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UST’s protest rejected by UAAP commissioner

Monday, 17 September 2012 103 Comments

The protest filed by the University of Santo Tomas (UST) regarding Ateneo De Manila University’s 68-66 win last September 15 was rejected by University Athletic Association of the Philippines men’s basketball Season 75 commissioner Ato Badolato on Monday, September 17.

According to Commissioner Badolato, the goal-tending call made by the referee that occurred in the last 5.1 seconds of the game was deemed ‘a judgment call’ and cannot be reversed.

UST, however, has the option to elevate its protest to the UAAP technical board.

By Josef Ramos

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  • mighty_bangaw says:

    a tomasino’s request to fellow tomasinos in the management: sana wag na iakyat sa technical committee.

  • projectakira says:

    let’s just move on… seeing Kiefer sprawled on the floor cramping up after the buzzer sounded says a lot… he gave his 110% for that win so let’s respect that… Bawi na lang…

  • larry legend says:

    In-elevate na sa uaap board.

  • ust400yrs says:

    FYI: The protest focused on the non call (technical foul) on coach Norman Black who stormed in the playing court. He was warned for the same incident earlier on the game. Hindi kasi nakita sa TV kaya konti lang nakakaalam.

  • larry legend says:

    If the ref didn’t assess a T on Black, is that a “technical” matter or “judgement” call (or in this case, no-call)?

  • Baser "the Hammer" Amer says:

    Boom Whiny Witches!

  • Roy de Vesa says:

    If school officials keep on elevating decisions made by the UAAP Commissioner to the Board, with the latter overuling the earlier decision, what’s the use for a Commissioner? If this happens again, the honorable thing to do for a basketball Hall of Famer like Ato Badolato is to resign.

  • Z says:

    NU was the precedent eh. Dapat hindi nagka-precedent in the first place. It paves the way for the management to out-muscle the Commissioner in his decisions.

    • observer2 says:

      Correct, although i really didnt expect UST will go this low.. Nakakalungkot.. Pano to from Final 4 hanggang Finals ulitan nlng lagi???

    • humbleman says:

      @ Z

      you should elevate your protest to the UAAP board too….i am just fair here…NU’s move is valid, it is their right too…sorry for my grammar hah…

      likewise UST has the right to protest, porke kasi Ateneo lagi na lang pinapaboran…kahit noon pa…remember last year muntik na kayo sa amin…

      • Falconites says:


        “You should elevate your protest to the UAAP board too. I am just being fair here. NU’s move was valid and it is their right too”

        Double check mo muna klasmayt.. nakakahiya sa ibang school. =)

      • Z says:

        We’re also being fair here. Their whole community is against it, unless you live under a rock. I’m only saying, that if NU did not set a precedent, then no one would abuse it. You didn’t get my point the first time around, did you?

  • Anilov says:

    And at this point, ateneo is surely not having their eyes on the finals yet because there is still Final 4. Yes, they already got the twice to beat, but still they have to work hard so that advantage can be utilized..and i dare say, the pressure is now on the UST side (and yeah FEU) because they’re still fighting for the 2nd spot.We know how FEU played UST in the rd 2 so it will be THRILLING if they face each other in the Final 4.(mas maganda yun so tigers can prove na worthy sila finals) if ever, medyo mas mahirap pa ang posisyon ng FEU because of that extra crucial crucial game.Ang Ateneo naman, theyll just face whichever team proves to be worthy.
    I believe they will win their remaining games just as i believed yesterday that they will win against the hungry and determined Tigers.

  • humbleman says:

    dapat talaga hindi na nagprotest pa ang UST, for coach pido ayaw na nya talaga, sdyang management lang may gusto…tsaka hindi naman ganun kalakas ang protesta compare to what happen sa NU vs FEU na masyadong close ang call…

    for sure mas magiging masaya ang UAAP pag natalo namin ang dlsu at matalo ang NU sa Feu…

  • predictor says:

    Doble-kara talaga tong si Jose.

    “Kung talo talo. Kung ako masusunod, wag na mag protest. Pero depende sa management yan”

    Protest filed and denied.

    “Dapat lang…” (i-elevate sa board)


    If I were Ato, pag na over-rule siya uli dito, magresign na siya as Commissioner of UAAP. He will be validated as a lameduck (not that he wasn’t made to appear in that NU case), unrespected commish.

    Wow. Nakakahiya yong lack of sportsmanship. Tsk tsk.

  • observer2 says:

    Nakakasuka UST management sobrang nakakasuka! Inyo nlng yun panalo! Kakahiya kayo!

  • Navigator says:

    Like what I said before, UST doesn’t realize what they are asking for when they pursued that protest.

    Double that if they do an NU and elevate the issue to the UAAP board.

    • observer2 says:

      They already did…

    • Anilov says:

      This is what I was trying to point out earlier. Even ADMU will exercise the same rights that were exercised by other schools namely NU and UST if they feel they need to protest or appeal. That’s why I suggested, if these “mechanisms” are being used as a way of circumventing “sportsmanship” or whatever, then remove it from the UAAP. Ganoon lang kasimple. Every school should agree that there would be no more protests, no more appeals. Tapos ang usapan.: )

      But the thing is, it’s still there. Do we blame NU? Or UST? I don’t think so. If it happened to ADMU, DLSU or the other teams, do we blame them? Hindi rin syempre.

  • oh well says:

    feel ko lang, kinausap management si pido para mag sabi siya ng mga ganun.

    NO TO REMATCH. Sa FINALS tayo bumawi, mas masarap dun!

  • observer2 says:

    I have a scary feeling from Pido’s statement re elevating to the board, they want Black suspended for 1 game which is final 4 game 1 already…

    • blue24 says:

      parang ang labo naman nun. lalong wala naman yata sa jurisdiction ng board ang pagsuspend sa player o sa coach, di ba?

      • bigf9779 says:

        you are right sir…wala pa akong nabalitaan na ang board ang nagsuspend sa player or coach, tsaka hindi naman puede na yun…wala ako nakikitang violation ni Coach Norman para isuspend…during that game dapat siguro natawagan ng technical foul kung pumasok sa court..pero hindi para masuspindi.

        • Don Pepot says:

          Asus! Wag ka na sumawsaw at nag benefit naman kayo sa ruling ng board. Pa epek pa kayo!

        • blue24 says:

          @bigf9779 – hmm…on thinking about it, mas reasonable (for me lang, ha) if they ask for coach black’s suspension, rather than a replay of the game. especially if they think na mali talaga yung referee for not calling the technical on black. in that case, they can argue na excessive yung complaints ni black during that time. so even if coach black would be suspended for one game, however important that game is, for me (emphasis on for ME), mas tatanggapin ko yung suspension for black kesa sa replay of the whole game.

          on the other hand, dangerous precedent din ito. because now, the board will be given the power to suspend players or coach.

    • They are pussies and meowing their way to the championship…

  • migimigi says:

    enough with this… may final four pa naman.. kasama tlg sa laro ang calls ng refs.. good or bad.. proud nako sa pinakita ng team..

    • observer2 says:

      Apparently un mgt nyo e gusto pa paguluhin at lalong mg mukhang talunan, tinanggalan pa ng dangal si Pido… Chuchi et al grabe kayo!

      • Anilov says:

        With all due respect Mr.
        First, your perception of the ball’s direction psychologically depends on whose side you’re in. If you are an Atenean, your mind will unconsciously dictate your senses and widen your imaginary parabola so that the ball has a possibility of getting in. But this is the most that they can say since they themselves rationally know that it has a very little chance of getting in.

        Same thing if you are a Thomasian, you would like to believe that the ball wasn’t even going to hit the ring, so you make your imaginary parabola narrower. Setting bias aside, goal-tending or not, as all your given definitions state, it’s the official’s decision that will count.Regarding the protest, just like Pido, we have easily accepted defeat right there and then. You can see from the posts here and how Thomasians reacted during the game, on obvious bad calls, as compared to the other crowd’s behavior. It’s not our fault if there’s a protest. It’s a right that anyone can have, especially after NU’s persistent protest bore a result in favor of them. In fact, most Thomasians say “NO TO PROTEST” Pero kung mapagbibigyan, bonus na lang. Another finals-like game and additional profit to many. If there’s one thing I’d like UST to protest is the non-call for technical foul on Coach Black, may warning na sya nung una, tapos halos 30seconds siyang nagwala sa gitna ng court wala pa ring technical. Though I know a protest for this is impossible since Technical fouls are very subjective.

        To the UST fans, it was another great, well-fought game, the tigers earned respect from both schools’ fans. To the Ateneans, It’s not over yet. More Big Fights to come.

  • observer2 says:

    sorry pero never naniwala si black na one an and should win it on paper.. sinabi na ni Pido nung una, talo, tanggal nya un then all of a sudden the mgt who would definitely know less about bSketball than Pido would protest? Sainyo na nga lng ung panalo. protesting is the right of a team pero to overturn the decision of the commisioner? alam nyo na mali yun pero you just had to do it kasi pwede.. tsk tsk tsk di ba kakahiya?

  • predictor says:

    Kapag umalis ang ADMU at DLSU sa UAAP, sa kangkungan uli pupulutin ang liga. Ang lakas pa naman ng dating ng NCAA with MVP at AkTV. Nu, Moa, Studio 23, and UST will not be able to save it, imo.

  • gaucho says:

    tanong, yung basis for the protest, ma-aapektuhan ba yung outcome nung laro? kasi kung hindi naman, bakit pa nag-protesta?

    reminds me of that school na nag-protesta dahil mali yung uniporme ng kalaban. hinintay muna matapos yung game at tambakan sila ng kalaban.

    ano to, the hell with decency. win at all cost?

  • A Time To Fly says:

    If the argument is technicality for technicality’s/(fairness’) sake, then we should all highlight the incompetence of the referees.

    1st: The trap on Buenafe that led to the turn-over that led to the basket of Abdul contains two crucial plays. One, Buenafe looked like he was fouled, but it was a 50/50, so the refs let that one go. Next, the one who stole the ball looked like he committed a dribbling violation (uncertain but replays would validate or refute my claim).

    2nd: Norman storming inside the court should have merited a Tech, not for crossing any physical line (it was a dead ball so I think the refs gave him the chance to roam the court as he pleased), but for how he was addressing the officials. I think I even saw him shouting at Ato. I have seen lesser actions that merited ejections.

    3rd: There was a good minute or two wherein the game could not resume because Pido did not field a 5th player when (correct me if I’m wrong) Bautista fouled out. Again, technically that should have also been a Tech on the UST bench.

    4th: Buenafe’s shot looked like it would hit the rim (with a very uncertain tone.) If there was no infraction called against Abdul, Buenafe would have been awarded two free throws.

    Then again, this is UST’s protest, so the Tech Comm would only look at points 2 and 4.

    However, for technicality’s sake, would a replay be the fairest decision here? Take a look at the FEU-NU game, the issue there is to count or not to count the basket; to award a win or go to Over Time. Those were the only two possible outcomes of RR’s basket- that is an uncontested fact. In this game, however, would it be a certainty that UST would win if those non-calls were called (without any minuscule possibility for an Ateneo win)?

  • Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam says:

    If I was Ato Badolato and my decision was overturned again, I would resign. Who the hell needs a commissioner who enforces the rules if he keeps getting overturned by a board that always has agendas that obviously affect their decisions?

    • Anilov says:

      yes youre right.lagi my agendas board about inside the court? referee’s? commissioners? etc. walang agenda at hindi pwedeng magkamali?

      • Alvin says:

        so un board mas may alam sa basketball kesa ni-hire nila na commissioner?

        it’s useless to argue, Rick is right, the league is dead. any supposed to be life left in it was taken when the UST mgt who didnt get a favorable decision from the commissioner elevated it to the board to have a replay (khit 7 secs yan o 1 full game pa!)

        hindi na nakakainis, nakakalungkot nlng. sayang, UST really had a chance to win it and take it from ADMU masasang dahil sa mga laro sa boardroom..

    • If Ato’s decision is overturned, useless na ang role niya. Yes, he should send a strong message to the UAAP Board by resigning.

  • Alvin says:

    here’s a well written piece by Rick on all these protest issues..

  • predictor says:

    On 1, so the ball was stolen, then passed to Ferrer and then Ferrer HOPPED (traveling by basketball rule book) to avoid Ryan on the floor before dribbling and passing to Abdul who made the shot. The uncalled infraction(s) were what pissed off NB, hence 2.

    Then time out. And still UST was not harping on any of those kase lamang nga namn sila at may 7 secs pa. Then Ryan happened.

    Even up until that time, when the officials deliberated and stuck to the goaltending, you can clearly see “Ok lang. Ok lang” sa pananalita ni Pido sa camera. Mahaba pa yan 5 secs. Kala niya siguro magmimilagro na naman si Fortuna, Ferrer, Teng, o Mariano ala Javier ng UE lol kaya ok lang daw. E di naka shoot kaya ayan, protesta.

  • predictor says:

    Also, their first bone of contention was the goaltending call. Seeing that they won’t have a case on that, kambiyo sila sa technical foul na dapat tinawag kay NB during the time out. Pero during the game, wala naman sa kanila yon dahil the damage was already done on Ateneo and as I said, lamang sila.

    Kaya kung susuriin mo, di nagkakalayo ito sa uniform issue na nabanggit above — protest was filed as an afterthought. Yon bang “ok lang” sa simula at ng matalo, “siyet, di pala ok” lol.

    • Alvin says:

      di pala ok, protesta ako.. ay di tinanggap, elevate ko sa board, pwede naman e.. lol kakatawa.. Chuchi, chuchi, chuchiiiii

    • Anilov says:

      siguro kung nashoot ni mariano..protesta din kayo dahil baka maagawan pa kayo sa 1st then baka FEU pa mameet nyo sa final 4..haha!

      • Alvin says:

        cguro nga bro, pero in this situation, UST mgt had the chance to take the high road, they didnt..

        ang ganda kaya ng ending kung khit talo pa sila dun sa game na un pero they’d end up the champions this year?

        im 100% sure Pido knows this and deep inside malamang mas gusto nya ni let go na un, lalo na alam na nya how to beat the Blue Eagles..

        • Anilov says:

          thomasians were againts the protest but we cant blame the management fighting for their rights hehe.mas ok nga sana kalaban ng ust ang feu then admu sa finals.hehe

      • predictor says:

        Ang alam ko Ust takot makahrap ang FEU sa F4 eh. Kaya don pa lang sa game ng FEU at NU, agree sila sa replay lol. kase kung nanalo na agad Feu dito, ayaw nilang maging 10-4 silang dalawa kase best of 3 yon sa 2nd spot at finals. Imagine 2 games pa kelangan nila sa Feu? E kamote sila don lol

        Ateneo will not choose anyone. Just bring it on the court not the board room lol. Maski SBC nyo pa lol. And nope, di ugali ng Ateneo yong protest protest at ‘W’ sa board. lahat sa court na lang.

  • projectakira says:

    stop with the protest… you are just fueling the fire of ADMU’s drive for 5…

  • Butch Domingo says:

    Nakakatawa talaga ang UST, para din NU, pinagtatawanan ng mga tao.

  • This is getting uglier. WES and wye are now hiding… What a hypocrisy

    • wye says:

      duh…tell ibp to publish my posts…

      • wye says:

        eto nakakainis minsan e…yung mahabang posts na may laman hindi lumalabas…yungmga non sense na ganito napupublish, oh well, i’m not down with the protest too for the record…i’ve been saying that all along and that it will be shot down. thing is if NU didn’t file a protest..UST would not have too…Perps pa pala.

  • One issue after another. They will never stop. Let’s give the crown to UST…. They are desperate and know they are done for the season…..

  • The second protest will not progress for sure.

    I am sure another protest will be revealed and then a fourth and the a fifth… Wow, 5 peat na UST …. sa protest.

  • “Hindi pwede ang ganyan. Technicality ang pinag-uusapan dito. Game-changer ang ginawa nila. Pwede pala ganon, pupunta ka sa hardcourt just to complain. Maliwanag sa rule na you can’t cross the line. Automatic technical dapat yun o kung warning naman, may warning na rin siya before (It’s a matter of technicality. What happens to the rule which states that you can’t cross the line, otherwise you’d be slapped a technical foul? Or even if it would only be a warning, he already got a previous warning),” said Jarencio.

    How many times has Pido been guilty of this???

    The hypocrisy….

  • “Hindi rin ako kumbinsido na goal-tending pero judgment call yun. Pero yung aangal sa harap ni commissioner, technicality yun (I’m not convinced on the goal-tending, either, but that was a judgment call. But rushing to the court to complain in front of the commissioner, that’s technicality,” he said.

    Why didnt he stop the initial protest on the goaltending, and propounded the the second issue immediately?

    What a hypcritical act!!!

    Give UST the crown!!!

    • Cho says:

      What was Pido supposed to say? “I disagree with Management! Eff my bosses”. Come on!

      Majority of Thomasians disagree with th e protest..let it run its course..if the Board shoots it down, fine…if they order a replay…then beat the sh*t out UST again….ADMU has done it time and time again….

      Enough of the whining and cussing (im looking at you Mr. Ricky Olivares)

      • Chongo says:

        tell that to Rick using your true identity

        you dont get the big picture here so just shut the hell up! yep, looking at you eff-p*ssy!

  • Anilov says:

    Poor Officiating of the referees for both teams that lead to such ma DRAMA Protest between schools! hehehe! next season 76 new rule: No commissioner + No board members= Only referee’s : )

  • The Fearless Analyst says:

    Allow me to quote from an unknown Spanish Author,”Let us not cuckle like hens in the barnyard.Let us begin to soar like an Eagle.”

  • Cho says:

    This year we have a Final 5. Great for college hoops fans!

  • ethan hunt says:

    Bakit ba bitter na bitter si unbreakableinfive sa UST?

  • predictor says:

    Noon bang ni-re-recite yong Oath of Sportsmanship ni Parks, nakataas kamay ni Pido? Di no? lol. O di kelangan? Kase Oath of Sore Losing ang ni=recite ng coaches? hehe

  • predictor says:



    Corollary ni Pido:


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