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UAAP Season 70 Finals: Green Archers breaks Red Warriors’ heart

Sunday, 7 October 2007 178 Comments

From suspension to champion.

After a year of absence, La Salle, unexpectedly, regained its throne in the 70th UAAP Senior Men’s basketball tournament last October 7, 2007.

The De La Salle University Green Archers has done the improbable in a best-of-three championship series by completing a two-game sweep – a 73-64 win in Game two – over the University of the East Red Warriors at the Araneta Coliseum.

The Green Archers, armed with a one-game advantage, used the free throw territory as its main course particularly in the fourth quarter, supplied long-time mentor Franz Pumaren his fifth UAAP title since 1998.

The Green Archers now have seven overall UAAP titles since joining the league in 1986.

“I won several championships in the past but it is bittersweet for me because I know now how it feels to beat your brother,� said Pumaren, also a Quezon City councilor. “If I can share half of our trophy, I can give it to UE because they also deserve it.�

“Cholo (Villanueva) is terrific, especially in the last three games including our playoff game against Ateneo while you should also give credit to TY (Tang),� he said. “Our championship experience did it for us.�

“They could have been playing now in the commercial leagues but they decided to stay with us, it’s so priceless to win a championship.�

University of the East, with a 14-0 record going into this series, performed fairly well in the defensive end but had 21 turnovers – including two in the final three minutes – that cost them the run for the title.

The Red Warriors also gave up 28 fouls, giving the Green Archers the opportunity to register 27-of-36 shots from the foul line. La Salle committed 18 fouls and UE only recorded 5-of-14 attempts from the free throw line.

UE committed a season-high 31 turnovers to drop Game one via a single point, 64-63.

After racing to a 15-11 lead in the first period, La Salle’s big man Rico Maierhofer and Peejay Barua merged for 14 points in the second quarter to ignite the Green Archers’ blistering 19-12 burst and earned their biggest lead by halftime, 34-23.

The Red Warriors tried as many times to trim down the gap in the 3rd quarter. With Kelvin Gregorio, Paul Lee and Mark Borboran at the helm, the Red Warriors were very close trailing by 1, 33-34 after 4 1/2 minutes of play in the 3rd. UE again had another run courtesy of Elmer Espiritu and Jorel Canizares for a 3-point deficit, 43-46, with 1:16 minutes to go. But the Green Archers had an answer to every UE rally.

In the final quarter, when Mark Borboran drained a long trey at the left flank to come closer at 51-52 with 8:31 minutes remaining, La Salle countered with a 9-4 run initiated by Casio’s triple and baskets from Villanueva and Tang to stretch back the lead, 61-55, with 5:21 minutes left in regulation.

UE’s combo guard Paul Lee scored two straight baskets to keep everything in striking distance, 59-61, with 2:05 minutes left in the last quarter. But Tang and Casio had their eyes focused on the prize anew and extended the edge, 66-59, with 51 seconds left.

From there, the Red Warriors lost control and could do nothing. La Salle’s gallery was celebrating chanting the Animo cheer.

Joseph Casio, who had 14 points (15 points in the 2nd half) shared the Finals MVP honors with Cholo Villanueva contributing 17 points for La Salle.

Maierhofer had 11 points – nine from the charity stripe – and grabbed 11 boards. While TY Tang had 8 points.

Borboran and Lee made 12 points each for UE, while Kelvin Gregorio added 11 points.

Individual Scores:

DLSU (73) – Casio 17, Villanueva 14, Maierhofer 11, Tang 8, Co 6, Barua 6, Malabes 5, Cua 2, Mangahas 2, Walsham 2, Atkins 0, Ferdinand 0.

UE (64) – Borboran 12, Lee 12, Gregorio 11, Cañizares 8, Martinez 8, Arellano 5, Espiritu 5, Fampulme 3, Lingganay 0, Bandaying 0, Llagas 0, Thiele 0.

Quarter Scores: 15-11; 34-23; 52-45; 73-64

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  • Speed says:

    Congratulations to the Green Archers! Glory is the reward to honesty. From suspension to champion.

  • Arkero says:

    SAYA! kaso may pasok parin bukas, pero ok lng, ANIMO LASALLE!!!

  • animo says:

    CONGRATS LA SALLE!!!!!!! :)

  • LSGHgreenies says:

    D-LS-U Courage LA SALLE

  • Atenista says:

    whoooo! animo ateneo!

  • greenie says:


  • pana says:

    ta2himik na siguro mga warrior..
    panalo tayo!sabi kasi nila na2lo lang daw tayo sa ADMU para talunin nila hehehehehe…
    magandang headline tom eh ganito..
    “Civilized Archer beats savage Warrior”
    Its better to sweep the championship than the elimination…
    NUF SED!

  • duh! says:

    ANIMO!!Hail to DE LA SALLE!!
    WE made it!!
    “Champions!” that’s what we are!

    We’re Back!
    We’re Number One!!
    La Salle!!

    Congr atulations to our very own
    well done!!

  • duh! says:

    when everyone deemed it impossible, when everyone started to lose hope
    the archers played with so much faith and compassion! They deserve to win, and as a Lasallian I’m so proud that the archers proved that they’re destined to be number 1!!!!

  • berdengArrow says:

    isa lang masa2bi ko sa UE..
    parang tide..LOL!

  • K says:



  • taeneo says:


  • Jayvee says:


  • Bow and Arrow says:

    animo la salle!! next year ulit!! sa inyo 14-0(elimination).. amin 2-0(championship)..

  • the_BEDAN says:

    mukha niyo!!! kaya lang naman kay nag chachampion eh panay mga Bedista kinukuha niyo..wayback from renren and now Casio…wag kayo maangas, parehas lang kayo ng ateneo..bsta ako BEDISTA parin,hndi maangas pero champion!!! masyado kayo conceited sa mga sarili niyo eh di nito naman kaya mag produce ng sarili nyo players..umaasa lang kayo sa pinaghirapan ng iba.

  • the_BEDAN says:

    malas niyo lang kasi loyal si Menor..di nagpabulag sa offer ng DLSU..haha

  • the_BEDAN says:

    one more thing..kaya nga pala kau na-suspend last year kc if i’m not mistaken..ur too desperate to field in a “not qualified player”..haha!!!(bunch of cheaters!!!) ganon b kayo ka-desperado para manalo sa Ateneo??u’ll do everything by hook or by crook? sabagay the name of the school says it all..kaya branded na kau, mapa-DLRT o CSB iisa lang ng paniniwala..haha!!

  • duh! says:

    the bedan- di kasi marunong magpahalaga ang school niyo! haha… pianghirapan ba ng iba?
    sigurado ka?.. choice nila casio na maglaro sa lasalle. pakelam mo ba e dream team niya ang green archers. hello!!!!!
    why qualified player ba si ekwe?.. hello. alam natin kung saan galing si ekwe. wag ka nga umekstra dito. basher! boo.

  • duh! says:

    the bedan- di kasi marunong magpahalaga ang school niyo! haha… pinaghirapan ba ng iba?
    sigurado ka?.. choice nila casio na maglaro sa lasalle. pakelam mo ba e dream team niya ang green archers. hello!!!!!
    why qualified player ba si ekwe?.. hello. alam natin kung saan galing si ekwe. wag ka nga umekstra dito. basher! boo.

  • duh! says:

    THE BEDAN- get lost! shame on you! ikaw lang ang mag isang basher dito. duh! wag ka nga mag sour graping. pretender ka din na bedan ka, for all we know. tga UE ka. haha….

  • duh! says:

    BERDE ANG KULAY NG TAGUMPAY! nothing beats that! XD

  • archerincali818 says:

    TO ALL DA NON BELIEVERS, BASHERS AND TO ALL DA PEEPS PREDICTING THAT THIS IS THE YR OF THE WARRIORS,WELL, TAKE THIS ARROW AND SHOVE IT INTO UR @#S, once again, we have proven that 2-0 is better than 14-0. Big thanks and salute to the coaching staff, u guys did a great job,galing ng shuffling and stamina conditioning ng team. Greener pasteur again!!!ANIMO!!!

  • WWIC says:

    Edit: “Joseph Casio, who had 14 points (15 points in the 2nd half) shared the Finals MVP honors with Cholo Villanueva contributing 17 points for La Salle.”

  • WWIC says:

    After suspension, DOUBLE CHAMPIONS!
    Congratulations to the DLSZ Juniors and the DLSU Seniors for grabbing the UAAP trophies in dramatic fashion.
    Hail to thee our alma mater!

  • the_BEDAN says:

    HAHA…really? How’d u know na hndi ako Bedista??bka ikaw o kayo mga poser..haha!!! gnagamit un pera para mamirata ng pinaghirapan ng iba!!sorry pero hndi ako UE..and bakit, san ba niyo nakuha yan cla walsham, ferdinand at atkins?? malamang the easy way nanaman..hayy lagi nlng ba ganyan??

  • cesar_asar2004 says:

    the bedan…problema mo? nanalo naman kayo sa ncaa ah…baket pati uaap parang gusto mo ikaw rin ang manalo…nanalo lang naman kayo kasi may import kayo…and sorry kung lumipat yung mga alaga niyong players sa beda, ibig mo sigurong palabasin na mukhang pera ang mga graduate ng beda kaya lumilipat sa ateneo o la salle!!!

  • the_BEDAN says:

    isa lang ibig sabihin nun…
    kung wala kayo pera..di niyo kaya mag champion

    hahaha!!! losers!! cheaters!!

  • go_animo says:

    La Salle has faith in God. And all this time, God was with La Salle even those times we were unjustly suspended from the league. This is our reward.


  • Jayvee says:

    I believe our authors or this site’s technical team have the power to delete comments. This blog runs on a WordPress standalone blog and they can do delete comments from stupid people. Their IPs also show with their comments in the admin panel. I think it’s about time to teach the shamless perpetrators a valuable lesson.

  • Arkero says:

    Never shall we fail…..

  • go_animo says:

    malamang taga ateneo yung si the_bedan. hindi taga UE. i don’t think UE will stoop to the level of ateneo.

  • KLR says:

    Please. Masmataas naman ang level ng ateneo sa UE. Rivals kung rivals pero…to compare UE and Ateneo?

  • BedanRoar says:

    Congratulations to the Green Archers for being crowned in the UAAP ’70 SR Basketball!!! You went through a lot to reach the finals and you deserved it.

    From a true Bedan

  • WWIM says:

    Winning When It Matters!!! – DLSU Green Archers

  • dp says:

    H A I L ! H A I L ! H A I L ! ! !

  • go_animo says:

    KLR, there are more UE graduates who have excelled in their respective fields than Ateneo grads have ever done.

    Your liberal arts graduates pale in comparison to UE’s engineering, accounting, the arts, medicine, etc. graduates. Your law graduates tend to end up not fulfilling the Jesuit calling of finding God in all things. Instead they found greed in all things. Anyone for Mike Arroyo, Dick Gordon, Erap?

    So mga taga UE, you have a lot to be proud of. Huwag niyong pansinin ang mga mayayabang na salita na katulad kay KLR.

  • pong says:

    U.E masakit ba? ang yabang nyo kasi eh hahaha!! Congrats Green Archer goood job

    GO USTE!!!!1

  • Green Archer says:



  • jason says:

    hahaha…. la salle ……. ala yan chamba lng un

  • r-cy says:

    theme of studio 23: UAAP Season70.. MADRAMA…

    theme of UE: UAAP Season70..

  • red_ogre says:

    ohhhhh… ohhhh….
    animo lasalle!!!
    congrats archers
    sapul kami ng arrows nyo
    anyway, proud pa rin ako sa warriors
    at least nasubukan nila makarating ng championship
    i think fair naman yung 2 final games
    wag na bitter mga ue fans ha??
    it’s not our time yet
    congrats uli sa mga lasallians,
    and sa lahat ng schools
    the best season so far para saken

  • doug says:

    from the real doug:

    it is not only their championship experience that became the determining factor in winning the finals this year but the great will of the whole cast to win it all! True enough, 14-0 is not a statement to be feared of. UE was denied of a perfect record and not only a perfect season but they were denied of a title in their first try since 1990.

    De La Salle recaptures UAAP crown in a classic way. A year of absence and now a comeback, ended the season as champions. How sweet the revenge it is!

    Torn between ambition and compassion, Coach Franz Pumaren knows so well how to handle the situation. Hats off to him. In an interview, he said that his brother Dindo has earned his respect a lot. He knew Dindo did a great job. For him, UE is a great team as well, that if he can only give half of the championship to him and the UE warriors, he will be glad to do so. A true gentleman and humility in him.

    Kudos to veterans Cholo Villanueva and TY Tang for stepping up big time specially in crucial situations down the stretch for so many times. As expected, they gave all their energy and sweat out playing the final games of their season. Indeed, Cholo is a true MVP along Jayvee in the finals. They both deserve the recognition.

    Lastly, I want to commend the La Salle pep squad for showing a class, respect and sportsmanship for the last time while the awarding ceremonies is going on. They did a beat of “Go Ateneo” when Chris Tiu was called for Mythical Five selection. They did the same thing when Jervy was announced as MVP as they hit the beat of “Go USTe”. It so nice to see your rival team doing your beat for recognition and respect.

    What a season it is!
    A lot of remarkable events happened this season.
    14-0 sweep of UE in the elims round,
    2-0 sweep in the finals by DLSU,
    5 games of Ateneo and DLSU,
    Comeback win by UST against DLSU despite of a 10 point edge in the last minute of the game.
    NU defeated ATENEO in an overtime game.
    Kirk Long’s fade away buzzer beater shot against UST.
    UP Pep squad winning the cheerdance crown against 5 peat champ UST Salinggawi.
    Just to name a few, this is UAAP for us guys.

    Hail to our schools!

    See you all next year!

  • 85 says:

    Congrats to the green archers. a well deserved crown for you.

    I am also a Bedan and tinatabuy ko yang the_bedan na yan. Hindi ganyan ang breeding ng mga bedista. Nangugulo yan yan. Hoy the_bedan, wag mong sirain yung pangalan namin!

    Go Mang Roger!

  • Justice says:

    Congratulations to DLSU…sorry for the BEDAn basher… I think he’s not a true Bedan…He’s just pretending!!!

    Animo Team Wins!!!

    Animo La Salle!!!
    Animo San Beda!!!


  • Green Archer says:

    Go San Beda!


  • jolibee kid says:

    taga ue ako!!!
    we lost the championship, pero..
    taas noo…
    taga ue pa rin ako!!!

    congrats to dlsu!

    sana naman
    yung mga taga la salle
    na humingi ng tiket sa ue
    magpasalamat naman kayo!
    ue na nga kalaban nyo
    dito pa kayo hingi ng tiket ;]
    di lang sampal yun ha..
    suntok pa sa ulo

  • Green Archer says:

    Thanks UE. =)

  • Richard says:

    chokers, chokers and chokers, the ultimate uaap chokers = UE

  • honey says:

    congratulations to the green archers! what an unforgettable season…

    and kudos to the dlsu pep squad and gallery
    (me included!)…good job!

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