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UE parts ways with Chongson, sets eyes on Codiñera

Wednesday, 12 January 2011 192 Comments

IN A bold off-season move, the University of the East has decided not to renew the contract of its men’s basketball team head coach, Lawrence Chongson, the Red Warriors’ tactician the past two UAAP campaigns.

In a conversation with inboundpass, Chongson explained how the situation panned out. “The university president and marketing director/team manager, backed up by a petition with hundreds of signatures from various groups and departments in the school, have decided to get a new coach and opted not to renew my contract.

“In fairness to the school, not one negative word was written about me in the petition. It just expressed that they desperately wanted an alumnus as coach. What [struck] me was the number of signatures [gathered]. From department heads, alumni, student council, school employees, etc. Kulang na lang pati school bus drivers. And that overwhelmed me,” he said.

Chongson, who in his maiden year helped steer UE to a cinderella run that fell just a game short of the UAAP Season 72 title, maintained he doesn’t hold any grudges with the institution he served for two seasons. “I never planted one bad seed in my two years with UE and have in fact coached it with a lot of love, heart and soul. So I guess I should be alright.”

Asked if perennial Most Valuable Player candidate Paul Lee was leaving Recto as well, Chongson replied, “Only Paul Lee can speak for himself on that.” It is widely believed, however, that Lee would declare himself eligible for the 2011 PBA Draft and forego his last year of collegiate eligibility if Chongson wasn’t rehired.

The university is expected to formally announce the hiring of former Red Warrior Jerry Codiñera as head coach. Codiñera was a member of the back-to-back UAAP title teams of 1984 and 1985. He previously served as an assistant coach with the University of the Philippines.

In two seasons at the coaching helm, Chongson compiled a 19-14 win-loss record after taking over from Dindo Pumaren.

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When you meet Chris, chances are you'll assume he wants to be a rock star. He's completed his Master's Degree in Population Studies, and was a game analyst for ABS-CBN's coverage of the PCCL, FilOil Preseason Invitational Cup and NCAA Seasons 85 and 86. Once an opinion editor for a nationally circulated broadsheet, he presently calls games in NCAA Season 87.


  • Clay Carpenter Guida says:

    Declare the new coach now, then start the recruitment!

    But whow! Petition for him not coming back?! Tissue please, I think I’m about to shed tears…….

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  • yahoo says:

    This is silly. Well, I hope UP can get him as an asst. coach

  • Anti-heat says:

    What’s up with teams these days. One losing season out na agad. A winning program isn’t built in 1 or 2 seasons.

  • noliboy_dc says:

    What struck me is the petition, in fairness to Coach Chongson, he did a good job with UE even with an undermanned lineup. Following a recent trend, out goes Capacio then Cevantes leaves, out goes Agustin then Abueva leaves, out goes Chongson then Lee will leave? I’d enter the PBA if I were Paul Lee, UE is in rebuilding mode.

    • Clay Carpenter Guida says:

      Really, Riel Cervantes is gone?

      Well. We all know Paul Lee is Pro ready 2 years ago, so I hope he finally does turn Pro.

    • Dennis says:

      Wala na si Abueva?

      • PG says:

        matagal na sir D. halatang mercenary. pati FEU pumatol. at kung baket aba’y tanungin natin ang bulsa ni montinola.

        • What Everybody Said says:


          Sir, has he not played 3 yrs already for the NCAA? And upon transfer to FEU, is he not supposed to sit out the next 2 seasons (in effect being counted already as a playing season for him) for residency in the UAAP? So, how’s he going to play for the team with a maxed out eligibility?

          • Dennis says:

            Yun nga e. My guest is he either stays or sasali na sa D-league. BTW ilan taon na ba talaga si Abueva?

          • PG says:

            exactly my thoughts what everybody said. besides, he’s already overage. would you believe he’s only 19 when he played for the San Sebastian Mercenaries, err i mean stags? he’s close to 30 if you ask me.

          • Escudo says:

            @What Everybody Said

            Abueva played 2 years in SSCR in the NCAA and add a year in residency.

          • fau says:

            parang galinato lng dati ng AdU… hehe..

      • Anti-heat says:

        May narinig din akong rumor na 26 na yan si Abueva. May age limit nga ba sa NCAA? Kung meron ano yung pwede for oldest?

        • PG says:

          age limit for UAAP/NCAA or any other collegiate league is 24. that’s why there are rookies who play one year like rossopa and escueta because they hit 24 already during the season.

          well, you know diploma mills… they can fake everything then cry foul when their mercenary leaves them.

        • Social Climber says:

          well kaya ni montinola pabatain si abueva. magaling si montinola syempre atenista yun e.

  • Moz says:

    For sure hindi din tatagal si codinera as UE head coach.

  • 4peat says:

    Maybe, just maybe, it is a similar problem as the owner has in PAL. They wanted the coach employed in a third party manpower provider.

    Maybe… May be!

  • Dennis says:

    Wala na rin pala si Joel Cruz.

  • stag says:

    so kapag umalis na si chongson wala na din paul lee?
    balita din na magiging consultant nila si caidic.

  • Cha says:

    what’s the problem that UE has to get an alumnus coach? I mean Ateneo had Joel Banal then Norman Black who stirred them to championships. Why the need for petition for Chiongson to leave? oo nga, hindi nya team ung nag-finals (recruitment) but you have to give respect to Chiongson. eh si Dindo nga UE jrs he didn’t take home the bacon rin. wala naman yan sa being alumnus. re-building mode lang tlga sila and they have to start recruitment na.

    Codinera had a bad record as a coach in PBL- hindi naman ibig sabhin magaling kang player, magaling na coach ka rin.
    you can see the trend- phil jackson, jerry sloan, pat riley…

    • yahoo says:

      Drama Warrior Queens.

    • PG says:

      apparently you are misinformed about pat riley. he came from a big program called University of Kentucky lang naman. oh, not to mention he was also a consensus all-american and also the go-to-guy of that team of adolph rupp. shame on you. do your research.

      • Anti-heat says:

        Sloan wasn’t bad either. He was a 2 time all star with the Chicago bulls and his career was only cut short because of injuries.

        • PG says:

          true. even phil jackson was a serviceable reserve big man who red holzman, the legendary knicks coach, put under his wing because he saw his potential as a coach. they weren’t bad players. cha looks like a buffoon now.

      • What Everybody Said says:

        @PG Or better yet, “go buy a dvd of Glory Road.” haha.

        • PG says:

          yeah. good movie. there they can see the pat riley old school basketball fans know. dominante.

          • Cha says:

            i watched glory road. i used phil jackson, jerry sloan as examples na they were serviceable players at best but not all-star types. i think mas magaling pa mag-coach ang mga ganung players kasi they have a different view rather than someone who is on the floor the whole time.

            drexler tried his hand at coaching and wounded up 4-18 in his lone yr with u of houston. Chongson was a good fit with UE, and he did not play basketball with DLSU.

            wala naman sa pagiging alumnus yan or being a great player. chot reyes, altamirano, gregorio, banals were able to lead their teams to championships. basta you’re able to motivate your players to succeed and leave everything on the court.

          • Anti-heat says:

            But Jerry Sloan was an all star player. He scored over 10,000 pts and the only reason he stopped was because of knee injuries. Larry Bird was a great coach when he was coaching, Bill Russell was a playing coach for the celts when they won post Red Auerbach, Lenny Wilkens has the 2nd most wins as a coach in NBA history but he was also one of it’s 50 greatest players. Doug Collins was an allstar as a player then went on to become a good coach. What about these guys? They were in the floor most of the time but they were great coaches. Your point of having a different view because they were not in the game the whole time doesn’t make sense here. Coaching in any sport boils down to one simple thing… It’s either you have it in you or you don’t.

          • PG says:

            hay cha… such lame excuses i see? what you’re pointing at is kind of… punching the moon. there is no connection at all to your first statement. now if you’ll excuse me, here’s a tissue, wipe of that blood from your nose. have a good day.

          • What Everybody Said says:


            pat riley was like the ultimate player back then. poster boy! good looking well groomed hotshot player from a top tier basketball program. :)


            What others are trying to say, on a broader perspective, is: those who can’t do well teach? I think not.

            Coaching is an individual basis.

            Coaching is like being a CEO of a company. It’s non-sequitur to say that the brightest or the greatest on what they do is the best to become CEO. Being a CEO, in the light of the analogy for coaching, needs more than that. Well-roundedness follows here.

            Phil Jackson is more venerated not with his plays or player combination kills but with his OVER-ALL conditioning of his players. PJ has this mantra that focus is key and to get focus you condition all aspect of body and soul. Ergo, the Zen Master.

            Jerry Sloan on the other hand is known for his character building. He makes sure that all his players will work their butts of every single game. A pro version but less cutthroat version of Coach Ken Carter.

            Those were the reasons why those aforementioned coaches were separated from all the other coaches. They were separated from the good to the great. It’s not totally basketball per se skills.

            Well, at least on my part, this is just my opinion.

          • tyrese_pasu says:

            Another example to oppose your statement Cha: Lenny Wilkens. An almost MVP, multiple time nba allstar and one of the most winningest coach in NBA history!

            Nuff said.

    • UE bsba 2003 says:

      I don’t think Jerry will be a good coach. He was actually the coach of my former employer – TeleTech and the result was? we ended 2-10 record. I believe a coach should come from the guard ranks. Look at the best coaches, they are holding guard positions during their career.

  • hoops says:

    why??? i think coach chongson did a good job. go to up then, and make a difference.

    • Anti-heat says:

      True maybe he can do for Silungan what he did for Paul Lee

      • Outback Outlaw says:

        Maybe coach Lawrence Chongson can develop Mikee Reyes and Alvin Padilla too.

        • you were all yellow says:

          i don’t think chongson is a player builder though…paul lee was already great when he took the job. so were llagas, martinez, espiritu and lingganay. probably he will be credited for acibar’s improvement but i think chongson is more of a tactical coach and motivator rather than a solid teacher or trainer.

          • PG says:

            i agree with this. however, maybe, because he is a good motivator, he can light a fire under silungan who goes crazy and drops 30 every game and alvin padilla to go have a 13-7-7 season.

          • Anti-heat says:

            Or better yet adopt some of the UP players pag nag coach sa PBA d-league para ma develop.

          • PG says:

            won’t that make them semi-pro and therefore ineligible? because the d-league of the PBA isn’t considered amateur level.

          • Anti-heat says:

            Is that the case? What happens now during the off-season? That was the cool thing about the PBL it gives the college players a chance to compete at an almost pro level. They improve their game and come back better during the college wars. What do they do now during what will be a very long off season?

          • Outback Outlaw says:

            @ Anti Heat,
            Remember the Welcoat Paint Masters days? Green Archers in red and white.

          • Anti-heat says:

            UP has some interesting peeps coming in. According to what I read the new-look Maroons will parade a slew of recruits led by 6’7 Nigerian Alinko Embah, 6-4 Raul Soyud from West Negros University, Jello Montecastro from St. Benilde (hasn’t this guy played enough for CSB?), and Paolo Romero from UAAP three-peat juniors champion Ateneo.

            Back in harness are holdovers like Mike Silungan, Alvin Padilla, Carlo Gomez, and Martin Pascual, all eager to bounce back from a winless campaign.

          • yahoo says:

            Wow. Great recruits. Kayang kaya nila ang NU. :)

  • mandirigmangPula says:

    ok lng nman mg palit nang coach ung ue… aboy castro nga bigla na lng cnapawan sa up… kanya2 na lng diskarte yan.. tngna na lng natn sa nxt season kng tama desisyon nang ue..
    para sakn kahit cnu lng mg coach bsta mg champion lng ue..
    ok na sakn un goodluck warriors….

    • Outback Outlaw says:

      Pero pre, totoo ba yung petition with “hundreds of signatures”? That’s the sad, bad and painful part. I don’t think that a bottle of Brandy is enough to ease that emotional pain.

    • yahoo says:

      at malayong mas magaling naman si chongson kay castro.

      pangalawa, si aboy castro, siya yung tumiwalag at hindi warrior mob.

  • huhuh says:

    it’s gonna war games this coming ncaa season.. what do you think…

  • huhuh says:


  • Abueva says:

    lalakas na ang FEU takot lang nila

  • Cervantes says:

    kc anjan ka na

  • vincejerome19 says:

    .guy’s im from UE and im one of the many who signed in that petition. the term of coach chongson is expired then the ue management had a meeting about the renewal or the replacing of coach chongson as UE MBT coach, majority of the attendees on that meeting decided to replace him instead find a new coach that is a alumnus of UE.
    .paul lee will not play with UE this upcoming UAAP season.

  • obvious bang hindi bedista yan?

  • Mastermind says:

    Kahit sino basta mapagchampion ulit ang UE.

    Sinong nanalo sa UE vs DLSU game yesterday?

    • yahoo says:

      Magchachampion naman ulit kayo talaga. Antay ka ng mga 20 to 30 years.

      • yahoo says:

        Last year ang hina ng lineup namin, kaso nagchampion pa rin kami. Paano na yan, lalakas nanaman Ateneo.

        • yahoo says:

          Ah oo nga. Lagi nlang kami nakakatsamba. Diba yung mga iilang panalo naman ng NU na mga season games, hindi naman tsamba? Bakit hindi kayo makaabot-abot sa final four?


          Paano kaya kung seryosohin ng Ateneo ang UAAP at siguraduhing hindi tsamba lang ang panalo?

        • yahoo says:

          Yun ba mga type mo SK? Mayroon ka namang bobby ah. Yikee~!

  • waka-waka says:

    Di nio rin kasi ma-judge si Coach Chiongson kasi nga 2 years lang siya sa UE. Sayang naman.

  • yahoo says:

    Kaawa awa ka naman.

  • Hans silo says:

    Nice one lets go

  • Samuel12 says:

    Whoa, the “signatures”, for me, were not needed. It just brought a big misinterpretation on the intentions of the management. They could’ve just told the man what’s really cooking behind the scenes. Oh well, I wish coach Chongson a brighter career, and a more solid playset in his arsenal.

  • red guard says:

    @anti heat

    thanks for the update on the UP Fightning Maroons.Line up looks like good solid players all around.I’m sure Coach Dandan will still spring a surprise or two before season’s start.

    Embah will fill up that doughnut in the middle and Montecarlo while a big is a good point guard who can convert to the 2 position, not the other way around.Looks like UP will have a tall athletic first 5.If Dandan can get Sulungan and Padilla motivated,UP can match up with the best.
    They lost a lot of games because they played not to lose.If Coach ricky changes that, then they can compete and do a cinderella.

    • PG says:

      even i wanted them to do a cinderella, they can’t.

      1.) that hole was not exactly empty last year. there was magi sison, the best center to shoot fade-away jump shots *smirk*

      2.) there is no real point guard except for mikey reyes who decides to turn the ball more rather than initiate the offense to end up in silungan’s hands.

      3.) say that Embah pans out and is a success, aside from Silungan, Padilla and him, who can you put in as a reliable scorer off-the-bench? Mark Juruena? please, i’m sold on the guy but he needs one more year to polish (if he still has playing years left). Mark Lopez? can you still laughter from Morayta as the baby tams batch of mark lopez never really panned out including jonathan banal? the best they’ve got to show is jens knuttel… a back-up.

      4.) losing a lot of games because they played not to lose? that kind of sounds like a… d*umb argument. maybe you meant they lost a lot because they played to lose?

      consider those and you can’t have a cinderella happening soon.

      • PG says:


        *even if i
        *can you still hear the

      • yahoo says:

        If only they could get a good coach (and probably a great assistant in Chiongson), everything should turn out well. As I have said, at least they can beat the likes of NU.

        • PG says:

          i think anyone can beat the lights out of NU… hell even those “teams” from last year’s NCAA tourney.

        • Anti-heat says:

          I remember before when they claimed NU was a legit contender. They had Asoro, Fernandez and yung PG nila who’s name I forgot (Bakaw kasi). Still they failed, and finished 7th. It only means that while a team looks good on paper that doesn’t mean it will translate to success on the live games. Especially if players “sell” games.

          • green hornet says:

            that was in 2007. the bulldogs beat the admu eagles in a no bearing game thereby forcing a face-off between the eagles and the archers for the 2nd spot and twice to beat advantage in the f4.

            nu’s win over admu and la salle’s subsequent “2>3″ record vs admu that year precipitated la salle’s march to the finals vs the unblemished ue warriors and the rest as they say is history.

            thank you, nu.

          • PG says:

            in short, “chamba”

          • Outback Outlaw says:

            Anti Heat,
            Baka si Johnathan Jahnke iyung Point Guard?

        • PG says:

          their point guard then was jonathan jhanke. yeah, “bakaw” talaga. also their center joseph lingao-lingao loves to force shots. very bad shots.

      • Anti-heat says:

        UP’s Import Center in action here

        1.)First, I think he will turn out better than Magi (made his FT in the video) provided he gets coached by a reliable vet big (Benjie Paras anyone?), works hard, and players get him the ball when he is in a spot where he can score.

        2.)Although the chances of them winning next year are as slim as the Cavs aspiration to win a championship before Lebron, there is no place to go but up. Magi was a good source of rebs and blocks but hurt them a lot on the offensive end like pg said he shoots feeling like he is dirk but end result Kwame Brown. I’m interested to see how Silungan will play. It’s most certain he’ll be the focus of the defense. How will he react, when doubled, when provoked and pushed around? How far will go rests on him.

        • Anti-heat says:

          * How far UP will go rests on him.

        • PG says:

          i agree with your 1st point. assuming they peel benjie paras off doing comedies first. lol. but really, having the tower of power as a big man coach helps alot. he can be like what hakeem is to dwight.

        • Anti-heat says:

          The alumni should convince him to help develop their bigs. I think if he was only able to coach Magi in the past he could have been a very good big.

      • red guard says:


        really? u wanted UP to do a cinderella last season?Doubt it.

        anyways to answer ur query as to who would be the point guard and the 3rd shotter that would be montecarlo. They now have a real shooting threat from the PG position. Also he’s big so he should do alright against the smaller UAAP PGs

        Ebah is expected to defend and rebound. U snicker now but forget that UP team that did well in last year’s preseason had him as center not magi.Never liked that tactic of using non eligible players in preparation for the regular season.

        Never mentioned mark Lopez pards, never said jurena was a scorer.if u read carefully i said UP now has a good starting unit. I never said they have a deep bench which is why i followed it up by saying Coach Dandan may pull out a surprise or 2 as the line up cited by anti-heat does not round out to 15.

        re “playing not to lose” well before u comment ask a coach at any level,elementary, high school, college or in the pros they know what i mean.Or better, try the analyists,call boom gonzales, bill velasco or the guys here in inbound like chris soler.

        re “lost a lot of games” it should have read “lost a lot of close games” of which they had and did lose.Losimg those close games seemed to take the air out of the team

        The “cinderella” was premised on IF meanig Coach rickey dan dan still has a lot to do.Bye the bye Ricky Dandan is/was an asst coach of Air 21. He was part of the Ateneo basketball program for some time.He is a UP alumni and i understand his asst coaches were part of the famed Paras-Masanoc-Altamirano champion team

        • PG says:

          i made a correction. i said “even if i…” and if i were you, just speak tagalog man. your english is too bad to read in the first place.

        • PG says:

          also, i never said that you said juruena OR lopez is a scorer. all i did was pointing out that outside of the three reliables, who would UP go to next? you put too much in what i said as you put less in what you say? should i get a box of tissue already? to stanch your bleeding nose? i know i’ll just mention Sudan and Import in the same sentence and your butt will be all aflame. oh wait i just did. queue the hate then.

          • red guard says:


            You do a great deflection game PG,my friend. Too bad ur flame baiting dosnt work on me.Stop looking for arguments and read what i said in its whole context..if u dont get it then u dont get it.

          • PG says:

            deflect? did you read that i had an error in my first post. no one was flame baiting here. i was merely stating facts on why UP can’t buy a basket so to speak.

  • Lollipop says:

    Dream on dude.

  • Lollipop says:

    Slaugther house ang aabutin nyo sa Ateneo.

  • Anti-heat says:

    I think the team to watch out for this season is UST. Think about it Teng, Bautista, Fortuna and I think Camus will be back with more experience better skills.I also recall Pido saying they were waiting for some residency players and we all know how good Coach Pido is at surprises.

    • PG says:

      did they get jeron teng? correct me if i’m wrong, but he’s a senior in Xavier, yes?

      • Tiger 4 says:

        I think UST is in hot pursuit. UST has the best chances of all schools with the exception of DLSU. I think it’s only going to be bet the two of them. I think the family is after the system, shining potential in the team, and education. Of course, coming from Xavier would also inherently make them look for a good school. Those in contention among the said criteria leaves UST and DLSU. ADMU’s prolly out cause their line-up is loaded.

        IDK abt UST being in th eagle’s eye if you know what I mean.

        Pido’s a good motivator and character builder, I just don’t know with the plays.

    • Anti-heat says:

      Regardless I think they do a good job at hiding and not exposing anything to the public. Then when the cage wars begin they make you go WTH is that guy? I just think they are a big threat. Teng, Bautista and Fortuna were already good last year imagine what a difference a year can make

      • What Everybody Said says:

        I certainly do hope sir that you are right.

        The problem with the team last year was ball movement in crucial and clutch times. For example, UST was still neck ‘n neck w/ ADMU in the first 2 quarters, but came the 2nd half, ADMU went up ahead. Loosing in the dying seconds. Ergo, the experience factor came in to play.

        If they come as a surprise, w/c our community prays for, esp since it’s our 400th, it’s your 100th (meaning everyone might beefed up largely) & admu has always been around, it’s going to be one helluva season for all of us.

    • PG says:

      all they need is a big guy. they haven’t had a decent one since jervy cruz left the den.

    • Anti-heat says:

      I think the incoming big underwent residency. You know what that means

    • 4peat says:

      The problem with UST is Pido!

      • PG says:

        not really. he’s a good coach. loads better than frankie lim. the problem is the recruitment. no one garnered electricity since jervy cruz came and went. jeric teng is at best a no. 2 option tbh.

        • green hornet says:

          yup. pido in his rookie stint as coach trashed norman black and the heavily favored eagles in the finals.

          • yahoo says:

            He got his break. Ateneo really looked down on UST’s potential because of that regular season in game in the same year where Ateneo’s lead went up to around 40 points.

            Well, lesson learned for the Boys and Black. Never underestimate. Thus, a three-peat.

          • yahoo says:

            oo kaya hindi mo naintindihan.

        • Anti-heat says:

          I wouldn’t say trashed, almost all 3 games were really close. It’s just no team including Ateneo thought they were gonna face UST in the finals and I think that if only a certain player from UE wasn’t suspended for “disciplinary measures”, they almost would have certainly faced UE, but that’s another story. I try to forget this year because I think we could have won but we were suspended so it is what it is.

  • muralla22 says:

    ang blis nman mgpalit ng coach ang UE….hndi lng cla nkpasok ng final 4 tinanggal na agd….rmemeber that chongson guided the warriors to the finals in 2009.In whats look like a cinderella season 4 dem bec. no one expecting them to reach the finals.although they came short,they send the series to a grueling 3 games and even beat ateneo by 20 points in game 2….this only proved that chongson is really a good coach bec. i remember,UE is already going 2 a rebuilding stage that time….so,nkkagulat na bgla na lng nla tnanggal si chongson and w/ maching petitions pa….sana man lng inisip ng mga tga.UE ang ngwa nya at hndi nman kaagad nkkabuo ng championship team in just 2 years….

  • muralla22 says:

    and guys,is it really true that abueva LEBRONed the stags?…..if this is true,kindly past some info or article confirming 2 dis news…

    • Anti-heat says:

      Check mo yung article na: The-distance-between-looking-back-and-ahead

      “Rumored” pa lang naman but most likely it’s true. FEU is looking desperate to win a championship and will do any and whatever means possible to win. Aldrech Ramos is leaving so they are going to need some bigs to support their talented wingmen.

      • PG says:

        wait what? aldrech is leaving?! but only paul sanga is graduating. :O seriously? that’s sad. here’s to FEU defense going down. not a bit, maybe a nose-dive? he’s what keeps it together. like elmer espiritu did for UE.

    • zoneman says:

      i think abueva, ramos and paul lee are ripe for the pro league. good luck to them.

  • seems like most people here simply want to discuss basketball as it is, which is good. But 1 or 2 seem to enjoy picking a fight. I wonder what satisfaction these individuals get out of it. snide remarks against other schools, lifting up their own when it is obvious what their achievements are, etc.

    it wud hve been entertaining enuf to just enjoy the discussion for what it is. do these guys get off on picking fights in an otherwise healthy discussion? go figure.

  • reminds me of that character on star trek called “Q”, an omnipotent being who enjoys tormenting humans by putting them in impossible situations just to prove they are an inferior race. In one episode, it was found that this Q did the tormenting not because of their inferiority but rather their potential to be better that what they are, supposedly omnipotent beings.

    the Q’s were afraid of the strides the humans were achieving that time will come when they’d become equal…nay, BETTER than they are.

    so let me ask this question to these 2 feisty individuals, do you despise us for what we are or what we are becoming? lmao!

    • Anti-heat says:

      Well here is my opinion on this matter, it is what it is, you can’t expect everyone to behave and act the proper way. Now by calling them out and even comparing them to an object or a character wouldn’t that make yourself one of them as well? Maybe you are being affected by what they are saying so it’s only natural to answer back but let me ask you something wouldn’t it be better to just let these guys go at it while you sit there with the confidence that you are not lowering yourself to their level?

  • BADONG says:


  • muralla22 says:


    tnx 4 d info…if dis is,true its gonna heart a lot for the stags….its a big black eye for them….abueva was the stags’ heart and soul…imagine they just have won the title in 2009 and reach the finals lst year and ol of a sudden they are back again to a rebuilding stage

    • Anti-heat says:

      Yep first they lost their coach to the pros and now they lose their best player as well, not to mention the graduating players are gone too. I’d be surprised if they make the final four this coming season

      • muralla22 says:

        me 2…and also they lost maconocido in the latter part of the eliminetions last year….altough that guy is not a scorer,he is a very tough defender….only ronald pascual was the one left from that 2009 championship core…at may rumors pa na he will also LEBRONed the stags…

  • @ anti-heat…touche’

    point well taken. although it brings some gratification to let them be aware that their ‘behavior’ does not help their cause either.

  • @ badong…shouldn’t it be the other way around/ :)

  • Lollipop says:

    inggit lng kayo cguro kc lilipat cla, dapat mas masaya kayo kc champion uli ang SBC s next season dahil wala ng tatapat sa Baste kungdi Stags lng, eh kaya lng naman nag champion SBC dahil sa import.

  • yahoo says:

    NU offered Ravena
    -Hypermart Franchise
    -Earnings of a parking slot in megamall
    -scholarship, unlimited cuts and no failing grades
    -driver and vehicle
    Ateneo offered Ravena
    a scholarship and free stay in the dorm
    But Ravena still chose Ateneo.
    That’s what brand is.

    • What Everybody Said says:

      I say he chose LIFETIME over TEMPORARY.

    • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

      Grabeh ang siksikan sa Blue Eagle team. Keifer Ravena, Greg Slaughter, Mark Jayven Tallo etc. More than a great coaching ang kailangan para madevelop ang kasi obviously hindi lahat mabibigyan nang “Desired” minutes.

      • yahoo says:

        They will eventually get their minutes after every batch graduates. You don’t wanna give too many minutes on your rookies anyway.

        Plus, coming from Lebron’s mouth, “it’s all about winning”

  • Anti-heat says:

    Just curious.. Is this all true?

  • What Everybody Said says:

    There are no evidences or witnesses coming out, but I would not be surprised if it is true.

    The offer given to UST juniors and seniors were even as far as answering the family’s entire debt. Of course, those were not substantiated with hardcore evidence, but, one article put it, as the players saying, “family is in need. decision was made for what is best for the family.”

    NU education is best for the family and not UST? HHMMM.

    I smell a psuedo semi-pro league in the “substance over form” of UAAP.

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