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Cardinals upset favored San Beda

Wednesday, 13 August 2008 80 Comments

MAPUA Institute of Technology ended its three-game skid in the best possible way.

The host Cardinals regained their winning form at the expense of the heavily-favored, reigning back-to-back champions San Beda College, 53-48, in the 84th NCAA men’s basketball tournament last August 13, 2008 at the Pasay Astrodome.

“It’s only our desire to beat them,� said Leo Isaac, the Cardinals’ coach. “This is a good victory for us because we came from three straight defeats.�

The Cardinals tightened up their defensive screws in the second quarter, allowing the Red Lions to convert on only 5-of-20 from the field that earned them a 32-20 advantage at halftime.

In the second half, Mapua milked the shot clock on almost every possession, playing four-corners basketball and launching shots in the final three to four seconds of the 24-second timer.

“San Beda really wanted to get back at us in the second half, but our hearts and desires to exact revenge prevailed,� said Kelvin dela Peña, who paced the Cardinals with 12 points and seven assists. “We lost against them in the first round, so we really prepared for this game.�

The Cardinals were badly beaten by the Red Lions, 56-85, in the opening game of Season 84 last June 28.

Forward Neil Pascual delivered 11 points and eight boards, while Ian Mazo and Allan Mangahas had seven and six points, respectively, to relegate the Red Lions to third place with a 6-3 win-loss card.

San Beda came within two, 32-34 with 2:42 in the third quarter. But a 9-2 Mapua salvo under the two-minute mark of the third period kept the Red Lions at bay, 34-41, at the start of final frame.

Sam Ekwe was limited to only 14 points while Ogie Menor had 12.

Meanwhile, San Beda College officials said that at least three Mapua players violated the existing rules on wearing the proper uniform by donning different-colored undershirts. According to a school official, however, the squad will not put the game under protest.

The scores:

Mapua 53 – dela Peña 12, N. Pascual, 11, Mazo 7, Mangahas 6, J. Pascual 5, Sarangay 5, Banal 5, Guillermo 2, Soriano 0.

San Beda 48 – Ekwe 14, Menor 12, Tecson 6, Pascual 6, Escobal 6, Hermida 4, Gamalinda 0, Marcelo 0, Villanueva 0, Taupa 0.

Quarter scores: 13-15; 32-20; 41-34; 53-48

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  • the-bedista-bomb says:

    the battle is on.

    Letran is on a solo lead.
    JRU is on a serious streak.
    the stags is getting consistent.
    Dela Peña is back and he’s back with a vengeance.
    and lastly, three-peat is in jeopardy.
    but despite of it, we still believe.

    Animo Red & White.
    Go San Beda Fight.

  • Proud2beBlue&Red says:

    Congratulations, neighbors! VIVA MAPUA!

  • poging_mapuan says:

    wah.. pati ba ibang kulay ng undershirt violation pa rin..

  • mystiqueknight says:

    Good game for the the Cardinals!

    They sure avenged there loss from the first round…

    …a few more weeks and we go into an exciting finals round. question is who will be in the top 4 this season?

  • Bedista says:

    One thing is for sure, FIRE THAT IRRITATING COACH! SEND HIM TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bedista says:

    I got to give credit to Mapua. At least malaman ng players namin na huwag sila pepetiks-petiks!

  • boom says:

    as of Aug 13 2008:
    Letran 7-1
    Beda 6-3


  • rickyrubio says:

    wow. maybe next tym, the color of the socks must be alike. bka mapansin din. bka violation din. viva mapua. he’s injured no more. he’s back. they’re back!

  • boom says:

    letran-san beda final is in jeopardy. beda is not keeping its share of the bargain.

  • Gooner4Life says:

    At least they’re not protesting… :p

  • rickyrubio says:

    @boom. Letran and San Beda tlga pinagpipilitan mo ah.

  • asaness says:

    whew i didnt expect this win for us hehe..anyway :D ok na din un,kaya pla nila tlga un basta maging seryoso lang sila,ska hnd cla papogi kanina atleast,nanalo din sa beda bago ako gmraduate,sana mkapasok sila ng finals letran is next,jru too :P

    king cardinal is back!hes not injured anymore!
    viva mapua :D peace to all

  • mystiqueknight says:

    its possible that letran and sen beda will be still meeting in the semi finals if sbc fall to fourth place… which is something thats very bad…it would only mean one team will get in the finals. if that happens, the finals can just stay at the cuneta, hindi pa mapupuno yun!


  • yabang kc... says:

    they dserv wat happend!!ya2bng kc!!

    the true RED

  • bOlldUg says:

    excited n ako sa final four

    mejo mlabo n ung mgi2ng standings, Haha.

    ayan mgpractice p kau ng mbuti! boring laro knina.. Haha! pero gumana ung game plan ng mapua, congrats!

    kahit cno pede n manalo :D


  • joey_sa_pogi_lane says:

    yess.. may thrill n ung NCAA ^^

    nde tulad ng mga nakaraan seasons

    one sided ung mga games.

    JRU and LETRAN malaki chance mgchampion, bsta consistent :)

    BEDA inconsistent , nka2walang gana mga games nila this season.


  • nicksy says:

    good game for the cardinals, KDP is back in shape(I think) they deserve the win, this will be exiting for remaining games in the NCAA, as for the Red Lions, I don’t know what or who is the culprit, if it is the rustiness of the players or the mis-coaching by Frankie Lim, either way we already lost, and the Red Lions should learn from this loss (they should already learn from the previous games), I’m already irritated they way Frankie Lim does his rotation and offensive/Defensive patterns, I may not be an expert on Coaching and Motivation the players, but in may perspective he is not doing well, too much EGO on his side.

    Animo San Beda!

    I still Believe, WE Still Believe.

  • joey_sa_pogi_lane says:

    wala narin sya ata tiwala kay menor laging bangko haha

  • BerdengEbak says:

    Jason Postulka,

    to all csb fans: puro kayo protesta! buti p beda, hnde. csb kase desperado e


  • infamous says:

    we need banal back as coach

  • Grrr! says:

    “…at least three Mapua players violated the existing rules on wearing the proper uniform by donning different-colored undershirts…., however, the squad will not put the game under protest.”

    I think the undershirts, the underwears, the socks, the shoes are personal “clothing expressions” of the players and not part of the uniform. The protest would have been laughed out of the boardroom.

    KDP is back as it appears his back is no longer hurting.

    As I said, a team may have a deep bench but only five players at a time can play. Which five plays is the coach’s decision. Isaac did great but Lim was in another dimension, and that’s putting in diplomatically.

    ThreeFeat not ThreePeat has happened.

    3 deFeats – CSB, JRU, MIT. If Lim coaches the way he does, it may be 5Feat as they still have to face the streaking JRU, the resurgent Stags, and the revenge seeking Knights.

    Now perhaps, the NCAA viewership will improve.

  • frankie says:

    sorry naman, tao lang

    peace @@,

  • nicksy says:

    Frankie Lim has a Huge EGO on his Head, but this is no time to change the coach, we need to pray for his EGO to blow-up and go back to reality as well go back to REAL coaching the Red Lions.

    Animo San Beda.

    I still Believe, WE Still Believe.

    So UAAP watch Out, NCAA teams are no Pushovers, hehehe

  • jester says:

    frankie lim….it’s all about my ego. and mine only. LOL.

    congrats neighbors! viva mapua!

  • yummy says:

    patubo k nlng ng bEGOte.. joke joke joke

  • proud_rizalista says:

    well, ibig sabhin lang nyan JRU at LETRAN na ang maghaharap sa finals.. goodluck!!!

    proud to be rizalian here!

    go jru heavy bombers!

  • really? says:

    @proud rizalista?

    well, ibig sabhin lang nyan JRU at LETRAN na ang maghaharap sa finals.. goodluck!!!..

    paano nyo po nasabi? pakisagot lng po .. thankyou po

  • nicksy says:

    well it is uncertain who will meet in the finals, but expect some good games comming up, especially that the top 3 teams will be facing each other in the comming weeks, let us support our alma mater.

    @Grr… is it true that some mapua players didn’t conform with the rule on uniform?

    Animo San Beda!

  • bum says:

    excited n ako sa sept. 10 :))

  • ELM_bedan says:

    sabi nga ng friend ko sakin.. it’s all about Coach frankie’s rotation problem.. ano na naman ba kasi ung nasa isip niya.. natalo na nila un pero nagpabaya na naman siya.. tsk2.. umayos k naman!!!

  • nicksy says:


    I totally agree with you, the problem with his rotation is that he rely so much on his starters and fatigue comes in when it matter the most, and he has a little trust on his second unit thus making them rusty and lost of composure by the they sent out to the court, and giving his second unit limited time lessen also their exposure and experience that they might need in crucial games. Frankie wake-up!pls

    Animo San Beda!

    I syill believe, We still believe.

  • kobe_24 says:

    mali mali talgang mga dessisyon ni coach frankie.. pinapasok nya yung mga rookies sa mga crucial time.. late pa ipinasok si menor… hindi rin nagstep up si escobal.. limited to six points, hindi tulad nung laban nila sa pcu at nung openning game kung saan tambak nila mapua…. kelangan naten umakyat sa standings para sa twice to beat advantage.. ano na gagawin mo coach frankie??!!


  • mike says:


    Don’t assume too much. A team that lost with a huge margin then made a protest is already laughable, how worse can it get? But rules are rules.

  • mike says:

    Kelvin de la Pena still suffering from back spasms. His tolerance from pain is enormous, I admire the kids courage and willingness to help his team. He said that he is at 80%.

  • yellow_we says:

    oooh… I just love upsets! that makes a league very interesting. ;)

  • ryan says:

    God! i was shocked! hahaha viva mapua.. congrats kapitbahay!!.. im 80% sure you guys will beat us in round2(as always) .. arriba! arriba! sana naman letran tumulad na sa JRU at mapua! amf!!!

    my bet for finals ’84:

    “The Battle of Intramuros”
    Letran vs. Mapua

  • mapuan says:

    first,i would like to commend san beda for not even thinking about putting the game on protest. not that i think it would’ve done them any good. simply because it was the noble thing to do. the league really needs this type of decision making. but let’s put that into rest now. clearly,mapua was the better team that day. it could’ve been because of the players. it coul’ve been the coaches. it could’ve been something else. now,what im trying to say is let’s all just watch the game and enjoy. thank you.

  • The_Big_Cat says:

    @Josef Ramos

    Ekwe scored 13 pts while Jerome Villanueva had 1 point coming from the free throws (1/2).

    Mapua executed well throughout the game.
    Congrats to Mapua for a well-deserved win!

  • proud to be a knight says:

    congrats mapua! grabe yung discipline and patience na pinakita ng cardinals during the game. this second round coaching will be crucial.


  • proud to be a knight says:

    frankie lim – coach of the year! hahahahahaha!

  • mapuan says:

    thank you… thank you… hehehe…

  • DarkKnight says:

    All right blame the mistakes to the great coach but don’t forget that his team is beatable this season.

  • whose win a battle csjl vs. jru???

    letran knights is a great contender.. coach alas relaying with rj jazul a solid three point shooter, dino daa, and rey guevarra..
    while the

    heavy bomberswith coach ariel vanguardia relaying his big man and a solid double figure big james sena, a solid 3 pointer marc cagoco a king rebounder marvin hayes and also joh wilson with their bench players also talented…

    whose give an idea???/hehehehe

  • DYNAST-3 says:

    di nga wrong uniform Mapua? naku.. malamang protesta yan and even if SBC don’t file it the board will likely implement it to be consistent on the ruling..

    Btw, i think SBC being beatable is good 4d league coz it makes it more interesting and eliminates predictability on who will be the next Champ. but like they say.. never under-estimate the heart of a Champion :)


  • Sam says:

    Well Coaches are human too.

    Mike Krieziewski also makes mistakes. His Team lost the World Championship too.

    Phil Jackson, Don Nelson, Jerry Sloane, etc. They all make mistakes.

    Frankie is no exception.

    Frankie will find out a better way. He learns from his mistakes like everybody else. He gave his rookies a rare chance to gain experience in leadership, and that is crucial for the team itself. But his wards didn’t step up so…

    Coaching is difficult, thankless, job.

    Ron Jacobs used to say, Players win games, Coaches lose them. Ron Jacobs himself has a lot of game losses as well.

  • Singit says:

    you’re right, never underestimate the heart of a champion, pero it seemed the Champs under-estimated their opponents. Hehehe!
    Congrats Mapua!

  • ashame 2b a bedan says:

    48 pts??…that’s it..probably without ekwe, beda will not even score 40 pts…

    is there even a rule about color of undershirt? pati ba yan pinakikialaman..baka next time pati color na underwear.

    beda, way too overrated….

  • sEnYoRiTo says:

    KC said they will comin back. kaya guys abangan nyo ang Mapua. LAgi kami nasa final 4, kaya ngayon, sisikapin nila makapasok naman ng finals, DelaPena is turnin PRO na siguro ngayon taon, kaya dapat bigyan nya ng championship ang MAPUA. Ok… GoodLuck Cardinals

  • sEnYoRiTo says:

    KC said they are comin back. kaya guys abangan nyo ang Mapua. LAgi kami nasa final 4, kaya ngayon, sisikapin nila makapasok naman ng finals, DelaPena is turnin PRO na siguro ngayon taon, kaya dapat bigyan nya ng championship ang MAPUA. Ok… GoodLuck Cardinals

  • cheersjru!!! says:


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