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Chongson named new UE coach

Wednesday, 14 January 2009 5,009 Views / 130 Comments

THE UNIVERSITY of the East has formally announced the appointment of Lawrence Chongson as the head coach of its men’s basketball team for UAAP Season 72.

A De La Salle alumnus just like his predecessor, Dindo Pumaren, Chongson takes over a program that last won a UAAP title in 1985, when the Red Warriors defeated University of Santo Tomas to clinch its 18th league championship.

Chongson’s appointment, however, is not without controversy. Reliable sources affiliated with UE told that ex-UE stalwart Jerry Codiñera, a vital cog on the Warriors’ last title team along with Allan Caidic, among others, was the original choice by way of a verbal agreement as early as December, 2008.

In a written correspondence with, one of the sources said that Chongson’s hiring resulted in the resignation of a key member of the team’s management. The said member, according to the insider, personally “chose Jerry Codiñera” to take the coaching helm.

This is Chongson’s first collegiate head coaching stint. He succeeds Pumaren, who sported a 49-27 win-loss record in five years as mentor of the Recto outfit.

Chongson is currently the head coach of the Bacchus Energy Drink Raiders of the Philippine Basketball League – a team that sports seven cagers who’ve played at least one season for UE. The squad is owned by Bong Tan, son of UE owner Lucio. Incidentally, the younger Tan is also the team manager of the Red Warriors.

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  • labolala says:

    nice, andaming bagong coaches.

  • Charlie says:

    controversy so early in the year…can’t please everybody talaga…good luck to coach chongson!

  • F. Lim says:

    UE hindi ba kayo kukuha ng galing sa inyo. Paano kayo mag cha-champion nyan??? Patay nanaman kayo nyan sa La Salle! Gising!!!

  • Atom Tambalot says:

    Chongson? naku sana lang huwag maging katulad ng systema nung kina Lito Esguerra, na malakas sa una, pagdating sa huli kinakapos.

    Ang akin, choice ko si “Tito Varela” kasi he’s good in developing players, and he become a referee sa pros & amateur din dati. Masmagaling si Tito Varela, UE graduate pa, kaysa kay Chongson, sus mukhang hairstylist ni Ricky Reyes…

  • paraluseka says:

    bat di na lang si caidic ang kunin ng UE…

  • kobe_24 says:

    totoo po bang masasama si dindo pumaren sa coaching staff ng red lions next year?

  • jj says:

    dapat tlaga taga UE kinuha nila, anu b naman yan!!!!

  • punite says:

    season 72 final 4 NU,ADAMSON, FEU, UST

  • punite says:

    puro na lang ATENEO, LA SALLE kaya ang yayabang nitong mga to eh… lalaos na kyo ateneo academics na lang pagtuunan nyo, sa mga tga la salle makisawsaw na lang kyo lagi kse madaming la salle eh mga feeling…

  • turd says:

    it’s been a while since i lasted posted here and it still hasn’t changed much. there are still retards roaming the earth who end up here at inboundpass such as punite. anyway, chongson is not a bad coach, though personally, i would have preferred codinera over him because he has some experience with collegiate basketball. oh well, i guess their management has its own reasons. good luck to them. they’ll need it.

  • Atom Tambalot says:

    Huwag niyo isisi sa La Salle yung bintang kung bakit hind taga UE yung kinuha nilang coach, Utos yan ni Bong Tan, Anak ni Lucio Tan na nagmamay-ari ng UE ngaun. Siya ang sisihin niyo kasi parang wala lang kasi ang basketball sa kanya, kung sinu-sinu nalang ang kinukuha nila kaya walang asenso. Sabi ko nga kung students lang ang masusunod, sigurado hindi si Chongson ang Head Coach ng UE.

    Suggest ko si Tito Varela or Allan Caidic. Puwede din si Jaworski or Jolly Escobar, na talagang “TRUE BLOODED RED WARRIORS” mga yan.

    Pang-ricky reyes yan si Chongson, ayaw ko diyan.Dapat magparlorista siya.

  • DLSU says:

    ahhaah ano ba naman yan may mga taong sadyang insecure talaga.

  • bulalakaw says:


    kahit ano pang gawin ng san beda…

    Without ekwe Sa’n Beda?

  • Ebak says:

    hmmm…. didn’t think that would “sanitize” its comments section by deleting my post…that was surely a surprise!

    The only other posts I knew that were deleted in were the utterly offensive ones in Tony Atayde’s column where the person who posted wrote comments like “sana mamatay ka na” or words to that effect refering to Mac Baracael after the shooting incident. Compared to that post, however, mine was not as offensive…

    Maybe it was the contents of my post countering what punite wrote saying, “ang yayabang nitong mga to eh” in reference to atenistas and lasalistas just because of the fact that it has always been ateneo and la salle, in the popularity of the rivalry, the final four, and even the championship. As punite put it, “puro na lang ateneo, la salle…”

    I believe my comments were words to the effect of: bakit inggit ka? daring him to enroll in these schools if he wants a taste of what it’s like to be there at the top…I did say something like go ahead and die of envy if you can’t enroll because of financial and intellectual limitations. Guess it sounds more rude when saying it in the katutubong salita…

    Were my words offensive? Yes! But then so were punite’s in saying “ang yayabang nitong mga to eh” Wonder why that post didn’t get deleted…

    Maybe it was the handle? But what about “turd”, which also means tae or ebak or shit?


  • kobe_24 says:

    @bulalakaw, kung taga letran ka, kawawa ka naman…

  • kobe_24 says:

    with or without ekwe, san letran?

  • Freud says:


    we’re talking about UE’s new coach here, not about who’s on top or who’s not. those comments that you posted are illogical, rude, and non sense. Its not of a student from the top schools you are referring to.

    I thought UE’s basketball management would choose a UE alumni, especially a former red warrior to become their team’s tactician. Due to this decision, controversies will probably never leave this pack, especially if DLSU Archers defeat UE Red Warriors.

    But basketball is not only strategized by one coach, he has a coaching staff and I hope mga taga UE naman yun. Para pag natalo sila ng Lasalle la reklamo.

    Well that’s only an humble suggestion. Good luck to all teams! NU daw darkhorse ngayong upcoming season amp!

  • Ebak says:

    To Site Admins (have to address this post specifically to avoid others like Freud from butting in),

    I would like t express disappointment at the deletion of my post. As I had argued, although there was a tinge of rudeness to it, I believe it was not offensive to a degree that warranted deletion.

    In cases like this, I get to admire The Green Mind, Mr. Tony Atayde, in whose columns the original BerdengEbak would post frank and very rudely written tirades against Mr. Atayde. A lot of readers then would urge Mr. Atayde to delete the posts and ban BerdengEbak, but this has never happened because Mr. Atayde had chosen to respect the views of that rude writer and not be affected by them.

    The line was drawn by Mr. Atayde when offensive remarks to the effect of “wishing death” for a player who had just been shot (Mac Baracael incident) were deleted—rightfully so, since there is nowhere in any forum that this should be encouraged.

    When I first saw this site, I was dismayed at how comments from readers some intelligent and some not, would digress from the original BASKETBALL topic found in the column to school bashing and other totally unrelated things.

    As time went on I had learned to “chill out” a bit and just enjoy the amusing, albeit rude, posts, without taking them too seriously. This I think is the beauty of and the reason why there have been so many readers attracted to the site. Apart from the interesting columns and articles on college hoops in the Philippines, it has become a venue wherein people can express their comments, no matter what they are.

    So site admins, why the deletion?

  • bulalakaw says:

    wow kobe,

    i didn’t know that i hit a sensitive nerve there. well since you’re asking me a question here’s my answer:

    without ekwe:

    letran: 16 championships
    san beda: 28 years straight drought

  • kobe_24 says:

    pana panahon nga lang, malas nyo, talunan letran… nawala sa finals bigla.. tsk tsk tsk..

  • kobe_24 says:

    mas maganda ang video na ito

    pahiya letran nung may nagtaas ng banner na without ekwe… hehe… talunan talga.. wala pa din kayo pag asa next season….

  • kobe_24 says:

    partida hindi naglaro si ekwe sa video na yan…. hehe.. talunan talga letran..

  • Synergy07 says:

    another new coach for a j*logs school tsktsktsk

  • bulalakaw says:


    without ekwe, Sa’n Beda?

    we will know next season. doon pa lang magkakaalamanan

  • bulalakaw says:

    magsasabi ka ng “partida hindi naglaro si ekwe” tapos pag pinuna naman ang impact ni ekwe sa karamihan ng panalo niyo nagagalit kayo. aminin na kasi eh

    “without ekwe, sa’n beda?”

  • albert says:

    hoy mga La sallista yabang nyo wla kau katiting ng UE 18 championship na ang UE ung La salle 7 Pa lng mahiya kau

  • albert says:

    May Tatlong nag Debate taga UST,FEU@UE

    Sabi ng Taga UST sa UE; School nyo Canteen lng yan sa amin.

    Sabi naman ng taga FEU sa UE ; school nyo GYM lng yan sa amin

    Sumagot naman taga UE; TOPNOTCHER nyo sa BOARD EXAM
    BOARD PASSER lng yan sa amin

  • Synergy07 says:

    if u want to be a social climber go to UE

  • pepe_79 says:

    kulang ka talaga sa pag-iisip. La Salle joined the UAAP in the mid 80s naka 8 championsips na and you’re comparing them to UE na kasali na panahon pa ni mahoma w/ 16???

  • kobe_24 says:

    @bulalakaw tanggapin mo nalang kasi na talunan letran… siguradong mabigat pa din loob mo sa pagiging talunan ng team nyo…. hehe at hindi pa kayo umabot sa finals…. tsk tsk… jru lang ang tumalo sa inyo… at huwag mo ng ipilit na ipasok ang school nyo sa mga usapan dito,mas mabuti pang makipag usap sa mga taga jru kesa sa mga talunan na katulad nyo… hindi na kasi pinag uusapan school nyo kasi TALUNAN… hehe..

  • kobe_24 says:

    sobrang tagal na yang pagrereklamo nyo tungkol kay ekwe,,, hehe.. puro excuse kayo sa pagiging talunan nyo.. wala kasi kwenta team nyo.. sisihin mo team nyo kung bakit kayo nagiging talunan… dapat sisihin mo din jru at may einji sila kaya hindi kayo nakapasok last season sa finals… hhehe.. magbago ka naman ng linya, puro ka reklamo kay ekwe kaya halata ang pagiging talunan nyo…

  • bulalakaw says:


    tanggapin na kasi na nanalo kayo DAHIL LANG KAY EKWE. nung wala si ekwe KAYO ANG TUNAY NA TALUNAN. Hahaha
    28 years ba naman? NAKAKHIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    huwag mo ng isama ang eskwela mo dito!!! kailangan pang mag-import para manalo.

  • bulalakaw says:


    tanggap namin ang talo namin sa jru kasi si enjei hindi namansiya nagapaptakbo ng team. talo kami dahil sa mha pinoy na jru players. without enjei papasok pa rin sila sa finals.
    kayo? tanggalin niyo si ekwe? baka perpetual lang hindi niyo pa matalo.

    talunan ka ng talunan hindi mo naman madepensahan ang points ko. isa kang tunay na LOSER!!!

  • bulalakaw says:

    according to kobe

    “wala kasi kwenta team nyo.. sisihin mo team nyo kung bakit kayo nagiging talunan…”

    ok let’s review just the recent past about Letran…

    1979 Letran – NCAA champions
    1982 Letran – NCAA champions
    1983 Letran – NCAA champions
    1984 Letran – NCAA champions
    1986 Letran – NCAA champions
    1992 Letran – NCAA champions
    1998 Letran – NCAA champions
    1999 Letran – NCAA champions
    2003 Letran – NCAA champions
    2005 Letran – NCAA champions

    during all these time,
    San Beda’s championships – ZERO !!!!

    talunan kamo?

  • tagamasid says:

    @ bulalakaw and kobe… easy lang mga kapatid. hintayin nalang muna naten ang magsimula uli ang NCAA season.

  • UAAP/NCAA_the best says:

    Update mga NCAA Fanatics: San Sebastian defeat San Beda last week at the Fathers Martins Cup…

  • JARYU says:

    @ UAAP/NCAA_the best

    yup tinalo ng baste ang SBC team behold sa ongoing Fr. martin’s cup. at si “atom bomb” Agustin ang nag coach sa kanila. meron din mga bagong players ang Stags. sana maganda ang laruin ng stags this coming NCAA season.

  • UAAP/NCAA_the best says:


    Mukhang ganun na nga.. Mukhang magiging maganda ulit ang labanan sa NCAA league. Mukhang magkakaroon na naman ng final 5! Letran, Baste, Beda, JRU, & Mapua!! Goodluck to all! :)

  • kobe_24 says:


  • letran says:

    kawawa letran, biglang laos

  • king cardinal says:

    kung maglalaro nga c CHRIS TIU for happee sa do or die game against pharex, ma22pad na ung pnapangarap na match up ng mga tga NCAA..bangis sa bangis, tapang sa tapang,gwapo sa gwapo..CHRIS TIU vs KOJACK MELEGRITO..yari ka tiu ky kojack..hehehe

  • bulalakaw says:

    kobe said…”walang may pakiilam kung ilan championship nyo… hindi naman paramihan ng trophy ang labanan…”

    eh ano ang labanan? hirap sa mga beda hindi marunong tumingin sa nakaraan. (talunan) palibhasa karamihan mga bandwagon fans lang. (talunan) ng sumipot si ekwe naging fans na! (talunan talaga) akala nila noong nagchampion sila habang buhay na silang champion! (talunan naman) uulitin ko…panapanahon iyan.

    umpisa na ang pagbagsak…talo sa letran sa PCCL, talo sa baste sa Fr. Martin’s cup … tsk tsk tsk

    tunay na talunan ang san beda MULI!!!

  • Intramuros Dominants says:

    Hmmm….. mukhang iba ang nararamdaman ko sa darating

    na NCAA!. Muling mabubuhay ang LETRAN-BASTE rivalry.

    Namiss ko ang rivalry na to dati, ang daming

    basagan ng kotse sa parking lot, ang crowd todo asaran


  • Christian Soler says:

    I know this discussion isn’t relevant to the topic, but I wanna join in and actually agree with bulalakaw. People have to stop dissin’ other people on how bad their teams are.

    If you love your school, shout it out loud! But don’t talk trash about other schools.

  • i_am_rizal says:

    i hope that all the teams in both NCAA and UAAP will be more competitive next season especially those teams that are not strong enough on the last season of NCAA and UAAP(NU,UP,AdU,PERPS,CSB). And also goodluck to all the new coaches.

    Kudos to San Sebastian Stags! keep it up!

  • onepiec says:

    kawawa naman letran..

  • onepiec says:

    bulalakaw, wala ka na bang ibang excuse sa pagkatalo ng letran? puro si ekwe ekwe ekwe.. puro may may record pa ng mga nakarraan nilalagay. hahah.nakita ko na yan sa mga comment sa youtube na nilalagay ng mga taga letran. magbago ka nama ng tono.

  • kobe_24 says:

    aaminin ko na. kaya kami nanalo dahil lang kay ekwe otherwise siguro 31 years na kaming nahihintay pa rin.

    2006 he was MVP and rookie of the year
    2008 MVP
    2007 MVP sana kung hindi lang niya sinipa iyong isang player!

    bulalakaw, aaminin ko na.

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