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2012 FilOil Flying V Preseason Hanes Cup Schedule and Format

Tuesday, 3 April 2012 22,972 Views / 79 Comments

2012 FILOIL FLYING V Preseason Hanes Cup

Game Schedule, updated as of March 30, 2012

14-April                 SATURDAY

1pm                        Opening Ceremonies

2pm                        ATENEO vs            LETRAN                                 srs. A

4pm                        SAN BEDA              vs            DLSU                      srs .A

6pm                        JRU                          vs            NU                           srs. B

18-April                 WEDNESDAY

12:00                     LYCEUM                 vs            ADAMSON             srs. B

1:45                        PERPETUAL            vs            ATENEO               srs. A

3:30                        JRU                          vs            EAC                         srs. B

5:15                        UST                         vs            SAN BEDA              srs. A

20-April                 FRIDAY

1:45                        FEU                         vs            NU                           srs. B

3:30                        LETRAN                  vs            UE                          srs. A

21-April                 SATURDAY

1:45                        ARELLANO             vs            LYCEUM               srs. B

3:30                        EAC                         vs            CSB                           srs. B

5:15                        SAN BEDA              vs           ATENEO                 srs. A

23-April                 MONDAY

1:45                        UST                         vs            PERPETUAL           srs. A

3:30                        LYCEUM                 vs            FEU                         srs. B

5:15                         MAPUA                    vs.          UE                            srs. B

25-April                 WEDNESDAY

1:45                       NU                          vs            ARELLANO              srs. A

3:00                        UP                           vs            SAN BEDA              srs. B

5:15                        ATENEO                  vs            UST                         srs. A

27-April                 FRIDAY

3:30                        ADAMSON      vs            FEU                                  srs.B

5:15                         DLSU               vs.           LETRAN                           srs. A

28-April                 SATURDAY

1:45                        SAN BEDA            vs            UE                                srs. B

3:30                        UP                           vs            ATENEO                  srs. A

2-May                     WEDNESDAY

1:45                         EAC                         vs            NU                             srs. B

3:30                        SAN BEDA              vs            MAPUA                   srs. A

5:15                         ATENEO                  vs            UE                           srs. A

4-May                     FRIDAY

1:45                        SAN BEDA                  vs         PERPETUAL         srs. B

3:30                       EAC                               vs         ADAMSON            srs. A

5:15                        JRU                             vs           LYCEUM               srs. B

5-May                     SATURDAY

1:45                        NU                           vs            CSB                            srs. B

3:30                      MAPUA                  vs            UP                               srs. A

5:15                        DLSU                       vs            UST                            srs. A

7-May                     MONDAY

12:00                        ATENEO                 vs            MAPUA                  srs. B

1:45                         LYCEUM                 vs            EAC                        srs. B

5:15                          SAN SEBASTIAN  vs            JRU                        srs. A

9-May                     WEDNESDAY

1:45                       CSB                         vs            ARELLANO               srs. A

3:30                      PERPETUAL         vs           UP                                srs. B

5:15                       SAN SEBASTIAN vs           NU                                srs. B

11-May                  FRIDAY

3:30                       ADAMSON             vs            SAN SEBASTIAN   srs. B

5:15                        DLSU                       vs            UP                            srs. A

12-May                  SATURDAY

1:45                        LYCEUM                 vs            NU                            srs. B

3:30                        ARELLANO             vs            JRU                         srs. B

5:15                        CSB                         vs            FEU                           srs. B

16-May                  WEDNESDAY

1:45                        EAC                         vs            ARELLANO             srs. B

3:30                      LETRAN                  vs            PERPETUAL           srs.A

5:15                       SAN SEBASTIAN    vs            CSB                         srs. B

7:00                        MAPUA                  vs            UST                          srs. A

18-May                  FRIDAY

1:45                        LYCEUM                 vs            SAN SEBASTIAN  srs.B

3:30                        JRU                           vs           FEU                         srs.B

5:15                         UP                             vs            LETRAN                 srs. A

19-May                  SATURDAY

1:45                        PERPETUAL            vs            MAPUA                 srs. A

3:30                        NU                           vs            ADAMSON             srs. B

5:15                        DLSU                       vs            UE                           srs. A

23-May                  WEDNESDAY

1:45                       ADAMSON             vs            CSB                            srs. B

3:30                        EAC                         vs            SAN SEBASTIAN    srs. B

5:15                         FEU                         vs            ARELLANO              srs. B

25-May                 FRIDAY

12:00                     LETRAN                    vs            MAPUA                  srs. A

1:45                        PERPETUAL            vs           DLSU                       srs. A

3:30                        UST                             vs          UE                             srs. A

26-May                  SATURDAY

1:45                       ADAMSON              vs.         JRU                               srs. B

3:30                      LYCEUM                 vs.          CSB                               srs. B

5:15                       SAN SEBASTIAN  vs.          ARELLANO                srs. B

7:00                      FEU                           vs.          EAC                               srs. B

28-May                  MONDAY

1:45                        UE                           vs            PERPETUAL              srs. A

3:30                        UST                         vs            LETRAN                      srs. A

5:15                        DLSU                       vs            MAPUA                      srs. A

30-May                  WEDNESDAY

12:00                     JRU                          vs            CSB                              srs. B

1:45                        ARELLANO             vs            ADAMSON                srs B

3:30                        UE                           vs            UP                                 srs. A

5:15                          FEU                        vs             SAN SEBASTIAN     srs. B

2-June                      SATURDAY

9:30                        UP                           vs            UST                               srs. A

11:30                       SAN BEDA            vs.           LETRAN                      srs. A

4:00                        ATENEO               vs            DLSU                             srs. A

Tournament Format:

In the Eliminations, teams will only play against teams in their group.  Top Four (4), based on their win-loss record, will advance to the KO crossover quarterfinal round. In case of a tie, the quotient system will be used.  Winners will advance to the KO Final Four.  Winners of the semifinal round will advance to the winner take-all Championship Round.

Note:  Only one (1) Foreign player may play at a time in the court.

Group A- Ateneo Blue Eagles, De La Salle Green Archers, Letran Knights, Mapua Cardinals, Perpetual Help Altas, San Beda Red Lions, UE Red Warriors, UP Fighting Maroons, UST Growling Tigers

Group B- Adamson Soaring Falcons, Arellano University Chiefs, EAC Generals, FEU Tamaraws, JRU Heavy Bombers, Lyceum of the Philippines University Pirates, National University Bulldogs, San Sebastian College Golden Stags, College of St. Benilde Blazers

Seniors Division Prizes:

Champion: PhP500,000.00, 1st Runner-Up PhP200,000.00, 2nd Runner-Up PhP100,000.00

Special Awards:

Most Valuable Player, Mythical Five, Best Defensive Player

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