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Inboundpass Roundtable: NCAA: Sanctions on SBC,SSC-R, No Foreign Players issue

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 4,813 Views / 206 Comments

It began on December 2011, wherein a slugfest of sorts ignited a whole string of sanctions to those involved, considered by many as draconian.

And a rule which has been deemed controversial, written since the league’s inception, exploited by an institution after 28 years of failure to win a crown, as a means to assert its mastery over its fellow members.

I asked my partners to weigh-in on the issues.

Were the imposed sanctions on both teams – San Beda College and San Sebastian College-Recoletos fair?

Coach Jude Roque, NCAA Game Analyst-
The sanctions on both coaches are too harsh. They are taking away 2 years of livelihood from these coaches.  Perhaps 1 Round would have been enough. The suspensions on SBC players are absolutely unfair, especially those on Adeogun and Armon. Why suspend them for 1 year?  Were they involved in the brawl? If yes, how was their involvement? did they throw a punch or kick?  And if the NCAA investigating team says “yes”, they have to show evidence or name their witnesses.

If they can’t, then their decisions are truly filled with malice. It becomes an obvious conspiracy to weaken the chances of SBC by the other NCAA schools. Therefore, unfair. Now, if they say that Adeogun is being suspended because it all started when he mistook the chants as a racial slur against him, this is again clearly ridiculous as there was no way he would have known that it would eventually cause a brawl.

Charlie Cuna, PBA Anchor-I believe it is more than just the Coach Gorayeb incident, but what the committee may have deemed as a pattern of misbehaviour on the part of Coach Lim and SBC.  Top of my head reaction though, is that two (2) years is too much.  One season perhaps could have been enough to make the point, hooliganism cannot be tolerated.

Assuming appeals were not granted, how much do the other NCAA teams benefit from a weakened San Beda squad?

Coach Jude Roque, NCAA Game Analyst- Of course all teams would benefit greatly without Adeogun and Armon, and the graduation of Marcelo, Lanete and Villahermosa.  But especially SSC and Letran.   Without all these guys, plus Frankie, the Red Lions would probably land at No. 3 at best.  This would mean having to beat the top 2 teams twice in the semis.

Charlie Cuna, PBA Anchor- All teams benefit immensely.  Remember, SBC is number 1, so if they are not as powerful, the top ranking is up for grabs, especially for top tier teams like SSC and Letran.  For the others, it’s a chance to upset SBC, which has dominated them in the past.  The field is more level, so to speak.  But, the question that must first be answered is, “Is SBC really weakened?”  In any case, a weakened Lion’s bite can still hurt.

Do you agree with the proposed move by the NCAA to ban foreign players?

Coach Jude Roque, NCAA Game Analyst – The ban on foreign players again has motives written all over it. Obviously, this is being cooked to prevent SBC from further recruiting dominant imports, like Ekwe, Daniel and Adeogun. They think the only way to stop the Red Lions from winning titles is to ban imports. They say the ban will level the playing fields. I say the exact opposite. This ban may affect SBC’s chances shortly after it takes effect.

But in the long run, SBC will benefit more.  It has the best resources and funding among all NCAA teams, and the strongest backing of the alumni.  This means that SBC has the best chance of recruiting the best local players.  If all NCAA teams are eyeing a particular player, chances are, he would prioritize SBC over other schools in the same league.

So how does this make it a level playing field?  Whereas, if a school with a meager budget that can’t recruit top players suddenly gets lucky to recruit a tall and skillful foreign student, whose only desire is to get a free college education, it has a chance of beating the better funded teams.

Having foreign recruits can level the playing field, not the other way around.  Besides, it would be racial to prevent foreign students from playing in the NCAA.  All students, whether local or foreign, must be extended the same privileges.

Why change now when it has been the rule of the NCAA from the very beginning to allow foreign athletes?  In fact, for many years, the NCAA allowed a team to have up to 40% of its roster with foreign students.  It only changed after Sam Ekwe dominated the league for 3 years.

Charlie Cuna, PBA Anchor- I wrote in one of my articles before that if a foreigner is a student in good standing, then he should be able to play.  Refer to please.

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Mike is a former NCAA Game analyst under Studio 23. He was also a former Game Analyst for the 2005 Collegiate Champions League (CCL), 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championships (PCC), 2005 and 2006 National Basketball Conference (NBC) and 2005 Global Destiny Basketball League (GBDL). Started writing about College Basketball with Follow me on Twitter: michaelabasolo


  • MANCOMtookAdvantage says:

    mga desperado tsk tsk ngaun naman pagban sa foreigners?? nd na ba kayo nahihiya? pagkatapos nyo maging racists!!?

  • Anti-heat says:

    Glad you shared Coach Jude and Charlie Cuna’s opinion on this. Coach Jude totally hit the mark on all issues in my opinion.

  • YounghusbandsPLAY4SanBedaFC says:

    charlie failed to tackle the players’ penalty. was it fair?

  • YounghusbandsPLAY4SanBedaFC says:

    you dont level the field by dragging us down. we raised the bar! not our problem if you cant keep up.

  • genom222 says:

    Nice article Mike! Coach Jude and Charlie really make good arguments and interesting points. Would have been better with a third person was also in the discussion but overall great read.

  • this is just a confirmation of what we all said on the 1st 2 posts.

  • after all’s been said, the ball is in SBC’s court (pun intended). unless this so-called mancom re-state their penalties, then there’d be nothing left but to wait for SBC’s response.

    this mancom still has a couple of months to change their minds. kung talagang yan na ang desisyon nila, pwes, i’m certain SBC will act accordingly.

    this mancom better know what they’re doing if it wants this league to survive another s*it storm…na sila naman ang nag-instigate.

  • SCD Redux says:

    hmmm…makes sense.

  • SCD Redux says:

    pero teka, let’s consider this. nagkahiyaan na e. i wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the mancom right now. if they do change their minds, d ba kahiya-hiya sila nun? so, in effect, if they stick by their guns and, if San beda chose to play hard-ball, this band would be caught between a rock and hard place.

    ang San Beda naman, pag pinanindigan ng mancom yung stand nila at d sila kumilos, it’d be an admission of guilt on their part. in other words, they’d have no choice but to fight it.

    there should be a means to save face here. ang gulo.

    fine mess you got us into you bunch of *&^&%$#@!

  • Mendiola's Finest says:


    What “pattern of misbehaviour on the part of Coach Lim and SBC” are you talking about?

    Explain yourself!

    • Bedan from California says:

      I agree. I think were talking about the controversial policy here and not whether San Beda became weaker or not.

    • Bedan from California says:

      pattern of misbehaviour?

      if such is the case, what is a warning good for? or a reprimanding memo, a fine, a suspension for a day or two? Come on, we got all these stuff during Grade School from our elementary teachers!

      As far as i’m concerned, The Mancom performed the ultimate misbehaviour by spinning this cheap political maneuver. It is so cheap even a bat can see it.

  • Bedan Jalapeno says:

    MANCOM AND FALLACY BOARDS, it would be your utmost DUTY to know this…

    “Racism continues to cause suffering for millions of people around the world…. I look to all people to join the United Nations in our drive to eliminate racism. We must, individually and collectively, stamp out racism, stigma and prejudice.”

    Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
    Message for the International Day for the
    Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2012

    Should you require more details, please feel free to visit the link;

  • Z says:

    Jude Roque totally hit the spot on that one. BIGOTRY rules in Intramuros these days. The “respectable” Fr. Lana is really loud and proud about this apparent “achievement” of coaxing the other member schools to cite “parity” to remove foreign student-athletes and promote racism as well. I was there during the turnover and boy oh boy was this priest, along with the school’s Athletic Director (another bigot priest), whooping it up like they’re five-year-olds who got their presents on Christmas Eve. Shame when we compare them to their brothers in UST.

  • Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your website by chance, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • crusty says:

    RACIST = NCAA Mancom
    ’nuff said

  • greenlion says:

    this is a sad day in the chapter of this barely surviving league..and actually biting the hand that feeds it.. ingrato hombres or should i say mujeres? the way everybody’s ganging up on san beda… careful for what you wish for..mancom, you are not only courting trouble on the courts, but also in the courts of ironic, we filipinos propagate equality especially for our race to be accepted on lands far away, but we ourselves can’t pursue it on our own country..hypocrisy at it’s finest..not to mention, their “schools” harbor friars of foreign descent, aren’t these schools also founded by these so called “import” priests hundreds of years ago? by my recollection, catholicism, which is the cornerstone for most of the secular member institutions propagates equality for every man, right? why is this this happening then?!?

  • greenlion says:

    calvo… if you have half the decency of the man of robe you purport to be,who propagates equality and peace to mankind, should never permit this from happening…but you are at the forefront, really all mancom members who voted against foreign players playing who are bonafide students of participating schools, please stand up, man up to your decision and make yourself known, we want to hear what you have to say..

  • Hoho says:

    Anu bang iniiyak iyak nyo jan? Ayoko magsalita pero warfreak talaga fans ng SBC dito e. Napatunayan nyo na naman na kaya nyo magchampion ng walang imports. Kung iiyak kayo e, siguro imports nga lang talaga nagpapachamp sa inyo.

    • SCD Redux says:

      ikaw talaga, kinokontra mo sinasabi mo. sabi mo “Napatunayan nyo na naman na kaya nyo magchampion ng walang imports,” tapos sasabihin mo “Kung iiyak kayo e, siguro imports nga lang talaga nagpapachamp sa inyo.” ano ba talaga?

      war freak? sino ba nakikipag away? ikaw tong nag hahanap ng away sa pananalita mo. ;)

    • SCD Redux says:

      ito ang gist ng “pag-iiyak” namin:

      “In fact, for many years, the NCAA allowed a team to have up to 40% of its roster with foreign students.”

      so siguro, tanungin mo sarili mo, bakit biglang na-desisyonan yang ban ng foreign players? d naman kami nag-umpisa nyan.

      at yung pamamaraan ng pag-desisyon, bakit walang abiso? bigla! alam naman ninyo na last year pa, nag-reresidency na si ola at armon, tapos, ni wala man lang warning.

      ang “iniiyak” namin ay yung malisya ng pag baba ng decision, hindi yung mayroong import.

      kaya mo ba intindihin yang sinabi ko? :)

  • Hoho says:

    At saka nagiging trending na ang pagkuha ng imports. Kaya nga “National Collegiate Athletic Association” dapat mga Filipino natives ang naglalaro dito.

    • SCD Redux says:

      o ayan ka na naman e. so ang sinasabi mo, ang mga miembro ng University Athletic Association of the Philippines mga mang-mang dahil hindi nila maintindihan na ang collegiate leagues dapat pang “Filipino natives” lang?

      oh gosh, oh gee, oh wow! bright ka rin ano?

    • Anti-heat says:

      Ibig ba sabihin sa US NCAA mga Americano lang ang pwede maglaro? NBA din ba dahil “national” eh mga americano lang pwede?

    • Z says:

      so, in the NBA, banned sila Dirk, Pau, Calderon, Rubio, Deng, et al. since they are not americans for a NATIONAL basketball association? Nice one, einstein. eto sa’yo: t(‘_’t)

    • Bedan from California says:

      For as long as it is regulated acccording to what is acceptable to the league, according to fairness, sportsmanship and fair play, What’s wrong having foreign players?

  • Hoho says:

    hirap magcomment dito. :))

  • Indian Yell says:

    I hope US NCAA will not do the same for our Filipino athletes who wants to study in the US and play ball if they have potential.

    • Z says:

      or worse, do the same to African student-athletes that they scouted. But I do know that they will never do that, given their history of Racism, they still won’t.

  • ameoBIASis says:

    taga saang skul nag ulit si jude? san beda di ba? no wonder biased.

  • walang naawa says:

    kung gaano karami ang nagkainteres at sumaklolo sa azkals dahil sa racism issue between them and arnold clavio ganun naman kaonti ang tumitingin sa issue ng alleged racial slur against beda imports. kahit nag press release na iaakyat ang kaso sa CHR at humirit na si tandang saguisag wala pa ring kumakagat.

    pero bet ko kung ateneo,lasalle or other prestigious schools ang involved dito eh malamang headline ito everyday.

    • SCD Redux says:

      katawa-tawa ka naman mag-comment. :) napag hahalatang ateneo-la salle fan ka.


      o eto na lang, ang pagbanggit mo nyang statement mo at ang fact na pinag-uusapan sa iba’t-ibang forum itong gulong ito ang nagpapatunay na importante ang isyu na ito na kailangang ma resulba.

      kahit anong major institution, pag na-involve sa isang kontrobersya, pagu-usapan sa publiko!

      ok ba ateneo/la salle fan?

  • Glory says:

    I am with my Bedan friends. NO TO RACISM!

  • Animo! says:

    Any JUST CAUSE is worth fighting for. Our CAUSE has nothing to do whether San Beda is prestigious or not. This all about the RACISM that is eating the NCAA which appears to be a reflection of the now open RACISM in some quarters of our society. Make no mistake about it. Bedans are fighting not only for the rights of OLA but also of other non-Filipinos who are now the target of racism in our colonial society.

    We fight for equal rights for Filiponos abroad. We will also fight for equal rights for foreigners here at home.

    No to racial discrimination!

  • Xi Dan says:

    No to BIGOTRY as well!!!!

  • A Bedan in California says:

    “When sanctions are grossly exagerated, there is usually a hidden agenda involved.”

    From California where i reside, we Bedans who live here are very disappointed by the political intramurals taking place in the NCAA in the guise of correction and disciplinary action.

    We agree that there is malice involved in the current sanctions implemented by the Management Committee of the NCAA. It is undeniable as the sanctions are grossly inapproprate to the unfortunate incidents that were questioned.

    Imagine this for a second, “The United States NCAA banned all foreigners from participating their events and activities.” How’s that sound?

    Foreign players in San Beda is a product of a sound sports program and strong program usually entails a lot of financial support. Should San Beda be faulted with this?

    Another case in point, if San Beda’s foreign players were simply “just average” Would this still be an issue at all?

    “The Shortsightedness of the committee is dangerous” Shortsightedness in policy is usually caused by protecting the self interest of a few instead of promoting the goals of the league.

  • A Bedan in California says:

    Continuing my arguements,

    In the ACADEMIA, there is no such thing as “imports.” Not at all. In the US NCAA for example, there are African athletes as well as Europeans who are extending their athletic skills for the sake of education and a future career in sports.

    The word “Import” connotes a business interest. This can be applied in the PBA but not in the Academia where the freedom to learn and develop one’s total person is a right and not a privilege.

    Now, since the Man Com has used the words “Banned” and “Restricted,” It is very obvious that the measures they imposed is not in the spirit of disciplinary action, correction and even prevention. It is in the spirit of Punity, Isolation, Retailiation. So it is very Malicious.

  • A Bedan in California says:

    Another case in point, If Odeogun and Armon were outsiders of the NCAA because of their status as athletes still completing their residency, Why were their name singled out? If they were outsiders, then they should have been banned without the need for their names to be mentioned. They are outsiders or ineligible players still trying to obtain their eligibility. But for their names to be mentioned out with the following terms, BANNED and RESTRICTED, it clearly shows they are being singled out.

    Lastly, i just want to say this matter because i really think this is very important. The NCAA has a violent past. This is because of misplaced ego and miguided competitiveness, but mainly jealousy and mistrust. Since the Mancom, who consists of powerful people from different schools, made a move of this questionable magnitude and continues to do so by promoting a discriminating policy banning foreign players from Sports Academia, The ugly past of the NCAA may very well come back again as the league is no longer about brotherhood,sportsmanship, goodwill among schools, and friendly competition.

    Philippine Basketball will not prosper and develop until we learn how to play and win against and with international players.

  • A Bedan in California says:

    To say Foreign Players are better than local players has some credibilty to it, but the challenge for us to overcome that is still up to us and we can do it. Banning foreign players is an admission that we are helpless, hopeless and inferior against them. So at this point, its either you accept it, or fight it. I know Manny Pacquiao and Jeremy Lin did it in his trade, Why can’t we?

    “Magdayaan at Mag-inggitan na lang tayo!”

    I think San Beda should arrange moving to another league where there is a sense of “Class” and “Finesse” in competitions.

    What an opportunity to break a team!

  • Bedan form California says:

    Let me explain this further, but please do not interpret this as agitation. Not at all!

    “The ugly past of the NCAA may very well come back again as the league is no longer about brotherhood,sportsmanship, goodwill among schools, and friendly competition.”

    When i said ugly past of the NCAA, i meant the violence of that took place in the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s among the competing schools.

    One rivalry that existed not just in the courts, but in the streets as well, is San Beda and Letran. It was so ugly, those rumbles sprouted to Fraternities and Gangsterism as well.

    Letran, the spearheader of this move to isolate San Beda led by their clergy if i heard this right, should take note and learn from this.

    History can repeat again and it doesn’t have to. The absence of justice and worse, its abuse, can lead to ugliness.

    In closing, i just want to say this and ask everyone here how this fictitious statement sounds,

    “The United States NCAA has banned the participation of foreigners in sports competition. The reason, the officials felt they have to level the playing field… The ban applies to all foreigners especially Filipino athletes…”

    Catch my drift?

    • Fallacy Bored says:

      We actually didn’t think it was so obvious, but since we can’t beat San Beda, we opted to ban San Beda instead. My partners are m@rons eh…so that’s the best we could cloak the issues to our poor performances.

  • Glen says:

    Jude Roque and the rest of Bedans is using the technecalities in the poloicy of foreign athletes. I agree that foreign students should not be deprived of education. But, if it is being abused then that’s another argument.

    San Beda had a precedent that reinforcing their team with a foreign player. Is it coincidental that your tall foreign student turned basketball player came every five years, right after the other graduated? I am wondering why UP is not benefeting athletic foreign student?

    It’s obvious that San Beda recruited players from abroad to get tall players…just like La Salle. Don’t mentioned that it’s only one player, but having a tall and heftier can intimidate other players in the court. Their prescence is enough to have the effect on the other team.

    Suspending Frankie Lim for 2 years and players plus assistant coach for 2 games is too harsh. I think the NCAA would like to send the message to San Beda…

    • Bedan from California says:


      Assuming San Beda was indeed recruiting, What exactly is illegal about that? The book allows foreign players to join the league period! What is so abusive about that? What is so bad about having a sound sports program that has a sound financial support which gives access to prospective talented players? Nothing! It only becomes wrong when you the player is being forced against his will. Free education from a good school, what’s wrong with that?

      Nothing is coincidental with a new face showing up every five years. You build a team last five years am i right?

      The message the NCAA sent to San Beda is very malicious. Totally oportunistic and at best, a political maneuver… In my opinion, they NCAA board should be held accountable for this ABUSE OF POWER.

      • Hellboy says:

        Bedan from California,

        Baka mali pagkaka-intindi ng iba: Abuse and taking advantage.

        SBC never abused but took advantage of the NCAA rulebook, Re: Foreign student-athletes.

        Masyado lang mataas ang pinoy pride ng iba siguro. Lol!

      • Glen says:

        That’s why San Beda got away with it due to technicalities. I am not saying that it is illegal but the intention was very suspicious.

        • Red Cafe says:

          Huwag ka na humirit, you only make yourself look silly!

        • Bedan from California says:


          So you are suspecting of San Beda of what? Everything is in the open? Were not hiding anything here unlike a cleric in your school who instituted this rule in the pretext of giving more chance to Filipino players from the hidden truth that they simply want to curtail San Beda’s program and obvious edge..

          Suspicious, yes indeed but not on San Beda, but on Letran.

    • Hellboy says:

      Foreign player: Taller and heftier. It’s not even really the issue to begin with. Abused? Nah. Wala nga na-violate sa NCAA rules ang SBC. May limitations pa nga for foreign players. If it is abused, aba! Then MANCOM should have an investigation at salain ang mga ito. Pero ano ang ginawa, eto, suspended ng walang basehan. Bakit? Kasi wala silang makitang butas against SBC players.

      The support for sports program: What happened with other NCAA schools?

      Parang ang dating, kasalanan pa pala ng SBC kung bakit well-funded, nakakapag-abroad for practice at nakaka-recruit ng Tall and Heftier players.

      Di ba puwedeng sumabay sa pag-angat ang iba muna. Lol!

    • YounghusbandsPLAY4SanBedaFC says:

      @glen, if we abuse the foreign player rule like what you claim, why dont we just field 2 the same season like what jru did?

      • Hellboy says:

        O wow! Todo na ito ah. Lol!


        “Oh. And by the way, recruiting foreign players will no longer be allowed starting the 90th NCAA season. So that’s 2014″

        • Glen says:

          That will put an end on having a foreign athlete in the team.

          • Red Cafe says:

            Does that satisfy you then?

          • Bedan from California says:

            I doubt this will end the participation of Foreigners.

            The Sport is international and if the counrty wants to produce players that are World-Class players, is banning foreign players the right thing to do?

            My second point is this, What if this were the other way around? The U.S. banning foreigners from their league, would we want that predicament?

            My third point is actually the point Jude pointed out in his take, Having no foreigners in the league, San Beda’s program is still intact in terms of recruitment, and therefore, we still retain the edge of recrutiing quality players over the rest of the schools. What option will other schools have now?

            “Back to recruiting foreigners again?”

      • Glen says:

        At least JRU did not field any foreign athlete last season. The Bombers almost did not made it to the Final 4. At least they proved that they can survive without an import.

        • Mav says:

          hello! we didn’t have an “import” as well last season

        • Z says:

          Uh… San Beda did not play with Su at all the whole season. who were the champs again?! oh yeah, definitely not Letran.

        • Red Cafe says:

          Didin’t we just win the championship without an import? Hirit pa!

        • Anti-heat says:

          Well I’ll definitely give praise to JRU after all they actually beat San Beda unlike a certain team who hasn’t beaten San Beda with or without an import. Not only have they not beaten San Beda they couldn’t even keep the score close enough when Sudan was sitting out.

        • Red Rampant says:

          Glen, I understand your point but you can’t understand yourself. It also goes that you don’t know much about NCAA. You have freedom of speech and public opinion. But please, spare yourself from the wrath of self humiliation. Last season, SBC played without Sudan Daniel. Natatawa ako sa mga tao na parang alam lahat basta makahirit lang! Kid, kain ka pa ng madami para makasabay ka sa usapan nila.

        • bedan from california says:

          Last year, San Beda was without a foreign player for your information. Yet we made it. So why ban foreign players for that matter?

          Every team recruits players to gain an edge. Foreign or not.

          Glenn, do you know your statements are very illogical and it borders between ignorance and prejudice. Anyway, racism and bigotry are products of ignorance, hysteria, and envy.

    • ------ says:

      it goes to show that those who can’t import or incapacitated in these rules parating reklamo.. bat sa uaap maraming imports ok lang??? so pag nd kaya reklamo agad?? bat ung mga nd kaya makipagsabayan sa ncaa okaya makipaglaro na may import ang syang umalis???

    • Bedan Jalapeno says:


      I beg to disagree it was not San Beda that had precedent, it was Letran, who had William Johnson in the Championship series vs SSCR in Season 63, 24 years ago.

      No one complained that Letran took advantage of the rule book nor abused this.

      And, what is wrong with recruiting foreign players who are taller, when certainly, this is a rarity here.

      Obviously, you won’t recruit foreign players when there is an abundance or over crowding of Filipinos in the 1 and 2 spots, right?

      However, there seems to be a growing number of Filipinos who are getting taller. Maybe in 20 more years, we can have more Filipinos whose ceiling height is 6’8″ going to 7 footers. Maybe.

      • Glen says:

        I agree but did we suited a foreign player in our team after William’s departure from Letran? In fact Johnson was not even a threat in the court, it was Libed, Ayson, Ruiz, etc. that contributes to get the championship.

        Unlike Ekwe and Sudan who can blocked the middle.

        • Bedan Jalapeno says:

          Doesn’t matter friend, if threat or no threat. you said you said it was san beda who set the precedent.

          Now here is where I get lost, okay lang kung ban ban, pero kung magaling bawal…then why get at all?

          Ekwe was a project, you could not know at that time if he was good and will improve…there are projects and there are failures.

        • SCD Redux says:

          pastilan! anong klaseng reasoning yan? basketball ito. dapat talagang i-block yung gitna para hindi maka-score ang kalaban sa ilalim!

          marunoong k b mag basketbol?

        • Red Rampant says:

          Glen, kindly undeerstand the essence of your words and where you are pulling it from. A lot of foreign players played in NCAA, but none and I say none of them emerged as Sam Ekwe did, nor broke records like what Sudan Daniel did in his second year. Take not, Sudan Daniel was a failure in his first year. I saw how he trained to show that people are not wrong about him. Now, it is not my problem or our problem if the foreign players of other schools are not that good. We trained them good but others cant do what we do with our players. Maniwala ka kid, madaling magrecuit pero mahirap magdevelop!

        • Bedan from California says:

          SO HERE YOU GO!

          Recruit Foreign players but make sure they’re mediocre and that’s ok to the league.

          But if they are a “Treat,” “An intimidating factor in the middle.” or let’s just say, a tad above average, Then they can’t play.

          See your logic here Glen? Self-contradicting, Self-defeating, and most of all, very illogical.

          It’s the Sports progam that makes a team succesful. Not a particular type of people.

    • Anti-heat says:

      You guys should thank San Beda for a lot of things. First of all these foreign recruits bring excitement to the NCAA with their leaping ability, high level athleticism and competitive spirit. It makes the NCAA worth watching more because of the excitement they bring. Second it allows all the other schools to get the best local talent available at the position that the foreigner filled in. Third it allows the opposing teams to experience basketball at the highest level. Do those players think that if they fold against the foreign recruits they’ll get any attention from the pros or the national team? At the end of it all you can cry foul at San Beda all you want but at the end of the day it’s really the other schools inability to recruit players of the same caliber. San Beda raised the bar and no school can match up, that’s not San Beda’s problem.

  • Bedan from California says:

    CRAB MENTALITY on the part of the MANCOM. So simple like ABC.

    Let me make another point here,

    Zandro Limpot, Danny Ildefonso, Rommel Adducul, Greg Slaughter, and a slew of Filipino Biggies in National Team, One of them i understand even played in the US NCAA.

    Having mentioned these names,How can we explain these talents if Foreigners are to be isolated from joining?

    Lately you have Jeremy Lin whose lineage is TAIWAN, and is now creating the spectacular news every day…

    So what is so intimidating about foreign players? During their heydays, Jaworski, Adornado, Arnaiz, Florencio and Samboy Lim could have played in the NBA. I just don’t know if they could be stars, but they have the skills to belong… so why foreign players should be discriminated and singled out?

    Now,i admit Foreign players really are more talented….. so far and for now. But its up to us to reach their level or simply sulk in a corner full of jealousy and envy.

    • Glen says:

      Now since the rules have changed all you have to say is crab mentality? What about the years NCAA allowed San Beda and JRU paraded foreign students in their team?

      • Red Rampant says:

        Glen, maprinsipyo ka. Hanga ako pero you cant defend your point. Bago ka lang yata sa larangan ng kolehiyong palakasan. Madami ka pang aaralin so you can deliver a point. Misleading and no basis ang mga komento mo.

      • Bedan from California says:

        The rule was changed becuase of CRAB MENTALITY.. and that is not the only thing i would like to say. I also want to say RACISM, BIGOTRY, and PREJUDICSM is alive and well in the MANCOM and the Halls of Letran College as well.

        The years San Beda and JRU played with foreign players were years indicative that the NCAA is finally evolving into something bigger and better… Until some sectors, such as yourself, were compelled by their jealousy and envy aggravated and mirrored by their losing records.

  • Bedan from California says:

    Crab Mentality… i wonder if Lobsters do the same.

    • SCD Redux says:

      nothing new about crab mentality. it has always been there since SBC became champs almost 7 years ago. before that, the NCAA has been wallowing in its ordinariness.

      this ‘glen’ person states, “Jude Roque and the rest of Bedans is using the technecalities in the poloicy of foreign athletes. But, if it is being abused then that’s another argument.”

      sans the bad english, he says SBC is abusing the technicalities that the NCAA implemented for the longest time. i repeat, the NCAA HAS BEEN USING FOR THE LONGEST TIME.

      apparently, the fellow thinks that recruiting and having the means to do so is “abuse.”

      this has been the common thinking of letran’s and it’s new-found buddies of late.

      let’s be honest with ourselves, SBC recruited along the lines of the NCAA’s policy. the reality is, this “gang of 4″ led by letran is envious and hateful.

      if they weren’t, they’d be making sense and making the right decisions. these institutions and the people who represent them, are incorrigible!

      • SCD Redux says:

        then he follows through…”Suspending Frankie Lim for 2 years and players plus assistant coach for 2 games is too harsh. I think the NCAA would like to send the message to San Beda…”

        what message might that be? that majority of the NCAA mancom members are justified by depriving a person’s livelihood for 2 years?

        sure, Frankie erred and he should suffer the consequences. but 2 YEARS?!!

        if there’s a message these people are sending, is that it’s a decision made out of the Spanish Inquisition!

        i’m almost 100% certain that no Bedan, if members of its basketball team made mistakes, would protest if a FAIR decision was made. why all the hubub?…BECAUSE IT WASN’T!

        • Glen says:

          I totally disagree. Abusing the rules and work around the technicalities is unfair to the league. Why not concentrate here in the Philippines, if you really wanted to help your foreign players in exchange for education? There are lot of Filipinos needed college assistance.

          • Bedan Jalapeno says:

            now i am confused again…how is a rule abused? everybody agreed to it….how can it be abused? you if stopped at a red light, how can you abuse it? by violating it and running a red light…but when you stop, how the heck can you abuse that?

            do not create new a new meaning to the word legal. if its legal how is it abused?

          • SCD Redux says:

            there’s your answer. how can a rule be abused if it is being followed?

            you probably mean abuse as to, “recruiting” and using resources strong athletes to gain an advantage? if it is, then isn’t that the point of competition in the first place?

            the only way for your school to be able to counter that is to recruit athletes with equal abilities. Correct?

            in effect, your school (and your like schools) are the ones whining!

            the “abuse” isn’t being practiced by us after all. think about it.

          • Dennis says:

            Sa wakas nakapag post na rin. Nagloloko ata IBP. Ilan buwan na ako di makapag post.

            Abusing the rules? FYI kahit na allowed na kumuha ng 2 foreigners 1 lang ang samin. Yun players namin legit student athletes. Nakakatapos ng pag aaral di tulad ng iba dyan bigla na lang maglalaho kapag tapos na ang playing years.
            Kung tutuusin mas mahigpit nga ang rules sa mga foreign players eh. Discriminatory na nga e.

            Binubusisi ng mabuti ang mga papeles. (di tulad sa mga “locals” hehe)
            2 years residency.
            Only 2 per team.
            Di pwede pagsabayin maglaro.

          • Mav says:

            pagpasensyahan na natin itong si Glen, eh tila pinanganak lang ata ito ng kalahati lamang ang utak at kulang na kulang pa ang kulubot nito

          • SCD Redux says:

            pardon me, but i just can’t help it. dahil kasi dito…”Abusing the rules and work around the technicalities is unfair to the league.”

            what technicalities are you referring to, that for several years, the NCAA has allowed foreign players and that no rules were violated by San Beda in getting new players?

            that the foreign players recruited by SBC were only meant to play and not study?

            ehem, Ekwe graduated. Su is STILL HERE! watch the games and you’ll see him supporting the team. So why would he stay knowing he isn’t eligible to play anymore?

            all the more reason na hindi ka maintindihan. sabog ang logic mo. gets?

          • Bedan from California says:

            Abusing the rules. Working around the technicalities….

            What rule was abused? Assuming we recruited a player, What’s wrong with that when every school is free and entitled to do the same?

            Are you saying we can recruit Filipino players but we can’t recruit foreigners because THEY ARE BETTER? See how self-defeating is that!

            And just how are foreigner depriving Filipino players of anything? The rule here is very simple. You’re good, youre in. If youre not, then you don’t fit…. If you think about it, The local athletes have become more acquainted and adopted to foreign style of play… and this is essential if we want to win internationally.

            Foreign or local, the critical difference here is not the color of the skin, but the training program they came from and that is why Americans have abundance of great players. So having said that, the recent NCAA policy is not progressive, it is not encouraging more development, it is restricted in terms of knowledge and creativity… simply because it just wants to stick to local players and nothing more.. What an injustice to the sport.

          • Red Cafe says:

            Naguguluhan na ako sa mga statements mo!Walang connection ang bawat sentence mo. Iba ang meaning kada sentence… Read it again… Huwag ka na kasi humirit. Pasalamat ka wala pang ibang Letranista dito. Otherwise, pag mumurahin ka nila at kahihiya!

  • Bedan Jalapeno says:

    Sir, foreign players are not necessarily more talented, case in point Okpe, Mamie, Stenchu, Manyara, Mbe, Mbah, Sewa etc.

    However, I have seen those that came in who were good but not exceptional but talented, but were projects at the start like Ekwe, Daniel and now Ola.

    The distinction here is that Frankie Lim can smell a project can convert him into a star. There lies our advantage, Frankie’s ability to do wonders.

    Is it his fault? No.

    • Glen says:

      It doesn’t matter if it is a good catch or not.

      • Z says:

        hindi ba ito signs of bitterness dahil hindi nag-pan out itong si William Johnson ninyo? sa akin lang ha, wala akong makuhang matinong idea sa mga sinasabi mo. tatahimik na lang ako kung sa’yo kung ipipilit mo pa rin ang pagsuporta sa racist movement ni Fuhrer Lana.

        • Red Cafe says:

          Z- leave the Bozo alone. It’s useless talking to him.. He can’t comprehend as simple as that! Let him entertain us instead… Go ahead Glen, humiliate yourself more…

      • Bedan from California says:

        “It doesnt matter if its a good catch or not.”

        So do you mean for as long the color of his skin is different or for as long as he is a foreigner, he should be banned?

        Do you know Hitler had the same sanctions against the Jews? and do you how little regard he had for Blacks as well?

        Anyway, Tell me, what team wants bad catch anyway?

    • Bedan Jalapeno says:

      wait ano ba point mo talaga? mukang na hihilo ka. first have a philosophy so you can argue along its line.

    • Observer says:

      Tutal sabi mo magaling si Frankie Lim at SBC na makaamoy ng may potential. Why not do it on a local player? Ganito lang kasimple ang gusto ng MANCOM. They feel that the rule of allowing foreign players to be field in is now being abused by schools na may malaking funds. Parang nagiging import na kasi ung foreigner kasi hindi naman talaga siya nag-enroll sa school nyo ng kusa. Kinuha siya para maglaro. Magkaiba yun… Saka kung pwede lang mga sir wag na kayo umiyak at bato ng bato ng mga wala namang kabuluhang punto kasi di naman kayo naririnig ng MANCOM at higher authorities. in short – useless. Di nyo ba narerealize, in the long run kayo din naman ang magbebenefit dito kasi well-funded ang SBC and maganda ang program ninyo (sabi nyo).. So sa inyo mapupunta ang mga top high school players saka recruits from provinces. Nanghihinayang lang ata kayo sa binayad nyo sa basketball program eh kasi di nyo makikita yung pinapasahod nyong si Armon at Nigerian guy. Sa US NCAA bawal ang ganun. Hindi pera pera ang labanan.

    • Anti-heat says:

      These guys are similar to the officials who’ve been building and sending the same old centennial team to the FIBA asia championships several years ago. These very same people can’t seem to accept the fact the we’ve been left behind by our neighboring countries because we never tested our abilities against foreign players on a regular basis. “Napagiwanan” because they only play against local level talents. Well we aren’t playing against locals during international competitions are we? Now we have a team like San Beda who does play foreign athletes but instead of challenging their players to improve and not be afraid of the challenge they actually want to ban foreign athletes and reduce the level of competition back to the stone ages. Funny some of the schools from the NCAA question those from the UAAP why we don’t take you guys seriously well here you go.

    • The Square Up There says:

      “This is a league of hooligans where actual mercenaries like Calvin Abueva (who is way, way overage), Ronald Pascual and a bunch of other thugs say they “study” while the foreign student-athletes who actually study are being picked on. What gives?”

      This is a libelous, irresponsible journalism statement.

      • Z says:

        not when you have legit sources. admit it, i can smell the hate. and i can smell of you being a Fuhrer’s apostle. :)

        • The Square Up There says:

          Fuhrer’s apostle… Hmmm..

          I admit, in the past I had my beef with globalization. I said that these imports steals the opportunity for success for the young Filipinos dreaming to be someday making it in professional basketball.

          Looking at the young careers right now of former JRU Bombers’ John Wilson and James Sena, Letran Knights’ RJ Jazul and (somehow) Rey Guevarra and Baste’s Jimbo Aquino, they’re looking good. They all have substantial playing time, especially Wilson, who is an excellent import stopper defender.

          So maybe globalization helps after all.

          But, a very big but, the careers of the of the players of the team that benefited of it all, the San Beda Red Lions… I’m not even gonna mention it. Or them. Its depressing.

          Probably playing against imports help, but playing with them, just stagnates talent.

          • Bedan Jalapeno says:

            Be depressed for all we care!

          • Bedan Jalapeño says:

            Share ko lang TIDR…Abueva didn’t graduate HS. He graduated in paper from the Pineda diploma mill in Pampanga. That is why he didn’t take residency. Straight out of “illegitimatized” high school.

            Get it? Or are you still naive?

          • The Square Up There says:

            Now this I should comment on.

            Bring it to the higher authorities then. Magsumbong kayo sa media, kay Bill Velasco and his HARDBALL show. Lumapit kayo kay Sec. Laila De Lima, who I heard is a Bedan.

            I suggest do it now, to make Calvin Abueva ineligible and snatch their 2008 NCAA MB Championship.

          • Bedan Jalapeño says:

            Para ka naman temang, eh inayus na nga fafer kid….farer trail ends at Pineda’s school…haiz!

            Binabae ka talaga!

          • Bedan Jalapeño says:

            Pag naive naive talaga!

    • Escalade says:

      Thank you Z!

  • Dennis says:


  • SCD Redux says:

    at least something good came out of this fiasco. lumabas din ang tunay na mentalidad (at kakayanan?) ng karamihan sa mga NCAA schools.

    mabuti nga siguro na this thing plays out. let’s give them more rope to hang themselves with.

  • The Square Up There says:

    Now that the NCAA is officially out of the ABS CBN Sports, I hope, somehow, the giant network offers the surging slash surviving NAASCU league a chance.

    I’m a hundred percent sure, if the abs cbn offers them NCAA’s former schedule, they will bite it.

    Right now, I really don’t think na may maipagmamalaki ang NAASCU like the NCAA claims, so just to be broadcasted live will be enough for them.

    I really love Collegiate Basketball. I really think the pride here is a hell lot bigger than the pride is the pros.

  • Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam says:

    I extend my support to my Bedan brothers and sisters on this controversy. MANCOM is full of agenda-seekers, and it’s a shame that they have to resort to racism and bigotry to further their agendas. If things do not work out there in the NCAA, you’re more than welcome to join us in the UAAP and kick some ass (potentially even our asses hehehe).


    • Bedan Jalapeño says:

      That is why we are in the Minor League its a creation of the Gang of 4! Now we can admit it!

      Thank you our Atenean brothers and sisters!

      How long will San Beda endure the hypocrisy of the NCAA!!!???

  • Jake says:

    It’s official, FL already resigned as head coach of the RLs

  • bedan from california says:

    Yes we also heard it here in california, frankie lim just resigned.

    So the gang of four got their way…. for now.
    I don’t think bedans will take this sitting down and This will produce a backfire.

    The thing I worry about is the past of the NCAA, where violence and gangsterism became a badge of honor, might come back and I can only blame letran the most for that.


    • SCD Redux says:

      Frankie, say it isn’t so! You’re not one to back down from a fight. Then again, if this is true, I can’t say I blame you. Nobody can even begin to imagine what you’re going through right now. Given the circumstances, it is the DECENT thing to do! A word the Gang of 4 doesn’t know the meaning of.

      Know this though, for engineering the resurgence of SBC’s basketball program, I THANK YOU! You’re a class act man!

    • SCD Redux says:

      Ronnie, if it is true that you are “the man” now, then the baton’s been passed. Can’t say I envy your position though. You’ve got big shoes to fill. I don’t mean to cram your style but Frankie had a good thing going for the team. Not to say that you have to adapt his style totally. After all, you came from good basketball chops and you know your thing.

      What I’m saying is, FUSE your style with what you’ve already got. I’m certain you’d be making beautiful basketball with the ‘ol Red & White! :)

      Finish what Frankie and Koy started bro. You’re The Man now!

      • Escalade says:

        From the little I know of ballin’, we can’t revamp the team with 3 months coming into the season. Too much transition in too short a time.

        I say too, fuse some but use more of the winning ways, and add onto what is in the “Book of Frankie”. Then revamp slowly until the next season.

        Mancom you still gotta contend with the Champions, we will kick you silly @sses to the gates of Hades, just watch and learn.

    • SCD Redux says:

      to the Gang of 4…do the names hitler, goebbels, bowman or goering sound familiar to you? If it doesn’t, it should. your act reminds people of the blitz.

      if you think this things over, then you got another thing coming. but i’m sure you know that. :)

    • SCD Redux says:

      so they’re not going arriba letran anymore…they’d be going HEIL LETRAN!!!

    • Three Stripes and a Swoosh says:

      What happens then if San Beda and the “Gang of 4″ schools meet on the court? Does the mancom really expect people to just quietly sit in the seats? And if people start to riot, will they just ban everyone from watching the games for the rest of the season?

      Congrats, Beda haters, the s*** will hit the fan soon.

  • bedahigh05 says:

    Sad news, Coach Frankie Lim resigned. Mga haters, matuwa na kayo!

  • sir Tombitz says:

    I am a proud Letran Knight…but i am a bit shamed if it us who masterminded this actions of banning imports…sa sports, wala dapat racicsm..ito na nga lang yung venue na lahat will be treated as equals, whether your local or foreign.. as long as sumusunod sa rules at natapos residency ng foreign athlete, ok na yun…asan ang pride kung mananalo ka dahil sa technicalities?!…

  • Poetry says:

    Unquestionably imagine that which you stated. Your favourite reason seemed to be on the internet the simplest factor to take into accout of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed at the same time as folks consider issues that they just don’t recognize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest as well as defined out the entire thing without having side effect , other folks could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks

  • bedan from california says:

    This move by the Mancom along with their illogical arguements, is certainly the most despicable and disgusting decision I ever heard…

    And the way Bedan administrators accept these sanctions without a single iota of contesting or fighting it, is just. as despicable as well.

    I find it shameful that its the students who are doing the fight!

    Bedan Administrators! Are you just going to take this sitting down? Are we just going to go through the motions of bigotry, racism, and prejudicsm? GROW SOME BALLS!

  • SCD Redux says:

    brother. let’s give our leaders a chance. remember the aljamal case? they acted accordingly.

    you have to understand, there’s still 3 mos to go before the season starts. for all you know, our leaders are keeping options open for these thugs to save face, or planning their next move.

    patience bro., patience. i’m sure our leaders are looking out for us as well. ;)

  • SCD Redux says:

    we have to live with the fact that all controversies are almost always political in nature.

    it would be naive for our leaders to go head strong into something w/out considering that.

  • Bedan from California says:

    If this issue reaches the Sports community, especially the Sports Media of the United States or any country for that matter, and it is just a matter of time, this move by the Philippine NCAA will have embarrassing repercussions.

    What will the United States NCAA feel about this measure? This will surely affect Asian Athletes here in the U.S. especially Filipinos.

    Just imagine, What could Bobby Parks, Norman Black, all other foreign expats and the rest of the foreign athletes who are playing there, are feeling this point.

    What would Marcus Douthit, and Javale Mcvale feel about this move by the Mancom? Would they still feel excited and involved in representing our Colors?

    What if all the foreign students studying in the Philippines decided to make a stand in this matter even though they are not directly involved?

    What could Bobby Parks Jr., Kirk Long be feeling right now about this policy?

    There is no circling around a policy that discriminates.. a racist policy is a racist policy. Odeogun i understand, has brought his case to the Commision of Human Rights.. Do we actually think reactions are going to stop there?

    This shortsighted policy will surely bite the hands… and necks of those who created it. If ignornance is the seed of Racism, this decision by the Mancom is just as much a product of ignornace and malice as well.

    • Z says:

      well BRP won’t be hassled in the slightest. he’s got a filipino mom so he’s off the hook, although the discrimination against his father, whom Filipinos considered God during his PBA days will surely get to him. it is a bad, distasteful move by politicians trying to look like they know basketball and trying to voice out the supposed “feelings” of a basketball player. my foot. it’s kind of funny since the Dominicans over at UST aren’t feeling the same way as Fr. Tamod Lana.

    • SCD Redux says:

      ahh, then exposing this to the global sports media might be something to consider. specially since we’re dealing w/a bunch of thick-faced thugs.

      like i said, the more they drag their case, the more they’re extending the rope they’ll be hanging themselves with. :)

  • SCD Redux says:

    3 months “Gang,” 3 mos. the clock is ticking. tick tock, tick tock.

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