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UE keeps Fighting Maroons in last place

Saturday, 10 September 2011 40 Comments

WITH the game in hand, Biboy Enguio turned and waved goodbye to the University of the East Red Warriors fans as his team was able to close out a transitional year on a high note.

Expected to struggle with veterans Paul Lee and Ken Acibar leaving for the pros, UE was able to end Season 74 of the UAAP gracefully with a 68-54 win over the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons last September 10 at the Araneta Coliseum.

“No one really believed when they look at our team,” said rookie head coach Jerry Codiñera. “We may be small…but we try to look for ways to be competitive. You can see naman in the way we paly, we don’t just give up.”

Both sides came out with extended scoring runs to start the game, leading to a first quarter tie at 18-all. Hot shooting by the Red Warriors spelled the difference in the second period through a 10-2 run led by rookie Chris Javier that put them on top, 28-20 with 3:55 remaining in the first half. The Maroons’ five minute scoring drought was finally snapped by a floater by Paolo Romero, cutting the UE lead to six, 28-22. They couldn’t make further headway however, as JM Noble caught fire, burying three straight buckets, including a triple at the 1:28 mark, to push the Warriors’s lead back to double digits, 35-24.

At the dawn of the third quarter, Lucas Tagarda took it strong to the hoop, with his layup hiking the advantage to 13, 41-28. UP rallied behind a 7-0 burst, getting to within six points on a catch and shoot triple in transition by reserve point guard Robbie Wierzba, halfway through the period, 41-35. Surprisingly, it was UE’s bigs that brought them back, as six straight from Adrian Santos and four from Javier allowed them to close out strongly, restoring their double-digit lead, 55-45.

State U cut the deficit down to six again two and a half minutes into the fourth, off two free throws and a layup by Mark Juruena. But UE closed out the opposition, holding UP to just two points in a five-minute span. Meanwhile, Santos and Enguio served as the catalysts for a decisive 11-2 run, getting the lead up to 15, 68-53 with 2:39 left. And though the Warriors went scoreless in the final moments of the game, UP managed just two more points, not enough to affect the result.

In Enguio’s final game as a Red Warrior, the talented triggerman dropped a game-high 18 markers on 7-of-15 shooting, and added six boards, four steals and two blocks. “Importante sa amin to’ kasi yung pride namin,” said Enguio after the game. “Inaalay ko to’ sa pamilya ko at sa UE community.” Santos provided a late spark with 12 points, all in the second-half, while Noble also scored 12. UE got a huge boost from turnover points as it converted 25 UP miscues into 22 points, reducing the impact of its own 21 turnovers. Team captain Paul Zamar, also playing his final game, added, “Kahit hindi kami umabot ng Final Four this year, we never quit in every game. Kahit matambakan kami, next game, we bounce back.”

Another player on his last year of eligibility, Miggy Maniego, led UP with 14 points, eight in the first quarter. Former juniors rookie of the year Juruena added 12 and seven boards, but the Maroons got a poor outing from their shooters, as Gamboa, Mike SIlungan and Jett Manuel combined for just 10 points on 4-of-21 shooting.

Finishing with a 3-11 record, UE will enter year two of its rebuilding program, centered around point guard Roi Sumang and Javier. Meanwhile, UP left behind a 0-14 season and notched two victories in 2011. Next year sees them call up a good amount of players from their Team B, including some Maroons from Season 73 like Alvin Padilla, Mark Lopez and Mikee Reyes.

The scores:

UE 68 – Enguio 18, Santos 12, Noble 12, Sumang 8, Javier 8, Zamar 4, Casajeros 2, Tagarda 2, Duran 2, Sumido 0, Flores 0

UP 54 – Maniego 13, Juruena 12, Gomez 6, Montecastro 5, Silungan 5, Gamboa 5, Wierzba 3, Romero 2, Mbah 2, Wong 0, Manuel 0, Gingerich 0

Quarter scoring: 18-18, 37-26, 55-45, 68-54

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  • ron-ron says:

    Congratultions sa UE warriors, hindi tayo ang last sa standing, hindi din tayo na 0-14 katulad ng sinasabi ng marami.

    Excited ako for next season.

  • Navigator says:

    The Warriors should address their lack of size in the frontcourt. Get the services of TWO foreign centers if you can.

    As for the Maroons, Mike Silungan must learn to be a more complete all-around player especially if he hopes to join the PBA ranks after next season. The team must also learn to be consistent BOTH offensively and defensively PER game and not just be a good defensive team one day while not even being able to score 50 points.

  • Well guys, let’s top the bar and all board exams….Study hard! Learning is our primary act….

    • bisitalangpo says:

      yeah right. your team was fighting it on the court and your bleachers were so dull. I pity your athletes who I suppose are also studying very hard to be able to continue playing for the State U. You need more than just players to win games, you need a community; that has been proven by UST in 2006, and by DLSU in the 90′s and early 2000′s and ADMU’s run the last seasons. I remember the Lito Vergara’s UP team. This team was a Final Four caliber team, but the opponent’s crowd always drowns out their hearts come crunch time. Ah, and also; ADMU’s only lost in 2009 was against UP. So, nung linggo na yun, hindi sila nag-aral? Don’t brag about academics here; it’s the UAAP and if I remember correctly ‘AA’ means Athletic Association, right?

      • red guard says:


        Ur right “AA” means “Athletics Association” not “Basketball Association”In that respect its UST followed by FEU and then UP that has the most number of Overall Championships in the Seniors Division.

        Dont mistake Basketball for Athletics,spelling is different, definition is different.There’s a webster in your school’s library I think.

        • bisitalangpo says:

          and we are talking about the Men’s Basketball Tournament here di ba? sigurado ka bang taga UP ka? or nagWikipedia ka lang para malaman mo kung sino ang may higit na bilang ng kampeonato? Ang pinupunto ko iyung suporta laban dun sa pagmamalaki ng naunang post na “let’s top the bar and all board exams….Study hard! Learning is our primary act….” O baka naman hindi ka rin naniniwala sa athletic intelligence? Pinag-aaralan at pinaghuhusayan din yun. Kawawa naman ang bayan kung ikinukulong ka lang niya sa ‘pag-aaral’ at hindi sa paghubog ng buo mong katauhan.

          • red guard says:


            Yes I am from UP.And yes I did my research,don’t you. Arguments can last forever but facts will be facts.

            Yes I agree this is a basketball forum.But it was you that first brought up athletics in your comment,using it and basketball in the same breath whereas it really points to two different things entirely.It wasn’t @fighting maroons and definitely its wasn’t me who brought it up.

            And @fighting maroons was simply blowing off his frustration at a UP team that is unable to realize its potential.Community support is there. You simply judge by a different standard. They may be fewer in number but hey they are loud and proud. This team does not lack anything,its well funded by the alumni. And yet the team does not simply inconsistency but borders on being mediocre.

            Consider that”Honor & Excellence” is our school motto and you can fully aprreciate our frustration.From our freshman year to graduation we are taught not just to try to do our best but to excel at what we do. A grade is not simply a grade to pass. In fact academic competition is quite fierce among ourselves all throughout .In the College of Business for example,of the 100 plus who graduated last school year,60% had at least cum laude honors

            And unfortunately this basketball team does not embody the determination, the passion ,the work attitude and the zeal to excel that define a Iskolar ng Bayan.

          • red guard says:

            All of you are missing the point or unable to appreciate life in UP..

            Lifw in UP is determined by your professors.A UP Professor does not care who or what you are. You could be a student athlete or dyed in the wool socialist or whatever. .His class is his class. His exam schedule does not have to jibe with those of other professors, your personal life,or the UAAP or anything for that matter.He can change his mind,but that is his prerogative.Yes even if his exam schedule is in conflict with the exam schedules of other subjects, those are simply the facts of life.

            And truth be told, not being concerned by Basketball is not about being “pacool” but a fact.When i was a student i like the rest were indifferent towards the basketball team.We had other concerns.Not that we didn’t do any sports of which a wide variety was available through PE.But in our minds basketball was well basketball.

            Unfortunately today collegiate basketball has proven to be so popular, it has become synonymous with the perception of a university’s acknowledged stature. In fact its the best advertising a college/university can buy. A Championship or a F4 appearance is the best antidote to declining enrollment. More than any academic honor,a championship is able to bestow upon the triumphant the mantle of “excellent education”

            And if I may, its not about athletic talent or any talent for that matter.There’s talent all around. There are many interests at play and sports is simply one.

        • svelterogue says:

          not that i agree with bisitalangako’s snarky comments but come on, UP have got to learn how to stand behind their basketball team during the UAAP! this is the university with the largest student population and the best cheers (and pep squad) in the business!

          it’s appalling to see no UP supporters in the stands, pa-cool UP students and alums on FB saying “expected na talo team namin”, and then come out in full force one week after they’ve beaten FEU in the first round, only to fall to the tigers.

          i mean, c’mawwwnnnn, ateneo are definitely onto something when they chant, “win or lose, it’s the school we choose!” when you’re playing sports, who’s thinking about board exams anyway? don’t paint sport to be inferior to academics. all books and no play makes juan of UP a super dull and boring kid.

          • bisitalangpo says:

            Salamat, I actually have friends who played for the State U, and friends who played for the other UAAP schools as well. All of them were students. All studied well to be able to play. We had a friend who had to move to different colleges in UP just so he can make the GPA. Kaya lubos na nakakalungkot na idinadahilan na hindi nila ‘focus’ ang palakasan o basketball o anupaman kapag talunan sila. UP had the best run of swimming championships in the 90′s not to mention they won the general championship without winning a tournament in 97 or 98 methinks. UP does have athletic talent just like talent in all the other fields. The tragedy is the ‘snarking comment’ that goes, e athletes lang sila e.

          • WES says:

            I don’t know, but in terms of school support, the way how I’ve experienced academic competitions where UP is one we are competing against, they are always actually in full force. Maybe, UP’s focus is just different as compared to other schools? If on a general context of the Maroon Support, I think they fairly support their own. It’s just not evident with the basketball team. Hindi kaya dahil their school is just not into basketball? And they attend games not primarily because they want to, but because they just came from victory. Compared to other schools, their pecking order of interests is not the same as ours. While basketball is our 2nd next to academics, maybe, for UP’s it’s 3,4,5,or6. So that’s why that’s how they support the MBT.

        • bisitalangpo says:

          No, red guard. I said Athletic Association and not Atheltics Association. Athletic and Athletics are two different things. You might want to see an STATE U alumni eye doctor who topped the bar so you can see that I wrote it without the S. e ikaw na nga ang nagsabi na basketball forum ito e di ba? Sige, put down your team even more.

          • red guard says:


            I am afraid you hit the nail on that one to my dismay. My poor eyesight is showing.

            Still you and i know what we both are saying. You hear but unfortunately do not listen. you simply pick out what is convenient much like the NCAA Mancom of which 2 schools wanted to overturn the Red Lions win Vs the Generals last week through a uniform issue (again).

            And you fail to understand why I criticize. “win or lose its the school we choose” may be the saying but at the end of the day the intent is really to win not to lose. And if we are not honest with ourselves then how will we know what’s wrong with the team and how can it be changed.

            I cannot accept that a supposedly veteran line up with a bona fide top gun get beat by a squad composed of team b players and rookies.

          • bisitalangpo says:

            I need to correct myself, typo on atheltics and an eye doctor would top the board. I hear you and I know what you speak of, red guard. Its just that some ‘Iskolars ng Bayan’ lock themselves up in the ivory tower school of thought na taga-UP kami e ano ba sa inyo yun? Trust me, I know what you mean. and I know that life in the STATE U is difficult. pero…PERO I have been a witness to how athletes in the STATE U have been ridiculed by other students in the university as well. And I hate to say this, maski na yung alumni ridicule the team. Hindi na nga sila nanonood or nakikibalita man lang manlalait pa sila. Ang ganang akin lang, sayang. Nanghihinayang lang ako. Bukod pa roon, nakakahiya kasi kahit na there’s alumni money that pours in to fund these teams, a portion of it is still taxpayer’s money; just like a portion of the scholars’ tuition is taxpayers money. Surely, part of rearing the team is rearing the community that they play for to represent.
            ‘Win or lose’ is not really about choosing winning over losing. Siempre masarap manalo. It gives you 5 minute bragging rights but really participating to see where you really are and how you can be is the really the point of ‘Win or lose its the school we choose.’

    • WES says:

      So does Ateneo, DLSU, UST, FEU, Adamson, UE, & NU. Every school is. It’s everyone’s primary act. :)

  • lipa city says:

    well in case you’ve forgotten, UE nearly scored an upset vs the eagles

    • Navigator says:

      Problem was after the DLSU upset and the near-win over ADMU, they couldn’t sustain the momentum and began to lose big again before this win today.

  • Takeda says:

    Grabe 5 comments lang sa thread na ito samantalang sa kabila every minite may 10 nag ccomment.

  • Takeda says:


  • Jesus Shuttlesworth says:

    ***ON A SIDE NOTE***


  • wye says:

    Sana makapagrecruit ng maayos si coach jerry…ue is only set in pg and pf…up naman kelangan ng maturity. Dleague should do it…

  • Wondering Why says:

    You have a mini point guard who tries to steal on every possesion, getting beat to the basket, in turn breaking down the defense. You tell me this is good basketball? The Golden Rule of defense is ‘stay between your man and the basket’. Lesson learned, or same old story?
    Lack of big men is one thing, but allowing players constant drives thru the lane for attempted layups is not sound ‘D’.
    In the old days there was no such thing as a given layup. You get beat, you foul with authority! The message will be clear, you shoot from the outside, or pay the price. This can still be achieved with good sportsmanship, and just plain old fashioned hardnosed play.
    By the way, who is committing all these turnovers? Is’nt it possible to run a disciplined offense, with disciplined players? Same game I see, same results. Playing as hard as you can is not good enuf, if your consistent inability to cut down on errors is still existing. Wreckless play on either side of the ball is inexcusable and not sound! The ability to put up points with ridiculously low shooting percentages seems to be acceptable, instead of discouraged. There’s got to be a better way…..

  • ateneoalltheway says:

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    It’s for a competition in school. Hope you can support us! Thanks in advance! :D

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