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Pumaren ends five-year coaching tenure at UE

Tuesday, 2 December 2008 4,519 Views / 97 Comments

UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST head coach Dindo Pumaren has resigned from his post after five years at the helm.

According to reliable insiders, Pumaren made his resignation official after his squad’s 75-72 loss to the De La Salle Green Archers in the quarterfinals of the Philippine Collegiate Championship last Sunday, November 30. Sources close to the coach said he was “disappointed” not to have given the UE community a championship despite leading them to a Final Four appearance in each of his five seasons in charge.

The same insiders, however, could not confirm if the school’s management has accepted Pumaren’s resignation. They also said that candidates in the running to take the UE job include alumni Allan Caidic and Jerry Codiñera, as well as Lawrence Chongson, current head coach of Bacchus Energy in the Philippine Basketball League, which is incidentally managed by UE’s top brass.

Pumaren, the younger brother of De La Salle mentor Franz, compiled a 49-27 win-loss record in the UAAP, or a winning percentage of .645. The highlight of his coaching career – and perhaps lowlight – came in 2007, when he steered the Red Warriors to a 14-game, elimination round sweep of the UAAP, which was followed by a two-game championship round exit care of DLSU.

Along the way, Pumaren has helped produce top-caliber and future professional basketball players in KG Canaleta, Paolo Hubalde, RJ Masbang, Mark Borboran, Bon-Bon Custodio and Kelvin Gregorio, while molding the careers and playing styles of Marcy Arellano, Elmer Espiritu, James Martinez and Hans Thiele, among others.

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When you meet Chris, chances are you'll assume he wants to be a rock star. He's completed his Master's Degree in Population Studies, and was a game analyst for ABS-CBN's coverage of the PCCL, FilOil Preseason Invitational Cup and NCAA Seasons 85 and 86. Once an opinion editor for a nationally circulated broadsheet, he presently calls games in NCAA Season 87.


  • GL17 says:

    Dapat gayahin din ni Coach Boy Cabahug ng UV Green Lancers si Dindo, outside of CeSAFI coach Boy could’nt win a championship for the school.

    Anong tingin nyo sir Eddie Gullas?

  • bywee says:

    i think, if it wasnt dindo they wouldnt have that intimidation of which in every season you would know they are part of the final four teams.

    guess they just lost it after that 14 game sweep and just to lose at the championship, you would see they arent the same team as they were before.

    but he did a damn good job for me.

  • GL17 says:

    Dapat gayahin din ni Coach Boy Cabahug ng UV Green
    Lancers si Dindo, kasi outside from CeSAFI Coach Boy failed to steer UV to the championship (PCCL, NSBC, etc.) for 8 years on the helm.

    What do you think Sir (Rep) Gullas?

  • ue says:

    di nya kaylangan mag resign kc natalo dapat ipakita nya pa na kaya nya ipag champion ang ue red warriors.dala lng ng emotion siguro yun.gud luck sa next season ue red warriors.

  • justice says:

    kunin nalang dapat ng san beda si dindo…alumni siya ng and player siya ng san beda before…

  • justice says:

    kunin nalang dapat ng san beda si dindo…alumni siya and player siya ng san beda before…

  • tagamasid says:

    @ justice

    hindi maganda kung kukunin ng San Beda si Coach Dindo. mas mabuti pa siguro kung sa DLSU nalang siya tutal sabi rin naman niya ” everything that I know about basketball, I learned it in La Salle”.
    wala ka palang natutunan kay Coach badolato ng red cubs dindo?

  • Sabotahe says:

    I still believe Coach Dindo is one of the Best tactician ever to head a collegiate team.
    hmmm tama nga nman ang ibang mga post dito bakit di n lang gayahin ni Vanguardia ung ginawa ni Pumaren, ang pangit ng laro ng JRU ng andun siya, nung na double Technical at pinalayas siya nung game vs FEU saka gumanda ang laro ng JRU =)
    Samahan narin ni Dandan ng NU, at ung mga wala nmang kwentang mga coaches dapat sa sarili magsimula ang daming magagaling na pede pumalit!

  • ILoveBasketball says:

    Well, he had five chances. It’s time to move on and give others a chance.

  • jj says:

    so sad that coach dindo left the team, he’s one of the better coaches that handled UE, pero i hope UE alumni ung kunin nilang kapalit, para my school spirit pa din, kc c coach dindo mmy pusong DLSU pa dn yan eh, i hope its coach allan caidic, 4 me he is the best pick.. or c big j..

  • Observer says:

    So where’s he heading to? La Salle or San Beda?

  • Ariel BOMBguardia says:

    sa JRU na lang siya. madami kaming mapapakain sa kanyang HOPIA. ang cute nya e. taba taba

  • nicksy says:

    last year there are rumors that coach dindo will be leaving UE due to a disappointing campaign in the UAAP season, and he will be going to San Beda, but it did not materialize, but now it seem going to be true after all, but i don’t think he will be heading to San Beda, specially when he mentioned that ” everything that I know about basketball, I learned it in La Salle” a few months ago, RP Youth team maybe? NU? DLSU? other NCAA teams besides San Beda? but can’t discount San Beda, after all he is an alumnus of San Beda.

    But i prefer him as the RP youth team coach.

  • nikolai says:

    gnayan tlga ang buhay…
    well kung tinanggap ng ue ung resignation letter ni coach dindo…. ay tlagang it’s gonna be a new ue red wariiors we will see in the upcoming uaap season.

    maraming changes na magaganap….
    new system for the red warriors for sure…

    kaya nmn ng ue ehh kaso nga lng madali ma break ung confidence nila… kaya kaht ganun saludo ako kay coach dindo… i’ll support the red warriors all the way…

  • nikolai says:


    remember talo ang USTE sa UE

  • Grrr! says:

    It was a good run for Dindo but the basketball gods were against him. In 2006, UE had its first legitimate shot at the title under Dindo, but the warriors succumbed to the Tigers because of BonBon’s questionable actutaions. The guy was not allowed to suit up during the critical game with UST. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and BonBon will be suspect forever in my mind. In 2007, people blamed Dindo for the Finals collapse. His players choked in the finals as the first game loss took the sting out of them. Naubusan na sila but unfortunately, Dindo was accused of being more green than red.

    He should coach CSB in the NC especially now that La Salle is looking seriously to play. If Abanilla does not make the Blazers a contender, Dindo should ride CSB’s bench in the future.

  • bball fan says:

    Even though he didn’t in a title in UE, he made a good account of himself with his string of final four runs and a finals appearance and surely there will be clubs / schools who will obtain his services. San Beda wouldn’t likely get him as the current head coach Frankie has surely earned his place by winning back to back NCAA titles. CSB should be a good prospect unless they are still happy with Gee Abanilla’s performance

  • john i says:

    I think Dindo lived up to the Pumaren standards of coaching. UE was in a limbo before he shaped it into a final four/ championship contender.

    There are many less worthy coaches in the UAAP. Any school picking up Dindo will certainly benefit from his coaching abilities.

  • Pakyaw says:

    The pumaren’s kc parating me ibang agenda kaya hindi nagiging champion. Katulad ni pumaren ng la salle kinuha ang mga players ng RP Team which is sya ang nagcoach. Tsk Tsk Tsk

  • tz10 says:

    Im sad of what happened to the warriors and now this one coach dindos departure as a coach, kaya lang kailangan din talaga ng changes, siguro pwde c Allan may karapatan sya dahil nadala nya ang Warriors nung naglalaro pa sya.

    to pakyaw
    pagpinagusapan ang college basketball sa pilipinas hinde pwding hinde mabangit ang mga Pumaren mula sa tatay nila hangang kay dindo na bunso, hinde buo ang kwento ng college basketball pag wala sila….

  • king cardinal says:


    gayahin nyo na dn c coach dindo pumaren..d mo dn mapapa champion MAPUA eh.bka nga kht sa finals,d mo mapa abot..sobrang dmi mong team eh,my ARELLANO ka, ksma ka dn sa AIR 21 sa PBA..pera pera lng eh..dmi nmn jn na alumnus ng MAPUA na pwede mag coach..c ALVIN PATRIMONIO,JOEL BANAL,ATOY CO, ETC…or kht nde MAPUAN bsta ung gs2 mag champion ska magaling mag recruit ng players.! sorry coach..pang 3 yrs mo na nxt season,same result pa dn yan..

  • king cardinal says:


    sa dami mong team coach leo, cgurado ako na wla kang enough time pra mag focus sa kpg my NCAA season nga,d man lng kta mkta na tapusin ALMA MATER SONG ng MAPUA eh.ska d pa kta nkkta (correct me if im wrong) kht isang beses na manood sa NCAA games ng ibang team na naglalaro.kulang ka sa scouting report..present ka lng pg my game ang MAPUA..


  • yugto says:

    @king cardinal

    wag mo cchin ang coach dahil ndi nia npapagchampion ang team nia..ndi nmn kasalanan ng coach un eh..nsa players din kc kung c coach frankie lim nga super bguhan plang peo nagchampion pa din san beda..khit gano kgaling ang coach kung mga players nmn eh ndi tlga desrving, ndi tlga magchachampion ang isang team..and besides, kung ayw na tlga ng mapuan community ky coach leo kya nio nmn xa patalsikin eh..gaya ng gnawa ng beda ky koy banal..

  • fortune_cookie says:

    it’s all coming true..wat my brother has told me about dindo maybe heading to the mapua cardinals if leo isaac and his arellano chiefs gets a crack at the leo will chose to coach the chiefs because of its high offer..

    kaibigan kasi ng kapatid ko ung isang player ng nokia RP youth and he was about to join the UE red warriors when coach dindo asked him if he will join him if he decided to coach an NCAA team..that just the story of my brother to me na may kaibigan close to coach dindo..maybe a rumor but who knows..lets wait and see..

  • Grrr! says:

    If that is the case UE’s loss is Mapua’s and the NCAA’s gain. Sigurado na ang Arellano Chiefs next year UNLESS barahin ng mga NCAA powerhouses dahil ayaw nila ng malakas na team to upend them. Kaya nakalusot ang Trinity, CSB at PCU ay dahil sila ay dormat during their intital seasons and good fodder to add up to the wins of the other teams. Since Arellano Chiefs are contenders and potential champions sa simula pa lang, baka barahin or excessively na i-handicap.

  • Bulldog says:

    sabi sa inquirer nagresign si Coach Dindo 2 days after ng Final Four game ng UAAP.

  • Bulldog says:

    “I already resigned two days after our UAAP Final Four game, but [UE’s representative to the UAAP board Carmelita] Mateo requested that I continue coaching the team in the PCCL,” Pumaren told the Philippine Daily Inquirer

  • Christian Soler says:

    @Bulldog: This resignation is official. The one after the UAAP could still have bene resolved by both camps. Save for coaching UE in the PCC, the gap between the UAAP and PCC served as time that both camps could’ve used if one or both needed to change their minds.

  • infamous_bedista says:

    something tells me this guy will be the new red lions coach

  • EAST says:

    pre new coach of red warriors not lions pre,,, di ko alam pero sana mas magaling kay pumaren ipalit

  • EAST says:


    sino po new coach ng UE?

  • Ariel BOMBguardia says:

    sa JRU na daw siya pupunta. nakausap ko na siya kaninang dinner.OO na daw. JRU na!

  • infamous_bedista says:

    pre like i said he might be the new coach for SBC,

  • infamous_bedista says:

    Ariel BOMBguardia
    why would he go to JRU Pumaren is a bedan

  • great bedan says:

    not surprising that dindo will be the next san beda coach. it has been circulating since the sbc jru finals last sept. good to see coach dindo in the ncaa if not nxt season maybe in 2010.


  • martian says:

    Pumaren in CSB sounds good to me!!!


  • Beda beda fight says:

    ei there is an announcement. There is a new coach for UE ITS pAKITO rEYES.

  • kilamar13 says:

    its very ubfortunate for ue because dindo did a great job with the team, specially with his emphasis on team defense and ther consistent appearance in the UAAP final four. Whoever gets him will get a major boost on the bench. if the rumors are true, i would like to see him on the red lions bench becuse in the past two seasons under coach frankie, the red lions defense has not been that imposing as it was in season 82. another thant we should not overlook is the fact that the red warrior guards (arellano, martinez,lee, etc.) flourished under his tenure. i guess it is safe to assume that the same can happen to the guards of the team he decides to join.

    so whoever gets him, gets a tried and tested bench tactician. just my 2 cents…

  • Grrr! says:

    without ekwe, beda needs a headier coach than frankie, especially with all teams beefed up next year with imported giants. dindo may fit the bill. but i doubt he’ll be taken in as long as mvp is footing the bill. mvp hates the guts of the pumarens. he got rid of derek inspite of his success in bringing TNT to the PBA finals. but he’s not going anywhere anytime soon with abanilla at CSB, ato agustin at SSCR and another new coach at UPHR. alas will stay at csjl to manage the development of his hot shooter son kevin. the only possibility for him next year is with malayan if isaac opts to stay with the chiefs once they eneter the league.

  • pacman says:

    @Beda beda fight
    PACito who?

  • TheScoutman says:

    UPHD new coach is Boris Aldeguer, former DLSZ Champion coach. UE must choose among these good coaches:
    1.Alfrancis Chua
    2.Binky Favis
    3.Ato Tolentino
    4.Former Senator Robert Jaworski
    5.Freddie Webb
    6.Boy De Vera
    7.Koy Banal
    8.Jorge Gallent
    9.Joel Banal
    10.Jerry Codinera
    11.Lito Vergara
    12.Jimmy Mariano
    13.Mon Amador
    14.Bong Ravena
    15.Alex Compton

    Im sure these qualified coaches can bring UE back to the Finals next season.

  • pacman says:

    I tot Jimmy Mariano is with Saint Claire Saints? did he resign?

  • jawo says:

    si coach soony jaworski na ang coach ng red warriors assistant si allan ni mayor lim…

  • JABBA D HUT says:

    LETRAN won against FEU by 3 points! Kojak Melgrito delivered the 3 point shot…

  • king cardinal says:

    @ YUGTO

    pre,gaya ng sbi ko sau,pera pera lng yan..kung 22o ung mga rumors na mas pipiliin ni isaac ang arellano kesa mapua kpg nkpsok ang chiefs sa ncaa,ano sa tingin nyo reason? money bro..mas malaki offer ng arellano..kht pa mapuan c isaac,pera pera na usapan kng c koy banal nga,napa champion nya san beda,pnatalsik,eh c isaac pa..majority ng mapuans,gs2 ng palitan c isaac coz of his commitment sa ibang teams..lets wait and kukuha pa dn ng coach ang mapua red robins..

  • The Dark Knight says:

    Beda beda fight – Nyahahahah =) Who the hell is Pakito Reyes???

    Ariel BOMBguardia – Kung nakausap mo sya heheheh =) at sa JRU sya lilipat, saan ka mag co-coach at si Lito Vergara. Ang kulet ng post mo =)

    JABB D HUT – What is the final score of Letran vs FEU?

  • The Dark Knight says:

    jawo – your statement is possible (i.e., coach is Jaworski) unlike the others puro kalokohan lang. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

  • Tagalog na Bisdak says:

    king Card
    Meron ako idadagdag. Si Leo Isaac, sa aking sapantaha, bilang master karerista, marunong lumaro ng dehado. Ang Arellano pwede maging wild card sa NCAA. Bukod pa yan sa pera. Di hamak mas galante sina Bubut Cayco kesa kay President Rey Vea at lalo pang rat-ba sina Yuchengco.

    Magandang diskarte kung maging Coach ng AU si Leo Isaac. Mautak.

  • king cardinal says:


    oo sadik..tama ka..ska d nmn mapuan c rey vea eh…kya nga kng naalala nyo nung naagrally kming mga mapuans,halos batuhin ung sasakyan ni vea eh.ska nung opening ng ncaa,d man lng yan pnalakpakan ng mapua crowd,kya inulit nung host name ni vea..ok n dn un na arellano hawakan ni isaac..cno kya mgiging coach ng mapua nxt season noh?

  • yugto says:

    letran won against feu by 1 point..
    san beda crashed arellano..

    *daroya had run out of gas..he played the whole 40 mins. of the game..again, coasch leo used only 7 players..

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