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Pido’s Blame Game

Monday, 8 September 2008 4,418 Views / 133 Comments

Ever since he burst onto the UAAP coaching scene in 2006, Pido Jarencio has always been one of my favorite coaches. In fact, he’s a favorite of the UAAP press because he’s always ready with a funny ad lib for reporters.

Aside from that, I will always admire the excellent coaching he did in the championship series two years ago. There, he proved there was more to him than just a witty remark. Everyone loves a winner, but everyone loves a winner who’s fun to talk to even more.

Which is why his actions in the UAAP press room shortly after the UST-UP game were bewildering to say the least. After beating UP and allowing the Tigers to end their season and Jervy Cruz’s UAAP career on a high note, I would have expected Pido to be in a good mood.

Early on, he was. He offered deserved props to his star center, who was weeping a few feet away. “Siya (Cruz) ang MVP. Ganoon lang kasimple iyon. Double-double every game.� He then said it was his hope that their paths would cross again in the future, for it had been a true honor to coach such talented a player.

I wish Pido had left it at that: a poignant final salute to his captain and best player, the primary reason UST won it all in 2006. Instead, he loused it all up by vaguely suggesting UST should have won some of the games it lost if it weren’t for some people he didn’t bother to identify. “Alam nyo na kung anong sinasabi ko,� was as clear as he would allow himself to be, followed by a parting shot about how poorly run this year’s tournament was. And with that he stood up and stormed out of the press room. Upon seeing Tessa Jazmines, Business Mirror sports columnist and this year’s press coordinator, he quickly made it clear he wasn’t referring to her, before stunning everyone by slamming his palm on the door on his way out.

I am bothered by this outburst for two reasons. First off, it’s conduct unbecoming of a coach, especially a champion coach. Huwag naman ganyan, Pido. Some reporters still wanted to ask a few questions and you didn’t even say you were done. You just stood up and left. And what’s with slamming your hand on the door? If you were trying to make a point, then we didn’t get it.

Second, I can’t believe Coach Pido is blaming the officiating (which is what he was obviously referring to) for the Tigers’ fifth-place finish. Isn’t this the same Pido who decided not to enter his team in any preseason tournament? The same Pido who said before the season that he wasn’t expecting much from his injury-riddled team this year? His exact words: “Hindi ko alam kung saan kami pupulutin. Kahit nga sa kangkungan baka hindi kami umabot.�  So why get all worked up when you weren’t expecting much to begin with? It would have been much more appropriate to say how proud you were about how your boys fought in every game despite some of them playing hurt.

I agree the officiating this year has been less than stellar, to say the least, but UST is hardly the only team that has had to endure bum calls. Besides, Pido has apparently forgotten that it was also NABRO blowing the whistles when UST won it all two years ago.
And if you want to discuss questionable calls that cost a team a game, we can easily go back to UST-Adamson Round 1, when Clark Bautista was awarded a controversial game-tying three-point shot even though it was not entirely sure his feet were behind the line. Bottomline: bum calls happen, just like sh*t happens. You just have to get used to them. Did Leo Austria whine about that bad call?

Besides, can we blame the referees for Pido’s mind-boggling decision to call a timeout during the last five seconds of the DLSU-UST Round 2 game that allowed the Archers to regain their composure and set up a play? Can we blame the refs for Francis Allera’s astonishing decision to take a triple near the end of the UE-UST match, when the better decision would have been to pound it inside to Cruz? And didn’t Jeric Fortuna also make a similar ill-advised decision during DLSU-UST Round 1? That’s three losses already that could easily have been wins, but NOT because of poor officiating.

I understand how incredibly frustrating it must have been to lose all those close games, and how doubly frustrating it must be to have to endure all these senseless calls from armchair coaches asking for his head, but Pido should have shown a little more maturity and class. As it is, the only thing his outburst has accomplished is give his detractors more ammunition.

P.S. Thanks to Danny and Raul Roa of for giving my column an online home for five years. I will always be grateful to you guys. And thanks to Mike Abasolo and Kim Lesaca for welcoming me to

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Sid has been an online sportswriter since 2001. He is currently a BPO production manager and likes to pretend he can play basketball at least once a week. He somehow managed to finish his BA Journalism and MBA degrees at UP without getting kicked out. Sid is now part of the broadcast panel of the UAAP on Studio 23.


  • The Man! says:

    Good article sir. I hope to read more of this in the future.

  • wawawiwa says:

    this kind of caught me off guard. i didn’t expect to read about ust anymore for the remainder of this season. anyway, this is a good article becasue we get a glimpse of what happens behind close doors. i really found it a bit ironic that pido was saying that jervy is the shoo-in for the mvp award but his team chose not to give jervy the ball in the dying seconds of almost all their losses. wala talagang pwedeng sisihin ang ust. they got unlucky with the injury to japs pero in the end, it was their inability to keep their composure that disabled them from reaching the final 4. sayang talaga ang laro ni jervy. give feu, ateneo, or dlsu a player of jervy’s caliber and they would have won more than a single championship with him around. yun lang

  • WhiteLight says:

    If you base it on paper alone, UST should be in the Final 4. They have tall, athletic and talented players, but what sets them apart from other tall, athletic and talented teams like FEU is they’ve got championship experience. Also Jervy alone is a huge advantage by himself!

    Not to discount the impact of Cuan’s injury, lack of discipline (i.e. not sticking to the game plan) and ill-advised coaching at times have done them in. If Pido does return next year to coach, I hope he doesn’t verbally abuse his players once again. The kids end up cowering inside their shells when he does this. UST doesn’t need another Aric del Rosario. What they do need is the Pido Jarencio of circa-2006 back.

  • De Ocampo Cobra says:

    Mayabang naman talaga si Coach Pido, pagdating sa

    basketball. You need to have Pride and winning

    attitude to be succesful. Mr. Sid Ventura, Coach Pido

    lives in project 3 QC, and in fact studied (I dont

    know if he graduated) in Quirino High School where I

    finished my memorable High School Years. In fact,

    nakakakantyawan ni coach Pido ang mother ko who is a

    Physics teacher. I just want to conclude na hindi

    siya mayabang and definitely not evil.

  • martian says:

    I agree that coach pido should have shown more class and character. Clearly, the final four teams were better than UST this year. UST was doomed when Japs Cuan got hurt. Coach Pido should blame himself for the missing out on the Final Four. Jervy gave it his all even through injuries but no one else (aside from Dylan) was motivated by the coaches to step up. Most of the UST veterans regressed this season. I wish him luck in finding a replacement for Jervy Cruz. His system will not work without a big man drawing defenders to the middle.

  • the master says:

    well, it just sucks that he blames other factors for their failed campaign. Very unprofessional. Of course it’s mainly his fault that his boys aren’t the title contenders they were considered to be. If he blames officiating so much then can’t his team just blow away the more powerful team?

  • belboy says:

    Hear hear!

  • BedanRoar says:

    Does this mean, goodbye to Coach Pido?

  • wawawiwa says:

    i dont think so. he’ll stay for a bit pa siguro. kaso it will be very difficult to be successful without jervy. dylan has to really step up next season. ust will only go where dylan will take them.

  • cholo v. says:

    nice articel! eto na ang article na matagal ko nang hinihintay,akala ko ako lang nakakapansin sa mga excuses at ibat ibang dahilan ni Pido eh

  • cholo v. says:

    teka,anu po ngyari dun kay kuya kim? bakit nwala na ung article nya dun sa home page?

  • yeo the man says:

    Many say that he also gave too much responsibility to the point guard rookies.

  • Kelvin Uy says:

    the nice thing that happened this year is that some of the rookies have stepped up and can play ball..

    Guys that have to step up next season..
    Dylan Ababou, Khazim Mirza, Chris Camus, Jeric Fortuna and Clark Bautista, Emilian Vargas and Carlos Fenequito.

    Hopefully they could recruit some highly touted recruits next year.

  • eastern tiger says:

    Your article is amusing considering the title u used. You said it yourself that he is one of the favorites of the uaap press, that he is one of ur favorite coaches since he joined the uaap.

    Conduct unbecoming of a coach? The man’s team just got eliminated; doesn’t he have the right to feel that way? If you want answers from him, what you should have done is to let him settle for awhile and then approach him. After all, we are all human.

    u stressed that pido is blaming the officiating yet ur the one contradicting yourself that he never mentioned it.

    So where do you want your article to stand upon? are u writing this article bec of the ill treatment you got from pido?

    As far as im concerned, your article is sugar coated with an ingenious way of assaulting pido’s personality as well as his capacity as coach. u r also using this article to promote instability among the ust community. If youre going to attack a coach, why not your own who only managed to finish with a 3-11 card, unless ur happy with that compared to a 0-14 run last year.

    The bloggers here are very much different from ubelt. Welcome to inboundpass

  • The Green Mind says:


    Welcome to inboundpass. As you will see, people who come here are big college baskeball fans. If I get a peso for every negative comment I get, I will be rich. Good luck!

  • uaap spectator says:

    Sid! Why did you stop writing for I miss reading your weekly UAAP player rankings!! Bring it back! Please!

  • Get_Blazed says:

    Welcome to inboundpass, Athletic Mind! Been reading your past columns in UBelt too.

  • Chief Waka-waka says:

    Another “Mind” has joined the inboundpass family, welcome Sir Sid.

  • uaap spectator says:

    kulang na lang si Rick Olivares!! Bring in Rick!

  • Glorfindel says:

    welcome mr. sid! I used to read your articles in when they were still not yet implementing the disqus comment system. Kaso nawala ka rin for a long time. Apparently you see the negative comments now. Welcome to inboundpass. :D

  • yellow_we says:

    It is just so natural for a coach to act as such especially since he failed to get his team into the final four. Be a coach first so you would understand! Also, you mentioned that coach Pido vaguely stated that their close games should have won if it’s not because of somebody that he chose not to pertain specifically. For that matter, why are you concluding it’s the refs his putting the blame to? Maybe his putting the blame to the Commisioner Almighty? Or maybe his blaming himself? Your article appears to be based on conclusions. It just so happen at that time, it was their last game of the season so everyone in the team tended to be emotional- can’t you just simply understand that? Who are you to judge coach Pido? Do you know him personally? Have you tried going to UST gym to attend their practices to see how he motivates his team and even on live games, on every huddles? What if that “slamming hand of the door” was simply his act of frustration? And besides he has his right when to stop the interview. Have you tried to let him calm down and interview again after his outburst? I guess not because if you did I don’t think this article will come out. Now that’s my conclusion. Hows that sir?

  • WELCOME says:

    WELCOME!!! gusto ko rin maki-welcome eh, bakit ba? Welcome po!

  • sixthman says:

    haha rick olivareS? hes probably the only atenean i know who said that chris tiu shouldnt play this year! ha ha ha

  • qwek says:

    i like the UST players especially jervy cruz and dylan ababou but i do not route for UST because I get so irritated with Pifo Jarencio. He is a very immature person, throwing tantrums, objects and cursing to no end.
    he is downright pikon and should be reminded that basketball is a SPORT so he should be a good sport. he is the exact opposite of what UST was trying to infuse to each and every player and fan of the UAAP when they were Season 70′s host.
    as for your comment on Fortuna 1st round of UAAP against DLSU, i believe it a a personal battle of Fortuna against DLSU (because he was not drafted by the Archers) which cost UST the game. I read it as Fortuna wanting to show DLSU that “kasi di nyo ako kinuha” sort of thing. But in the 2nd round against DLSU, it clearly showed that DLSU made a better decision why they chose Revilla over Fortuna.
    Regarding Allera, same thing, trying to be a hero sort of stuff. Nagkanya-kanya ang mga bata.
    I pity the tigers, they are so far the only team in the UAAP where you see the coasch practically cursing them.
    To UST fans, i know you will get irritated by my comments but search deep down, Pido is the reason for the downfall of the UST tigers. Your players are a lot better than players of other teams but you failed.

  • curious says:

    this is very simple, I’m a fan of UST since early 90′s. But for this one I think coach pido is using so much excuses for the past games and I think thats bad. If ur a man, accept what’s lacking and just fill it up if you can. Then dont just finger point that der was injuries and so on, injuries happen guys. It’s not an acceptable excuse even the officiating. We are all grown ups here. And bad calls happen! If your really a basketball fan since your childhood you must knew it since then. Sir sid, its not a perfect article but it opens up some mind.

  • Athletic Mind says:

    Hey, thanks to all those who have commented (both positive and negative). I appreciate all forms of feedback. Of course, I didn’t expect all UST fans to like what I wrote. Negative comments go with the territory. I got my fair share back in ubelt, but most were via e-mail. But just to make it clear, the winning coach is always asked to go to the press room after the game. He has a right not to go, of course, and some coaches in the past have done this. But Pido chose to go, and in fact he was in a good mood at the start, which is why most reporters were shocked by his sudden outburst. I will stand by what I wrote: I don’t think it was proper for him to slam the door of the press room as he left. And no, yellow_we, he was NOT blaming himself. I’m critical of his behavior because this is not the Pido Jarencio we got to know before. And no, eastern_tiger, I’m not trying to “promote instability among the UST community”. Yup, the bloogers here are different from those in ubelt. Why, were you expecting me to be shocked or something?

  • haha says:

    frustation is not an option if your supposed to be a coach. That’s a sign of weakness, thus explains your failures. no matter how a good motivator he is, if his players are not motivated, well, what can you expect?

  • Tomas U. Santos says:

    Pido has brought the championship to UST, a feat that his predecessors failed to do for a decade. For that alone, he deserves another crack at it, at least until after next season. He just got too emotional during the interview. He’s known to be emotional naman talaga. Sana lang he should trust his players more on the court. Hindi yung bawat play na lang, sa kanya palagi nakatinign yung PGs niya. Di tuloy makadiskarte. Parang takot yung mga bata.

  • rin says:

    Nice article.

    I believe that UST is a strong team – and they deserve to be in the Final Four. Pero, bilog ang bola. Di lahat ng gusto, pwedeng makuha. I hope to see this team next season with more confidence and stronger.

    I wonder who will be the next team captain. I think 6 players ang mawawala sa Growling Tigers, right?

  • yellow_we says:

    @qwek, why pointing a finger to coach Pido? Coaching is just part of a whole game. No matter what you instruct to your boys, if they don’t listen or materialize them then it’s nonsense! One example is the 1st round game against the FEU. I was there behind their bench and I can’t blame him to be terribly mad as he punched the white board hard the time he learned the plays were not executed for most of the time especially during crucial moments. If you’re a coach, would you just simply smile and understand it enough? I can’t remember how many times they did TO’s in that game which admittedly one of the reasons why they lost.

    @curious, for God’s sake! Coach Pido is just in his 3rd year as a coach and he has yet to learn further about coaching. He is not as good as the coaches we have in UAAP but he’s trying to be if not for himself, but for the team and the UST community. Anyway, I don’t think he’s putting a blame to something specifically to his team for that matter. It is however true, that having injured players speaking of your superstar players getting injured, that is a huge factor in getting “W’s” for the team. You said he needs to fill up what the team is lacking of. The team is lacking of somebody who can step up bigtime during crucial moments. True, we cannot simply rely to Jervy and Dylan and so this is what happened most of those crucial games they had. Coach Pido was trying to pull somebody from his pool to be that guy. A good example was pulling Milan Vargas off the bench in their last game against DLSU scoring 5 straight points in the dying seconds although again, fell short. Another example is letting Clark Bautista hit the 3′s in their last game against UE wherein he got unstoppable hitting treys everywhere it just so happened that his last attempt didn’t go in but if it did, I think coach Pido and even Clark will get praises from a lot of guys here. There is so much about basketball. From coaching to executing the plays (by the players) to officiating. I said this once, and I’ll say this again, if your team plays bad and at the same time officiating is terrible, expect to lose the game.

    @Athletic Mind, ok let me Welcome you here sir. I’m talking as a thomasian and like others who are bias as they can be for their school, I would like to point out further something about your post since your article talks about our coach. You said you’ve been a fan of Pido eversince he became a coach in Uaap and you also stated in the first part of your article, “In fact, he’s a favorite of the UAAP press because he’s always ready with a funny ad lib for reporters”, the fact that he’s a favorite of the UAAP press and he’s one of your favorite coaches, doesn’t that simply imply that this coach has a good character? Don’t tell me that it doesn’t follow just because you experienced this kind of treatment from him during the post game interview. Again, coach Pido is just a human. He tends to be emotional. At that time, He maybe feels sorry for the team for not getting into the finals. He maybe feels sorry for Jervy for not experiencing a final four entry for the last time, in his last year as a Tiger. Furthermore, he maybe feels sorry for himself as he failed to bring the Tigers in the promise land. Maybe these things came to his mind during the interview. All the frustrations, emotions flowed all over him and so the gesture of slamming his palm on the door on his way out happened. Perhaps that was his venue to let his emotions out. Baka mas maintindihan ko kung nagmumumura sya in front of you. Again, there are things we just need to understand Pido as a coach and simply as a human being.

  • yellow_we says:

    @haha, I hear you. But coaches like anyone else are human. You can be frustrated at things you don’t want to happen. Maybe he got frustrated because he failed to bring the Tigers in the final four which is simply normal knowing that a lot of us has been expecting them to get in. You may say that is his weakness yes, but it just really happens, that’s the reality of life. We cannot have everything in this world anyway, we can just have enough. In the world of basketball, we win some, we lose some. Even a good team then, Chicago Bulls under great coach Phil Jackson, with superstar player Michael Jordan, had some number of games lost during their glory days. Anyway, there is still a lot about this team to be improved. There were lessons learned in Season 71 and I believe coach Pido has them in his book and we’re now back to the drawing board. Expect the Tigers to join post season tournaments.

  • eastern tiger says:

    @athletic mind, seems to me that u r riding on the misadventures of the tigers to hype ur 1st article here.

    ive read some of ur writeups at ubelt and i know that there were times that u wer using ur privilage as a writer to riducule people who were not infavor of ur stories to the point of “hitting below the belt”. this is exactly what has happend between you and pido. he unintentionally gave u the cold shoulder and to retailate, this is what u do. mind you, im not defending him as a coach but as a person.

    you should have at least taken his side, well not at that very same moment. your story is just so one sided that you never gave pido a fair chance to express himself.

    and yes the bloggers here are very much differnt from ubelt. u just made ur 1st “story”, basing your argument on what you have felt that day regarding pido who is the pivot point between the tigers and the ust fans who happen to be minorities in this site. wait until u touch the nerves of the lasallites and the ateneans.

  • P. Noval says:

    @Yellow_we… Magtagalog ka na lang, please. Pwede rin Taglish. Di naman bawal eh. Your English is cringe-inducing. Kahiya sa ibang tao. Sabihin nila ganito mag ingles ang lahat ng Thomasians. Ang hahaba pa naman ng mga comment mo. Parang article na din. Tsaka yung mga comment mo parang sagot sa Q&A portion sa mga beauty contests. I’m sure magagalit ka pero para sa ikabubuti mo din ito.

  • pogito_07 says:

    next season 72!! never say die!! for the entire UST tigers team!! when he became coach of tigers in 2006 they defeated UE red warriors twice to beat advantage in the final four followed by the ateneo eagles in the finals. when la salle was suspended in season 69. impressive game!! but next time they are going to beat la salle and ateneo in the elimination round for next season!!

  • yellow_we says:

    @P.Noval, I don’t speak in behalf of the Thomasians. So if they find my english bad, they don’t have to conclude all Thomasians speak the way I do only stupid people will think that. Thanks for the advice sir but no thanks. I’m not mad and feel free to criticize after all, I don’t have to stoop to anyone’s level. :)

  • belboy says:

    - o -
    Second, I can’t believe Coach Pido is blaming the officiating (which is what he was obviously referring to) for the Tigers’ fifth-place finish. Isn’t this the same Pido who decided not to enter his team in any preseason tournament? The same Pido who said before the season that he wasn’t expecting much from his injury-riddled team this year? His exact words: “Hindi ko alam kung saan kami pupulutin. Kahit nga sa kangkungan baka hindi kami umabot.�
    – o -

    In the book THE SECRET, the author introduces the LAW OF ATTRACTION. It proposes that if a person thinks a certain way, then chances are it will come true.

    Pido’s defeatist attitude at the start of the season doomed the Tigers even before the season started. Too bad, the losses of UST were winnable games especially the last 2 losses.

  • Mhel Garrido says:

    Its nice to note that Inboundpass has gotten SID VENTURA to write articles here. COngrats to inboundpass for getting a quality journalist like SID who always writes well and more importantly he writes objectively.

    Ubelt’s loss is the gain of Inboundpass!
    Keep it up guys.

  • Grrr! says:

    everone loves a winner but hates a loser.

  • Charlie says:

    Sid Ventura, my friend, welcome aboard! Great writing, as usual.

  • Charlie says:

    For those of you who may be unaware, has a TV show in cooperation with Solar Sports. It’s called “One U” and it is hosted by Mico Halili and Krissy Tiu, with the crew as resource persons. It airs every Tuesday at 5pm on C/S RPN 9, and at 9pm on BTV. Today, 09 September, One U will have the Athletic Mind, Sid Ventura, and yours truly, Charlie Cuna, on the show. Catch One U and see the crew! Thanks to Vitto Lazatin, Jude Turcuato and Martin David of Solar Sports for this tie-up. Spread the word.

  • Lou Regidor Fan says:

    Really?! You’re the guys behind One U? Nice. Please ask Krissy Tiu to write for too! Hehe. I saw what I think was the first episode & I’m already a fan. Just like I’m a fan of Lou Regidor. Haha. Good job guys!

  • Athletic Mind says:

    @mhel_garrido, hello to the real Aga Muhlach and welcome to inboundpass sir! Always a pleasure to receive a visit from one the diehard fans of college basketball in the country.

    @Charlie, see you later my friend!

    @yellow_we, yes I understand your point, and thank you for being civil in your comments. And again, I’d like to reiterate, Pido is really a funny guy to talk to. Which is exactly why we were shocked by what he did. It appeared to be so out of character.

    @eastern_tiger, please tell me which of my articles ridiculed other people and let’s talk about it. What can I say? You can’t please everybody, and people will always see what they want to see. And again, do you mean to shock me by saying “wait until I touch the nerves of the Ateneans and La Sallians”? Dude, no offense but, I’ve already hit their nerves many times in the past, so that experience is nothing new.

  • sabertooth says:

    Quote: “Did Leo Austria whine about that bad call?”

    Yup. He whined in writing. He filed some kind of an inquiry to the board days later

  • sabertooth says:

    Okay so in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT, Coach Pido committed a faux pax. He had an emotional outburst which offended you guys from the press. Fine, you are entitled to feel that way. I get that.

    You claim Pido did not show maturity and class. Well, what about you? A seasoned writer taking the effort to compose-edit-proofread an 850 word essay to scorn the man and then posting his piece on the web to incite his readers. Where’s the maturity and class in that?

    It was a heart breaking time for Coach Pido. The reality that his team failed to make it to the F4 was probably just beginnign to sink in. He was EMOTIONAL at the time and clearly HE WASN’T THINKING hence the outburst. But that’s how he is, he wears his heart on his sleeve. We all know that about him.

    In my book, what Coach Pido did was forgivable. This essay you wrote on the other hand, considering you put time and thought to it, I’m sorry but I find it in poor taste.

  • eastern tiger says:

    athletic mind, im not going to tell you which article im referring to bec u should of all people know this.

    just remember that u sometimes share ur emails at ubelt. btw, im not trying to please you and thats not even my purpose… i am just pointing a flaw in your analysis. this is up to you whether u will accept it or not. like you said people will always see what they want to see.

  • tuko says:

    Tama na ang pagkastigo kay Coach Pido.

    When he was a winner, everybody loved him, now everyone hates him. Nobody gave him a second look when he came on board in 2006, everyone thought that the misfortune of the Tigers will continue and the Post-Aric doldrums will continue. Then he won a championship in 2006, made it fourth place in 2007 and fifth in 2008. 1-4-5. If the record was 5-4-1 he would be the toast of the town, but you are only as good as your last championship.

    Coach Pido gave us Ateneans one heck of a heartache in 2006, yet we found him to be one very respectable person.

    Give the guy a break, he is entitled to his private moment of frustration. Let’s not blow it out of proportion.

  • h0pe says:

    i agree with tuko. everybody is entitled to a benefit of the doubt. i mean, marami talagang controversies about the horrible officiating in the UAAP which many believe, have affected the outcome of certain games. Siguro sobrang frustrated lang talaga si coach Pido. Having watched him as a player, he very emotional and may sometime lose grip of his cool. I think he deserves a second chance. :)

  • Grrr! says:

    weather weather lang yan. weather ni pido 2006. ngayon 2008 weather ng tinalo niya nun- ateneo.

  • haha says:

    well, pido plus his players are the reasons why you couldn’t go in the final four… Plus, you have to accept that other teams are loaded with excellent rosters and excellent coaching sstaff that are direly better than of UST’s.

  • A Stray Warrior says:

    Let me ask all of you guys here, WHAT ARE UAAP GAMES ALL ABOUT? As I read almost all the comments, in most articles here, it seems that “SPORTS” HAVE LOST ITS MEANING. Please educate me, if Tomasians are “minority” here, ako naliligaw lang.

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