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Another shock: Green Archers shoot down Blue Eagles

Saturday, 24 April 2010 5,020 Views / 158 Comments

After trailing most of the way, the De La Salle Green Archers surprised the UAAP defending champions with a heart stopping, 77-74, victory at the 2010 FilOil Flying V Tanduay First Five Invitational Cup held at the Arena in San Juan City last April 24.

In the firstst quarter with less than three minutes left, Gab Banal gave the Green Archers the lead, 15-13, after a Kirk Long 3-pointer from the left wing. Nico Salva, Ryan Buenafe and Juami Tiongson collaborated for a 7-point surge to finish the period on top by 4, 22-18.

Jarelan Tampus, Almond Vosotros and Joshua Webb ignited a 5-0 run at the start of the 2nd quarter to reduce their deficit to just 1-point, 27-28 with 7:40 minutes to play in the 1st half. But Jason Escueta, Nico Salva and Buenafe kept the De La Salle crew of Yutien Andrada, Vosotros, Luigi dela Paz at bay for the time being to close the 1st half with a, 42-38, lead going into the 2nd half.

After a 61-55 lead by Ateneo in the 3rd Quarter, Vosotros, Joseph Marata, and de La Paz went to work as the Green Archers tied the ball game at 70-all with under 3 minutes to play in the 4th quarter with Escueta out of the picture due to foul trouble.

With less than a minute remaining in regulation, in a loose ball possession involving Salamat and Ferdinand, the latter was slapped with a personal foul while the former was given an unsportsmanlike foul for kicking Ferdinand at the groin area. Both were awarded free throws and the ball game was again tied at 72-all.

Ferdinand, Marata and Vosotros combined for 5 points all from the charity stripe to seal the ball game for De La Salle. Krik Long had a chance to put the game into overtime after being fouled in the act of shooting from the 3-point area.

The scores:

DLSU 77 – Vosotros 13, Webb 12, dela Paz 11, Ferdinand 11, Marata 7, Andrada 6, Tampus 5, Atkins 4, Banal 4, Mendoza 2, Villanueva 2, Elorde 0, Paredes 0.

Ateneo 74 – Buenafe 14, Salva 13, Escueta 11, Long 9, Salamat 9, Tiongson 7, Monfort 6, Burke 4, Golla 1, Austria 0, Chua 0, de Chavez 0, Gonzaga 0.

Quarter scores: 18-22, 38-42, 55-61, 77-74.

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Mike is a former NCAA Game analyst under Studio 23. He was also a former Game Analyst for the 2005 Collegiate Champions League (CCL), 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championships (PCC), 2005 and 2006 National Basketball Conference (NBC) and 2005 Global Destiny Basketball League (GBDL). Started writing about College Basketball with Follow me on Twitter: michaelabasolo


  • super glue says:

    nice one! animo la salle.

  • San Mateo Laker says:

    No Shame in losing. Magandang pagkatalo ito. Nakakainis lang, ang composure na ipinagmamalaki ng Ateneo, nanduon, wala nga lang kay Erik Salamat. But it’s okay. Lose now than later.

    Go Ateneo!! One Big Fight!!

    Lupit nung dunk ni Ferdinand.

  • belthazor says:

    patalo si salamat eh.

  • super glue says:

    malupit nga yung dunk, talo naman. hehe

    better luck next time.


  • San Mateo Laker says:

    Kumusta na kata si Atayde ngayun? No shadow of a doubt, he’s super happy.
    Man, I miss that retard.

  • finally the saviour of dlsu men’s team had arrived. thanks again to the staglets.

  • San Mateo Laker says:

    Oh, I almost forgot! The Archer’s cheer and beats, that “Shoot That Ball”, sounds just like the San Beda Red Lions’ Indian Yell cheer! You know?

    Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam-bam Bam! Bam! Bam!

    Oh well, just noticed. That’s all.

  • lovely says:

    Wow grabe tong game ng ateneo at la salle! kinakabahan talaga ako lalo na sa la salle, unpredictable kasi sila.. hindi masisiguro na laging maganda yung gagawin nila sa loob ng court ehh, galing rin ng ateneo! woooh! nice game..

  • Bilib kay Vosotros says:

    Galing ni Vosotros. Even though I’m from the blue side, I actually think the Archers deserved their win awhile ago. The La Salle rookies have a lot of potential. Good job, La Salle!

  • Green and white fan says:

    oo nga nakakakaba yung la salle, akala ko nga matatalo sila sa ateneo. Buti na lang matitino yung rookies! haha!!!Go archers!

  • Galing ni Vosotros says:

    @super glue

    malupit nga yung dunk, talo naman. hehe -> di ba si Ferdinand yung nagdunk? :))

  • Green and white fan says:

    hahahaha!!!oo nga naman. Si Ferdinand yung nagdunk!aztig talaga!Go archers!

  • Precious says:

    Anyone noticed Ferdinand looks like Josh Hartnett?

    Anyone noticed Ferdinand looks like Josh Hartnett?

  • sleeper says:

    Ferdinand looks like Jos Hartnett? How about this: Like I said in the other thread Ferdinand and Salva look more like each other.

    DlSU rookies look impressive this year. Not like lasy year’s dud, RV Bringas.

    I like Escueta, Hindi pikon kahit na pinalakol ni Ferdinand. Ang laki ng bukol sa noo pero patawa tawa lang. Except for Big Boy Escueta sino pa ba ang magaling na rookie ng AdMU?

  • WEST says:

    the hot seats for the upcoming uaap season is only this three teams. ADMU, UE & FEU.

  • RED RAMPANT says:

    All i can say is that sanbeda,ateneo,u.p and is already have a 1 loss and dlsu 2 losses. it means to say that, here in fil-oil anything can happens..
    my fearless forecast here in the inboundpass is that
    sanbeda will win its fil-oil 2010…
    My final Four in uaap

    dlsu will not be in the final four this upcoming uaap.

    in NCAA

    SAn sebastian

    my thoughts here is an opinion only based on the games and recuitment…


  • llh says:


    Excuse me… fearless Mr. forecaster…\

    isa pa lang talo ng DLSU hahaha :)

    fearless forecast k pa… eh di mo nga alam ang kasalukuyang nangyayari sa liga…. hahahaha!


  • bitter says:

    @red rampant : FYI, 1 loss pa lang ang DLSU (against UP)

    Make all the forecasts you want. The fact still remains, DLSU defeated ADMU in today’s game.

  • benny from dlsu says:

    red rampant, i think youre mistaken. lasalle too has only lost once, not twice.

    btw nice seeing lasalle with the W against ateneo. vosotros is a player to watch out for.. and so is UP’s saret and silungan.


  • Precious says:

    Hey Bedan, out of place, are you?

  • llh says:

    @benny from dlsu

    Don’t forget Tampus and Dela Paz :)

  • benny from dlsu says:

    @ llh

    yes youre right brother, Dela Paz is right there with them. but i think Tampus is a bit more raw. though he’s good, sugod ng sugod masyado yung bata. i think he’ll be like a more controlled version of joshua webb in the coming years ^^

  • Precious says:

    I just found out a very interesting fact!!
    The past two years the Green Archers have beaten the Blue Eagles in the Fil Oil Tournament, then the Blue Eagles sweep the Archers in the UAAP.
    Today, again the Archers defeated the Eagles.

  • llh says:


    I’ll also give u an interesting fact…

    A win is a win…

  • Rein says:


    Well, that’s true and that’s interesting. But who knows if that will hold true this yr? The past two yrs, they were under Franz. This year they are under Dindo. We’ll see come UAAP time. Hehe.

  • astroboy says:

    hahaha red rampant what a nice fearless forecast w/out a basis. . .magmamayabang na lang hindi pa sinisiguro tsk tsk tsk. . . pagpula talaga ang yabang puro hangin!

  • The Wanderer says:

    Nice win for the Archers. Based from the post-match analysis I’ve read, it seems to me that Ferdinand is finally starting to play like a player, and not like a statue. Hope to see more from him and the other Archers next season.


  • San Mateo Laker says:

    @ Precious,
    Yes, interesting fact indeed. Something to watch out for. I remember the first one, Ryan Buenafe’s first Ateneo – La Salle. I remember his courage, with the score tied even just seconds to go, he bravely drove to the basket, was fouled but no call. Oo Talo Ateneo dun. And the game was shown I remember at Solar Sports.
    Iyung next year, alam ko talo din, pero hindi pinalabas nang kahit sinong istasyon.

  • si vosotros lang! says:

    more playing time for almond means more chance of la salle winning. this guy is clutch and a leader. walang kakaba kaba..

  • hahaha talaga naman kahit wala silang kaugnayan sa thread na ito. basta makisawsaw lang para mapansin, ayus post mo red rampant. ikaw lang natuwa. ugaling ugali nyo yan ang makisawsaw at mangullo sa mga column na di kayo kasali. ay oo nga pala kayo pala ka rival ng ateneo. nyahahaha!

  • kyano says:

    ahmm… magaling ang coach ng DLSU… eto ata sinabi nya “ang panget ng ginawa natin kanina pero kalimutan nyo na yun, we can win this game”.. ganyan ang coach, may tiwala sa mga players nya kahit baguhan..

    wow congrats kay Coach PUMAREN :)

  • totoge says:

    Sabi na eh, hindi ito magiging walk in the park para sa Ateneo as some people thought. Nabawasan na kasi yung gap sa talent level between these two teams. Rabeh made the other 4 players open to shoot and the guards can be more agressive with Baclao patroling the inside. Ang laking bagay yung nawala sa frontline nila.

  • red guard says:

    @ astroboy

    Red Rampart said it, its his opinion..what’s the problem?..

    he didnt diss anyone..he didnt bash anyone..

    “onion skin” or balat sebuyas ang tawag dyan

  • llh says:

    @red guard

    the problem is… OPINION WITH BASIS DAW….

    eh mali naman…

    sabi niyha 2 na talo ng DLSU eh isa pa lang nmn eh… cguro ibang tournament sinasabi niya…


  • red guard says:


    baka naman honest mistake on his part..dont think he’s dissing..

    Nice to see the zobel boys (webb,atkins,dela paz,elorde) giving their all for their alma mater..a lot of heart..all homegrown..

  • gunggong says:

    It was a good game. Buti na lang preseason pa! hehe.
    At least there was one bright spot: Buenafe is finally showing up his expectation.

  • astroboy says:

    @red guard: ok lang magyabang kung may basis ka for your argument however but in without a proof iba na yun nagmamayabang na puro hangin na yun. And honest mistake duh if you want to make a fearless forecast you should know your figures and have a sense of historical basis!!!

  • astroboy says:

    typo butt in


    SALAMAT, BUENAFE, LEE, REYES, BRINGAS, VOSOTROS, ANDRADA, DEL RIO, ORTUSTE!!! 4-PEAT S NCAA JUNIORS… GRABE TALAGA!!! ANG BALASIK!!! my mga bagong talento n nman kaya makukuha c coach raymond valenzona dis coming season???

  • VOSOTROS!!! says:

    c vosotros scorer tlga yan… katulad din yan ni erik salamat, paul lee at ryan buenafe… if he wants to score, he will score. taking matter into he’s own hands.

  • bringas says:

    i bet hindi sineryoso ng taeneo ang game.. face it people, lasal-sal is weak and taeneo took them lightly and they paid for it.. i guess it won;t be happening a second time. balato na yan sa cheaters.

  • ANIMO-SITY says:

    Lupet ng mga rookies ng DLSU ngayon!
    And the good thing is that the veterans are taking the leadership roles, unlike last year..Good combination..
    C Ferdinand
    F Andrada
    F Webb
    G Dela Paz
    G Atkins

    6 Villanueva
    7 Marata
    8 Banal
    9 VosOtros
    10 Tampus
    11 Elorde
    12 Paredes

    This is my final 12!

  • llh says:

    @ bringas

    uu nga hindi nga sineseryoso ng Ateneo eh…

    Kaya pala pikon na pikon si salamat hahaha…

  • @ue reds

    basta mga banat squater bedista yan. alam naman natin mahilig silang magsisigaw ng ganyan sa laro kahit tabi nila estero. hoy wag mong idamay ue.

  • ANIMO-SITY says:

    what a stare!
    Ferdinand dunks over salva and then the emphatic stare! ganyan dpat lagi c ferdinand…that’s the la salle spirit!

  • Red Lion says:

    hate to admit pero mali talaga si Red Rampant. They are right na kung magbibigay ng fearless forecast, you need to know all the infos needed. Tsaka yung english niya mali-mali.

    @ Red Guard
    we really don’t know kung typo lang talaga o hindi, at least you defend your fellow bedan (kung bedan talaga siya). You are right, he didnt bash anyone, talagang mali lang so its ok.

    For all the Bedans, this is a thread for UAAP games, so it is just right na about UAAP ang topic na ipopost niyo, kung talagang interested naman din kayo sa league nila. Hindi naman bawal yun e, ang masama ay yung magpopost kayo ng about NCAA o mga walang kwentang bagay o puro kayabangan lang pero so far wala naman. Ok?


  • pusongbaste says:

    mga pirata lang players ng dlsu at admu. puro galing sa juniors namin mga star players ng uaap. palibhasa hindi nila kaya mag produce ng home grown talent. sila buenafe,bringas,andrada,vosotros,salamat sa baste galing lahat!! pwera pa yung ibang schools. baste is the best when it comes to basketball!!!! barvo!

  • pAPA P. says:

    if La salle wants to continue winning, ang gawin nilang main guard ay si vosotros…obviously, mas magaling ang play making nya more than of atkins na puro porma lang…thats a fact!!!! adamson fight!!!

  • llh says:


    Kasalanan ba ng DLSU at ADMU na lumilipat players niyo sa kanila? Ang kailangan niyong gawin ay umisip ng paraan kung paano mahahadlangan ang paglipat nila…

    These two school are just using their advantages for their own benefits… ano kaya ung gma un?

    - quality of education?
    - support of the alumni?
    - good basketball program?

    And excuse me; DLSU has several homegrown players in their current rooster… the likes of

    Dela Paz
    *Van Opstal

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