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The Games That Play Us: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

Monday, 17 September 2012 24 Comments

First, remember this:

Scissors cut Paper.

Paper covers Rock.

Rock crushes Lizard.

Lizard poisons Spock.

Spock smashes Scissors.

Scissors decapitate Lizard.

Lizard eats Paper.

Paper disproves Spock.

Spock vaporizes Rock.

Rock crushes Scissors.

Okay, moving on, here’s the thing – what a frantic friggin’ conclusion to Season 75’s elimination round it’s going to be! I guess every year UAAP fans hear/read observers and wannabe analysts (ahem!) say, “It doesn’t get any closer than this,” but that cliché applies now more than it does in other seasons.

Things are THAT close.

I mean, consider that, with just two playdates left in the season, three Final Four slots are still up in the air. Consider that four teams are within just a game of each other in the standings. Consider that there’s a possibility that UST, FEU, DLSU, and NU might ALL end up with 9-5 cards. Not enough? Alright. Consider that NO MATTER WHO WINS in the last three elims games, we WILL have a playoff for AT LEAST one Final Four spot. YES, I MEANT TO USE A LOT OF UPPER CASE LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS.

It’s that crazy!


The last stretch of Season 75 all the way to the Finals is going be a doozy for UAAP fans and basketball fans in general. More than the Final Four possibilities, however, we have to marvel at the fact that there is no single team, not even Ateneo (especially after Erram’s injury), that can be touted as untouchable, as a shoo-in for the Finals. Each team among the five remaining contenders has dominated a couple of other teams in the same set, while also struggling against the others.

Look at the following scores:

Round 1:

FEU over UST, 73-72

UST over Ateneo, 71-70

FEU over DLSU, 48-46

Ateneo over NU, 89-65

UST over NU, 77-71

Ateneo over DLSU, 71-61

NU over FEU 61-57

UST over DLSU, 84-82 (2 OT)

DLSU over NU, 87-86 (OT)

Ateneo over FEU, 74-71

Round 2:

FEU over UST, 87-60

UST over NU, 58-57

DLSU over UST, 53-51

Ateneo over FEU, 77-64

Ateneo over DLSU, 77-67

NU over DLSU, 72-62

Ateneo over NU, 70-56

Ateneo over UST, 68-66

DLSU over FEU, 63-56

FEU over NU, 77-75 (to be re-played)

Ateneo is 7-1 here, but they’ve struggled most notably against UST and FEU.

UST is 4-4. They swept NU and seem to be the contrapelo to the Eagles, but they’ve struggled against DLSU and were swept by the Tamaraws.

FEU is 4-4 with one disputed win. They seem to have UST’s number, and have really gotten under Ateneo’s skin, though NU and DLSU have repeatedly pushed them to the brink (losing to each team once).

DLSU is 3-5. The Archers succumbed to Ateneo twice and lost each to NU, FEU, and UST, but they’ve also been able to beat those three teams.

NU has the worst record at 2-6 with one disputed loss. Ateneo convincingly beat them twice, but their two UST losses were pretty close. They split their match-ups with both DLSU and FEU.

Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. Nobody has a clear advantage. Anything can happen. It’s all wide open.

It’s insane.

And there’s really no better time to be a basketball fan.

Just for argument’s sake, the following are my predictions:

UST will beat UE to climb to 10-4.

DLSU will beat Adamson and move up to 9-5.

NU will beat FEU to tie La Salle at 9-5.

FEU will fall to 9-5 as well.

At this point, the quotient system will come into play, and a stepladder match-up for the last two Final Four slots will take place. I’m putting my money on FEU and DLSU to make the Final Four and NU to drop out.

Againt, just for argument’s sake.

So argue! Who’s your pick? What do you think?! Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, or Spock?

 *Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock is an actual modification of the age-old Rock, Scissors, Paper game. It was developed by ComicCon regulars Sam Kass and Karen Bryla.


AdMU 68 – Ravena 18, Tiongson 13, Buenafe 11, Slaughter 10, Sumalinog 7, Salva 6, Elorde 3, Gonzaga 0, Golla 0, Chua 0

UST 66 – Abdul 22, Teng 12, Mariano 9, Fortuna 8, Ferrer 8, Bautista 7, Vigil 0, Pe 0, Lo 0, Afuang 0

QS: 15-18, 30-33, 52-43, 68-66

Key Performances:

Kiefer Ravena (AdMU) – 18pts, 6rebs, 4asts, 1stl

Oping Sumalinog (AdMU) – 7pts, 8rebs, 1stl, 2blks

Karim Abdul (UST) – 22pts, 12rebs, 3stls, 2blks, 1ast


NU 65 – Parks 17, Mbe 13, Rosario 10, Javillonar 8, Alolino 8, Roño 3, Singh 2, Labing-isa 2, De Guzman 2, Villamor 0, Neypes 0, Khobuntin 0, Betayene 0

UP 60 – Padilla 14, Silungan 11, Mbah 8, Soyud 8, Ball 7, Manuel 3, Lopez 3, Montecastro 2, Gamboa 2, Asilum 2, Wierzba 0, Hipolito 0

QS: 12-11, 30-21, 51-41, 65-60

Key Performances:

Emmanuel Mbe (NU) – 13pts, 14rebs 1blk

Ray Parks (NU) – 17pts, 6rebs, 4asts, 1stl, 1blk

Alinko Mbah (UP) – 8pts, 4rebs, 3blks


DLSU 63 – Vosotros 21, Teng 10, Revilla 8, Andrada 7, Van Opstal 6, Torres N 6, Torres 3, Mendoza 2, Webb 0, Manguera 0, Tampus 0

FEU 56 – Romeo 26, Garcia 10, Mendoza 8, Escoto 5, Cruz 3, Tolomia 2, Hargrove 2, Sentcheu 0, Pogoy 0, Bringas 0

QS: 11-12, 26-24, 42-33, 63-56

Key Performances:

Almond Vosotros (DLSU) – 21pts, 3 treys, 2rebs, 2asts

Arnold Van Opstal (DLSU) – 6pts, 5rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk

Terrence Romeo (FEU) – 26pts, 5 treys, 2rebs, 2asts, 1stl


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  • Let’s get the best of the best for our drills…

  • Red Rampant says:

    Final four, here it comes!

  • Falconites says:

    Traffic Advisory: “Taft avenue will be impassable on Thursday due to flooding.. LOL”

  • Spinning Back Fist says:

    I love Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper definitely deserves all the awards he’s receiving.

  • predictor says:

    If your scenario/prediction happens, the team with the highest quotient gets automatic 3rd, and that’s NU.

    It’d be a knockout game between FEU and DLSU for 4th. I think.

  • The Fearless Analyst says:

    Business is business.In the Semis my fearless forecast:ADMU(N0.1) vs DLSU(No.4).La Salle wins Game 1 and Ateneo wins Game 2 to barge into the Finals.
    UST(2) vs FEU(3).Papel-Bato-Gunting..but,good business is important…UST will be the other Finalist.
    It will be an ADMU vs UST Finals.Expect a good crowd.
    Wait.However,if the best crowd to enter the MOA-Arena must happen soon and the cost of TV spots must sky-rocket once in a blue moon,it will and its still a possibility… a classic
    Ateneo-La Salle Finals..

    • projectakira says:

      i think ADMU-UST would be a dream match as well… ADMU wants redemption and the 5th straight title would be sweeter if they can avenge their 2006 loss to UST…

    • rrrr says:

      In the history of the UAAP, has a 4th seeder won one game against the first seed?

      Medyo malayo disparity of talent ng Ateneo at Lasalle pa. Ateneo is also very composed in playoff games unlike their opponents.

      • humbleman says:

        if ever DLSU will make it to the Final 4, it will be another classic game for sure…sabi nga nila, kahit mahina ang DLSU or ADMU, pag itong dalawang school ang nagtapat siguradong dikit ang laban…kahit tignan nyo previous season, kahit nung time na mahina pa ang Ateneo, dikit ang laban pag sila ang nagtagpo…

  • projectakira says:

    Goodluck to the 5 teams…

    …ADMU still very much owns this season unless proven otherwise…

    • rrrr says:

      UST looks very ready and confident to win it all this season.

      However, the Eagles are pressured to win because the community is counting on them to become the best team in history. Ateneo might just make that extra effort to become extra prepared. Iba rin ang Ateneo pag playoffs. Nangangarag ang kalaban.

  • mighty_bangaw says:

    kapit tomasino!

    Viva Sto Tomas!

  • Falconites says:

    Why all the fuss? AdU will beat DLSU on thursday anyway.. =)

  • wye says:

    for a change..this is a nice little article not mentioning the “P” word. the focus is still the games and yes i hope there wouldn’t be any more distractions en route to the final 4. my take (more of my hopes) – adu beats dlsu as the archers succumb to the pressure again (like 2 years ago when they lost to NU)…ust beats ue to secure their final 4 spot. FEU beats NU to tie UST at 10-4 and force a knockout match for the #2 seed while NU ties DLSU at 4 which would also merit a knockout game. 2 knockout games scenario would be my dream! they could sell separate tickets for these and the UAAP would make millions.

  • The Fearless Analyst says:

    Any schedule that may yield good business is worthy of thought and analysis in the plane of possibilities and probabilities.Why? History quietly reflects that the aspect of commercialism makes several quarters surprisingly layers deep act with determination,excitement and passion with a slant in….boxing.However,this is college basketball.This isn’t prize fighting.Right?! “Let the disagreements begin,”as we eagerly await the Semis and Finals.
    Before the finals begin,I will tell you my fearless forecast of who the Champion of Season 75 shall be.Clue:Rely and trust your instinct!

  • Otha Jameson says:

    Wow. This blog site is sick! How can I make it look this good !?

  • Cho says:

    This year we have a Final 5. Great for college hoops fans!

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