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The San Beda – Ateneo Basketball Rivalry

Wednesday, 24 October 2007 6,793 Views / 303 Comments

Is there such a thing as an Ateneo vs. San Beda rivarly?

Let’s be clear. When we are talking about the NCAA Senior Men’s Basketball, the answer will definitely be – YES. When both schools – Ateneo de Manila and San Beda College – were still together since 1924, they were the winningest teams in Philippine College Basketball. Both schools have winning traditions and a rich and colorful basketball history. Ateneo had 14 NCAA titles. San Beda College had 11 (13 if you count their current back to back titles). San Beda College was the first over Ateneo to win its College Basketball title in 1927, Ateneo followed suit in 1928 and the race was on.

Ateneo had the most back to back titles with 3 (1953 and 1954, 1957 and 1958, 1975 and 1976)) and 1 three peat (1931, 1932, 1933), while San Beda had three back to back titles (1934 and 1935, 1951 and 1952, 1977 and 1978) 4 if you count 2006 and 2007 – and 1 three-peat (1934,1935,1936). Seasons 1955 and 1959 were the years that prevented Ateneo the glory – the rare Three-Peat. But check the dates and you’ll find out that both of them are always on a collision course to dispute who will be the greatest college basketball team ever. But in 1955, San Beda took the Crispulo Zamora trophy – a special trophy by the NCAA for the most number of championships in that stretch.

After winning the 1959 NCAA Championship series, San Beda will wait 17 years for another back to back title.  Then another that would last 28 years.  That quest was narrated in a book by friend and colleague, Jude Roque, entitled – a Time to Roar. Anyway, that 1959 San Beda team was bannered by former MICAA bruiser Big Boy Reynoso, Tata Caranceja, Jose Oyson, Ramon Asiva, and Rodolfo de los Santos.

That wait will again push the league into another classic title showdown in the 53rd season of the NCAA.

The year was 1977. The Adamson Falcons bagged the UAAP Senior Men’s Basketball over the NU Bulldogs. Joel Banal was the NCAA’s scoring leader. And, the Ateneo Blue Eagles is once again poised for another shot at greatness after winning back to back titles, at the same time, they are in search for another three-peat against a familiar sentry post – the San Beda Red Lions.

San Beda swept the 1st round of the series, 7-0, to gain the 1st final seat. The 1st time these two teams met, San Beda defeated Ateneo, 93-88. Ateneo had an excuse to lose because their three starters – Joy Carpio, Fritz Gaston and Steve Watson – were in Singapore playing for the RP Youth team. Chuck Barreiro was the only Red Lion to join that RP youth selection.

In the 2nd round, Ateneo, in their last game of the series, conquered San Beda, 92-89, to take the last seat of the finals. Chito Loyzaga missed his free throws and a jumper and Francisco “Frankie” Lim was thrown out of the ball game. The Finals was set for another explosion between two teams that have different styles. The San Beda Red Lions is a deliberate half-court, high percentage shooting team against the run and gun Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Aside from Barreiro, the Red Lions have Chito Loyzaga, JB Yango, the Guzman twins and Cholo Martin with Loreto Carbonel taking care of the sidelines. The Blue Eagles, however, aside from their RP Youth stalwarts, have Louie Rabat, the Narvasa brothers and Padim Israel with the youthful Bong Go manning the coaching chores for Ateneo.

September 21, Game 1 at the Araneta Coliseum. Experts predicted that Ateneo will go all the way to win the series because of their key players’ international experience. A thunderdome at the Big Dome was almost the description of that fateful day. Steel bolts, nuts, golf balls, eggs, dry batteries, chairs and, would you believe, even long playing albums were being thrown.

The game was almost cancelled if the boisterous spectators failed to heed Fr. Jose Cruz’s and Fr. Belarmine Baltazar’s call for both sides to calm down. But the Blue Eagles’ fate will so far agree with the experts as they took game 1 of the finals, 105-99. Steve Watson was the best player for the Blue Eagles supported by Joy Carpio and Padim Israel. “I guess you could consider that as my best game”, Watson said after the game. JB Yango, Chuck Barreiro, Noel and Joel Guzman were the top players for the Red Lions.

September 23, Game 2 at the Araneta Coliseum. Red Lions Head Coach Loreto Carbonel suggested to the NCAA officials that the following games be held in closed doors. Referees have again threatened to walk-out if such violence will occur during the games. The NCAA has been suspended in 1962 because of a similar incident. The 1963 and 1964 seasons were held in a home and away type format.

The Blue Eagles were not able to establish their running game and the Red Lions slowed things a bit. San Beda, with Chito Loyzaga, Chuck Barreiro, JB Yango and Al Alipante with his defense over Steve Watson, got game 2, 71-68 to tie the series at 1-1 but without casualties. One woman was hit near the eye and another a cut in the head as hooliganism once again struck at the Big Dome this time it included automobile spark plugs. Blue Eagle Manuel Estrella and Red Lion Noel Guzman were both hurt during the mayhem.

September 25. Ateneo de Manila thru Fr. Jose Cruz has announced that they will quit the NCAA due to rowdiness and violence. Fr. Cruz said that their withdrawal from the league was for the protection of their students and the general public. But the series will still continue.

Twice the Blue Eagles were denied by the Red Lions of a three-peat and this series will be the last of an illustrious college basketball rivalry the country has ever known.

Game 3 at the Araneta Coliseum, September 25. The same day when Ateneo made its announcement to withdraw from the league would like to come out, hopefully, with a bang. The game will be held in closed doors and will be watched only by school officials and the press.

With a refined defensive system and a man-zone that caught the Blue Eagles off guard, the San Beda Red Lions captured the 53rd NCAA Senior Men’s Basketball title, 77-75, denying the Blue Eagles another three-peat.

Ateneo Blue Eagles Back to Back Coach Baby Dalupan (the PBA’s winningest coach) blamed referee Manuel Inocentes for calling a charging foul on Blue Eagle Manolito Valdez. Coach Dalupan believes that call influenced the outcome of the series. The foul gave the Red Lions two free throw opportunities to ice the series for good.

Eugenio Puyat literally carried the Blue Eagles with 16 points followed by Watson and Carpio. Chito Loyzaga also had 16-points with Manzano, Yango and Martin contributing in double digits for the Red Lions. Ateneo’s Joy Carpio was named the Most Valuable Player.

San Beda would go on to win back to back in 1978 over the La Salle Green Archers. Ateneo will enter the UAAP. San Beda will win another title after 28 long years, almost twice the wait since the last time in 1959. The rivalry’s frolic and color is still being enjoyed on occasion in organized exhibition games by both schools. San Beda is destined to be a dynasty at this early part of the 21st century. And Ateneo continues to struggle at the UAAP. If San Beda succeeds in its application for a university status, will it join its former NCAA founding members? Who knows what will happen.

Note: We would like our readers to check out our photo gallery for more Retro NCAA.

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Mike is a former NCAA Game analyst under Studio 23. He was also a former Game Analyst for the 2005 Collegiate Champions League (CCL), 2008 Philippine Collegiate Championships (PCC), 2005 and 2006 National Basketball Conference (NBC) and 2005 Global Destiny Basketball League (GBDL). Started writing about College Basketball with Follow me on Twitter: michaelabasolo


  • GenoM says:

    Nice article Mike! Indeed, we will see what heppens but lets build a dynasty first and if ever leave with a BANG!

    OT: DO you think Ateneo was cursed when they left the NCAA? THe have won like what? 3 titles in the UAAP since joining them in 1978.

  • ¡Ã?nimo San Beda! says:


    Bedan urban legend as told by Atty. Rene Saugisag, on the otherhand, suggested that it was the Red Lions that was cursed by a Jesuit priest. It took us 28 years to take away the curse.

    Nice story Mike. The good thing is, we have already de-coupled ourselves from any rivalry.

    We are on our own creating history. The “first among equals” of the NCAA.

    Next year, immmortality for the Red Lions!

    ¡�nimo San Beda!

    Check this out:

  • ¡Ã?nimo San Beda! says:

    Mike, I think we have a single threepeat, 1934 to 1936.

    Ateneo’s first threepeat was 1931 to 1933.

    Please clarify.

  • Mike Abasolo says:

    San Beda never had a three-peat.

    1934 – San Beda
    1935 – San Beda
    1936 – Ateneo

    That 1st three-peat by Ateneo was the last.

  • pedro21 says:

    nice one mike!

    to fellow… i miss you all guys sana mag up na ulit ang site so we can share our passions in life and school pride again.

    regards to all

  • Justice says:

    go san beda fight!!!

  • Justice says:

    1934 – 1937 champion are san beda…that’s their first and only three peat…and we have 13 title already…mr. mike, pls check…thanks!

  • Justice says:

    1931 – 1934 champions are ateneo. first and only three peat…and they have 14 titles before they went to uaap…

  • Mike Abasolo says:

    Hi Guys,

    I will stand by my facts. I found it in the NCAA archives but I will again verify my facts. Thanks.

  • Justice says:

    ok mike…its ok…but if you can verify the better…thanks

  • Ramirez says:

    According to wikipedia and other sources, San Beda was the seniors champion in seasons 1934-1935, 1935-1936 and 1936-1937.

    The Blue Eagles regained the NCAA trophy in season 1937-1938.

  • Sioux says:

    It’s all good. WE simply have to verify the facts. After all, “love of the truth” is part of the Bedan Hymn.

    More research.

  • Mike Abasolo says:

    Hi Guys,

    Actually I have the actual NCAA records. And I needed to verify the wiki’s for myself.

  • Mike Abasolo says:

    I know an Atenean when i “read” one. For those pretenders, just remember this, there is no correlation between were you study and success. So it will all depend on you. We dont need no fancy heirchical ad to be our mirror. We just believe in ourselves.

  • shiftee says:

    San Beda in the UAAP? Hahaha…I can just imagine how good that will feel for them. To seemingly be in the caliber of Ateneo and La Salle. But nah… I don’t think so. Napagiwanan na ng panahon ang Beda. In every sphere, they’re not even close

  • atom says:

    we can exist without comparing ourselves…we can stand on our own…with integrity intact.
    we do not need other schools to fancy with our fellowship.

    shiftee, it’s San Beda not Beda.

  • atom says:

    compare with Ateneo and La Salle? naaahh!

    using UP as a benchmark for academic excellence – pwede..

    SBC being compared with Ateneo and La Salle? – you must be projecting something else.

    basketball lang ang usapan…

  • red pride says:

    shiftee, SAN Beda has never been left yourself with the very, very long list of Bedan achievers..only the uninitiated like you don’t know about this..we compete with Ateneo and UP..but with La Salle??? i don’t think so…for one thing, that school does not even have a decent law school…hehehe…so check your facts next time, shiftee boy..don’t be afraid to read..come on, kid, u can do it..take a bite from the apple of wisdom..hehehe…

    red pride!
    animo san beda!

  • Justice says:

    shiftee…don’t say that SAN BEDA is being left out compared to Ateneo and La Salle…each school has its own specialty. San Beda’s specialty is accounting and law…soon our medicine will also be good…UAAP? Maybe we will feel good because we will show you how tough we are. But for now UAAP is just a gossip. NCAA is our home now…and we are happy for what we are now…CHAMPIONS!!!


  • Justice says:



  • red says:

    haha! oo ingat lang, lalo na ngayon medyo active mga bedista sa iba’t ibang forums down pa kasi e.hehehe!

  • GenoM says:

    Shftee, shift ka sa San Beda so that you will see what we all are talking about. I am inviting you to join our brotherhood, if you dare…

  • Justice says:


  • BedanRoar says:

    To the claimers (feeling superior in academics)please check who is holding the highest rating score in the bar exams. I’ll give you a hint (Regalado ‘SBC).

  • BedanRoar says:

    Back to the topic:

    Blue and red clash again

    Part Of The Game
    Tessa Jazmines

    JUST think. Now that San Beda has neatly tucked away the NCAA championship trophy in the hallowed halls of Mendiola; and if Ateneo goes on to win the UAAP crown today or on Monday, the two champion teams will meet in the Champions League and will be able to renew a fierce, ancient battle.

    It’s true what the wags say. The real rivalry seethes between Red and Blue. Not Blue and Green. It was San Beda and Ateneo who were the North and South Poles of the NCAA back in the days of that league’s glamour and glory.

    I should know. My infatuation with basketball was kindled by the NCAA. I grew up in a house that extolled the exploits of the leading players of that era. My Dad, an avowed sports fan who would stay up all night to listen to the radio broadcasts of our basketball adventures in the Asian Games, the ABC and the Olympics in that bygone era, spoke glowingly of Caloy Loyzaga, Loreto “Bonnie� Carbonell and Cesar Jota who were the reddest, roaringest Lions then.

    He loved how they tangled with their counterparts from Loyola. The name Frankie Rabat sticks in my mind as the King Eagle of those days, although I don’t recall ever seeing him and his contemporaries in action.


    San Beda and Ateneo games were like DDay in the basketball world. Mendiola and Loyola were the bastions of basketball power. In the NC of yore, La Salle and Ateneo competed more on the social scene, as La Salle only emerged as an NC basketball power after Ateneo had left the league to join the UAAP in the late 70s.

    The transfer was the ultimate aftermath of one of the craziest fan rumbles in basketball history which happened during an Ateneo-San Beda NCAA championship match. The game was stopped because the fans went wild and started to hurt each other. The game was replayed a few days later but behind closed doors—no fans, no tickets. And San Beda won. (Yes! That was THE famous last San Beda NCAA title of 1978!)

    And was it ever so interesting. And historical too! Ateneo’s ’78 line-up was led by Louie Rabat—Frankie Rabat’s own progeny. While San Beda’s pride was led by Lion King Caloy’s own Simba: Chito Loyzaga. Other players on the Ateneo side, as I remember it, were Steve Watson, Padim Israel and Fritz Gaston. San Beda had Chuck Barreiro, Frankie Lim and JV Yango, among others. Calling the shots for the Lions was another Bedan great: Bonnie Carbonell. Wise Eagle Baby Dalupan was on the other side.


    But that’s getting ahead of the story. The San Beda-Ateneo NCAA battles raged because not only did their colors make stark contrast with each other. (Red and Blue clash but Blue and Green groove together, like the colors of the sea, agree?) The Red Lions and the Blue Eagles were also the two winningest teams of the NCAA.

    Championship trophies would just ding-dong back and forth between the two schools for a stretch of time. San Beda amassed 11 NCAA trophies—including the dramatically won Crispulo Zamora Trophy —a special trophy prepared by the NCAA for any team that would win a Grand Slam in the 50s. Ateneo had 14 trophies—mostly won off San Beda—and the most number of back-to-back titles. Strangely, what would always keep the Eagles from winning a Grand Slam was San Beda. The Lions were always the fly in their ointment. The smudge mark on their cheek.

    Crowd-wise, the Lion-Eagle crowds would put the current day crowds to shame. Yes, including Ateneo-La Salle. Passion for passion and ardor for zeal, the two teams’ followers knew no match. The 1978 rumble is a case in point.


    But even on a wholly wholesome front, Beda-Ateneo hostilities had a character all their own. For one, the two schools’ cheers were the most original and most alive with magic and mumbo-jumbo. When the San Beda crowd sang “The Red and The White�, the Ateneans would let loose with “Fly High�, the Ateneo song composed by Raul Manglapus.

    Ateneo’s cries of Fabilioh! would meet with the Bedan’s Indian Yell—a yell composed by the Cuerba Brothers in 1947. Bedans say “The Blue side could not find a match that would overpower the Indian yell.� But all Bedans agree: “ though many claim rights to different cheers and yells in their possession, one thing remains clear : San Beda and Ateneo cheers remain classic and timeless.� (The Bedan, Championship Issue)


    The same Bedan issue quotes an Atenista from the net who speaks of the “forgotten San Beda-Ateneo rivalry: “I still prefer the spirit of the Beda boys anytime over the La Sallites. Their brand of school spirit was the kind they wore on their chests and flaunted and shouted to the world—which is exactly the kind of fierce loyalty we have in this blue corner of the universe. This is why I say that in spirit, they are our worthier rivals.�

    “The Lion and the Eagle opposition is one filled with respect and mutual admiration,� say Rufino Lopez III, John Dave Pablo and Emmanuel Mangahas in the Bedan. “There was a time when this rivalry brought the best out of each school through a series of healthy competitions in different fields.�


    I should think so. After their bitter fights in the NCAA, Lions and Eagles learned to live together and fight together in a happy afterlife. In the MICAA—THE leading basketball league of the 50s-60s era—Lions Loyzaga, Carbonell, Eddie Rivera, Orly Castelo, Dading Cuna etc. became the loving teammates of Eagles Ed Ocampo, Dodo Martelino and Bobby Littaua in a team called Yco.

    Don’t you think it’s time—even for one, brief, shining moment—to see this old rivalry come to life again?

  • Timmy says:

    Ha? Bedans! Without Ekwe, a bonafide IMPORT, you won’t win the NCAA. Both La Salle and Ateneo won their titles in the UAAP without an import. Fil-Ams maybe, but
    it was a team effort. Napag-iwanan na talaga kayo. Sorry.

  • John says:

    Maybe he’s right. DLSU clobbered SBC twice last summer in the Nike Invitationals and Flying V leagues. Ateneo would beat SBC too. No doubt. They are all Ekwe. Nothing else.

  • red says:

    si Ekwe nanaman tinira. wala na bang iba? hahaha!

    Guys, again we have to explain to you…

    The red lions admit that Sam is undoubtedly a big help in the team. But they have proven that they could win even without Ekwe. There was a time when Sam was suspended but the lions still managed to win the game.
    San Beda is just lucky this season because of a good coach, good set of players and not only because of Sam.

    Pana-panahon lang yan, there will come a time na iba naman ang magcchampion.


  • redredred18 says:

    I am not a Bedan though I have been constantly following the Red Lions’ games and if I remember correctly, there was a time last year during the FilOil Homegrown Invitational League that the Lions beat the Eagles sans Ekwe AND Aljamal. They’re a strong team minus the import.

  • red pride says:

    Timmy, i don’t think u know what u are saying..ateneo and la salle have imports as well, not to mention their fil-ams..hehehe..check out their respective line-ups for the recently-ended uaap season, kid..u guys are just envious that we have a great player in sam is not our fault that u people are so inept in finding a quality center like our beloved sam ekwe..sorry, kids..talagang mas magaling lang ang san beda sa inyo..hehehe..ganyan talaga, kapag hitik ang puno binabato…mga ugaling talangka talaga oo..mas maiinggit kayo after san beda beats la salle and ateneo senseless in the coming champions league..i can’t wait to see that’s just a matter of time, kids…hehehe…

    red pride!
    animo san beda!

  • red pride says:


  • eagle says:

    hmm.hindi nmn dahil lng kay ekwe kaya sila nananalo magaling din naman sila escobal and aljamal.Ekwe?pede n…pero kaya yan ng beda even without the help of ekwe.

  • Justice says:

    HINDI NA NATUTO…HEY TIMMY…SAAN BA SCHOOL MO?ATENEO? LA SALLE? For your information madami nakaming napabagsak na team without Sam Ekwe…kapag minsan nga bad trip kasi nandian si SAM…Dahil kahit manalo kami kahit walang ginawa si SAM eh sinasabi ng iba ay nanalo kami dahil sa kanya…Kawawa naman yung si ALJAMAL, MENOR, ESCOBAL, ANGELES (82ND SEASON), HERMIDA, LANETE, MARCELO, GAMALINDA, na pinoy, nagmumukhang walang talent..bakit ba? One man team lang ba San Beda?…eh si MENOR nga di niyo madepensahan nung ALL STAR EH…

    Isa pa…FYI..dalawa ang import ng Ateneo (Long & Latere) , DLSU (Batricevic)…tapos sasabihin mo wala kayong import? Kung sasabihin mo din sa akin na dati wala silang import…kami din naman ha…nung 1977 & 78 lang nga where tinalo namin ATENEO NUNG 77 AND LA SALLE NUNG 78…

    Sabihin mo…walang kwenta ang kinuha niyong import…and kung sakali mang sa inyo EKWE…FOR SURE DI KA MAGCOCOMENT NG GANYAN…OK NA OK FOR SURE SA IYO…huwag kang magalala…mayroon pa kami isang import next season…for sure kakaingitan mo nanaman at kakainisan mo naman…KAWAWA NAMAN…\

    Isa pa…si ELVIN PASCUAL PA…pero pinoy…MVP SA JUNIORS NG 82nd NCAA…Pasalamat kayo at sa UAAP kayo dahil kung hindi LALAMPASUHIN NAMIN KAYO NGAYON…Ngayon dahil malakas talaga kami ngayon…hindi naman sa nagmamayabang…pero yun ang TOTOO…SAN BEDA NEXT YEAR AND MAYBE THIS YEAR IS THE STRONGEST COLLEGIATE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!!!GO SAN BEDA FIGHT!!!

  • Justice says:

    and to you JOHN…are you sure we are all EKWE…come on!!! Tinalo kami ng DLSU dahil bago palang si Coach Lim noon…tignan nalang natin ngayon…hay naku…don’t worry, sabi ko nga kanina…may isa pa kaming import..KELVIN UDO next season…6’8 height niya…

    Kung pwede lang i merge ang UAAP at NCAA…para makita ko kung paano namin kayo lalampasuhin…

    Sensiya na mga Bedan brothers…just protecting our institution to these non sense and bitter UAAP people (not all)…


  • maricar says:

    Mas mainam pa Perpetual na ang ka-rival ng SBC. Di ba yung Koreano ng PHC yung sumahod kay Ekwe kaya suspended si Ekwe. Di pwede naman ang Letran o Baste. Lalakas uli ang mga yan. Pag nawala si Ekwe, wala na yan. Escobal? Menor? Ano? Pwera import mga tsong. Ni walang katiting na Pinoy blood yang si Ekwe. Ngayon may import na uli daw ang SBC kapalit. Ganun na lang ata ang paraan para manalo e. Ewan ko pero home grown sana.

  • b says:

    ahaha feeling niyo mas magaling kayo sa la salle? hahah kalokohan. at kalokohan lang ang mababa tingin sa la salle. ano pa ba gusto niyo proof aside from the various rankings?

    law? eh hanggang law lang naman kayo eh.
    accounting? d hamak naman na mas magaling ang la salle. ano pa gusto niyo? busincess course? com sci? engineering?

    jan na kayo sa false pride niyo.
    magsaya kayo sa s-called “brotherhood”
    anjan na din naman ang mga “girls” niyo eh

  • b says:

    ahaha feeling niyo mas magaling kayo sa la salle? hahah kalokohan. at kalokohan lang ang mababa tingin sa la salle. ano pa ba gusto niyo proof aside from various rankings?

    law? eh hanggang law lang naman kayo eh.
    accounting? d hamak naman na mas magaling ang la salle. ano pa gusto niyo? busincess course? com sci? engineering?

    jan na kayo sa false pride niyo.
    magsaya kayo sa so-called “brotherhood�
    anjan na din naman ang mga “girls� niyo eh

  • b says:

    ahaha feeling niyo mas magaling kayo sa la salle? hahah kalokohan. at kalokohan lang ang mababa tingin sa la salle. ano pa ba gusto niyo proof aside from the various rankings?

    law? eh hanggang law lang naman kayo eh.
    accounting? d hamak naman na mas magaling ang la salle. ano pa gusto niyo? business course? com sci? engineering?

    jan na kayo sa false pride niyo.
    magsaya kayo sa s-called “brotherhood�
    anjan na din naman ang mga “girls� niyo eh

    *sorry flood wrong spelling lang

  • atom says:

    feeling namin mas magaling kami sa la salle?
    feeling mo??? bwahahaha

    UP – pwede naming benchmark as a goal….DLSU??? UP na lang para walang away/ napakahabnag diskusyon…pag dumikit ka sa UP sa academic standards, ayos na kami….one step at a time… wag mo na isingit ang DLSU at feeling mo na lahat halos ay tumitingala….acads? o come on!

    baskbetball lang usapan dito – yung mga feeling na basis sila ng comparison sa acads? ….come on!!!! go to another website…mapapahiya lang kayo dito..

    other schools have their own set of foreign athletes….ADMU has laterre and long, dlsu has batricevic and ferdinand…. sbc has ekwe…and then UDO and Sam next season…and by history, almost all of these big schools have recruited and fielded in their foreign players – letran, ssc-r, feu, etc…

    so sino pinakamadami? and sino may bano na foreign player(s)? pure envy……

  • atom says:

    a snapshot of LASt season’s foreign players:

    DLSU – ferdinand and batricevic
    ADMU – long and laterre
    UPHR – lee and the indonesian
    San beda – Ekwe

    what school has the most?

    i believe the questions should be:

    1. ” are you fielding in the right caliber of foreign athletes to do justice in taking away playing minutes from locals?”

    2. “mga bano ba players nyo?” at di napapansin na may foreigners?

    3. “ilan ba red cubs sa line up nyo in the last 10 years?”

    4. “ilan ba ang panalong di nakuwestion sa dayaan at edad?”

  • redredred18 says:

    I agree with Atom. In Ateneo, the highest scorer is Ford Arao (13 points/game, correct me if I’m wrong), former Red Cub. In La Salle, there’s spitfire JV Casio who led the Taft Squad to their 7th UAAP Men’s Basketball Title. Okay, so they chose to venture the UAAP waters but they developed their talents under Coach Ato Badolato’s wing, playing for the San Beda Red Cubs in high school.

  • Justice says:


  • Justice says:

    Kahit may import kami, at least LEGAL…DLSU? Gagawin lahat pati pandaraya…MANALO LANG…TAFT CHEATERS…LIKE PCU!!!

  • redredred18 says:

    And why give all the credit to Ekwe? Aljamal works hard, Escobal has a nice shooting touch, and then there’s Ogie Menor, the player who caused a feud between La Salle and San Beda before suiting up for the red and white, enough said about the kid. Then there are players like Hermida, Tecson, Lanete, Marcelo and Gamalinda, who, in time, will improve their game. And of course, the scouts San Beda has. Did you ever think of giving THEM the credit? Without them, Sam Ekwe will have stuck to playing football, Pong will have been a player in either La Salle or FEU. What I’m saying is, it’s not always about having the BEST import, they just really HAVE GOOD SCOUTS. I mean, if you’re a much sought after basketball player, many colleges and universities would want to acquire of your services, sa dami-daming universities and colleges, these players chose to be with San Beda. Why? Magaling talaga iyung scouts ng SBC they convinced the players that by playing with SBC, they can help the school end the drought. And look at where they are now, vacations abroad, summers in the US, admiration from people, and of course, the back-to-back titles. =)) The back-to-back championships They owe half of that to their scouts who have a REAL eye for talent.

    If other schools are so jealous of Sam Ekwe, eh di kumuha din kayo ng import from Nigeriaor whatever country pa. Madaming pwedeng maglarong import. Nasa sipag lang iyan sa paghahanap. Tignan niyo FEU, ang lakas ng team B nila. I’ve seen them play sa FMC, they have two imports who are HUGE. What’s more is that these two players don’t only play good defense, they can also shoot. To the other schools, gayahin niyo na lang FEU, instead of sourgraping on Sam Ekwe, use your time to find other suitable recruits!

  • b says:

    hahaha justice kaw ang loser!!!!!! oo false pride ka. ayaw ko din ang mga gaya mo. ahhaha oo legal ka lang naman ipagmamalaki mo.

    acads, yup sa law magaling nga beda no question naman jan.
    gusto mo ba icheck un 2007 cpa results? tell me what you think.

    hahaha wala nga kayo sa mga rankings at iba pa eh. d nga kayo kinkilala outside ur beloved law. kayo ang wag mag mayabang.
    humble lang muna kung wala naman talaga papatunayan. tsktsk

    false pride? meron. ayan o evident sayo

  • pedro21 says:

    B… are just jelous that dlsu is not included as a major subject in this topic? are’t you just too envious that admu-sbc is the topic and not dlsu-admu? what’s up with that?

    so much for your being a la sallian b… don’t put the la salle community down for your pea brain comment brother.

  • pedro21 says:

    if i may also add… its just fair because the rules of NCAA allowed foreign players why rant on sam as an issue? talk to your school rep in your league and ask them to appeal that this ruling be revoked then we will all start talking about fair play again…

    this is fair play brothers because it is allowed and we play by the rules

  • red says:

    they’re right B,
    Sam Ekwe, however you try hard to destroy this person and the school, you’d just end up hurting yourself…

    Babalik at babalik din sayo yan. Remember, “SUSPENDED”?

    Si Ekwe, kahit anong gawin mo, legitimate player, LEGAL player.

    You see, this is also one Big difference between dlsu and san beda when it comes to athletics – we respect RULES because we know the LAW.

    just shut up, B.

  • b says:

    i dont remember making any comment regarding Ekwe, basketball. read my posts.

    ah oo nga naman suspended, binalik ang trophy ng d hinihingi, nabigyan ng judgment WITHOUT due process. nice. you should discuss ur beloved law with those officials.
    jan na kayo sa pinaninidigan niyong pride all you want. hope it takes you somewhere

  • red says:

    Teka, bakit gusto mong isingit yung paaralan mo dito? saka paano nasingit ang academics? Sports lang topic dito.

    Ano ba pinagmamalaki mo?

    “Magaling” talaga ang lasalle(lol!), “wala” naman kumukwestyon dun. :D OK ka na?

    sinisingit mo engineering at kung ano ano pa, hindi naman linya ng san beda yon.

    B, baka nakakalimutan mo, SAN BEDA COLLEGE. College lang, kaya wag mo ikumpara sa UNIVERSITY. Kung ikukumpara mo man, wag naman sa lasalle, please? :D

    Natatakot ka ba na kahit college lang kami, very competitive ang programs namin? what more kung naging university pa?
    Natatakot ka siguro na baka masali ang red lions sa UAAP. :)

    Let’s just stick to Sports.

    (Insecure ampf.)

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