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FilOil 2012: San Beda defeats Ateneo, Arellano and EAC gain edge

Saturday, 21 April 2012 4,498 Views / 112 Comments

Arellano 89, Lyceum 81

“Positive Attitudes, produce positive results”, said Arellano Chiefs Head Coach Koy Banal even if his team were under siege until the 8:35 minute mark of the 4th quarter when they had their first taste first lead after 1 14-0 run , 70-68. Arellano’s late 4th quarter comeback was boosted by Adam Serjue with 22-points who shot a remarkable 4 for 4 from beyond the arc, followed by Isaiah Ciriacruz with 17-points, Nard Pinto with 13-points and 16-year old rookie from Cebu, Julius Cadavis with 10-points and 7 rebounds.

The Pirates were led by Shane Ko with 18-points, followed Cris Cayabyab with 17-points, Vence Laude with 13-points and Mark Francisco with 10-points. Arellano out-rebounded Lyceum, 48-34, and had more 2nd Chance points 10-4. The Pirates dropped to 0-2 while the Chiefs are 1-0.

EAC 77, CSB 72

After trailing the Blazers at the end of the 1st half, 36-29, with CSB leading the turnover points category with 15-points, the Generals out-scored the Blazers in the 4th quarter, 21-15 to eventually push the game into overtime at 68-all. Then EAC started to find its rythm in in the extra period on the defensive end to put this game away for good.

Noube Happi had a monster performance for the Generals with 15-points and a whopping 18 rebounds, followed by John Monteclaro with 12-points, John Tayongtong with 11-points and Russel Yaya with 10-points but it was the diminutive rookie point guard Francis Munsayac that kept the ball game alive for EAC down the stretch with 9-points, including 4 crucial free throws to ice the game. Carlo Lastimosa led the Blazers with 15-points, followed by Jan Tan with 13-points and Mark Romero with 10-points. EAC improved to 1-1 while CSB are 0-1.

San Beda 63, Ateneo 61

After trailing by as much as 16-points, 12 by the end of the 1st quarter, then 13 at the end of the 1st half, including a 12-0 run by the Blue Eagles in the 1st period, the Red Lions roared back at the 4:00 minute mark in the 4th quarter to take the driver’s seat, 55-54, with sophomore combo guard, Baser Amer taking charge with 14-points and 3 steals down the stretch including two crucial free throws with 19 secs remaining to seal the game for the Red Lions.

Ola Adeogun, with only 2-points in the 1st half, scored a total 16-points and 13 rebounds to lead the Red Lions attack in the 2nd half. Greg Slaughter had 24-points and 13 rebounds (11-points in the 1st half) to lead Ateneo, followed by Keifer Ravena with 10-points. San Beda had 17 2nd chance points compared to Ateneo’s 10.

The Red Lions also had more turnover points than the Blue Eagles, 12-6. “Because we played together as a team”, said 1st season Red Lions Head Coach, Ronnie Magsanoc, in the dugout after the scintillating win and a 3-0 win-loss slate while Ateneo dropped to 2-1.

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Mike is a former NCAA Game analyst under Studio 23. He was also a former Game Analyst for the 2005 Collegiate Champions League (CCL), 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championships (PCC), 2005 and 2006 National Basketball Conference (NBC) and 2005 Global Destiny Basketball League (GBDL). Started writing about College Basketball with Follow me on Twitter: michaelabasolo


  • JanverKun says:

    Ehemm. Animo Courage! Heart of a Lion <3

  • Hellboy says:

    Ahem again. Congrats to San Beda Red Lions. Nice win Coach Ronnie. Halatang pinagpawisan sa simula pa lang. Lol!

  • Kuneho Chow says:

    Maybe we’re just lucky enough to pull the W out from the hands of ADMU. Anyways great game and yeah, hoping to see more great games like this one.

    PS: Cheers for Coach Ronnie, doing a great job for the 4th quarter roar!

    Animo San Beda! PAX!

    • Mav says:

      well I wouldn’t call it lucky but it’s all hard work for the boys, their faces showed determination in coming back. Overall, it was really a good game for both teams.


  • the square up there says:


    • Hellboy says:

      Walang sayang dun. Sulit nga e. Ganda ng laban. Hihi

    • Escudo says:

      Hi TIDR,

      By the way, you’re future cousin in law was at the SBC & DLSU game and told him of how you hate his guts and playing style and how he has not made an impact.

      He just said, ” hahanapin ko siya dun sa Soller and Uy reunions para ma explain niya yun paratang niya”.

      Btw, huwag ka mag absent ha Igol.

      • Hellboy says:

        Loko ka talaga Brod. Lol!

      • Escudo says:

        ooops typo…”your”, baka may grammar police…waaah

      • Red Cafe says:

        Patay si TIDR!

      • The Square Up There says:

        Kailan ba yung La Salle – beda game? Nag usap lang kami nung Friday. Wala naman.

        Hey lolo escudo, Didn’t see a single bedan defend Ogie after his verbal altercation with the trigger man Allan Caidic. Didn’t see a single bedan too when coach Yeng Guiao accused him of being a danger to the league (PBA) before that. The man AND YOUR SCHOOL was humiliated by Brgy. Ginebra and B-Meg diehards.

        Trying to cause some friction ey?

        And yes, my surname is Soller, haha.

        • Escudo says:

          Tapos na game bok.

          Ikaw naman ang nag umpisa ibash si Ogie. Am just transmitting what u said. Maybe he didnt want to accuse since he is unsure of your actual person. Pero say what you say here to his face.

          Plastic ka kasi, pag naka harap ka, parang kuting. Backstabber ika nga.

          About that event? Sorry I dont follow the PBA.

  • Frank Valdez says:

    The brawl that happened inside SBC was a blessing in disguise. It brought SBC a better coach in Ronnie Magssanoc. A more systematic and scientific than Frankie Lim.

    • Red Rampant says:

      Pls define systematic and scientific?

    • Escudo says:

      Nice try! Here’s to you flameboy! ..I..

    • Mike Abasolo says:

      Hi Frank Valdez,

      More scientific and systematic? You cant win 4 Championships, 2 back to back including a perfect 18-0, without a systematic, scientific basketball program. Until this day, the Red Lions, perhaps, up to the end of Season 88, will always be Frankie Lim’s team, these are his recruits, his personality, until that time, Coach Magsanoc will be its caretaker. Since changes were abrupt, Coach Magsanoc has no choice but to use the same system, same rules as his predecessor.

      And Yes, I agree the Coach Magsanoc is an excellent coach and he will put his stamp on the Red Lions next season were he can start fresh. But you cant take away what Frankie Lim has done for San Beda.

      • Escudo says:

        Kaya haters madami pa kayong Ampalayang kakanin! At na uubusan na kayo ng rason…este ubos na pala.

        • Mav says:

          yung mga haters talagang hate lang ang iniisip, very destructive, narrow-minded, hindi nag-iisip muna bago mag bitaw ng comment

          • sketch says:

            isn’t that what hate does sometimes? it clouds our logic. same can be said about other emotions.

    • banned says:

      it might be a surprise to you then that all the plays and game strategies used by coach frankie are still being used by the current coaches. nothing against our current coaches, but it would do you well to recognize what coach frankie did for the san beda basketball program.

      • Ola says:

        Sat beside Gabo during the game vs. ADMU. He said the offense is totally intact. Its at the D where some adjustments were made.

        In the short time you cannot change the whole system, tweaks here and there can happen but it can confuse so Coach Ronnie will have to build from where CFL has established. Every fan understands that, except this poser Frank.

  • oh well says:

    Nice SBC. 3 UAAP teams na pinatumba niyo!

  • Bedan from California says:

    Quality Basketball.. irregardless whether participants were all Filipinos or not, teamwork and determination creates winning solutions… This type of games certainly moved Philippine Basketball forward. A lot has been learned in this game from the standpoint of courage, athletiscm, teamwork and determination.

    Unfortunately, schools with third world mentality doesnt see it this way.

    • nicksy says:

      @Bedan from California

      Fellow Bedan
      Let us not instigate any unmeaningful debate here.
      You will just attract posers, haters and bashers.
      just love the game.

      Congrats RL, keep it up.

      • Bedan from California says:


        Call it instigation, call it an “Unmeaningful issue”, its really your opinion. But i my opinion remains the same. On the contrary, i think what i have pointed out is legitimate in lieu of a great name where the color of the skin doesn’t matter. Instigating a fight is one thing, inviting the truth to come out is another. I am not an instigator, i am a promoter of the truth in favor of the agrieved victim.

        • jun cunay says:

          Just say no to RACISM! Have a nice day brothers…

        • cc says:

          yup, hate all they want as if their hateful opinion matters to me and you

        • rrrr says:

          Bedan from California

          Matapobre, Elitist.. Probably your transfer to the stateside recognize how hard it is back in RP. Yes the Philippines is a third world country. A third world country still has a lot to go through before it reaches what you want to happen. You are forgetting reality.

          In any case, I’m sure you as a brown man in the US get your own share of discriminating moments. Moreover, don’t think too highly of yourself because there are graduates from schools BETTER THAN YOURS who have forged their names in a third world country.

          • Hellboy says:

            He’s referring to you and your co-haters’ kind of attitude. Maang-maangan ka pa. Lol!

          • Bedan from California says:

            Matapobre… Elitist… for calling you guys Third World?

            Please don’t advertise your ignorance. “Third World” has nothing to do with economics. The label refers to a culture which refuses to open up to ideas and practices other culture offer. That is why in so many ways, Japan is also considered, Third World.

            Largely, The Philippines is definitely considered “Third World” because of people like you… and schools like Letran and the Gang of Four who has no clue what racism means.

          • Bedan from California says:

            Matapobre… Elitist… for calling you guys Third World?

            Please don’t advertise your ignorance. “Third World” has nothing to do with economics. The label refers to a culture which refuses to open up to ideas and practices other culture offer. A culture that uses primitive logic and norms. That is why in so many ways, Rich Japan is also considered, Third World.

          • Hellboy says:

            Sana NoKor na lang ang na-mention mo. Haha

          • okay says:

            bedan from california.

            “Third World” has nothing to do with economics.” — Wrong. Go back to first year college in another school where you can learn proper definitions.

            “The label refers to a culture which refuses to open up to ideas and practices other culture offer. A culture that uses primitive logic and norms.” —- True. The Philippines has primitive logic and norms. Which is why realistic people have already recognized it. Of course, who wants to stay this way? I said it before, I’ll say it again. The Philippines has to go through a lot first before reaching what WE ALL want to happen. What you want to happen is apparently a jump. We need to take it one step at a time.

            “That is why in so many ways, Rich Japan is also considered, Third World.” Then so is China and the US then. China is not open to freedom of speech and the US hates immigrants.

          • Doppelgänger says:

            si Bedan from Ca is not a Bedan! Si IR Back yan, at first sounding like he is a Bedan in the earlier threads to establish himself as legitimate…the truth is now coming out…

            Buking ka na lokong IR Back ng mag veteranong nag post dito!

      • markregi says:

        haters will never stop bashing every chance they get
        no amount of counterbashing would change their hearts
        reacting to them does more damage to our school than good
        brothers, the best way to deal with these haters is to disregard
        there are proper venues to address our concerns and there are better ways to do it

    • wye says:

      You should listen to your fellow bedans and just stop instigating Word wars here…praise your school, it’s your right but do not put down anyone else. Stop being/sounding arrogant. Congrats btw, sayang ndi televised.

      • Bedan from California says:

        Only when Racism has stopped.

      • Hellboy says:

        Wye, I’m sure you have read what “blanktape, siga lang sa court, rrr and observer” have posted. I understand why he posted that way. Nothing’s wrong actually. It’s natural to send message to whom he really intends. Hehe

        • wye says:

          Let’s just say my post was meant for everyone..hehe

          • Hellboy says:

            Nakikinig naman ang iba dito. Even we Bedans have this kind of responsiblity to police fellow Bedans. We know when to stop/cease. Ewan ko lang ang iba dito (Who actually started putting down/bashing). Whatever you hear o read from my fellow Bedans here are just a form of defense/retaliation. Pansinin mo ang trend. Hihi

          • Escudo says:

            HB saraaaap! Didnt see you but am sure you were all over the place!

          • Hellboy says:

            Kuya! Haha! Oo nga e. Was about to approach you, pero bigla kang nawala.

          • Escudo says:

            You mean when I was beside Gabo, Monfort (the Pocket Rocket), Borgie and Dave? You were in the same sea of red?

            I went to the court side.

          • Escudo says:

            You mean when I was beside Gabo, Monfort (the Pocket Rocket), Borgie and Dave? You were in the same sea of red?

            I went to the court side.


  • FalconElite says:

    baser taking over the game? thats scary for a sophomore. when i first saw him play in the juniors against ravena in the pccl two years ago,i became an instant follower. this guy has a bright future. btw congrats san beda!

    • jun cunay says:

      Nice comment bro, basketball league/s need/s a fan or follower like you who knows how to appreciate the capabilites of a great player like Baser Amer. I also like the way Baser plays basketball–he is truly a GOD-fearing Bedan Gentleman…may your tribe increase!

      • FalconElite says:

        thanks. mahilig lang ako manood ng games kahit hindi adamson ang naglalaro and i see players in the ncaa that are really good like earl thompson of uphsd and adam serjue of arellano. adamson’s jericho cruz will likely be a go to guy for my falcons.

        ADU FIGHT!!

      • opiin says:

        mr. pogi ng beda, baser amer

        • bball fan says:

          Coach Ronnie had me worried that he’s going in a different direction in terms of Baser Amer unless he was ailing. Just like in the game against DLSU he didnt start Amer and he pulled out three players ahead of him before calling his number. Both Koga and Melo played ahead of Baser in the first half and it’s a good thing Baer showed the coach his true value.

          Hopefully Amer would be the 1st guy to be called off the bench in the next game if he still doesnt make it as a starter as I know Anjo Caram is a heck of a job quarterbaking for the Red Lions

          • Escudo says:

            Coach Ronnie is still experimenting on the team specially all the boys are new to him and vice versa. What was new in the offense was the use of Koga at no.2 spot replacing Julius. Coach has the summer league to use as a tune-up prior to the NCAA wars. I think he is using the bench rather well surprisingly.

            The use of Amer off the bench is a tactic in this game to keep the intensity of the first unit. Its not about proving his skill and talent. It’s been proven since the start of the 2nd round in Season 87. We have a long list of Pg’s in the team along with Amer and Anjo. They are Vice Ludovice and Francis Abarcar, you should see these guys in practice they can match the intensity of the veterans. What we are seemingly lacking is the 3 and 4 spot in heft and experience but Abatayo, Bonsubre and Villaruz will soon mature and they will easily provide the banging down at the post and play wing. Rome did well on the 4 spot too.

            In all, good small & effective changes. Good job Coaches!

    • Mhen Dyola says:

      ravena is still miles ahead of him, if both ravena and baser were allowed to join the pba draft today kiefer will be the hands down top pick while baser will be lucky just to be picked in the 3rd or 4th rounds.

  • qwerty says:

    Baket ganito na ang klase ng mga article dito sa inboundpass? nakakatamad na basahin, yung player boxscore ginawang sentence form lang para may maisulat lang dito.

    • Mike Abasolo says:

      Hi qwerty,

      Thanks for the comment. So sorry if i bore you to death. We are trying to revise our story format, experimenting at the same time trying to find a way to deliver the news/stories/highlights in a faster, more efficient way possible based on our infrastructure.

  • adamsonval says:

    The fight continues…THIS IS ADAMSON FALCONS!!! :D

    • Mike Abasolo says:

      Hi Wolve28,

      Actually, according to Coach Banal, a lot of teams have been sending offers/feelers and he was thankful and fortunate to have this kid from the south step on his door and play for the Chiefs.

  • jun cunay says:

    Congrats coach Ronnie, SBC coaching staff, management and players…

  • Bedan from the South says:

    When San Beda faces Letran on June 2, I would like to see “NO TO RACISM” banners around the Arena and maybe t-shirts with the same slogan. To protest Letran’s move to ban foreigners from enrolling in the NCAA and the racial slur thrown to Ola by the SSC Volleyball team.

    Animo San Beda!

    • Hellboy says:

      Sa Letran lang ba? Lol!

      • Bedan from the South says:

        @Hellboy: Because the only nationally televised game left for San Beda is against Letran. We need to show to the rest of the Filipinos who will be watching that game that RACISM has no place in the Philippines. Remember Letran is the proponent of the ban. “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM BAN THEM” – Frankie Lim.

        @Mike Abasolo: What are the setiments of the new coach of SBC Ronnie Magsanoc against the ban? Ronnie has been silent regarding the issue. I like to hear what he has to say about this.

        Animo San Beda!

        • Escudo says:

          Speaking of Letran, they have lost the legitimate big man Raymond Almazan already to Cebuana Lhullier.

          So here goes the beginning of curse of the “Gang of Four”…

          @Bedan from the South

          Not in anyway to know better than Mike A., I suspect Coach Ronnie has more in his hands now than getting into something that’s hard to chew at this time. I think his priorities is knowing his players and cascading his game philosophy.

          I heard that one is Defense and it paid handsome dividends at the end game vs. ADMU.

          • oh well says:

            Kahit sa ncaa? di na lalaro si almazan?

          • Escudo says:

            That’s why I meant it in general terms, to mean a permanent loss in the summer and NCAA leagues. At least that was the news I got from the D-League.

    • Bedan from California says:

      That is sooooooooooo true.

      Becuase of the actions they did, the terrible 70′s and 80′s of the NCAA, where student fights among the students became frequent, might errupt again.

      No to racism. Down with the Gang of Four!

    • banned says:

      that game suddenly lost its luster. no more almazan for letran. is this only for the fil-oil or for the ncaa as well? we’d like for letran to be at its full force when we meet on the court. it’s the only way it should be.

  • Mav says:

    I think the last time SBC won over ADMU was the 2009 Fil-Oil where Rabeh still played for the latter.

  • LEOLITE says:

    This was truly a very nice game. 2 champions battling for who is better. struggling from behind by 16 points against a worthy opponent is no ordinary matter. True to the Red lions, they showed tremendous spirit and a lion’s heart. San Beda deserves that win. Congratulations Bedans. Ateneo, you truly gave us a One Big Fight! Your brand of basketball makes good teams better. Animo to you too.

    • Hellboy says:

      Yeah, that was hell of a game. Man, the boys responded well. Sulit ang ticket. Should have been televised. Even the EAC v CSB game maganda din laban.

  • Direktor says:

    This game was great because it wasn’t played like it’s just the pre-season. There were the jockeying for positions during the rebound battles, floor burns from loose ball scrambles and an almost playoff atmosphere in the endgame.

    San Beda was saddled by early foul trouble on Jake Pascual and Julius Armon, and the Red Lions were missing their shots. Rome Dela Rosa carried the fight offensively, and played excellent D on Nico Salva. But it was noticeable that their offense on the half court wasn’t fluid, and could not run the way they usually do.

    Greg Slaughter was just unstoppable inside, and the Blue Eagles capitalized on this throughout the game. They built comfortable leads with their great half court sets and killer secondary breaks. San Beda just hung tough, tried to keep close and cut down the lead to single digits by the end of the 3rd quarter.

    Then in the 4th quarter, the Red Lions turned it up several notches, still using a smaller but quicker lineup that suffocated the Blue Eagles defensively, forcing them to turnovers that were converted to fastbreak points. This is where I thought the Blue Eagle bench tacticians failed to adjust against Coach Magsanoc’s plan. They were still going to Slaughter, and kept the pace fast.

    Credit goes to Baser Amer, Julius Armon and the Red Lions backcourt who made life tough for Ravena in the endgame, where The Phenom was hounded aggressively on D.

    Amer proved that Ravena wasnt the only great freshman in last year’s hoop season. On one fast break play late in the game, Amer did a wicked crossover move that left Kiefer’s feet going one way with Baser going high up another direction for a teardrop. Baser had about 8 pts and 2-3 steals in that endgame run.

    Julius Armon played intense, hounding defense on the Ateneo guards even when he could not find his offense. Credit should go to Coach Ronnie and his staff for deciding to stick with Julius and Baser in the endgame, even if they both didn’t have a good first half.

    Both teams would only get better as the college hoops season gets under way.

    • Mike Abasolo says:

      Hi Direktor,

      Thanks for expanding the story further.

      Slaughter got his 11 points in the 1st half because, Adeogun and K. Pascual, let him. Slaughter was only had 5 from his rebounding total of 13 in the 2nd half but when the Red Lions had finally realized that they can box-out the bigger Blue Eagles, it resulted in 10 of 17 2nd chance points including 3 crucial steals for 6 of 12 turnover points in the 2nd half c/o the efforts of Armon and Amer. But nothing to take away from Ateneo, they’re a very disciplined team on both ends. I just felt that missing services – their speed and quickness – of Kirk Long and Monfort from the perimeter.

      • bball fan says:

        Curiosuly Ateneo didnt capitalize on the mismatch when SBC utilized a three guard line up with Caram Baser and Melo Lim. Salva had a much smaller man on him for several instances but he must have had an off night.

        • Capt. Kirk says:

          Arespacochaga doesn’t have the feel of a Norman Black. He would have seen the mismatches right away and used it to his advantage. Sandy didn’t. It wasn’t an off night for Salva. He is a consistent scorer, these things don’t just happen and no adjustments. I think Sandy just stuck to what worked in the 1st half.

          Also, Rome is a great defender and the smaller Melo would have snatched the ball as he drove downtown. Baser toyed w Juami and made things harder for Kiefer. Kiefer also hard a hard time with the smaller and faster guard Koga.

          • bball fan says:

            It seemed like a risk that coach Ronnie took which paid off and kudos to him for that. We had a pair of Koga and Anjo playing against a much taller duo of Whammy and Kiefer in the early going which I felt went ADMU’s way. But Coach Ronnie adjusted well by pitting Baser and Julius later on. Strangely enough we were able to reduce the lead by using an even smaller 3-guard combination whose speed somehow disrupted their offensive flow. Credit also goes to Armon’s defense on Kiefer.

          • WES says:

            Who’s playing PG? Juami?

        • Capt. Kirk says:

          San Beda made huge adjustments on the three guard rotation which it has not done in ages. The scouting reports of SBC showed our cracks and it paid off for them.

          Half of the Red Lions are new so we don’t know them well, unlike our Blue Eagles who have been playing longer sans Monfort and Long.

      • Ay Sus says:

        ay sus, greg got so bored with scoring over the lions that he decided to simply just go thru with the motions in the 2nd half. no challenge, especially in a meaningless preseason game.

  • Escudo says:

    Saan na nga pala yun mga nag-sasabi na si Amer is a dud…engeet lang kayo!!!

    huhuhu hihihi

  • dennis says:

    congrats to san beda.


  • The Square Up There says:

    Truly we missed the services of Captain Kirk and the Pocket Rocket.

  • Mav says:

    Ryan and Art didn’t play, according to an Atenean seatmate during the games the former has an injured ankle from their last game before this. Or is it because the two teams just set this up para wala nalang gulo.

  • Red Rampant says:

    Baser Amer and Julius Armon beat the living daylight out of Keifer Ravena! I was one of the most exciting games I have watched! Congratulations to the Red Lions and cheers for a clean game with the Blue Eagles.

    Animo San Beda!
    One Big Fight!

  • Crimson Fury says:

    Nice win for the RLs. Though I didn’t get the chance to watch it live, it sounds like one helluva fight between these two teams. Congrats San Beda!

    P.S. Why on earth are our games scheduled so far into the tourney?

  • YHplayedForSBC says:

    We miss the twins and their handsome faces. Pogi power!

  • bystander says:

    I was wondering about that too! Baste won’t be playing their first game until May 7 against JRU. By that time, the Red Lions would have played 7 games and Letran would have played 3 already. The results against the Bombers might be a foregone conclusion but what might be more interesting is the Stags’ following game vs. Adamson on the 11th.

    • Ola says:

      The core of SSCR is in the US for training. I think 7 of them. Di yata kaya ni DP a.k.a.. Delta yun buong team and coaching staff. Remember they are much more intact with only del Rio using up his eligibility. Though they may be giving Pascual conditioning and strengthening exercises to help him recover faster from his ACL.

  • Bedingstas says:

    marunong ba mag english si baser?

  • I don’t even know the way I stopped up right here, however I assumed this submit used to be great. I don’t know who you’re however definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger for those who aren’t already. Cheers!

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