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Dominant San Beda exerts might on rival Letran

Thursday, 22 July 2010 66 Comments

The San Beda College Red Lions proved once again that they are a force to be reckoned with in NCAA Season 86 by thrashing archrival Colegio de San Juan de Letran Knights, 77–60 before a sizeable crowd at the Arena in San Juan City last Wednesday, July 21.

The game was never in doubt from the get-go as the Red Lions blitz their way to a 12-3 start. They never relinquished the lead throughout the game, and held both the Knights and their tempers in relative check.

Veterans Borgie Hermida and Garvo Lanete led the charge for the Red Lions by scoring 22 and 16, respectively. The Mendiola quintet also shot a very high field goal percentage at 46 percent, while limiting their opponents to only 32 percent. Punctuating its dominance in the game, they also took command of the rebounding battle 53–31.

According to coach Frankie Lim of the Red Lions, his defensive plan was implemented perfectly, and it ultimately paved their way to victory. “They got buried by our full court press” he said. ”Superman” Sudan Daniel also proved to be a nightmare for the Knights, as he blocked six of their shots.

To add to the woes of the Knights, chief guard Kevin Alas injured his knee in the second quarter and was not able to return to the game. Point guard Franz Dysam led the scoring chores for the knights with 11 points.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this ballgame largely because of the incident that took place in the 2010 FilOil Flying V Preseason Invitational over the summer, where Letran decided to walk out and forfeit the game against the Red Lions after its head coach, Louie Alas, almost came to blows with San Beda assistant tactician Ed Cordero. A lot of fans expected a highly contested and tight affair.

In fact, San Beda’s blowout win surprised many a specator, including Lim. “I thought it was going to be close,” he said. Still, the game saw minor episodes where tempers could have flared. In the first quarter, Kevin Alas and San Beda forward Rome dela Rosa got entangled after a mad scramble for the ball. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed. Later in the half, Daniel was charged a technical foul for second motion.

It was the third setback for the Knights, who haven’t settled into their system this season.

The scores:

San Beda 77 – Lanete 22, Hermida 16, J. Pascual 8, Mendoza 8, de la Rosa 6, A. Semerad 6, Marcelo 6, Daniel 5, Villahermosa 0, K. Pascual 0, D. Semerad 0.

Letran 60 – Dysam 11, Belencion 9, K. Alas 8, Cortes 6, J. Alas 6, Taplah 5, Almazan 5, Rodil 4, Espiritu 3, Pantin 2, Alejandro 1, Belorio 0.

Quarter scoring: 22-13, 36-23, 58-44, 77-60.

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  • big_red_machine says:

    nice animo..

    • Roronoa Zoro says:

      Hehehe. Nice Animo? What, there’s an not nice animo, hahahaha.

      You made my morning, bud.

      • rounder says:

        I guess there might be “a” not nice animo if animo is roughly translated as spirit. If that is the case, there may be a not nice animo and a nice animo. Although I’m willing to bet that mr. big red machine just forgot to put a comma between “nice” and “animo” just like you forgot that “a” not “an” should be used when the following word starts with a consonant (generally; there is an exception that I know of. When the following word starts with the letter h, one should use “an”: ex. An historical account).

  • Red & White 82 says:

    grabe tambak yun Letran, the knights haven’t won against the Red Lions since 2007…tambak…tambaque…taambaq…

    kevin masakit ba?

    junjun pa muscle muscle ka pa la naman effect sa end game…mag artista kayo pareho…pero kevin wins best actress award…

  • Red & White 82 says:

    mapua will dislodge letran at the final four. sbc.mapua.jru.baste sa final 4. ganun ka simple ito.

  • redhot says:

    Animo. galing sana we can win back the championship.

  • Red & White 82 says:


    partly true…actress instead of actor nga lang dapat.

  • highdef says:

    animo san beda!

  • PBA IS DEAD says:

    abs cbn is trying so hard to hype this rivalry but failed everytime. alam naman natin walang rivalry between the 2 schools. di nga napuno arena,letran panay gradeschool nanood.

  • Villabanosa says:

    Villahermosa has no business playing at this kind of level.


    • ccd says:

      ganun ba talaga laro ni villahermosa o bad game lang? ganun din kasi yung unang laro niya. hyped pa naman tong batang to.. defensively ok naman siya, sana magimprove siya sa point guard duties niya kasi kailangan ng backup ni borgie na magaling din dumepensa..

      • Red Comet says:

        Villahermosa came from an injury in the US training. So, he needs to the time to get his game going. I saw him play in the Fil-Oil last year (2009) against Baste and played almost all game long. He showed promise, so I believe these are kinks in is armor for being sidelined.


        My question is why didn’t Caram play yesterday?

  • atsideb says:

    Nice Game Red Lions. Animo!

  • winsome says:

    Letran is not really the “old rival” of san beda. The traditional rivalry is SBC=ADMU, DLSU=CSJL. But since the two boys are gone, the logical choice is to drumbeat this “rivalry” of the two original members.

    The hype for the rivalry, now, has something to do with marketing. The NCAA needs to package this rivalry to maintain a certain level of noise to spice up ticket sales and interest in the league.

    Anyway keep winning RL!

    Go San Beda fight!

    • atom says:

      manalo muna kayo, hahahah!

    • Universidad says:

      pwedeng di na cya muna maconsinder na rivalry, one sided nalang palagi ang laro eh

    • benefits says:

      i agree with you that all this rivalry crap is made by the media. letran for its part do not care about this rivalry crap. right now its concern is rebuilding and getting 100% effort from its players. just to get to the final 4 would be an achievement. i would be the firts to be surprised if the game was even close. ou have a team that lost only 2 players and reloaded with more imports facing a team decimated with more than half of its players gone including the 2 best players last season. now it is led by a sophomore who even got injured early in the 3rd period. what do you expect? only thing though is check this team out in the 2nd half. as usual, alas will do wonders with this team and will get 100% from them.

      • Roronoa Zoro says:

        I think they (Letran) do. Especially the Alas family. Can you explain coach Louie Alas’ intensity every San Beda game? His intensity is a lot different compared to the other teams.

        Its either the rivalry or he’s just tired of losing to San Beda.

  • TigeGrrr! says:

    Weather weather lang yan. Unfortunately for the knights, for this and the next two seasons, the weather belongs to SSCR.

  • ate shirley says:

    bakit hindi nga pala pinalaro si Caram kahapon?

  • bomberista says:

    ito ang the best!

    jru vs san beda! palaging puno ang venue??/

    • semerad twins - pogi power says:

      eh? ano nangyare nun opening?

      • Red Comet says:

        tambak diba?

        • bomberista says:

          may 2nd round pa naman di ba?

        • JaRvis says:

          Kasi naman, kung naging close pa ‘yung game na ‘yun, it’d be way embarassing for San Beda, so they had to win in that way. Having that much talent in your roster, pag natalo pa ng ibang team na inferior in talent, ewan na lang…

          • Red Comet says:

            sir Jarvis,

            malalim nga ang bench pero we have to recall that 6 or 7 players are rookies.

            @ bomberista

            yup may second round pa, but seriously I doubt you will make a dent, with all due respect.

  • Universidad says:

    Wala, talo nanaman for the nth time, di na nanalo.. hayy

  • kawawawee! says:

    My heart bleeds for Letran. Wala na yung glory days and I only see a weak recruitment system. I miss the jubilation of not so long ago when you saw the Knights really fight tooth and nail kahit dehado. Can’t they recruit anyone in the class of a Calaguio, Raymundo, Miller, Bautista and Prior. Even role players then like Velez, Misolas, Moody and Pacheco have inflicted their share of damage to the opposition. This was the great champion team from a decade ago, and all I have are tears and memories. Boo-hooo!!!

    • red guard says:

      honestly i feel letran is in a rebuilding mode..the transfer if fronda and another guy added heavily to the loss of rj jazul,rey guevarra and del rosario..

      their new recruits are very raw..give them a year or 2 to be a real F4 contender..hopefully they should be a different team come 2nd round..right now the immediate problems are perimeter shooting and rebounding

      i dislike the current emphasis on rough play bordering on dirty..if they focused more on basketball rather than inflicting hurt perhaps they wouldnt be too tired at endgame..

      • Roronoa Zoro says:

        I like what you said about the emphasis on rough play bordering on dirty.

        But what should they do?

        And the Red Lions really want that game.

      • benefits says:

        that’s right, alas who’s steered winning teams in the MBA, NCAA, international play with philippine teams deliberatley tells its players to hurt the other team. sure.

    • Universidad says:

      Maganda ang training at program ng letran kaso un nga mahina ang recruitment. dun nagkakatalo

  • RED says:

    maganda pinakita ng beda dahil mas maliit ang kalaban. but i guess, i beda and ssc-r will meet, parang tagilid. after the last yr’s championship, mas nag matured pa ang laro ng ssc-r. naka move on na agad sila sa pagkawala ni aquino. i dont how will beda attack the defense of ssc-r. yung fastbreak game ng beda never been a factor pag kalaban ang ssc-r. Coach frankie, for so many years, yung game plan mo pareho parin. high roll ni pascual, check na yun last yr, i saw it yesterday, buti na lang mas maliit ang bantay kaya lang hindi parin nya ma-shoot ang jumpers eh.


  • soplak says:

    nice win for the lions.

    just a thought – i believe that in san beda, louie alas is the most respected coach/player from another school. and now, it seems that his sons will turn out to be the most hated. haha.

  • Red Pride says:


    reason why frankie played the high low is that we have height advantage over Letran. Have you been really watching the games?? SSCR adjusted already to the lost of Jimbo? I beg to disagree brother, most of their games are won by small margins (even vs UPHR), now you’re telling that they have fully adjusted to the system where no legitimate guy to shoot the 3 (beside Pascual) and open the painted lane? I think SSCR is adjusting more to the lost of Jimbo than San Beda to the lost of Bambam and Tecson. SSCR is a strong team to reckon with but I think we can match up pretty well with them and even hand them a defeat. Unity is the key, support ka nalang brother.

    Animo San Beda

  • bomberista says:

    oo nga.

  • Sebastino_JAY says:

    lakas ng san beda ha!

  • Sebastino_JAY says:

    CSB at MAPUA team to watch out tingin ko lang ha! hehehe baka masilat ang baste at beda jan sa susunod BRAVO BASTE!

  • redhot says:

    akalain mo un nauna mag solo lead ang beda kesa sa host school. thanks to the schedule and sa bagyo last time.

  • Hellboy says:

    Was surprised. Thought close ang laban.

    Saw the game. And between Dela Rosa and K. Alas scene. tsk tsk! Gusto ata talaga ng away ni K. Alas.

    On Jun Jun Alas, this guy is funny. yung ulo mo na lang sana nai-flex mo kesa sa muscles mo. hehe

    On Villahermosa, tama lang na sa kanya muna playing time. The kid is a rookie and needs exposure sa ganitong game kaya ok lang. Besides, tambak naman kalaban.

    On Almazan, I like him than Cortes. 6’7″ pero ang bilis kumilos. I’m considering him as a threat next season.

    Overall: Medyo na-bored ako sa game lalu na nung 3rd and 4th Quarter. Good game though.

    Oh well, Stags na lang hinihintay ko. I predicted this team will be the champion this season. Pero I’m sure SBC players especially the rookies will give them a fight.



    • red guard says:

      brother Hellboy i too earlier rated baste as the team to beat this year.Their recent games bordered on over confidence and their lies their waterloo. The haste players think they can turn it on and off at will, besides considering their age the lure of turning pro and cashing it in maybe too great of a temptation.

      the Red Lions have a honest chance to win it all this year if yesterday’s game is any indication. the refs were with letran. they were allowing k alas antics and they were calling a lot of phantom fouls on whom they believed to be our key players.what kept it from being close and broke letran’s back were the abundance of 3 point shots,the teamwork with Sudan focused on “D” and the team’s depth. refs couldnt do anything about that.

      To Win, our perimeter shooting should be consistent. Secondly, playing time for the 3rd stringers, a lot of 3 point shooters are in that group.thirddy, a continued empasis on “D”


  • A BEDAN says:

    San Beda and Letran will always be rivals in d ncaa..rivalry develops through time and not in a one season match, it takes time for San Sebastian to prove that they are worth to become a rival of San or loose Letran will always be the rival of San Beda. GO SAN BEDA FIGHT!!


    • soplak says:

      actually, i think twice or thrice tinalo ng baste ang beda nung 90′s sa finals. mas matindi naging mga laban ng beda at baste back then.

      ung letran more of this decade nlng tlga, starting from year 1999 or 2000. that was the time na ngstart ung “off court” extra curriculars ng beda at letran. that year, ung opening sa ULTRA. mgkatabi ang beda at letran crowds, at may ngaway, although hindi naman mgkalaban during the opening day. then during one playdate sa ninoy aquino stadium, may isang bedan cheerleader na pinalo ng bote sa ulo ng isang letranista. again, hindi mgkalaban ang beda at letran that day, hahaha. i believe that this so called beda-letran rivalry really started then. add the fact that louie alas was one of the most vocal coaches in saying that he didn’t need an import in order to win a championship after san beda paraded sam ekwe. these are some great ingredients to fuel a rivalry and a perfect marketing opportunity that was taken advantage of.

      • benefits says:

        dude you have to go even way back than that. i remember as an elementary student getting caught up at taft avenue in the middle of rocks and bottles between fans wearing red and blue vs. red and white. this was in the 70s.

        • atom says:

          history of games lang with letran yan mga tol.
          if you will see letran’s history- halos lahat inaway nila at may gulo..old NCAA- La Salle, Ateneo, San Beda then in the new NCAA vs Baste, PCU, JRU…

          so di natin pwedeng sabihin may rivalry sa lahat ng mga yan.

    • atom says:

      win or “lose” dapat…pag “loose”, maluwag yun, tol.

    • Universidad says:

      Kailangan maipanalo na ng letran ung games nila against beda para mapanatili ung rivalry. pag onesided kasi parang di na nagiging rivalry eh… tamaba?

  • lets-run says:


  • lets-run says:


  • big_red_machine says:

    by the way roldan sara is playing for dlsu? wla na xa e

  • boring_game says:

    napakaboring nung game. di man lang dumikit

  • just push play says:

    napakatindi lang talaga ng running game ng beda, i think they are the fastest executing offensive team in both the ncaa and uaap. pinpoint ang passing nila hermida & co., pang pba material ang mga bulilit na to.

  • vic says:

    sa sports na nga lang sisikat ang letran wala pa mapatunayan. di bale wag kayo alala sikat naman kayo sa pagiging skul bukol. talino kasi mga studyante dyan. galing mag english. dont what what me ha letranyt itoi hehe

  • red rampant says:

    K. Alas was not the best actor of the game. It was the fouled out Franz Dysam. If you recall the game, he fell 3 times without anyone hitting him or any physical contact. I could clearly see it from my seat and view. The referee hailed his two hands up for Dysam to get up and never called a foul. This little boy is good but then his antiques and acts won’t work for referees.

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