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NCAA champs escape Altas’ upset bid

Friday, 2 July 2010 39 Comments

70-69 was the score. The defending champions of the NCAA were holding on to that precarious lead against a depleted University of Perpetual Help System Dalta squad with less than a minute to go. And then, Pamboy Raymundo threw an errant pass that was intercepted by Harold Sumera.

The Altas had a chance.

Jett Vidal then found himself a good look on the left wing behind the three-point line.

He let the ball fly…

Eventually, the San Sebastian College-Recoletos Golden Stags went on to win the game, 73-69 last Friday, July 2, 2010 at the Arena in San Juan City. However, major concerns about the focus and discipline of the Golden Stags need to be addressed as they defend their title in the 86th Season of the NCAA.

In this contest for instance, it was surprising to see a team with a depleted lineup stay on target at the end of the game with a chance to steal the win.

“Hindi ko nga alam kung ano yung nangyayari sa amin eh. Sinasabi nga ni Coach na masyado kami nag-rerelax. Confident kami na kaya naming manalo which is wrong. Siguro, masyado lang nag-rerelax yung mga teammates ko at pati ako, hindi ako masaya sa pinapakita namin. Yung execution namin ng play, hindi maayos tsaka yung depensa namin. Yun sa tingin ko yung kailangan namin i-improve,” said the Golden Stags veteran point guard, Pamboy Raymundo.

Had Vidal, one of five former Philippine Christian University Dolphins on this Altas team knocked down the long ball, the defending champs would have been put on the ropes. Luckily for the Golden Stags, Perpetual Help was not able to capitalize on various opportunities to put the game in their favor.

Ronald Pascual muffed two free-throws with 22.8 seconds remaining but nobody boxed him out. Pascual hustled hard to grab his own miss and was fouled again. This time, he made one of two charities to give his team a two point cushion.

After a Perpetual timeout, Harold Sumera failed to score on an inbounds play that was executed with Arnold Danganan used as a decoy. Calvin Abueva then went perfect from the line to put the finals points of the game on the scoreboard.

Ronald Pascual led all scorers with 17 points and finished with a double-double grabbing 10 rebounds. Pamboy Raymundo followed with 15 points while Calvin Abueva also had a double-double with 13 points and 12 rebounds.

San Sebastian became the first team to grab two wins in the tournament while the Altas have dropped both their games so far.

Playing in his final year for the red and gold, Pamboy Raymundo is looking to finish his collegiate basketball career as a winner.

“Sobrang importante sa akin to kasi last year ko na. So, kailangan ko ipakita na kaya ko pa rin idala sa championship yung team ko,” said Raymundo.

The scores:

San Sebastian 73 – Pascual 17, Raymundo 15, Abueva 13, del Rio 9, Sangalang 6, Maconocido 5, Semira 3, Gorospe 3, Bulawan 2, E. Gatchalian 0.

Perpetual Help 69 – Vidal 14, Sumera 13, Danganan 10, Allen 9, Ynion 8, Elopre 6, Alano 6, Arboleda 3, Kintanar 0.

Quarter scoring: 16-15, 30-34, 51-58, 73-69.

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Anton fell in love with the game of Basketball at the exact same moment he knew Michael Jordan. After playing high school ball for two UAAP seasons with the De La Salle-Zobel Junior Archers, he moved on to De La Salle University-Manila for college where he completed a degree in Applied Corporate Management. He almost ventured into a career in the corporate world but his love for the game prevailed. Anton somehow always knew, that if he didn't become "Like Mike," he would become what he is today - A Sportscaster. Covering Basketball, Volleyball and Boxing for ABS-CBN Sports is a dream come true for him. So is writing for this website. Follow Me on Twitter: @mrpurebusiness


  • M.K. says:

    Raffy Ynion is now the MISSING PIECE of the Altas’ offense, averaging 7.5 ppg in the first 2 games since his 15+ ppg output last season. He needs to step his A-game now for the Perpetual Help squad.

  • semerad twins - pogi power says:

    congrats to the golden stags for their poise in end game.

    congrats to altas for showing the blue print in beating stags.

  • kinouji24 says:

    Ang dumi pla mglaro ng baste.ayan nging champion lng cla nging gnyan na…..2 times n clang gnyan… palibhasa aminin man nla o hindi msyado kc clang kompyansa n mnnlo cla under estimating their opp……IM NOT ON THE PERPS. SIDE…pero grabe tlga…hay…nkkpanghinayang lng 1time champ gnyan n agad….ngsbi lng ako ng ttoo sorry no offensement…wla sna mpikon…

    to my school,,,jru h.bombers sna nmn ayusin po ang laro wag syangin mga supporters…go go lng wag n kcng kbhan…


  • ttttt says:

    the Altas lost against the Golden Stags. pero hindi basta basta natalo ang Perps. hirap na hirap ang Baste. kudos to the Altas for their performance. konting adjustment na lang yan. Fuego Perpetual!

  • Baste. says:

    haha.. dami nyo alam :)

  • tatlonglibras says:

    Baste is fast becoming the new age Letran Knights! Suntukan na! Gbert Bulawan is my bad boy IDOL next lang si Jimbo “Cheap Shot” Aquino! Abuebak is still Abuebak. The heart of a champion comes from a punch, elbow, kick, knee thrust, and everything on it. Baste is really tough. Astig ang mga Batang Recto-Quiapo.

  • kinouji24 says:

    BASTE TEAM…i said the TEAM HA,,but not all of em…most of the team really….tlga nmn bkit cla gnun….sakitan b ito???batang champion pa lng kau mgpkita po ng pag galang sa ibang team…..nanalo kau yes….but its not a win….tama mga announcers….IT’S AN ESCAPE…..bravo altas….

    animo to my jru h.bombers hope nung una lng kau gnyan,kya nyo yan basta wag lng mduming mglaro ok lng….mgnda nlng pkita nyo….if championship now is about underestimating at puro kyabangan wag na…grabe nging champion lng nyan na..buti si abueva d nkita ng ref nung hardfoul din ..mbuti p aus aucin nyo ugali nyo sa court…last year hangang hanga ako sa inyo pero gnyan pla kau

  • animo baste says:

    just a warm up game for you guys , we play one game at a time, bravo baste, heart thrilling victory game, anyway congratulation to coach ato agustine job well done. ANIMO BASTE.

  • animo baste says:

    and im very proud ,that the golden stags are playing all filipino, and played with pride and confidence , keep up the good work animo baste were number 1, remember no one in the history of the ncaa to win four strait title, only us ,so make history again, …………im an alumni batch 1996

  • kinouji24 says:

    even the team ccoach said there was a loos of teamwork for baste team…..they were even saying it….magaling cla….all filipinos.yes….and you are right…basketball is a physical game….but there are rules…if you know them…referees know they were intentional and not necessary moves….those some dirty moves aren’t physical only but dirty….i repeat..i do not condemn baste team….only those dirty movesthat also referees called…kya nga bawal e.kc mali.db…

    nice win baste.sna sa ssunod dna msabing escape..ampanget e

  • kinouji24 says:

    at least try to accept that some things are true….

  • Hellboy says:


    Animo Baste? I thought Bravo Baste kayo? Sige na lang ako. hehe

    Anyway, proud pa rin kaya mga to pag may foreign players sa team nila? Will they discriminate them? Di kaya kainin nila sinasabi nila pag may foreign players na sila?

    Hmmm… Abangan!



    • kinouji24 says:

      para n rin cnbing d nla kylngan mgimport for all time…isa pa…having import doesn’t mean advantage…team pdin ang gumagawa and not these imports…at least mgnda ngang wla import baste…jn cla kilala e….all filipinos…pero sna sa mgndang paraan…e halos kilala dn cla sa mga dirty moves e.sna tlga wla ng gnun….

  • why use Animo? you guys are bravo right? very poor school identity says:

    and they start to crumble… bwahahaha

    the sins of jueteng and student irregularities are now creeping up on the goldie guys

  • kinouji24 says:

    wag nmn nting sbihing normal un sa recto so rectonians are excused to do such things….mas mgnda pdin kung mbbgo ang image ng mga taga recto….sus!

  • the real ANIMO is GREEN

    not RED…..dont be GAYA GAYA…hahah.LOLx..

    share ko lang..hehhe!!!


  • ur-turn says:

    vaunted antayin mu yung UAAP dun ka magingay wag sa forum ng NCAA and pls stop pretending that your from san beda…hindi halata

    bravo baste

  • ur-turn says:

    a nonstop issue..if i where you ill be proud that NCAA have san sebastian cauze if not wala na magdadala sa NCAA in defeating UAAP teams you know why? only san sebastian continues dominating teams in the PBL even in the time of leo najorda…another thing is that san sebastian is the only school in the NCAA won the championship in the history of FILoil…. you want more? only san sebastian from ncaa won the crown in V-league that is our lady stags and many more…im not going mention all of it,,,,,but it only means that san sebastian contributes a lot for the NCAA pride..
    kase baste pagnagchampion they really prove they worth it…not only in NCAA but it any field of sports

    • kinouji24 says:

      EHEHEHE xempre in that case proud dpat….pero minsan d rin lalo n pag yung image ng ncaa nddmay….but of course mgaling tlga cla sa mgaling maipagmmlaki ng ncaa….its just that…hay.cguro nmn ALM nyo n yun they possess the championship,the talent,all of it,but in the end,it isn’t the heart that’s pure CLEAN.

  • Most Popular says:

    Ano hatol kay Bulawan sa Punching Foul?

  • bomber jack says:

    sana ngayong bago na presidente natin hindi na magkaroon ng mga rigged na referee gaya ng semis at finals last year.
    nakakasira ng basketball, nakakahiya.

  • basura says:

    nangangamoy na ang defending champs na mapalitan tsk tsk tsk! although they prove they still have the heart but perps shown that baste can be beaten even by the poorboys from laspinas.

  • red rampant says:

    I watched the entire game of the Stags against Atlas. Stags have a very intact line-up compared to a depleted Atlas. I can see an immature champion team. It is true that the Stags is fast becoming a bullish team. The players are so confident that I don’t see much the heart of a champion and sportsmanship. I hope the coaching staff can do something about this. Everyone have noticed it, even sports commentators. Specially Abueva who makes cazy childish reactions after scoring the ball… What a shame…

  • red rampant says:

    “¡Ánimo San Beda!”

    One of the more popular line in the traditional Bedan cheers is “¡Ánimo San Beda!”. [13]

    Bedans use ¡Ánimo! to mean COURAGE in their cheers. When Bedans yell “¡Ánimo San Beda!” they actually mean “Courage San Beda!/Have Courage San Beda!”, faithful to the Spanish idiomatic usage of the word.[2] [14].[15] ¡Ánimo! is a Spanish word which means spirit, energy, vitality, purpose and will. Used as an expression of encouragement by Spanish speaking societies, it means courage or have courage. “Avance San Beda!” and “Vamos!” were also popular then. In the pre-war Spanish San Beda cheer (also known as El Colegio de San Beda Tiene que Ganar!), “¡Ánimo!” is also included.[14] [13] Even in the traditional English cheer, “Stand on the Grandstand”, “¡Ánimo!” is extensively used. It is a shared belief among Bedans that the popular line “Animo ________, Beat _________” used by other schools as a stand alone cheer, originated from the 1950s Bedan Cheer Stand on the Grandstand”.[2]

    The most recent cheer which incorporates “¡Ánimo San Beda!” is the 1970s SBCA. Said cheer was adopted in the 1970s to pay tribute to the new addition to the Benedictine community, the Benedictine Abbey School – San Beda Alabang
    This has been popularly used in the early 60′s when the great Caloy Loyzaga was playing for the San Beda red Lions. Correction, La Salle was not the first school to use this!

    • pecheneg says:

      In 1965 as i recall kami lang ang sumisigaw ng Animo San Beda, beat **** (kung sino man ang kalaban) at tulad ng sabi ni red rampant, sa dulo ito ng

      Stand on the Grandstand
      Beat on the tin can
      Who can?
      We can!
      Nobody else can!
      Animo San Beda
      Beat ****!!!!

      Unfortunately the delivery today is at least a beat and a half slower than the original. Ganun din ang nangyari sa Ateneo (Halikinu!) at La Salle (L-A-S-A-L-L-E) puros bumagal ang bigkas. Dati mabilis at maangas. Ngayon mabagal na parang natatakot mabulol. Eniwey, yun ang istorya

  • Hellboy says:


    Pati ako naguluhan e. Anyway atleast mabilis naman ako pumick-up (nung sinasabi niya).


    Vamos San Beda!

  • i for one condone dirty tactics…baste, mga tol, a win is a win but keep it clean….and to the detractors, hinay sure there are sanctions, either by the school or mancom. and by the way, let us stick to basketball issues. each school has its integrity. its still early in the season, a lot more things can happen. Baste has shown its chink in the armor, beda has a dominating start, letran will always be dangerous, and jru will always be…err comment.

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  • oh no... says:

    and this person represent San Sebastian? enough said…

  • semerad twins - pogi power says:

    very classy

  • kinouji24 says:

    oo nga e.un n nga…taga baste xa at least sna maaus mgsalita d2….wala po magmmura d2….

  • Stealth Bomber says:

    Sa JRU at MIT pa lang yari na ang NCAA Chumps!

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