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The end of an era at DLSU

Sunday, 18 September 2011 6,453 Views / 145 Comments

Dindo Pumaren took over as head coach of De la Salle University in 2010 with a winning tradition running through his veins. After all, brothers Derek and Franz were responsible for coaching all seven of the Green Archers’ UAAP championships. Dindo was hopeful that he would not only add to that stash but somehow erase the memory of never winning one for his alma mater as a player in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, even as Dindo entered with the pride of the past and promise for the future, the present disagreed with him completely. Thus, after a troubled two year stint, the youngest Pumaren has resigned as DLSU’s head coach and the university has accepted it “with deep regret”.

Quite likely, nobody has a deeper regret over the past two seasons than Dindo Pumaren himself. His arrival was greeted with genuine hope and optimism albeit in the shadow of his very popular Kuya. Succeeding Franz Pumaren, who is arguably the most successful DLSU coach in the history of the school, Dindo was expected to build upon what his brother had put together year in and year out: a proud, intimidating, and fearless squad of hard-nosed workhorses who understood their roles and made use of their superior basketball skills to the hilt. Alas, that expectation shall never come to pass now.

In his first year as coach, Dindo successfully carried his team back into the Final Four. Although anything short of a championship is unacceptable for many La Sallians, he was given a reprieve of sorts. It was, after all, his rookie season, and he was missing a good player or two who could plug some of the holes found in Season 73’s team.

After a summer of rebuilding and recruitment, this year was supposed to be the start of DLSU’s next dynasty with a mix of talented holdovers and promising rookies. Prized freshmen from last season — Jarelan Tampus, Luigi de la Paz, Almond Vosotros — had a year of experience tucked under their belts. Their perceived weakness from last year — their ceiling — was taken care of with the additions of Norbert Torres and Arnold Van Opstal. And Simon Atkins was all pumped up to make his final tour of duty with the team in green a successful one. But for some reason, it just didn’t come together, and DLSU found themselves shut out of the league’s top four again.

It almost seemed like La Salle fans could tell they were in for a rough season. As early as the middle of the first round, many were already asking for the heads of every member of the coaching staff by making some pretty vicious claims:

- Tonichi Yturri never provided the proper big man coaching to the likes of Van Opstal and Torres, with some even claiming that they would have developed into much better players if put under the tutelage of (gasp!) arch-rival Ateneo’s head coach Norman Black.

- Jack Santiago was merely a glorified cheerleader on the bench who stands and shouts empty instructions every now and then.

- And Dindo? His rotations were so scattered and unpredictable that he never allowed the players to gain enough confidence in their abilities to succeed.

It’s one thing to be ridiculed by the opposition. But you know there is something terribly wrong if the biting criticism is being hurled at you from within your own home. In the end, there was nothing left to salvage. By the sound of the final buzzer of their 14th game of the season, it was clear that Dindo had lost the respect of the fans and the confidence of his players. As is the case at the end of many a mediocre season, it’s the coach that ultimately got the boot.

La Salle’s lackluster performance over the past few seasons has been painful to watch for long-time UAAP fans such as me. But for now, I guess we will all have to accept two very surprising realities. Fact #1: for only the second time in nineteen years, DLSU will not be part of the UAAP playoffs. And fact #2: for the first time in nearly fifteen, next season, the Green Archers will not have a head coach who goes by the name Pumaren.

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Mike is the editor-in-chief of Rebound magazine. For the past two years, he has been working together with the Rebound team to produce what he hopes is a high quality college basketball magazine. His vision for Rebound is to make it as much a part of college hoops tradition as cheer squads and rabid fans.


  • yosi says:

    such is life….

  • SK says:

    na tsambakan lang namen nag drama na hihihi huhuhu

  • Why Norman is Black says:

    As saying goes ni dating presidente at alumni ng ateneo Joseph ” ERAP ” Estrada ay Weather Weather lng yan. Lol

  • red rampant says:

    When a team wins, the players are good, but when a team losses, bad coaching!

  • Black Mamba says:

    DLSU Strategy: send Yturri to Ateneo so their big men will regress.

  • Homer de los Santos says:

    Missed the playoffs twice in 19 years?

    Some people conveniently forget 2006.

    • Z says:

      well it’s not counted since DLSU did not even participate as they got suspended for spurious player documents.

      • Thank you for replying to Homer, Z!

        Dear Homer, Z is correct. The year that DLSU was suspended is not counted. That year, since they were not part of the competition, they didn’t have the chance to be a part of the Final Four at all, and so it is not considered.

        Thanks to you both. I appreciate the discussion!

        • banned says:

          hey mike. when will the next issue of rebound come out? is there a mid season issue still or just a championship edition na lang?

          • Hi, banned. Yes, there will still be a mid season issue. It’s scheduled to come out this weekend, but I don’t want to make any promises yet because we had a problem with the stores the last time.

            It’s a very good issue, I assure you, with a lot of good features. I will have a post here on inboundpass in the next few days to share what articles we have. Please do watch out for it!

            Thanks for the continued support. :)

          • banned says:

            thanks, sir. hope to get my hands on that soon. best of luck with the upcoming issue.

  • mons says:

    2nd naman sila sa cdc. good sign^^ at least may future sila don

  • So what??! It’s no big deal! What is the article for?? We have not entered the Final 4 the longest, and our Coaches and Managers have come and gone!!

    Deal with it and move on….

    • WES says:

      Apparently, that’s the difference. DLSU’s a known strong competitor in the UAAP. That’s why, for a lot of people, the feelings are paramount. Actually, the Green Archers are dealing with it and moving on. They did as early as the SMC shake up of coaches.

      • WES, There shouldnt be any favoritism in sports journalism….

        • WES says:

          I for one agree with you, FM. But, it is the interest of the general public. Only true sports fans can stomach write-ups or articles on any sports team or school team. Only the purists. We all know it’s always Ateneo, DLSU, and San Beda who get the write-ups. But, there are also reliable blogs and prints that go beyond the three aforementioned schools. In volleyball, I think it’s only UST, DLSU, San Sebastian, and recently ADMU who gets the so-called favoritism. Again, the mentioned schools all have a strong following and the general public is also interested in.

          • Z says:

            well thing is, it is a momentous change for DLSU for the last 15 years. sa UP? why do you have to write up about a coaching change when they still produce the same results? thing is, with journalism, you go for the NEW. kaya nga news. with UP, they might say it’s old news that they will again change coaches. to DLSU, well, that’s new! so no, there’s no favoritism here.

          • WES says:

            Is there even a system in UP’s basketball to begin with? During the 80s, Paras and Magsanoc era, they were having a lot of attention. There were a lot of things to write about, something the current basketball team does not have. On DLSU’s side, this isn’t a favoritism article. They’ve been known a strong competitor the last 2 decades, they’ve entered the finals more than any other team since the Final4 era. So, to go down like this, rebuild the system, it’s something big of a deal.

          • WES says:

            When Fighting Maroons won they had a lot of write ups din naman that finally they have something cooking.

        • Anti-heat says:

          Well I remember you guys having lots of articles. Articles in which you were suppose to make the final four but ended up short and a couple of times win less. Z and WES are right, why write up about something that is occurring every single year? Write something that is shocking or new like a team who only missed the final four once, winning only 5 out of 14 games. Sorry but it’s our only bad record ever since the final four format was initiated so it’s a little shocking. Oh and we’ve already moved on, if we didn’t then we wouldn’t be making changes this early, sorry if DLSU is making some noises kahit wala na kami sa final four it’s just we aren’t used to losing so this is something really new to us.

          • Thanks for the feedback, Anti-heat! I’m glad that you also see relevance in the story.

            Good luck next year! I’m sure there are some major changes coming up for your school and it will add to the excitement in 2012. :)

        • Mysterious Blue Eagle Man 97 says:

          Actually, I think it was a relevant article. It wasn’t about Final Four performances but rather the Pumaren legacy at La Salle.

          Which is a long running story and worth writing about.

          The logic is a bit flawed by the way. THERE is favoritism in sports journalism but it’s based on RELEVANCE. Certain stories merit more attention.

          Pumaren resigning ends a long Pumaren legacy that cast its shadow over college basketball the past two, almost three, decades.

          If tomorrow, UP gets a new coach. And the coach is a relevant figure like an ex PBA coach or a controversial one, then there will be TONS of attention to it.

          But right now, the only major stories in UAAP college basketball are the Final Four/Finals/the MVP and the coaching changes. Unless there is a story that stands out that hasn’t been said before.

          For example UP gets more press in the Cheerdance comp than any other team because they are almost always expected to rule it. And when they don’t it’s also a story.
          (*please don’t say Cheerdance lang yan, a couple of good friends of mine are ex-cheerleaders from UP and La Salle and they DO put in a lot off effort into what they do.)

          Perhaps a better example would be Adamson. Adamson hardly got any press after Duremdes graduated and after they the Marlou Aquino eligibility scandal caused their suspension back in 94. Until Ken Bono came along and after that, it was quiet again until this year when Nuyles and company turned them into contenders.

          UP got a lot of press in the pre-season as favorites with the additions to its line-up. But after a lackluster performance, you can’t really expect people to keep writing about them when there’s no new news.

          Heck, UP got a lot of stories LAST year during the Aboy Castro coaching switch controversy.

          UE was getting a lot of press (James Yap era, Larence Chiongson era, Paul Lee etc) until this year when they were not part of the big story.

          Believe me, Ateneo didn’t get a lot of press outside of the Ateneo La Salle games in the 90s. (One time the College paper of ATENEO even forgot to write about them) I know because I was there! UP actually got a lot of press back then with Paolo Mendoza’s highly talented crew failing to get past the final four and deliver the crown.

          So relevance lang talaga. Go back to the pre-season and to Mike Silungan’s recruitment and you will see a lot of articles on UP’s chances. But today? There is no new story about UP.

          At best, an article about UP’s struggles since the Paras era SHOULD be written. But then, ganun din for Adamson…and a host of other schools from UAAP and NCAA. Even then,it wouldn’t be as timely as this one because of Pumaren’s resignation.


          • Thanks for the long and helpful post, MBEM! Well thought out, indeed. :)

            Funny you should mention a UP article about their struggles. Although not entirely along those lines, we have an article planned in our championship issue for this year about UP’s championship team of the 1980s. That should be a good trip down memory lane!

            Take care!

    • Hi, fightingmaroons!

      WES and Z explained it well. It isn’t just the fact that DLSU has not entered the Final Four. It’s that they have such a winning tradition that it is uncharacteristic not to be there. It is a very worthy story to tell, and that is why I wrote the article.

      Regarding coaching changes, it’s also unique for DLSU to have had 3 brothers man the head coach position, so there is a story there.

      For UP, if they enter the Final Four soon or maybe even win the championship, you can be sure I will write about that, too. And the angle I will take will be much more positive, I promise! :)

      Regarding biased sports journalism, yes, there shouldn’t be any biases in sports news reporting. However, as this is an opinion piece, I did include my own thoughts. In my role as the EIC of Rebound, though, I do not favor one team over the others, whether in the UAAP or NCAA.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • Anti-heat says:

        Thanks for the article sir.

      • Z says:

        just keep up the good work sir and hope to read some more. it seems Rebound staffers write here. wonder about sir ricky (olivares). besides, you just tackled something momentous and clearly no bias. more power and god bless.

        • Thanks, Z and Anti-heat! I appreciate it.

          Z, best of luck to ADMU, too. Looks like it’s going to be a great finals!

          Rick has his personal blog and also writes for the website being advertised by Gatorade here on inboundpass. You may also want to check those sites out. :)

      • WES says:

        It was a good article, Sir Michael Gohu Yu. I did not feel anything bias there. It’s actually relevant. IT’s a hot topic actually and timing since us regulars here have been discussing it. Non-DLSU fans have been following the status of the De La Salle MBT. And this is what we want din. It’s not every website news beyond game results are posted. Keep up, sir!

        • Thanks, WES! I will definitely try my best to write stuff that you all want to read about.

          BTW, there seems to have been a new DLSU head coach chosen. Let’s wait for the confirmation… :)

    • It is irrelevant and unimportant(period).

    • voluntasDei says:

      Wow, the education shows. It seems only FMaroons is civil and educated, thinking clearly and focused.

  • WES says:

    DLSU has picked a coach already. The only thing left is if the offer tendered to the prospect will be accepted. Context clues of TJ Manotoc’s tweet, it’s a former DLSU coach. Looks like it’s Jong Uichico and the assistants are sure hundred folds better than yturri and jack.

    • banned says:

      it’s been said that gee abanilla seems to be the front runner for the head coaching position. he coached csb before, right? can that be counted as a former dlsu coach?

      • WES says:

        I don’t know. The other front runner is the DLSZ coach. I’ve always thought it’s Jong Uichico. But the funny thing is, every prospect for head coach is also offered to at least be part of the coaching staff. for the high end coaches already, consultancy, and the DLSU units, asst coaching jobs daw. Let’s ask Anti-Heat! :)

        • Anti-heat says:

          Jong is out for now, he doesn’t have any interest coaching DLSU again.. at the moment at least.

          • Z says:

            alam ko si coach Gee. better choice i might say.

          • WES says:

            Other prospects are being offered daw with special functions for the MBT. Wow. Even the order of succession is somewhat being planted. That’s step 1 when the big boss is back.

          • Escudo says:

            Is franz still welcome to comeback but needs a new coaching staff? is this an option?

          • Z says:

            sir E he can’t. he’s head coach of Shoppinas (however that is spelled). professional headcoaches are barred from participating as head coaches of schools in amateur leagues. only the assistant coaches are allowed. ^^

          • SK says:

            mang escudo malapit na namen kayo tsambakan sa FMC, Filoil at PCCL. mamili ka sa ano mang lahat na to hihihi gugugu

          • banned says:

            sana nga, sk. naawa na kasi ako sa team mo. ang laki na ng nagastos, talunan pa din. sayang investment. pull out na natin stocks sa smic. baka bumagsak din.

          • banned says:

            vandolph vanguardia’s name has also recently surfaced, along with lito vergara.

  • go to mendiola pleaseee says:


  • go to mendiola pleaseee says:

    dindo pumaren for frankie lim!

  • mav says:

    Dindo for the RLs is possible but for now Lim’s hands are full and has to get this one more championship under his belt…hopefully.

  • paulrenzo says:

    Regardless of whether someone is doing well or not, it still feels sad (to some extent) to know that someone’s losing his job (provided of course that this person did not do anything grave).

  • fortuneteller says:

    Yup, he never was a good coach. To have a VERY VERY strong team in 2007 steam rolling all over the competition in the elims to lose the finals to his former school coached by a brother is not only poor coaching but also something else. The rut the greenies are in now is because of the bad karma emanating from that sordid event in 2007. The bad karma will only be eliminated once the warriors win a crown to compensate for the one “given away” in 2007. If that does not happen soon, the greenies will be “bewitched” in the doldrums of UAAP basketball.

    • Z says:

      fortune doesn’t make the team. it is the effort, the work, and the chemistry. not to mention, the system. as they said, you make your “karma” not the other way around.

      • fortuneteller says:

        Yup, they exerted a lot of effort, worked themselves to the bone, had relatively good chemistry among the crop of veterans, sophomores, and outstanding rookies, used the much ballyhooed pumaren system (p8lo-derek-franz-dindo), yet in the end succumbed to the bad karma.

  • Tax says:

    Alalahanin natin yung panahong pinapaiyak tayo ng DLSU…

    Pana-panahon lang yan kaya dapat paghandaan pa rin natin sila.

  • ADU peaked in their win against ADMU.

    UST peaked in their win against FEU.

    NU peaked in the Father Martin Cup.

    DLSU peaked some time in summer.

    UE and UP was not expected to peak.

    • mons says:

      On the contrary, while every other teams have reached their peaks, Ue and Up were expected to be picked on^^ j/k, just amusing you man, lol. Same way i’m getting in a few digs at dlsu ‘cuz u’d think they’ve eaten their humble pies after all these years? think again. even in their lowest of lows, they can still find ways to be arrogant, lol. So same as your view about the article, I really don’t care and it isn’t really something to be worried or concerned about including that much-ado-about-nothing resignation of Dindo and choice of the next coach. It’s their problem with their community, so let them sort it out themselves.

    • mons says:

      Mataas daw standard ng Dlsu sa coaches and players. After a few games and you don’t deliver, you get the full brunt of the dlsu alumni and community. wish they also have the same norm with their academic standard, lol.

      • Anti-heat says:

        Wow aren’t you all knowing….

      • Mons says:

        which part of my opinion above did u not get?

        • Anti-heat says:

          Well lets just say you are right we are arrogant and yes we find ways to grab attention when we aren’t even in the final four, I find it offensive that you are aiming at our academic standards. Not amused by it one bit.

          • svelterogue says:

            hear, hear, anti-heat. below the belt na hirit yon na walang lugar sa mga ganitong usapan. frankly, good for DLSU na bago na ang ihip ng hangin. mukang mutual naman for both the school and dindo and staff. sayang lang na hindi nag click but that’s sport.

          • Mons says:

            oh afaik, have u even tried to forgo playing anyone in your team if he was failing or something? I’m talking about main men? Can you honestly say those who carried the torch in your campaign in the past really passed their academics? You don’t know any better. On the contrary your school, if you’re indeed from there, had been one of the sanctioned ones of recent times ‘cuz of tapping in ineligibles. And when they turned out duds, you volunteered the confidential information; the effects of which were minimal (yeah 3 years of forfeited games but just lost 1 championship). I wonder if you would have volunteered the same info if you won your 3 peat during those years? I have my doubts.

            My point is, you have had the precedent of letting your academics take a back seat for the all-important basketball campaigns. And yet, you don’t give the same slack to your players and coaches in terms of performance. Let’s face it, Dlsu’s problem is your community. And not any coach or any player. If you’re not one of them screaming for the staff’s heads, then you’re a minority, or maybe even not from there at all.

          • Anti-heat says:

            Yes, yes we got suspended already for that issue, guys like you always seem to bring it up even though it happened years ago. Anyway it is what it is, as much as we want them to be student-athletes there were times in the past where it wasn’t, I’ve been classmates with some of them and yes it’s as you’ve said pushing them to prioritize basketball ahead of academics, but ever since the suspension things have tightened up. Are all the players cleanly making requirements now? Can’t answer that but let’s face it are we the only university or school that had or has this problem?

          • Mons says:

            Given Dlsu’s stature (supposedly) in the academe, yes.
            And it’s not a problem. It’s an endemic practice.

          • Mons says:

            Ust suspended one of their 3 point gunners. u can dare say Up won’t just take in anyone who’s academically challenged, doon pa! Ateneo did the same with a future 25 greatest in the Pba way back in Admu’s so-called Dark years when they could have just compromised the academics just to win its first ever trophy in the Uaap, and just this year, notice anyone conspicuously missing in its line up? The one who won the series for it against the same team now in the finals? But of course, dlsu won’t understand that. I won’t even be surprised if they were the ones who spread the rumor.

          • Anti-heat says:

            We kicked out Arvie Bringas who was supposed to be a prized recruit, last year when we could have used him the most, I could name a lot of players who failed to make it academically, funny thing is some of these players ended up transferring to other teams. Arnold Van Opstal should have suited up last year but he didn’t because some of the units he took abroad were not honored, if we are as low as you say wouldn’t we just have found ways to magically count those units, or make Arvie Bringas stay in DLSU. At this point it’s pointless to argue with you as you are clearly just a big hater of the institution. The ones who no matter what will find some way to bash the university with your feeling of perfection and superiority complex.

          • mons says:

            Bringas was in la salle’s downward spiral years. it would have revamped the team anyway. Doubt u can name a couple in its strong years.

            But u r right in saying nothing will change its image or people’s perception of it as far as that practice is concerned. Makes one think that it’s a matter of policy guised under exceptions to the rule.

          • mons says:

            I’ll just leave u with one true story. On national tv, in its ‘dynasty’ someone couldn’t explain when asked for his course and its scope. He had to turn to his coach as if to ask “Anu nga ba yon?” lol. The coach couldn’t ‘translate’ an explanation either. Funny.

          • Z says:

            UP not taking in one who does not perform well in the classroom? tell them that again. i for one know the real deal with Mike G. him and books never agreed. even when we were back in high school.

        • ryuji says:

          It’s kind of funny since you’re just in the level of perception and you proceed to making judgments about DLSU.

          • mons says:

            not without bases, boy

          • ryuji says:

            You may have bases, but it doesn’t follow that those bases define the DLSU community or their level of education. Just as you can’t say that the Adamson community is a low level institution because of the Marlou Aquino incident, you can’t say that DLSU is as low as what you think just because of your bases. And how sure are you that those bases on your mind conform with the reality?

          • mons says:

            bases = based on facts. facts = happened. so when something happens, that’s a reality. Perceptions, based on facts and reality. are well-founded perceptions. and it’s not just me. The opposite of an unfounded perception is rumor.

            intiendes? <—- sorry Sk, had to be conotic like u lol

          • mons says:

            i meant rumors are not facts. and if u base ur perceptions on rumors, that that is an unfounded perception. It’s called bias.

          • ryuji says:

            perception, no matter how well founded it is, is still in the level of perception. there’s a DMR rule in perception = Direct Mediate Realism. I’m not sure though if you know what i mean.

      • wye says:

        @ mons

        aren’t you from feu? or admu? i can’t remember…

    • Escudo says:

      Meanwhile, si Sk, peaked on huhu hihihi.

    • wye says:

      well, to some extent you are correct but had we had karim against NU the f4 pioture surely would have looked different.

  • lj2 says:

    For those hungering for UP Maroon’s coverage, I would like to point out that Rebound has featured UP in the past 3 years:
    a) A feature on UP helping the victims of Typhoon Ondoy (2009, Issue 3)
    b) A feature on Mike Silungan (2010, Issue 4)
    c) An upcoming feature on Jett Manuel (2011 Issue 8)- will be available late this week!
    d) An upcoming feature on the 25th anniversary of UP’s 1986 championship team! (2011 Issue 9)

    So UP fans, you can rely on Rebound to not forget the Maroons!

  • SCD says:

    what a legacy for the pumares. 15 years! did great guns for the greens for a long time. to bad it had to end this way.

    dindo’s resignation raises some questions for me though. the guy is not incompetent. he did well for UE. so what happened at DLS that he can’t make his magic work there?

    the frustration was understandable for DLS’ fans and supporters given that big bucks were spent, the pre-season build-up, etc. but what disturbs is the manner w/which these frustrations were communicated…in public!

    maybe i’m old-fashioned, but washing dirty linen in public never did any good for any form of relationship.

    again, citing UE’s case, word got out of the firing of their coach AFTER the fact. DLS’ case was different. it was public, at least as i saw them in this forum.

    not flame-baiting…never was for it! but since this is the point of discussion, maybe somebody could write about the chronology of events leading dindo’s resignation.

    it is true that he didn’t perform well on his last gig as a coach, but was it necessary to publicly humiliate the guy?

    • svelterogue says:

      what scd said! word.

      “but what disturbs is the manner w/which these frustrations were communicated…in public!
      maybe i’m old-fashioned, but washing dirty linen in public never did any good for any form of relationship.”

    • Anti-heat says:

      I have to admit I was really hard on Dindo, the other coaches …….. kinda deserved it. This season showed that what we thought was good player development was not the same type of player development teams like Ateneo are operating under. How the whole thing panned out, yes it was too much. This problem started because masyadong mataas yung expectations sa team. A lot of people really thought that we could win the championship this year. My personal opinion on that? Yes it was possible but I had to see first how they play during the eliminations then we can measure how far the team will go. Then it happened, we missed the final four, had our worst record since the final four was initiated, just a bad season overall. Yes it’s true the responsibility is on Dindo but the expectations were just too much, his ouster as coach understandable but this kind of public humiliation? Too much especially if it’s those same group that set these high expectations to begin with.

      • svelterogue says:

        insightful take there, anti-heat. this is a team that did hand you some pretty good results in the past. this is the sad face of quasi-pro sports.

        • Anti-heat says:

          Exactly sir svelterogue, you win 3 in a row everything is good, you lose 3 in a row it’s unacceptable. Yes that’s how it is here I guess.

  • SCD says:

    what happened to “DISCREET?”

  • LIACOM22'98 says:

    in ’94 and ’95, virgil villavicencio steered la salle to a runner-up finish behind ust. in ’96 and ’97, jong uichico mentored la salle to a bridesmaid finish behind ust and feu, respectively. enter franz in ’98

    all head coaches of the green archers are aware of this strike 2 policy.

    looks like dindo cracked uner pressure.

  • ryuji says:

    DLSU should not panic. “Even Basketball Team Dynasties” have their own “dark ages”. The mighty LA Lakers failed to make the playoffs 5 times in 61 years. Ask the Celtics. They were one of the NBA’s whipping boys until the big three decided they would play together to win a championship. In the PBA, the San Miguel Beermen leads the league with 19 championships, but just last year, in the commisioners cup, they failed to make the quarterfinals. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  • Sid says:

    DLSU should have tried to get Tim Cone as head coach. Im sure La Salle can afford him…

  • wye says:

    great read…both the article and comments. =)

  • Z says:

    sir mike, i’d like to hear about your thoughts on the UAAP MVP this season as made by this guy.

    • SK says:

      talangka enget lang kayo !

      BRP BRP MVP !

    • Hi, Z! I read the link, thanks for posting.

      My thought on this — and any — MVP choice process is that everyone will have their own point of view. There won’t be one set of conditions common for everyone, I’m afraid.

      They all do sound correct. Stats? Pretty important, in the right context. Leading a team to the championship? Makes sense, too. Impact on team’s performance? A little tougher to measure, but valid. Making teammates better? Can be a bit subjective, but yeah, that would be great, too.

      By using just stats, the UAAP stays “safe” by avoiding the MVP choice becoming a popularity contest or a measure of how good PR of a particular school is.

      I guess it’s also like those “Top 10″ lists or “Best of all time” lists. Someone will always be left off the list, and people will argue to include this player over another. There will always be some level of subjectivity. In the end, the debates will certainly go on with no clear “victory” for one or the other choice.

      That being said, I’m quite happy for Ray Ray Parks! And to make a shameless plug, please get the next issue of Rebound which contains a very good feature on him! Haha. :)

      Thanks a lot!

      • Z says:

        ahhh. good points raised sir mike. i’ll take that into account next time. and yes, i’ll be grabbing rebound. i always do it. consider it the bible of phil. collegiate ball.

        P.S. the writer of that was me. haha more power sir!

        • Wow, really? Congrats, then! And thank you for supporting Rebound. We promise we’ll try to keep the mag a high-quality one. :)

          • SCD says:

            would have been better if its distribution was a little more efficient. i don’t know how mwny issues you’ve released, but i still have to find one easily accesible.

            some of us folks love the mag but if it isn’t easy to find…

            last issue i saw was from over a year ago, and that was 2 mos. ago!

            heck, i’m aware it caters to a limited niche but some of us just don’t have the time to look for it.

          • SCD says:

            funny, those glossy porn magazines are easier to find that the mag. :(

            you don’t even have to look for them…they’re splattered all over the place.

  • Tyndale says:

    If you look at the history of championships in the UAAP, you will find a lot of reasons to look at this change in “dynasties” with optimism that someday, luck will favor on La Salle, or any team for that matter. I’m from UP, and I for one am still hoping that someday, the Fighting Maroons will strike gold with winning a championship. And we can never really tell if that would be the next season or a couple more decades. In fairness with Dindo Pumaren, he brought with him a resume that boasts a 14-0 record (although, that, of course, was obliterated by the very team he just coached). Nonetheless, I think the Pumarens have done a good job of giving La Salle a good run. Maybe a new coaching staff can do the job for them, and I am saying this with all high respect for Dindo.

    As for the UP Fighting Maroons, I salute our team for racking up two wins. Now that FEU is on the Finals, we can safely say now that UP’s win over them was the upset of the season. Nonetheless, I wan to say that we should also set our expectations high for this team, not to put them down further, but to elevate their level of playing and competitiveness. I think, if some of our community members will go ‘OK lang yan kahit talo, at least ginawa niyo yung best niyo,” then what happens is we are using our best as a lame excuse for not winning. But, if our players can get the feel that we expect them to win, their confidence is elevated in another way–because they don’t want to fail our expectations. One might cite the 2010 season when the guys were expected to go Final Four but ended up 0-14. But that’s beside the point (and not to mention the coaching debacle that hit them).

    I, for one, am expecting a better UP next season. I don’t believe in jinxes. I know UP will be better next season. I’m sure.

    • Why is Norman Black? says:

      I think UST will be the 2nd best team next year and will go to the finals versus Ateneo. However, will lose to Ateneo.

      • Tyndale says:

        I’m 80% inclined to agree with you on this. Di pa ba aalis si Fortuna or Teng? Adamson will be losing a lot of key players like Alvarez, Lozada and Colina. Nuyles will be having a hard time carrying the bulk of the load these guys handled. Sa FEU sinu-sino ang aalis? I’m sure Garcia and Romeo will still be around, but i’m thinking Ramos, Cawaling and Noundou will be gone. I’m basing my perception on how much will go out of their system, and how much of the old system will stay to keep the system intact and running. Hati pa ako as of now between UST and FEU, pero I guess UST will surge up next season.

        • Z says:

          nope one more year for fortuna and two for teng (if my math is correct). mag-aabot pa sila ni Jeron (who i hope lands in the tiger’s den).

        • asdfgh says:

          3rd year pa lang si Teng pinapaalis mo na

          • Tyndale says:

            Apologies for having little background on who’s staying and who’s leaving.

            Well, in that case, I guess the Tigers have the biggest chance next year of posting their own version of a rematch against Ateneo.

            Of course, all these are way too early to tell how next year’s atmosphere will turn out. But still, with an intact roster carrying over next season, the only thing left for Pido and his boys is go for the crown.

            FEU will probably be third, and I’m crossing my fingers in giving the fourth spot to NU (that is, if coach eric stays). Maybe Adamson can still hold on at fourth, unless something else changes the scenario.

            The last two spots, I’m quite sure, will still be a toss-up between UP and UE.

        • John Stockton says:

          Yes mananalo na La Salle without Adamson’s DLSU-killers, esp Alvarez!!!

      • wye says:

        hmmm…agreed. at this point in time, UST is favored to enter the finals against admu next year. everyone is technically allowed to come back…so if camus, afuang and fortuna invoke their 5th year option then UST will come back remarkably intact. we expect kent lao and ron javier to slide to team b with the returns of aljohn mariano and tata bautista, while pido already mentioned 2 more recruits waiting in the wings…next year is looking bright for us. let’s not forget though that the other teams will surely improve as well so we’ll have to see if our perception would still remain by the start of next season.

        • Tyndale says:

          I think these guys should come back and aim for the championship. This is just my theory:

          - If Camus, Afuang and Fortuna are looking for greener pasture in pro-basketball, the chances of them getting in would be smaller than if they choose to stay with UST and gun for the trophy;

          - Whether they win the championship or be pitted against Ateneo in the finals, UST will earn credits as a team worthy to be considered when fishing for good pro players. Individually, Chris, Melo and Jeric can have a better chance of joining the circulation of prospects;

          - Obviously, there would be no need to refurbish a new system with all the key players staying for UST. All coach Pido will do is take their game to the next level. That would be quite a challenge, and not a complication that the UST would be thinking about if these guys opt to exit;

  • Smart Gilas says:

    Marcus Douthit – An American Naturalized Filipino vows to lift gilas.

    Greg Slaughter – A Filipino American raised here in the Phil Played with Univ or Visayas, was brought here in Manila to play for our national team and now Vows to lift Ateneo for their 4th straight UAAP championship even during the time of the ongoing Fiba Asia Championship. I don’t think Our National team needs a tall and big 7ft center right? Ateneo needs it more than our National Team.:) That’s more important. This mindset makes Filipino’s more succesful, right? I know right? =))

    Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

    Ready for Bon Fire!

  • wobbegonglover says:

    Guys, please confirm. coach gee abanilla got the job with coach jong as team consultant?

  • Hi SCD. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message now.

    Your concerns are very valid, and I apologize. To make it easier for you, may I suggest that you subscribe to the mag? That way, you’ll get it delivered to you without having to go out and look for it. You can inquire at 8504670 or email [email protected] and specify Rebound magazine in the subject.

    Regarding the porn magazines being more readily available…I’m not really surprised. Haha. :)

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  • engrStephen says:

    Adamson is still Adamson next season! they have cruzanity to fill up the voids created by the departure of alvares and co.

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