UST Management. It was very obvious na lamang na nga sa tawag, tapos magpo-protesta pa for more calls after the game has ended.

        • humbleman says:

          Just want to ask sir, during that game against UE, may mga calls ba na puedeng iprotest ng Ateneo? or you are referring to the jumpshot of chris javier?

          • BooProstests says:

            There were so much non-calls there, I’m sure if you really review the game again. But Ateneo will not do that because they know that these are the ‘breaks of the game’

          • dek says:

            WALA NMN DAPAT I PROTEST ang ADMU s laro kontra UE…dahil malinaw n malinaw na talo ADMU…..mxado cla kumpiyansa na matatalo nila lahat ng teams…ts..tsk…tsk

      • Tax says:

        Oh I’m pretty sure that won’t happen at all. We’re not that desperate and we won’t go down to that level.

    • … and all of them are just silent. I have not heard any Blue Eagle comment on these 2 issues that UST personnel raised. Of course, semestral exams are coming soon…

  • Anilov says:

    ohhhh? carabuena : )

    • boy_USTe says:

      Let’s all wait and respect the board’s decision.
      Hoping the Growling Tigers beat the warriors on Thursday.

      Go USTe!!!


      • Pizza Guy says:

        Seriously, the board should even be involved here. That’s why there’s a commissioner — a neutral body that will make decisions.

        This has been the problem of the UAAP for so long. Di dapat nakiki-alam ang board.

        If the board decides for a replay, I’m still going to watch it live, but I will never ever respect that board. The game was concluded already last September 15th on the basketball court.

  • Anti-heat says:

    I’d hate to blame anyone but the host school showed that if you can’t get the decision you want from the commissioner then take your complain elsewhere. I remember UE filing a protest against NU in their 1st encounter because of Mbe’s jersey. It was still part of the rules but the commissioner disregarded the protest, no one complains. Then all of a sudden just because it’s a crucial game they can take it to the board if they don’t get the favorable call from the commissioner? I’m sure more protests will come in the future, sure every team has a right to protest but it’s NU who paved the way for taking it out of the commissioner’s hands.

    • humbleman says:

      hindi po kaya dahil affected kayo kaya ganyan ang sentiments nyo…naman….pabor nga naman sa inyo kung natalo ang NU kasi kayo ang aakyat sa standings…

      don’t worry we will make history, Falcons spoils Archers bid for final 4!!!!

      • Anti-heat says:

        Hindi rin. Ang basketball kasi diba dapat sa court pinapanalo? By the way thanks for underestimating the archers. Hirap kasi sa iba sa inyo wala pa yung laro akala niyo panalo na kayo. Kaya kayo pinahiya ng FEU last year eh. Kasi wala pang final four laban na sa Ateneo iniisip niyo.

      • humbleDman says:

        ser, mukhang mali who ata ang claim nyo dyan. tinambakan ho kayo ng DLSU kahapon.

        humbleman pa man din ang gamit nyong pangalan. …

  • Aric says:

    What’s the use of the having a commissioner if issues like this will be escalated anyway to the “technical board”?
    If I were UST, Pido or who the hell filed this should stop whining of the loss, players left it all out in the court.
    Hindi pa ba sapat na Kiefer cramped and Teng wept after? Hindi pa ba sapat na 7.1 seconds left the game is still undecided? This game alone will go on the books as probably a classic or one of the best collegiate games played in league history. I am a Thomasian and I say no to repeat of this game.
    Maybe rules are rules but for the love of game and a player myself I say the loss is worth after all.

  • Jedd says:

    That’s why it’s called “technical foul” and not “judgment foul” or “referee’s foul”

  • Rekka says:

    Wala na talagang credibilty uaap. From refs to boards lol . Bumili nalang kayo ng trophy sa recto wala rin naman kwenta kahit magchampion kayo ng puro daya

  • Cho says:

    This year we have a Final 5. Great for college hoops fans!




    • GregBro says:

      order in the court… act like you know everything…
      “you can send a message by the thrashing of UST’s appeal” wheeeewww….eh dyan pa lang wala na sa hulog eh.

      im pretty sure, you are not an Atenean…great pretender…

      eto pa oh “a can of worms is what you opened” tikas brod.

      • Anilov says:

        They wont stoop down daw…hindi daw sila magprotest if ever ateneo ang dehado..bakit yata my ngprotest ngyon outside the court..parent pa ng player hehe : )

        • Run4five says:

          That’s a different case because the UAAP “board” decided to file sanctions without having a full disclosure of what happened. The good name of Nico Salva’s dad is at stake here do you think it’s fair for the board to decide without hearing his side?

          • Anilov says:

            I understood. What they did to salva’s dad was Unfair.So we should be responsible in every actions..Ibig ko lng sabihin lahat nmn my rights na ipinaglalaban.The image of UST will b ruined din nmn sa protesta pero alam nmn nila ipinaglalaban sila.

          • Run4five says:

            You have a point. I guess what I’m bothered is the fact that every time there is a close game from now on there is a chance that the losing team might protest. The refs will miss calls for sure so there will be complaining. What we need right now is for a team to just accept the defeat regardless of the bogus calls, hopefully other teams follow the example. I can’t blame school managements protesting though, you are right it’s their job to make sure their respective schools are getting the right calls.

          • Anilov says:

            sayang din kasi kung my replay, ganda nung game lasttime : )
            Dunk of the season : )

          • Anilov says:

            They should put up a new rule for the next season.They will not stop protesting n every wrong decisions.:)

  • gaucho says:

    what a mess! sayang yung ganda ng laro. only in the philippines. lol

  • gaucho says:

    or, should i say “it’s more fun in the philippines.” hehe

  • gaucho says:

    it’s safe to say that chivalry is DEAD in college hoops, and sports, for that matter.

  • tweetams says:

    uaap board what a joke.

  • YHplayed4SanBedaFC says:

    always a numbers game. for uaap, guess there’s no point getting an impartial commissioner. y cant they just get someone from the board to sit as comm, its just on paper anyway and be easily overruled.

    stay in SBC ato, you are too classy for politics.

  • thelostKid says:

    I’m pretty sure that the UAAP Board will decide to have a replay of the UST – Ateneo match.

    PERA PERA nanaman yan! 17, 000+ ba naman nanood last time.

    UAAP is all about MONEY!

  • GregBro says:

    maybe that is the reason you are one of them…lol

    UAAP best amateur league in the Philippines…correct…
    Most Corrupt din pala thelostkid.

  • johann says:

    so the refs were suspended for non calls on norman black?

    no call on pido the whole game for crossing into the court. no call on abdul on the kiefer dunk. no call on the foul or fouls committed on buenafe which resulted in a steal… then a travel by ferrer that wasnt called… to norman black getting pissed… and not called for a technical.

    intentionally didnt put a no call on the goaltending since if you know basketball… that was really a goaltend.

    then finally resulting in a complaint.. a denial.. an escalation to the board.. then suspensions.


  • boy_USTe says:

    The three referees who officiated the game and help admu win, have been suspended…
    tsk tsk tsk…
    sus…ganun lang? The UAAP should dig deeper!!!

    Go USTe!!!
    Win the game against the warriors!!!
    Hoping for a fair officiating in all UAAP games!
    Mas magandda kasi pag ang panalo natin ay s parehas na paraan.

    Go USTe!!!


  • Pizza Guy says:

    Something UST needs to learn from the Ateneo:



    Manila, Sept. 29, 1999 – Citing sportsmanship and the future of the league, Ateneo de Manila yesterday withdrew its protest on the recent Ateneo-UST semifinal game in the UAAP senior basketball tournament, paving the way for the title clash between the UST Tigers and the La Salle Green Archers starting tomorrow.

    Ateneo’s decision eventually eased the tension that had built up since the Final Four and saved the image of a league already rocked by claims of bribery offer and poor officiating.

    JunJun Capistrano, Ateneo representative to the UAAP board, announced the withdrawal “in the spirit of sportsmanship” in a meeting at Casa Marcos in Quezon City yesterday.

    “I’ve met with Ateneo officials yesterday (Monday) and they told me to withdraw the school’s protest,” said Capistrano.

    The decision was reached Monday in a meeting with Ateneo president Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, Fr. Tito Caluag and team officials, according to Capistrano.

    In its protest, Ateneo had asked for a replay of the UST-Ateneo match which UST won, 76-74, Thursday to advance to the finals against La Salle.

    Ateneo protested the failure of the referees to call a technical foul on UST coach Aric del Rosario, who crossed the sideline to confront a referee on a controversial foul in the last three minutes of play.

    The team also called the attention of the UAAP board to the no-call of a referee when the wrong UST player, Angelo Velasco, stepped into the free throw line to make two charities which he converted.

    The third case, also ruled as a judgment call, was on the failure of the referee to eject from the game Tiger Jose Valeriano who was called for unsporstmanlike behavior (deliberate foul) and a technical foul.

    “Ateneo has raised three issues in its protest, and the board has decided that the first two were judgment calls. But with regards to Del Rosario’s behavior, we are sending him a reprimand so as to avoid future occurrences of this nature,” said UAAP board president Claro Llaguno, also chancellor of host University of the Philippines.

    Ateneo’s decision came as a relief to the UAAP in a situation that threatened to divide the league for the first time since the 1992 La Salle-FEU controversy where the Archers defaulted the championship game in a replay ordered by the board.

    Earlier, during the Philippine Sportswriters Association Sports Forum at the Holiday Inn, del Rosario threatened that he would not allow his players to play and he himself would resign if the board voted for a replay of the game.

    He said such a move would create a bad precedent since UAAP board members could use their vote against a board member with whom they have an axe to grind.

    “Everytime na may coach o team na natatalo, meron na lang laging nagko-complain. Tapos iyong reklamo dadaanin na lang sa botohan ng board. Paano pag may ibang team o tao na galit sa amin? Kawawa naman ang mga player at coach. Sayang ang paghihirap nila, sa botohan lang sila matatalo,” del Rosario said.


  • Cho says:

    Denied yung protest ng technical committee.

    To Fr De Sagon et al, we know you can take a hint….drop the protest and help the team prepare for the Final 4. you can’t let this sh*t mentally linger on the players.

  • Butch Domingo says:

    Coach Pido, punta ka sa Suprme Court at mag file ka ng protesta ulit, tapos kapag reject ulit ng SC, go to Court of Appeal. Para 10 years hindi pa tapos ang kaso mo.

  • Pogita says:

    After reading the article on the 1999 semi-finals, I realized that UST has to accept the verdict of the Technical Committee and just prepare for the Final Four. We have already exercised our right to protest what we may have perceived as injustice committed against us and the decision has been provided. Let us just move on.

  • Anilov says:

    right! prepare and bawi na lng sa next games. kahit anong school kapag my rights na ipinaglalabanan dapat intindihin ng iba.see? kapag yung school nyo na nakafeel ng injustice? :)

  • Aric says:

    Ateneo is a worthy opponent, for me they play clean basketball and honest defense (except the Monfort cheap shot on tata, but nagmove-on na ako dun).

    This is just a game, and we are developing players that should suit the international playing arena wherein you lose a game, you lose it.

  • click here says:

    Wonderful site. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you on your effort!

  • No habia regresado tu sitio web por un tiempo, porque me pareció que era aburrido, pero los últimos posts son de buena calidad, así que supongo que voy a añadirte a mi lista de sitios web cotidiana. Te lo mereces amigo. :)


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