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‘Superman’ unleashes a 2nd triple-double on Altas

Wednesday, 1 September 2010 154 Comments

APPARENTLY, the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Altas basketball team still have yet to read the memo: The paint is Sudan Daniel’s house.

The 6’7” American came up with a season-best 12 blocks to go along with 10 points and 10 rebounds to power his San Beda College Red Lions over Perpetual Help, 92-61, in their game last Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at the Arena in San Juan City. It was Sudan’s second triple- double in the 86th season of the NCAA.

Last July 28, 2010, in San Beda’s first round matchup against the Altas, Sudan had a monster performance recording his first NCAA career triple-double with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 10 blocks. San Beda won that contest, 101-77 also at the Arena in San Juan.

“I promise, it’s not a personal thing against Perpetual. Sometimes, I feel that as a center, my house is the paint. So, if you bring it in my house I’m gonn’ show you the door. That’s pretty much my motto,” said a confident Daniel.

“As a center I have to protect the rim at all costs so anything near the rim, if I feel like you’re giving it to me, I’ll take it,” he added.

As a team, the Red Lions blocked 18 shots while the smaller Altas found a way to swat 4. In the rebounding department, San Beda was dominant hauling down 50 boards, ten more than Perpetual. They also played well as a team by sharing the basketball for a total of 24 assists.

Rome dela Rosa paced the Mendiola outfit with 20 points while newly drafted (To the Philippine Basketball Association by Barako Bull) point guard Borgie Hermida had another all-around performance with 8 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Melo Lim contributed 8 points as well.

“We just practice hard. Sabi ko sa kanila, we’re done with the small teams. Our last five games will be against big teams. We have to take our level of basketball a notch higher. We must be very competitive against the big teams,” said San Beda head coach Frankie Lim.

The Red Lions remain undefeated with an 11-0 win-loss record while the Altas still have yet to pick up a win as they have lost their 10th straight ball game.

The scores:

SBC 92 – dela Rosa 20, Daniel 10, Hermida 8, Lim 8, Lanete 7, Pascual 7, Semerad D. 7, Caram 6, Mendoza 5, Pascual K. 5, Villahermosa 4, Sorela 4, Marcelo 1, Semerad A.0, Moralde 0.

UPHSD 61 – Danganan 16, Ynion 9, Vidal 8, Allen 8, Arboleda 6, Salvado 6, Alano 3, Elopre 2, Kintanar 2, Sumera 1, Asuncion 0, Jolangcob 0.

Quarter scoring: 25-20, 48-30, 67-44, 92-61.

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Anton fell in love with the game of Basketball at the exact same moment he knew Michael Jordan. After playing high school ball for two UAAP seasons with the De La Salle-Zobel Junior Archers, he moved on to De La Salle University-Manila for college where he completed a degree in Applied Corporate Management. He almost ventured into a career in the corporate world but his love for the game prevailed. Anton somehow always knew, that if he didn't become "Like Mike," he would become what he is today - A Sportscaster. Covering Basketball, Volleyball and Boxing for ABS-CBN Sports is a dream come true for him. So is writing for this website. Follow Me on Twitter: @mrpurebusiness


  • leolite1 says:

    Great Game! Animo San Beda! What a Superman performance for su Daniels.

  • bigfoot says:

    galit ata si sudan sa altas! hehehe!

    • Easy Boy says:

      Hindi naman…nagpapaliwanag lang Hehehe!

    • that outlet pass of Su says:

      Sudan does give justice to my nick.

      Well done Su, the house is yours! Go paint it with that “S”.

      Tougher games ahead, all the roarin’ best Red Lions!

      Go San Beda Fight!

  • Mas Magaling Pa Rin Si Ekwe says:

    Ayos din si Sudan. Pero sa opinyon ko mas nakakatakot pa rin si Ekwe sa paint. Kahit di na siya mag-block eh bihira pa rin yung mga nagtatangkang sumalaksak. Sana ma-PBA siya.

    • asterix says:

      there’s a big improvement on sudan’s game this season. it should be nice to get him up ekwe-like intimidation status. he’s getting there though.

  • asterix says:

    nice game, su! didn’t get to watch earlier. is there a replay later? what time?

    • maverick says:

      asterix you can watch the replay in your pc log in to studio23 live streaming. Nice performance for our RLs. Bigger teams na ang next. I think the bombers gave way to the stags but it was a very close match.

  • bazted says:

    this should have been titled Sudan’s block party

    • RED COMET says:


      I like the ring to that! Will look forward to the next tag lines in the upcoming games.


      Yes that kinda was a bummer, they led from the 3rd Q onwards only to falter a the last. Oh well, it happens.


  • bazted says:


    10pm balls

  • Hellboy says:

    2 Triple Double!?



  • incognito says:

    we still have a long way to go. good job for our boys. but the real tests are just coming.

    we need to man-up a little bit more if we’re getting that championship back.

    outstanding show this afternoon though.

    Animo San Beda!!!

  • RED COMET says:


    Isn’t he a twin of EAC’s R. Yaya who has sat on the arc? Both have baby moves.

  • RED COMET says:

    L. Yaya not R.

  • Swoosh says:

    The reason San Beda is showing great prowess is because of their imports! The only reason you had the 3peat is because of Ekwe and now you are poised to win another championship with Daniels. Dont you trust our own players? Respect will be earned if you win one without an import

    • atsideb says:

      ito na naman ang mga detractors ng red lions.. siguro galing ito sa school na walang resources magrecruit ng players. just making excuses.. tsk tsk tsk

  • Swoosh says:

    The trend that San Beda started is not good for the NCAA and UAAP or even other college leagues. We dont need an import to win. Winning is all about talent, great local recruits and strategy of coaches. The way that is happening now it will hurt both leagues big time if they continue in fielding imports. In not a good image and im sure no one will gain respect for that.

  • Swoosh says:

    Thats the reality now and i accept it. I have my own opinion bad or good and i just read a column in Philippine Star about foreign players invading our country to play basketball and how school pays for them to study and play.

  • Swoosh says:

    Again I have nothing against San Beda i am just pointing out the trend that is happening now. Your team is the favorite and hands down you will be the champion this year.

  • RED COMET says:


    Thanks for not getting offended, specially with San Beda, pero nosebleed na ako sa subject. I was just thinking it would be rude not to reply. But lets move. Got to go to school este work.


  • SWISH MW says:

    baskstball game is a team effort. Sudan alone cannot make it to the championship all by himself. Check out the players of SBC if the number if imports is greater than the number of locals? get real….both my kids are from San Beda Rizal. Winning the championship will definitely make them happy and very proud to be a bedan,but with HUMILITY.

  • Swoosh says:

    no worries i am just expressing my opinion.

  • Swoosh says:

    Yup but having an import is an advantage (huge advantage). Your local players are great no doubt about it

  • Swoosh says:

    I think San Beda can win even without Daniels. With your local players i guess you have a very competitive team and heavy favorite. Marcelo is a huge impact center plus the Semerad. You have a good point guard in Hermida together with the improving Dela Rosa.

  • Gabby says:

    Kahit natala ang perpetual, mas bilib ako sa kanila kasi wala silang import

  • RED says:

    hindi lang naman nagyon nag karon ng import sa mga schools. matagal na yan. kaya lang Ekwe made an impact kaagad. ang major advantage lang naman ng import ay sa height in the case of Su. anyway, yan ang product ng globalization. it will intensify the competition and and put the brand of play into the next level. that’s good for basketaball.

    • maverick says:

      I agree with you Red, as i see it this is the future of basketball. Not only does this trend happen in our country but also abroad. Even the US NCAA get imports from other countries like asia and africa and this will be an eye opener for our locals to really step up bigtime against an import. This should be a motivation to our local players. Abueva is one good example, he plays his A game when faced with Su or the other imports as well. Dirty tactics will always be a part of basketball. Hindi na mawawala yan.

      • Joe-Targs says:

        On this trend. Hakeem Olajuwon was recruited from Nigeria to play for Univ. of Houston. This happened in the very early 80s. Like Ekwe who happened to land on SBC’s lap, soccer was Hakeem and Sam’s first sport, not basketball. The training plus their natural athletic ability enabled them to excel in the sport.

        Also in the early 80s, a 6-5 American center powered the FEU Tams to a couple of UAAP titles. The name escapes me now. He was big and tall by the standards of those days. But this was when fewer people cared what was happening in the UAAP.

        • maverick says:

          I 2nd that joe targs i vividly remember the UAAP were the first ones to use an import. 80s nga yun. Ang ayoko lang talaga dito sa writer na Esposo eh school lang natin ang inipit niya and failed to mention the other schools who also have imports. Not to mention the history of having one in the UAAP during the 80s. Wala na siguro maisip na article si chairwrecker ng PHILSTAR. Atenista pa naman siya nakalimot niya si LONG, BURKE etc etc.

      • RED COMET says:

        Having said this, people tend to see the same dimension that the writer sees. I believe Mr. Esposo failed (no. 2) to point out the other key benefits to our local players in the collegiate leagues and eventually redound into the PBA, wherein we draw to form teams for the International competitions. One of the reasons we have fared so poorly is that we are not in check with reality.

        That, in the international arena, wherein 7.5 footers are the normal heights of Centers, while in ours the 6’8s are our current crop of imports that play. What the writer has failed to point out is this. And, in so doing has not provided a real picture of Basketball as a preparation to international competition.

        So, I think he has, in all honesty, failed to enrich his readers mind and worse, still live in that contagious myopic standpoint. For that, I can call him, as a real, honest to goodness writer, a one dimensional hypocrite.

    • red rampant says:

      GOOD! Well said. I just don’t get it why some people cannot understand that basketball is a team sport and sbc is not dominated by Sudan. MArcelo has his bigger share of the work!

  • SWISH MW says:

    The boys are just returning back by giving out their best to the BEDAN Community for the support.Imagine the whole highschool of Rizal spends time to watch and support them.Not to mention Mendiola and Alabang and their alumni as well.It’s not about the IMPORT its their will to win and the pride they can give their school. Which of course that’s all what EVERYONE of EVERY TEAM wants.

  • Filipino Pride says:

    Filipino PRIDE! An Eye opener? Hello? wake up dude! Just look at the PBA! Filams flock the league, some local players were sent off the league. Instead of getting imports / filams, its better to have a better program in basketball better dedication. train our own local players and it will be a great achievement for all of us.

    • UAAP says:

      Filipino PRIDE! An Eye opener?

      - Dude, I have nothing against you. Sa tingin ko Filipinos should accept what’s happening right now. Filipinos are too afraid of the globalization. Too much pride. Masyadong makabayan, masyado kung mangbatikos pero ang suot naman na pantalon naka Guess or Levi’s ;)At ang kotse Toyota, BMW or Honda. Diba mga gawang banyaga ito? Hindi sariling atin.

      Something to think about para sa ating mga Filipino.

      • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

        We should accept that!?! Are you kidding me?

        Oh well, who watches the PBA regularly anyways.
        As long as nagaaral lang sila nang totoo ay okay na. UAAP and NCAA members are schools, not teams. They provide education, hahaha, and not entertainment.

  • Filipino Pride says:

    Its giving our own countrymen a chance to play. Im sure no one wants their kid to get booted off a team because of an import right?

    • asterix says:

      filipino pride:
      i spent a year in the US for my junior year in HS. i tried out and made it in their varsity basketball team. now, how would i feel if i got cut from the team while someone with less skills or talent made it because i am a filipino? how would you feel, filipino pride, if your countrymen got discriminated on for merely being a filipino?

  • sleepyhead says:

    are you one of those who said “talo kayo kahit pa may import!” when we lost the championship to SSC last year?

    but now that we have an undefeated record, the same rehashed import issue is being resurrected.

  • sthugs attitude says:

    no sense na mg argue pa tyo sa topic about SBC having foreign athletes kahit kelan di nila maiitindihan yan.maybe kasi tayo unang gumamit ng black foreign player.pero recruiting foreign athletes tagal ng meron kabilang liga matagal na yan meron nga halos di manalo ung team kulang nalang sbhin dapat 1st 5 nila import lahat.di napansin kasi di naman nanalo eh.tamo jru di napapansin 2 pa un ha kasi anu di pa nanalo ng championship eh.wag nlng natin pansinin guys..opinion nila yan yaan natin sila! as long as we abide by the rules! in the books champs tyo!

  • asterix says:

    swoosh, without any form of bias… from what i remember, during the time of the so-called filshams, with the likes of alvarado of tanduay, parker of sta lucia, etc., that was the time the pba had the best gate receipts, had the most exciting games. no need to defend su and the foreign players coming her to play. as a filipino, if it was the other way around and one of our players was able to play for us ncaa school (like japeth) would you say the same thing for that school that recruited him? are they being unfair to other ncaa schools?

  • bazted says:

    shut it if you wear “made in china”. so much for your pride.

  • boo_baste says:

    @ swoosh tama na yan issue tungkol sa import. Sbc abides the rules and regulations of NCAA…para mo na rin sinabi na i-ban na rin ang mga OFW na magtrabaho sa ibang bansa kasi “import” sila inaagawan nila ng opportunities ang mga locals dun…

  • redridinghood says:


  • insider22 says:



    and WHY?

  • aztec says:

    ur right swoosh!!i agree to you…

  • RED COMET says:


    You like Mr. Esposo’s point and myopic view, fine.

    Live in Neverland then.

  • coke says:

    Mr. Esposo is a Sebastinian.

  • that outlet pass of Su says:




    we may be giving too much credit to a Sebastinian, hahaaha. i don’t think he is. he should write about the gambling syndicate in the uaap and ncaa instead. it would sell more.

  • Connect says:

    Hindi marunong tumanggap ng ibang opinyon ang ibang sbc fan d2..

    • RED COMET says:


      Yung opinion ng tao, kailngan mo tanggapin, sa ayaw mo o gusto. Hindi naman ipinag-babawal ba mag-saad ng sarili mong paniniwala na kontra sa iba, diba?

      Heto ang ka gandahan at halaga ng inboundpass, puede ka mag- saad ng sarili mong paniniwala, huwag ka lang man-lait at maging karumal-dumal sa iyong opinion. Sa madaling salita, maging magalang ka lang at bibigyan ka rin ng galang ng iba.

      Mentras may aaligid na troll na yun lang ang gusto, man-lait at mag-hanap ng kaaway.

      Yun lang po.

  • Red White Blue says:

    tumatanggap ang mga bedista ng ibang opinyon, pero ilulugar lang at tama. :-)

  • bazted says:

    wow. i just finished reading it and i am appalled.

    i think Red Comet pretty much covered everything. esposo clearly does not have a global perspective of basketball. he’s stuck with his principle when it really is immaterial in the international scene. while we are on the topic of philosophy… let’s be reminded of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

    Mr. Esposo implies that we be stuck in a cave -in a world of our own. Can you imagine these chained cavemen, who all their lives believe only in shadows, fires and voices what freedom from their chains would be like. can you imagine our cagers (without any import intervention from any league) playing for the 1st time in an international game? exactly my point.

    “How do you think he’d feel as he thought back on the honors and awards given to those whose perception in the cave was sharpest? Do you think he’d want those honors and awards? Would he envy those cave-dwellers who received prizes because they could make out the shadows better than anyone else or see which shadow came first and which next? Or would he rather undergo anything, even menial labor, rather than think and live the way the cave-dwellers lived?” -Plato

    They’ll be seeing a lot of Sudan Daniels in the international scene… only they play SG-SF.

    • RED COMET says:


      Esposo says; “If the recruitment of Filipino-Americans is not bad enough, now we see the recruitment of foreign players who do not even have a drop of Filipino blood in them. Fifty years ago, no school would think of going this far. Fifty years ago, we were never this corrupt.”

      Esposo equates corruption to the legitimate recruitment of basketball players, it just goes to show how shallow and pre-defined his term “corruption” means to fit his own personal agenda.

      In checking the word “corruption”, this is the definition; “a dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery”.

      The last time I checked, there is no dishonesty as the whole NCAA has accepted this along with last years Champion. There is also no fraud, as again the whole NCAA member teams have taken the High Road. Meanwhile, San Beda is not in power nor has been in power nor in abuse of authority and power, as it is the whole NCAA as a league, that has approved this. You must note that surely, its not San Beda alone that makes the NCAA. This affront on the NCAA in particular, along with allusions to the UAAP of Mr. Esposo is done in poor taste and leaves nothing of value to the table.

      Lastly, the hypocrite says; “We do not want to single out a particular school in this issue but the case of the San Beda Red Lions of the NCAA sticks out like a sore thumb. San Beda won three consecutive NCAA championships with Sam Ekwe, a foreign recruit, playing a crucial role.” And yet, he does single-handedly mentions San Beda.

      I suppose we must all discern what is truth prior to jumping into the “wagon of hypocrisy”.

      Mr. Esposo you’ve been served, weighed and found wanting.

      • asterix says:

        san beda is not even the pioneer in having a team with foreing players. what probably gets this people riled up is that sam ekwe became such a dominant force while playing for san beda. let’s not forget though that the guy did not come to san beda to play basketball, nor is basketball his true sport. he was developed into this great basketball player WHILE playing for san beda, and not before. if it just so happened that sam or sudan are not as dominating as they are, noone would even bring this up, noone would even complain. perhaps it would appease them to have a standard for foreign players. na dapat hanggang kasing galing lang ni burke or ni long or ferdinand. why wasnt anyone complainig (or whining) about ateneo when they had laterre? cos he wasnt that good? why isnt anyone complaining about jru, with njei and etame? same goes for nu, adamson? cos they havent won (yet?) a championship with these foreign players? if san beda didnt win those 3 championships, will mr esposo and the rest of the whiners here have the same view about foreign players?

    • asterix says:

      where can i find this article?

  • bazted says:

    The collegiate Filipino center is usually 6 feet four inches in height. He is up against a foreign recruit who stands at least 6 feet 7 inches and is heavier. Unable to shoot baskets against the foreign recruit, unable to rebound — the poor Filipino center gets a mouthful from his coach. Sometimes, the poor Filipino center is even insulted by his coach just to prod him to contain the damage being wrought by the foreign recruit. Desperate, the poor Filipino center throws a punch, is thrown out of the game and is suspended from playing in the next game. -esposo

    he sounded like he’s trying to justify the hooliganism of his own team. i can still imagine abueva’s smirk… that mo fu.

  • That Important Defensive Rebound says:


    And the NCAA ballers will represent the country in international meets.

    Come on guys. Having an import really deteriorates a team. Just look at the former Lions in the Sta. Lucia team. Pong Escobal, Ogie Menor and Yousif Aljamal. They spent at least two years together. They know each other. I think they are each other. But what? Did they become the dominant champions they were in the NCAA. Very far from that. They’re not even in the same level of the ones who are good enough to represent the country in international competitons.

    That only symbolizes that San Beda’s three peat are all because of an Import and their talents DID NOT GROW IN ANY WAY!

    Accept it. It’s the truth.

    • bazted says:

      who from draft class of 2007-2010 dominated or at least significant anyways? devance? norwood? dillinger?

      this is premature.

      • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

        JC Intal.

        • bazted says:

          there are spurts. still significant and promising. who else?

          point is you can come up with another 2-3 names but these players are likely drafted higher than these 3 Red Lions. Aljamal Menor and Pong are not busts. This is what’s expected from them.

          and how does foreign players deteriorate a team?

          • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

            Ouch! You said it yourself!

            So that just means that Red Lions are not meant to be big shots in the big league!

            Now I know. I rest my case.

          • bazted says:

            starting slow. that they are young and slow to adjust.

          • Hellboy says:

            @That Important…

            I really appreciate your recognition with our 3 former RLs. But bazted was right. Your comments were premature. It’s a matter of time for those what you call “big shots”.

            Teka nga ba, sa lahat na paratang mo, RL – PBA cagers lang nga ba?

            While we were reminiscing the glory and endure the current situations here in the NCAA, you mock. Don’t pull these players down. NCAA is different from PBA. Just do your own thing and let these players do their own.

            To Aljamal, Menor, Escobal. Keep it up.

          • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

            @ Hellboy,

            You asked me:

            Teka nga ba, sa lahat ng paratang mo Red Lion – PBA Cagers lang ba?

            Should I even answer the obvious?

          • RED COMET says:

            @That Important Defensive Rebound

            If you would kindly honor us and, state your school so we can compare and discuss in an intelligible manner your school issues too. Its kinda lopsided when you come to the forum and not share your school ideals vis-a-vis ours and just continue to hammer one-sided opinions about our Alma Mater and our Basketball program.

            Now, would you be brave enough?

          • that outlet pass of SU says:

            Sir Red Comet, I think he is from the campus at Katipunan. He speaks of Intal and Long, so he favors these Katips players.

          • Hellboy says:


            You worry too much… or rather you expect too much. As I’ve said, it takes time. Don’t blame these players, nagsisikap ang mga ito.

            Sa lahat ng paratang mo, RL-PBA cagers nga lang ba ang hindi dominante?

            Now, since Sir Red Comet was asking earlier. How about your team?-Who were dominant in the PBA and who were not? It would be an interesting conversation if you’d share and honor us with your school issues.

          • RED COMET says:


            He has a beef with the RED LIONS the he mentioned and now that he is tying the knot with Menor’s cousin, suddenly he wishes Menor his best. I mean, how humorous is that?

            Now, lets go the the RED CUBS which has been the pirating ground of many schools including La Salle, UP and Ateneo.

            Then, let me ask this what does he think of the blue chip players who brought Championships to their respective teams, i.e Salva, Cosio, Magsanoc, Paras, Membrere, Tenorio, Arao, Pumaren. Loyzaga, Advani, Ritualo etc, etc…Did they shine in the PBA or not?

            If the Red Lions then, had an active Boosters club and an excellent program and these homeboys did not move, what then can they say? Even granting that they moved but came from SAN BEDA anyway, what can they still say today?

        • asterix says:

          well said, sir red comet.

          • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

            Hey. I don’t have any beef with any of the three I mentioned. I’m just showcasing what they were then, and what they are now. I mean come on. They were dominant Red Lions. But they are not as dominant as Realtors. Siguro pag hindi lang sila naging team mates wala siguro itong usapang ito.

            Hahahaha. And regarding me suddenly supporting Ogie Menor because I’m tying the knot with his cousin, mga Bedans, hindi ko tinitira si Menor. Bakit, nalait ko ba?
            My beef is because of the imports. They were successful because they were with an Import but now, well, not anymore.
            And the globalization thing. Is it really?

          • RED COMET says:

            @That Important Defensive Rebound

            Firstly, let me thank you for discussing these matters in a decent way. Salamat po.

            Are you from Ateneo? I was wrong to say Salva, nasa school pa pala siya, lol.

            Lets go to the beef with imports and you saying it deteriorates the team. You know I disagree, and yet we cannot fathom our arguments yet. Lets sit on it a few years, say 2 years and chat on the subject again.

            As it has been pointed out, Cyrus Baguio was a bench warmer as a rookie. And he was given the time to shine and is he dominant now?

            About the Menor, Aljamal and Escobal, deteriorating because of an Import. How do we skin this? Are you comparing the deterioration on a yardstick because I cannot see a way to measure how their collegiate performances are versus the Pro performance now. Can we actually now measure it visa-a-vis the time they were given in the NCAA and at the Pro’s?

            What I is know is when we measure performances, we should measure it comparatively using a standard barometer, so that our statistics and analysis of said is beyond question in methodology and result.

            Perhaps, I can invite you to submit your comparative data so that we can truly engage in an enlightened way and knowing all the facts, rater than issue a blanket statement that may seem to have the mark of wisdom but in reality lacking in substance.

            Lastly, while having provided some insight above, maybe you do sound as if you are making “lait” when the critique is not based on facts but rather just hearsay or an unsupported “opinion” about dominating in the Pro’s and not growing in any way.

            And, sincerely all the best at your forthcoming momentous event. May the blessings be.

            Cheers our Atenean friend.

    • Hopefully Calvin Abueva will be among the “good enough” to represent the country. I somewhat agree with you about Menor, Aljamal and Escobal. They are not good enough to represent the country in Basketball competitions.

      • bazted says:

        bukod sa kabastusan nya, bilib ako k abueva. pero menor should have been there. i think he used to train with gilas.

        • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

          Hey Bazted,
          But I still want like Ogie Menor to succeed. You see, I’m Ibanag. I’m from the province of Isabela. I don’t know him or his family. I just know someone who is related to him, and I’m about to marry her. And she’s really proud of her cousin Rogemar.
          So, peace.

    • RED COMET says:

      @That Important Defensive Rebound

      “They’re not even in the same level of the ones who are good enough to represent the country in international competitons.”

      Bro, nobody said they must represent the country. We all know that playing collegiate ball is a level lower than the PBA, and playing in the international arena is perhaps a few notches above the PBA, so to get from collegiate to international level without the preparation & training will surely fail. And that is why we have the developmental teams in Smart Gilas, wherein we even have imports to match up to the competition. Imagine, if the locals have had no prior exposure, how long do you think if will take to train them to make adjustments? Perhaps, what is happening is that we quicken the training at this collegiate level, as a start.

      The three you mentioned are only a few of the many more talents we have in the country and suffice to say that even if they were dominant in their respective leagues then but are not given the training and playing time, they will not dominate in another level. So, this is mere guesswork. If however, for arguments sake, we assume that you train them and play the three persons, would you, given all the proper equipping still take on that point of view? Of course not.

      “That only symbolizes that San Beda’s three peat are all because of an Import and their talents DID NOT GROW IN ANY WAY!” You and I know that one man does not a team make, however, an import can provide that international level feel.
      Now, let me ask you, do you really and truly have a measuring stick to actually quantify if the said three players “DID NOT GROW IN ANY WAY!”? I doubt it. This again is mere speculation.

      Meanwhile, its a bit late my friend.


    • asterix says:

      partner, not all good collegiate players stand out in the professional league. classic example, christian laettner, bobby hurley, etc. on the local scene, dino aldeguer, gabby espinas, kelvin dela pena, macky escalona, paolo bugia, etc.
      and not all great pros had a good collegiate basketball experience. case in point, ben wallace. with the locals, how many of those who are playing in the pros now can you say you actually got to watch in the ncaa or uaap?

      • RED COMET says:


        True and there many,many reasons for this, one of which is a players ability does not fit his current team and/or not being given the playing time. However, I think its really many things.

        • asterix says:

          partner, another case i might point out. cyrus baguio was great in college, sat on the bench on his first few years in the league. having gotten the breaks recently, he has taken full advantage. now, he’s one of the stars of a champion team.

  • bazted says:

    A culture of corruption is established when a society freely accepts, adopts and practices the mindset that IF WE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, THEN DO IT. In our culture, we call this patinikan which promotes the WIN AT ALL COSTS mentality. Win at all costs is the modern day expression of the Nicolo Machiavelli mindset of “The ends justify the means.” -esposo

    -i am so sorry. i thought this is basketball. where one has to be better than the other.

    if this isnt about winning, then why do we keep scores?!

  • incognito says:

    excuse my not knowing guys but who is this esposo character?

  • RED COMET says:


    Bro, he is a writer for Philstar.

    Read this:

  • boo_baste says:

    how about in volleyball? wherein SSC-R is fielding a thailander import…and there’s no complain against them…
    San Beda dont need NCAA…NCAA needs San Beda

  • boo_baste says:

    Would you be proud when you asked a little korean girl, where did you learn to speak english? and she happly replies “from the Philippines…

    Would you be proud if Sam Ekwe was being interviewed for a job, and the interviewer asked him where did you earn your degree? Sam Ekwe says from San Beda College Philippines…

    • Connect says:

      Sorry sir pro basketball po pnaguusapan, hndi language o ano man..

      • boo_baste says:

        masyado kasi one-sided that SBC won the three championships because of the import issue. hinde mo man lang tignan that Sam Ekwe’s main reason going to the Philippines is to study…secondary na yung pagiging varsity..

      • RED COMET says:


        Sir, di naman po Pro Basketball si Ekwe. Collegiate lang po.

  • incognito says:

    thanks red comet…binura ng inboundpass yung first reaction ko.

    you guys had good rebuttals na so no pt. in my fanning the flame.

    anyhow, the writer had a myopic take on imports. yun lang

  • Connect says:

    Observation ko lang po-magaling pumuna s ibang nc team ang mga sbc fan d2,pro pag sila na yung napuna,bilis mgreact minsan galit pa

  • incognito says:

    opo, kasing bilis din po ng ibang ncaa teams’ fans pumuna at mag-react sa SBC, madalas, galit rin at mapag-insulto.

  • Har har says:

    Calvin “Luthor” Abueva is SSCR’s Kryptonite Man vs Superman.

  • Peace to All says:

    I know San Beda did not violate any rules of the NCAA i read it myself and it came from the NCAA head, but Its just better to be champions without foreigners in your team. I pitty some homegrown players because they are being used just a secondary option on the team. We all know foreigners dont just come here to study, lets be real! They are here because they were recruited by coaches and school, they are paid to study and ofcourse play. I wonder after their stint at the NCAA or UAAP will they still eligible to play for PBA? or even play for our National Team? I dont think so. This Foreigners are being used by schools to beef up their team and just be champions. Globalization yes i see it as a part of it and its happening all over the world, but we have our homegrown talents waiting for coaches to guide them to be better. Come to think of it, are these foreigners really the answer for our miserable showings in sports?

    • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

      Are these foreigners really the answer for our miserable showing in sports? Actually pwede eh. Ang hindi lang talaga maganda, It’s the foreigners who are leading the locals. Pag ganun, talagang hindi ma de develop ang mga locals.

      “I wonder after their stint at the UAAP/NCAA will they still be able to play for the PBA?”
      I read at Quinito Henson’s article at philstar, that Blue Eagle Kirk Long should be given a chance to play, since Tagalog na pananalita niya, and two decades na siya dito sa Pilipinas.

      • RED COMET says:

        I think the issue is citizenship versus residency. If its just simply residency then any foreigner can sit here a few years and play pro ball.

        How shallow is it to accept Captain Kirk simply because he is a resident alien and speaks the vernacular. Aren’t we employing double standards here? What if I taught Sudan Tagalog and he resides here 10 years, should he be considered what you are saying about Long?

        I mean please explain.

      • That Important Defensive Rebound says:

        Oh, regarding Kirk Long, I don’t know. Hypocrite ko naman if I said that OH YEAH!! He should be allowed to play!

        I just admire and respect him, the way he plays, and the good in him. But him playing in the PBA, I’ll just keep my mouth shut on that.

        • RED COMET says:

          @That Important Defensive Rebound

          Thank you.

        • red guard says:

          @that import….

          unfortunately thats the problem with your view and that of Billy Esposo..its directed primarily against tall black guys 6″7 and shifts when the player is white, around 6’3 or smaller particularly when that player has been here a while..

          the basic problem for NCAA/UAAP Players in the PBA is because of their height they often have to shift to PF or even SF which was not their natural position in their earlier playing days..Also remember the adjustment they college they were the star players and now in the PBA they have to defend and hustle as well..

          As for Aljamal,Escobal and Menor..lets see how they play under Gregorio..I felt that when the two were in TNT and Menor in Barako thwy were misused..

          Even the ADMU,DLSU,FEU,Letran,etc players have had their share of disappointments in the PBA,,Villanueva & Fonocier have been journeymen, Alvarez is all but gone, DLSU’s Telan & Sharma r 2nd or 3rd stringers just like Facundo & Daa of Letran or Isip & Miranda from FEU..

        • Outback Jock says:

          @ Important Defensive Rebound,

          I know what you mean about the good in Kirk.
          The Long family are missionaries. Every Ateneo game I personally attend, I see a group of Caucasians, definitely Kirk’s family. But somewhere in the venue, you can also see a group of people, numbering at least ten, all wearing Kirk’s #12 jersey. I found out that they are Antipolo residents the Long Family treated.
          Now isn’t that a feel good story.
          Sometimes though, I feel cheated when they get the more expensive seats, especially when the games are sold out.

          Now imagine that if Kirk Long is playing in the PBA, and the Long clan doing this at PBA games. Ambassadors of good will, man.

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