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Abueva, Pascual tow Stags past hapless Altas

Monday, 11 July 2011 80 Comments

THE San Sebastian College-Recoletos offense came to life in the second half to propel last season’s second placers to a 3-0 start, defeating the hapless University of Perpetual Help System-Dalta, 87-60 in NCAA Season 87 last July 11 at the Arena in San Juan.

Calvin Abueva scored 22 in the second half and stuffed the stat sheet to the tune of a career-high 31 points, plus 15 rebounds and seven assists. Ronald Pascual had a personal-best 29 markers of his own, and six rebounds. The powerhouse duo’s points matched that of the entire Atlas team, and they outscored Perpetual Help in the second half, 39-29. Their performance made up for a lackluster start by the Stags that saw the score tied at 15 each after 10 minutes. “Sometimes you fall into the trap when you play against a weaker team, you play their brand of basketball,” said Stags coach Topex Robinson. “We made the necessary adjustments in the second half.”

The two teams battled back and forth early on, with Jett Vidal, Justine Alano, and Joel Jolangcob providing the offense for the Altas. In the latter part of the second quarter, a jumper by Ronald Pascual broke the fourth tie of the game, putting the Stags ahead, 29-27. Anthony Paulino tried to regain the lead for his squad on a triple but missed before Stags guard Jonathan Semira fell to the floor while trying for the rebound at the 2:56 mark. The fourth-year player had to be stretchered into the locker room and did not return.

“Hopefully he’ll be ok…[but if not] the other guards will step up,” said Robinson when asked about Semira’s injury. “Walang pop [sound on his knee when he fell] so hopefully it’s not anything grabe.”

Smelling blood, the Stags opened the second half on a 10-3 run, 45-34, with five points coming from Abueva. Jolangcob tried to incite an Atlas comeback by nailing back to back triples to trim the gap, 47-40. However, the Stags answered with seven straight by Pascual, restoring their double-digit lead. The Altas never threatened after that, though that didn’t stop San Sebastian from ending the game on a 12-0 blast.

The Atlas, playing their fourth game in 10 days, were led by Jolangcob’s 13 points and four assists before he fouled out in the fourth quarter. Vidal added 11, while three other players, Harold Sumera, Justine Alano and Cris Sison, finished with eight each.

The Stags will test their unbeaten streak against the Letran Knights next Wednesday, July 20, while Perpetual Help takes a much-needed break and will return on July 25, Monday, versus JRU.

The scores:

San Sebastian 87 – Abueva 31, Pascual 29, Sangalang 10, Maiquez 5, Miranda 4, Semira 3, Antipuesto 3, del Rio 2, Ferrer 0, Balucanag 0, J. dela Cruz 0, Vitug 0

Perpetual Help 60 – Jolangcob 13, Vidal 11, Sumera 8, Alano 8, Sison 8, Arboleda 7, Elopre 3, Thompson 2, Tonggal 0, Paulino 0, Parico 0, Asuncion 0

Quarter scoring: 15-15, 35-31, 58-45, 87-60

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  • SK says:

    teh una ako ! pssst…psst…psst….

  • bochog says:

    galing ni pascual at abueva sigurado nasa pba ang dalawa

    • Senile Old Coot says:

      Diba si Abueva dapat matagal nang nag PBA?

      • Redchukchak says:

        LoL. Good one.

        • Together-on-three says:

          Yeah. He’s too old for College Basketball. And it’s obvious, he’s not even going to classrooms to study. I bet he doesn’t know Chapter 1 of the book his classmates (hope he has) are using right now. XD

          But basketball wise, its PINATUBO TWINS domination. ^_^

    • VIN says:


  • Outback Outlaw says:

    Too bad Abueva cant win the MVP Award.

  • bedan conciliere says:

    the beast at its finest!

  • Santino says:


  • wye says:

    whew…baste wins by 27 against perps, san beda wins by 20 against lyce…another lackluster day of blowouts for the ncaa. it shows that these 2 teams are on a different galaxy compared to the rest of the field. good for the stags and lions, bad for the league.

    • Senile Old Coot says:

      Dont write off the other teams just yet my friend. Lets wait and see the end of the 1st round. They will be compared to your UAAP’s, UP and UE’s bottom rung teams. Medyo mas madami lang yata sa NCAA ang cellar feeders.

      • wye says:

        agreed, i’m still waiting on the supposed emergence of mapua and whoever between letran or jru sneaks into 4th. still, it’s highly improbable that it won’t be ssc and sbc in the finals. sadly, you are correct…lpu, uphsd, eac and even csb are sure wins for the top teams…blowouts pa.

      • amer_baser says:

        UP and NU ang nasa bottom ng standings nitong mga nakaraang taon. Mas marami talagang mahihinang team sa NCAA. Siguro yung UP, NU, UST and UE will be in the final four if they are in the NCAA.

    • Oh Behave says:

      oh behave, do you really think baste or beda cares about the competitiveness of other teams in the ncaa? konting isip isip naman.

      a win is a win whether it be a lackluster blowout or close game.

      there’s a somewhat similar situation in the uaap, though the teams are competitive (save for ue and up) its quite obvious that ateneo and lasalle are on a different galaxy compared to the rest of the field when it comes to hype.

      imagine where can you find a 0 pt outing by a supposed phenom labeled as subpar?

      • Outback Outlaw says:

        Bedista ka pala….
        Init nang dugo mo palagi.

        • hindi Bedista yan! peks man!…berde ang dugo nyan, tignan mo yung ibang threads.

          • Outback Outlaw says:

            My bad. Very sorry sir. I’m not an Atenean, but I am getting really tired of this Oh Behave’s tirades against a kid.

          • Senile Old Coot says:

            Outback Outlaw diba ikaw din si Spinning Back Fist at TIDR?!

            Kaya atat ka kay Oh Behave kasi sa mga tirada niya kay Kiefer Ravena. Ano ba boc? Atenista ka o Maroon?

          • Outback Outlaw says:

            I’m not TIDR. No way man. Atat kay Oh Behave? Well, inis, at pagod ang nararamdaman ko towards him. Paulit ulit eh.

          • banned says:

            huli na naman! haha!

          • Senile Old Coot says:

            Ikaw atat to defend KR to anyone. Oh Behave just got your goat. Pinalabas mo pa na taga UP nag defend.

            Ciao TIDR, SBF Oo. Busta moves!

          • Outback Outlaw says:

            Is it because of the pictures I post?
            Oh grabe. Porket napagkamalan kong Bedista si Oh Behave ako na si TIDR. Ganun ba iyun? Are you Bedans my superiors? Bawal gawan nang mali?

          • banned says:

            not that at all, sbf. next time kasi, change your reply style, change the grammatical errors that you usually commit. ang dali mo basahin eh, pati punctuation errors mo, parehong pareho. even the way you address someone when you reply is the same. animo la salle! obf! ang dami mong schools, baka naman maski isa dyan sa mga ginamit mo, di mo pa napasukan. hehehe.

          • Outback Outlaw says:

            Dude, I hate Ateneo. I think I have shown that before. Paniwalaan mo gusto mong paniwalaan.

          • banned says:

            yep, i will. till the next time i bust yo a$$, sbf. good luck with the next characters you’ll create. might i suggest crouching tiger from ust naman. hehe. peace, sbf.

          • Spinning Back Fist says:

            @ Outback Outlaw,
            Ang pagkakamali mo naman kasi, hinabol mo pa si Oh Behave dito sa isang NCAA thread.

            @ Banned,
            I remember this outback outlaw supports this gflobalization thing. I remember him calling my cousin in law a huge failure and told me to just accept it. Because of Outback Outlaw, my hate for globalization dipped. And now you think I am Outback Outlaw?
            Sige. Si Banned, Daedaleus at Senile old Coot, iisang tao lang.

          • banned says:

            ang dami mong kwento. haha! sure sure!

            sorry, i’m not in the habit of creating characters to bolster my arguments. daedalus and senile old coot, iisang tao lang daw tayo. nakaloko na naman kayo. galing! hehe!

      • YounghusbandsPLAY4SanBedaFC says:

        oh behave its just 1 game.

        • Outback Outlaw says:

          Pardon my ignorance about our country’s football league, but San Beda FC is different from you’re NCAA Red Lions team right?

          I don’t think that the Younghusbands are eligible to play in the NCAA, because the brothers have played professionally for the 2nd team (or 3rd) of the Popular English Club Chelsea FC.

        • Oh Behave says:

          just 1 game what?

      • Escudo says:

        he hasnt said that Outback O, better ask him first before you label.

        • banned says:

          oh behave is not a bedan. he’s been bashing us on a few other issues as well.

          • ryuji says:

            ang init ng dugo nya.. hehe.

          • red rampant says:

            Escudo, banned. My fingers are wa-hoooooo! to comment on Oh behave and wye, but I’ll keep myself cool. I just want them to read my novel comments on their topics before that were just left unanswered. “As I’ve said before, intentions by character, character by intentions.” Let’s just put some smile here. Come on guys. Where is SK? pssst, pssst, What can you say about these?

          • Escudo says:

            Whats up Thurs? Will fly into town for our game Monday. See you all then.

          • SK says:

            babalik ako teh. dami ko kasi fans sa tweeter ko. psst…psst…pssst….punta na ulit kayo lahat doon hmmmm. hihihi huhuhu

          • banned says:

            see you on monday, sir. wag na pansinin mga mahilig mag monologue and people who seem to be filled with so much negativity. peace na lang to all! :)

      • psychmajor says:

        thread ng mga bedans to. dun ka sa thread ng admu vs adu maghasik ng lagim.

      • wye says:

        why bring that issue here? you’re burying yourself in your a$$ bro…ndi ka pa nakontento makipagtalo sa kabilang thread, pati dito sa walang kinalaman na news report nagpost ka pa. hindi ka pa nagbabasa, i said good for the stags and lions bad for the league. also in case you don’t know…the equivalent of the admu-dlsu rivalry is csjl-sbc. magisip ka muna bago magpost.

        • Oh Behave says:

          oh behave, what’s wrong with saying that beda or baste couldn’t care less about the competitiveness of the other teams?

          you worry about your own, that’s the reality since you really have no control about the others.

          don’t tell me lasalle and ateneo are concerned that up may be in for another 0-14 season?

          jesus, common sense please. masyado ka kasing biased mag-isip eh.

          so simple an argument and yet you’re so defensive.

          • Anti-heat says:

            In my opinion though they should care (SBC, SSC-R). What did they prove by winning against teams like Lyceum with a big winning margin? It’s the reason why some of the UAAP schools are not giving them that much respect. If Ateneo blows out a team like lets say FEU that says something because FEU has one of the top basketball programs in the country. Now if UP as you say goes through another winless season would the other teams care? I’m pretty sure they won’t as well because the level of competition in the UAAP is so fierce that sometimes 1 win or loss will determine your fortune in a season.

          • red rampant says:

            Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

        • wye says:

          your point about ssc and sbc or whatever was ok, that was you opinion…but you really had to sneak in a shot on the zero point game again. reality is i’m not biased against any ncaa school…coz last time i checked ust is with the uaap…i’m not speaking in behalf of sbc or ssc…i’m speaking as a casual fan and for the benefit of the league as a whole. ang problema kasi sayo, makapambara lang ok na…you aren’t even reading the context of my posts. well kung 0-14 ang up i don’t care coz that means 2 more wins for ust…but i’m not rooting for anyone in the ncaa so i’m hoping for a bit more competitiveness. i just asked you to think before posting…i guess you really can’t do that…

  • nanomite says:

    Si Pascual dapat nasa Adamson yan, sabay sila pumasok ni Nuyles dati…pero malamang hindi siya makaka-score ng ganyan dahil hindi puwede kay coach Leo ng mga player na “Shoot first” mindset.

    • sketch says:

      sayang naman. any team would want a player with the talents that pascual has. nasa coach din naman yan kung kaya nya madisiplina players nya. sa tingin ko naman na coach leo is a coach who can command the respect of his players.

    • hoy gising says:

      di nga pwede, pero ang tanong nachampion na ba adamson sa sangkatutak na ligang sinalihan nila with the current batch of players. the big difference is, baste has a winning tradition and adamson has none.

    • Together-on-three says:

      hep! You’re right he was in Adamson with Nuyles that time, but he got an ACL knee injury, went under surgery and just suited for Team B. But look at him now, he’s better that Nuyles in terms of Athleticism. They both jump high, but Pascual’s basketball sense is better, which you wouldn’t expect from a guy who already had a painful knee injury. You’re just saying that because he’s successful in Baste. ^_^

  • weneklek says:

    when semira was brought out with a stretcher, was he shaking his head again?

  • animo baste says:

    bravo baste

  • talong says:

    any updates wt semira, makaka pag laro pa ba? sayang malaking tulong pa naman yan sa team, Godbless!

  • Oh Behave says:

    wye and outback outlaw:

    oh behave, your motives are suspect.

    wye sorry, no one from the ncaa cares what you think about the ncaa and no matter how hard you try to push your agenda no one from them schools are going to bite.

    outback outlaw, are you filled with envy that the younghusbands didn’t choose a “blue” sponsored football team? you’re so obvious and so malicious as well.

    • wye says:

      i’m not asking for an audience…but it looks like i at least got one in you. right back at ya…you bash just for the sake of it…ncaa/uaap you got your head so high up your a$$ that you’re dissing anything or anyone you want. what school you from anyway?

  • SK says:


    • red rampant says:

      SK, what can you say about Oh Behave and wye?

      • SK says:

        hayaan mo sila teh parehas ko rin ang mga yan na gustong magpapansin dito. pssst….psssst…..pssst….punta kayo tweeter para mapansin kayo lalo. hihihihi huhuhuhu

  • check says:

    red lions = champion!!!!!

    the rest of the teams are playing for 2nd place!!!!

  • check says:

    red lions = champion!!!!!
    the rest of the teams are playing for 2nd place!!!!

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