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NU captures FMC Division 2 Basketball plum

Sunday, 24 October 2010 4,865 Views / 116 Comments

Ray-Ray Parks

The NU Bulldogs, capitalizing on Ray-Ray Parks’ scintillating play in the 2nd half, captured the 8th Father Martin’s Division 2 Basketball Cup with a 79-51 victory over the De La Salle Green Archers held at the San Beda College Gym on October 24, 2010.

Ray-Ray Parks led the Bulldogs attack with 14-points, followed by Kyle Neypes with 12-points and Reden Celda with 11-points.

After leading by as much as 13-points, 35-22, with less than two minutes left in the 1st half,  the Green Archers ended the 1st half with a 9-point margin, 35-24 after a made basket by Neypes with seconds left at the game clock.

With the Green Archers ahead by 10-points, 38-28, at the 8:05 minute mark, Dennis Villamor and Robby Celis (10-points) led a 7-0 NU run  to cut their deficit to just 3-points, 38-35, with 6:05 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter.

With Jed Manguera and Norbert Torres trying to stabilize the De La Salle offense, Celis and Celda ignited a 6-0 run to push NU into the driver’s seat for the 1st time in this ballgame, 47-45, going into the final period.

In the 4th Quarter, after two straight 3-point baskets from Cedric Labing Isa plus a deuce from Neypes , the Bulldogs were in cruise control at the 4:30 minute mark with a 61-49 lead.

Manguera led the Green Archers with 19-points. While Torres and Revilla had 18-points and 13-points respectively for DLSU.

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Mike is a former NCAA Game analyst under Studio 23. He was also a former Game Analyst for the 2005 Collegiate Champions League (CCL), 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championships (PCC), 2005 and 2006 National Basketball Conference (NBC) and 2005 Global Destiny Basketball League (GBDL). Started writing about College Basketball with Follow me on Twitter: michaelabasolo


  • antagonist says:

    Nice one for National-U. That would be a good start. :)

  • bubuchacha says:

    ayusin mo muna spelling mo. nanalo lang laban sa DLSU kung anu-ano na pinag-sasasabi mo.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    ***cough-asa-cough*** maybe in your wildest dreams.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Eh tinambakan kayo ng SBC sa tune up game 3 weeks ago. Ano pinga sasabi mo!? Lasheng ka na naman ano?

  • bubuchacha says:

    ray parks kasi.

  • NU says:

    malalaman natin yan this coming PCCL..

    GO NU..

  • Maos Pad says:

    congrats to the NU Bulldogs!

  • wisetiger says:

    Sorry, but I just have to voice this out. Your sports program bought out a lot of our athletes. I’m so close in calling them sell outs, but I can’t, because what they did wasn’t illegal. Although, I’m not sure if how and what were offered to them were legal.

  • wisetiger says:

    How arrogant.

  • carlo says:

    who is/was Fr. Martin?

    • out of the blue says:

      father martin was a JESUIT who was a coach and a great sportsman. he was instrumental in starting sports leagues in the country.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Tama ka sa wakas! Sa tatlong daan sinabi isa tama!


    eh ikaw yun nang gugulo sa lahat ng thread. so ikaw ang insecure!

  • jude says:

    palitan na mascot ng en-yu. sagwa nga naman ng bulldogs. pag team ng babae bulldog bit**es. NU Bonus pangalan ata nxt yr.

  • ebon ganison says:

    Carlos Loyzaga did play for NU in high school,a fact often mentioned in recaps of his life. Like other Spanish-speaking ihos, he was to play college ball at CSJL but the conyo coach, who had his Murder’s, Inc. captained by Lauro Mumar, surprisingly was indifferent.

    He was about to don the jerseys of the other Spanish institution, Santo Tomas U when SBC coaches got him and made the big difference. Ergo, igniting the fierce rivalry between these two schools.

    Fortunately, NU got Narciso Bernardo who led them to their, so far, one and only championship. Current generation may not know him anymore but, he was the best shooting guard of his generation. Ateneo’s famed guard Ed Ocampo couldn’t contain him.

  • egal says:

    For those displaying the Loyolan emblem, proud as you are of our school, please refrain from using comments or language not representative of our alma mater.

    Remember, at around this time last year, posters from FEU, Adamson, other UAAP schools were emotionally high and talked incessantly about how Season’73 title is theirs for the taking, let them have their moments. Thanks for understanding, dear schoolmates.

    • out of the blue says:

      well said.

      guys, let them (or him) blab all he wants. he’ll see what’s what when the bright lights of season 73′s finals switch on.

      oh and by the way, nu does have a solid line-up. how it gels together and performs under pressure from ELITE teams remains to be seen.


      • bubuchacha says:

        taga-NU ka ba? feeling ko ikaw yung FEU flamer dati. nagpalit lang ng e-mail at name. boring magbantay ng computer shop no? pati NU nagmumukhang tang@ dahil sa iyo.

      • 4thYearEagle says:

        You got a few new recruits and suddenly you’re elite? I’m from Ateneo but you won’t even beat La Salle in the final 4.

        and the La Salle you beat is DIVISION 2, only LA and Norbert are actually of team A caliber.

      • out of the blue says:


        the tag “elite” team must not be sullied by attaching it haphazardly to those who claim to be so.

        one must EARN the right to be called an elite team.

        la salle has done that, so has san beda, ust and of course ateneo.

        they’ve done it with class, alumni, budgets and marketing. nu does have solid lineup. it does boast some good rookies.

        but if there is one thing that we can all learn from last season is that EXPERIENCE TRUMPS TALENT.


    • That Important Defensive Rebound says:


  • wisetiger says:

    What I meant what abt the underground offers.

  • ebon ganison says:

    Early part ng late 80′s, early 90′s daming pa-sikat na jr. baketball player ng UST ang sinulot ng ‘small bird’ coach (dating glowing goldie). Well, karma lang nakamtam nila, na-suspinde skul nila kc d pala pumapasok sa klase yun mga top recruit nia.
    Wala silang napala sa transfer-players acquire thru ‘underground offers’; iba yun mag-laro for school pride, iba yung for cash, condos, oto and honey.
    Observe, negative dating ni Marlow, si EJ bilis nawala, kahit n kamo BJ pa sia.

    Rumors galore, our star player will join last year star player… here we go again

  • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

    Bobby Parks credentials? One is representing the country in the recent Youth Olympics. He along with Jeron Teng failed to reach the quarters.

  • skyline says:

    nakakatawa mag basa ng mga comments dito, lalo na pag nagbabatuhan ng mga salita hanggang pati ang kredibilidad ng mga eskwelahan na mismo ay nadadamay sa isang usapang pampalakasan. hate the haters, not the school. ; p

  • ebon ganison says:

    JR nah.
    Ng unang makita sina M-low at EJ,sabi ng mga fanatics, heto na, “finally, we have the height to be competitive in international basketball scene’ with the Olympics in mind. After being drafted for the national team, the first thing they asked, concern allowances, and then merely went through the motions of playing for flag and country.
    At the pro-league, M-low never rose to his full potential, as observed by pundits, he wants to have a long well-paying career and so now, he can play till he chooses to retire and not because of any career-ending injury. EJ likewise never showed intensity nor determination, he was cut early.

    There are so many others. BJ, not from USTe, moved to -then- greener pasture coz of its basketball program. Drafted, he never played a game in the pro-league.

    I mentioned him coz his GS/HS mates gloated about “karmic” repercussion.

    As a pastor may say; Lord, kayo na bahala!

  • 4thYearEagle says:

    He can’t afford crack, hangang rugby lang yan.

  • 4thYearEagle says:

    I doubt jed will be going up to team A, Torres is for sure though, some cuts are going to be made to let in, Revilla Torres Van Opstal and Sara

    • cosmo says:

      Dan Sara was permitted by Coach Dindo to play for the U-18. Hopefully he’ll be able to make it next season. As for Jed Manguera, I guess his being set back to team B this past season made him to improve his game! Nice one kid! The coaching staff should re-consider of putting him back to team A.

    • 4thYearEagle says:

      No, did you see LA during his freshman year, and I got this on good word those are the ones moving to team A, one of the players is my cousin

      • cosmo says:

        LA, IMO is presently one of DLSU’s best players! The players would just have to prove themselves to be able to make the cut!

  • ROAR says:

    team A ba ng Lasalle ang tinalo nyo or team B?

    • ciousvee says:

      tama, tama! team B lang ng school namen yan ah! from what i know magka-position si Jed Manguera at Parks kaso bakit naka nineteen si Manguera?? no match naman pala si rayray sa team b player namen eh!! pano pa sa UAAP mismo??

  • ROAR says:

    bitter ka talaga sa SBC pati kami sinasama mo..

  • out of the blue says:

    you gotta point there brother.

    guys, you can bring the horse to the water but you can’t make the horse drink.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    @out of the blue

    I was peeved at first, but seeing how he manhandles the haters is truly amazing. His demeanor doesn’t change. His Tagalog is street savvy, don’t you think?

    We have a new bash mascot. ENYU • ENYU!

  • si rey pek pek parks mercenary lang yan just like the other players of NU. na silaw sa SM advantage card. walang school spirit yan. pera pera lang yan

  • Matanglawin says:

    Oh please, NU jeepney. Ateneo Ferrari.
    Kayong mga pobre, manigas na lang kayo!

    • Wewo says:

      di porke’t mayayaman kayo eh may karapatan na kayong manlait sa mga mahihirap….. mayaman nga kayo wala naman kayong breeding…. shame on you……

  • bigf9779 says:

    bakit kaya walang yung post ko….testing lang…

  • porkyPig says:

    i heard nagpapahinog lang si ray-ray dito.. to be eligible sa us ncaa? tama ba ito? kung yun nga eh… iiwanan din niya ang nu… kaya lubus-lubusin nyo na if this is the case.
    masisilat pa ang ateneo.. pero coach black ang alas nila.. bka help defense lang ang katapat ng anak ng bestpren nya.

    • porkyPig says:

      i see.. thanks for enlightening me… one other reason daw ksi is to play for the national team..which failed to materialize. well gudluk to him nyway, its their choice.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Di mo puede i pusta ang hindi iyo. Silya lang ang sa iyo sa internet cafe ko.

    Monobloc ang regalo ko sa iyo sa Pasko. Yan puede mo ipusta.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    I have a proposition for you Sampy…match na match kayo ng Team B namin, pulgada na yun Team A niyo vs. Team B ng ADMU.

    Gigil na gigil ka na ba?

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Saan ba yun NU? Nasa eskinita lang yan kaya di mo ma kita sa Google maps.


  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Sampy KMU ka diba?

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Sorry did I spell your name wrong?

    Shamphy? Ganun diba?

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Alam mo mukang may pagasa kayo Shamphy. May new Kots kayo diba? Magaling si Kots Eric.

    Tamang tama, Team B namin puedeng puede na match niyo. Mahinang tambak niyo eh, paga diez.

  • zig says:

    there’s something wrong now with calling someone brother? tell me, with that pea-sized brain of yours, how, dear ignoramus?

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    What I know is when barker Rolly Manlapaz shouts as he introduces the starting games.

    Rolly will say, “your San Beda Red Lions Point Guard, BASER AMER”.

    Ok ka lang? Sige libre pa naman mangarap. Pero pag pinga pilitan mo sa inyo si Baser eh sa MANDA ka na pupulutin.

    Hindi ENYU!

    And Kiefer will breathe Blue Eagles till his very last breath.

    Remember, wag pilitin, baka sa MANDA ka bumagsak.

    Love ka pa naman namin dito. Like our secondary mascot wannabe.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Pootek di mo kailangan ng torre para ma kita Mendiola. Sakay ka lang ng LRT kita mo na.

    • zig says:

      jeep lang in actuality na W.E.D. that MANDA hirit is epic :P

      • Where Eagles Dare says:

        And even if they build an 80 story building in that eskinita. You will not see Katipunan, do you know why Bustillos Kid?

        Because the Ateneo grounds sits at the foot of the hills of Antiplo range.

        So why bother?

        zig, let him use an air conditioned transport for once. Parang awa mo na, for humanitarian reasons. K?

        • zig says:

          pwede na sana BMW… yung b***k, mabagal, at walang aircon.

          pero sige, yung 1996 FX na lang, kahit mala exhaust fan buga nung aircon niya, an aircon is an aircon am i right W.E.D.?

  • pepotz says:

    La Salle pa nga lang yan, dapat lang manalo kayo noh. ^_^

  • zig says:

    mas kagalang-galang pa yung taga-payatas kesa sa isang monkey from NU

  • zig says:

    yep, all those pimple-looking shanties you NU people call home. oh did i hit a nerve? i don’t really care.

  • zig says:

    don’t put filthy words in my mouth. the only school worth disrespecting is NU. that joke of a school

  • zig says:

    that is only worthy of NU. SBC is up there regarding sports and education. your lot? no.

  • zig says:

    that NU is a school full of trash? oh yes, i’ll admit that. fair enough.

  • zig says:

    that NU is a school full of trash? oh i’ll admit that. fair enough. your lot deserves to be stamped out of this country. bringing nothing but shame. Philippine education at its lowest.

  • Where Eagles Dare says:

    Sino na intruga ako? Capacio?

  • ROAR says:

    Ua&p is as far as i know is one of the best schools in the country. i was able to go to their school one time and i can say that their facilities are really very nice.

    NU? kilala ba un? yung mga high school students hindi pinapangarap na pumasok dun. yung mga walang choice lang ang pumapasok sa NU.

    Sana tumigil na si sampalok kasi lalo lang nalalait yung school nya.

    goodluck sa basketball team ng NU.

  • ROAR says:

    michael jordan joined the US olympic team before going to NBA.

  • ROAR says:

    UA&P ka lang? are you comparing NU and UA&P? do you know what you are talking about? I am not from UA&P but I just would like to comment that NU is way below UA&P. dream school of the future? IN your dreams!

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